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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 06/21/13

Jun 21, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't touched upon today... featuring Kirk Minihane in for Michael. Lebron's Legacy, Battle of the Bands, and Siri helps dispose of corpses.

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We don't perform for. Now. It's totally swollen or. Board or Ford. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved -- Funds rate at W. The NBA finals concluded last night at the Miami Heat winning it all LeBron James captured his second title and MVP award in a row putting him in company -- Bill Russell Michael Jordan. Is there anything left to criticize LeBron about. It's getting harder -- say that I'm not I'm an anti LeBron guy I'll still criticizing him for joining eighteen is supposed to. Trying to lead a team but. And they got the last two years he has stepped up in critical situations in the NBA finals and one -- and this year while the rest of his team kind of evaporated behind around them in the -- Wade did nothing. -- stadium last I mean he took away rather than even helping at all and parody got a a clutch performance from daddy last night but that was almost more low -- than anything else. It's fantastic. And as much as I don't like him I don't like the things he says I don't like the way he's a rod asked and tries to. Appeal to everybody all the ones that nobody can ever union wanted to polarizing ever. He keeps winning and so it's getting harder and harder to criticize the. I -- Jordan one Russell two -- three magic for -- five and then after that but LeBron six economy whenever we're one win two more championships. You've been fortunate top five maybe -- -- going to be better toward her Magic Johnson says that you -- that post game interview with magic and Simmons -- weird and Jalen Rose it was like a gang -- I mean it was embarrassing those guys were pleasure on games I mean really I guess is that what you're supposed to do after -- guy wins a championship just yet but she suggests that the decision I think when black. Screw up black do you -- this period that. Now you don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By not at this point being criticized abroad to achieve at this point I think that's really about it. You think he could be eventually -- you could you could ever each report only sees that a number. Do it'll never got heartburn you'll never say I bet that there's nothing he could do to make you -- -- LeBron James a better basketball player who ever wins five more championships -- seven championships yes but birds -- better shooter or to better rebounder urged better passer LeBron is better defense. The program. Three to tubs of amber at the -- his body and he just he makes he's such a difficult half ice player I think is the sexism that's part of history that's if and that seems kind of weak dollar is an important but just second. -- -- -- -- and it's really great Ed O'Bannon has embroiled been embroiled in a lawsuit -- E. A. SPORTS in collegiate licensing company. Overuse of his license likeness in video games how do you think this case. Should shake out. Boy that's really good questions and I would say waterboarding but that doesn't make sense but. It's -- case trying to think it's actually quietly is sort of monster case in the in in in businesses sports history. How should be sadly I think now I should abandon deserves to be paid for this. You know -- to -- that it has to happen. The idea that someone can use your likeness without paying you for it. Is observed that about you cannot allow E. A. SPORTS in the NCAA. Sellable like this a metal band and anybody else's played there and make money on that any more than they should be allowed to sell anyone's Jersey and make money on the -- Without the player receiving -- cut right but ultimately. I think most people agree with that I think most reasonable people agree that they deserve a cut of any merchandising that comes as a result of what they do on the athletic court field whatever right the question is whether or not they should be paid a salary for what they do I believe they ship and -- and we agree that we agree -- over thirty playing this video game will probably buying their arms and are you into a video games that might produce a certain age Oprah figured you know I hate video but I don't hate them but I don't like -- -- that age. Sixteen. Eighteen now obvious errors what you don't call -- -- -- in this country and what is the average -- -- like everybody -- 31. It was I mean. That means I'm wrong because the average age is 31 well I think what it was led Kirk is saying is once you get over the average age they're quick update third and everyone's OK Jesus was 32 -- need he was playing video games. He just wasn't but it -- -- you know -- was. -- that's -- -- Similar question Bible -- Rush or Springsteen who sucks more. -- we got into this but I perjury that frisky about you kind of an efforts to about it don't -- -- but that's why it's the here's the problem. -- -- I don't like Bruce Springsteen it's not like a band like he's not a guy choose to listen to your column but I don't hate Bruce Springsteen in -- like his music is somewhat. What's the right word. He's trying a little too hard I think we've been messaging in his music Unix but he's talented he's got talent the guys around them like everyone else you know I have my copy of born in the USA sort of listened to. Was on that Darlington county and -- on there working on the highway and it's my hometown. Courteney Cox and danced on the -- songs are fine it is more esoteric stuff that I don't like at all such as. I don't even know what it's called them and I've heard it I don't I don't know any of the songs. -- Is -- -- shopping tonight from Garcia to. What took place this stimulus beyond mrs. Is it is relevant to an end -- -- Your -- looks just getting hit again. These are forcing them. -- As you said your office. For any artist tickets on stage gives you lecture kind of deserves. You're paying your concert that's partly what's -- get his message it's probably back. I applaud the artist gets him whatever he wants you to -- don't agree that now rush -- -- -- good song a python thanks as always I love founders and expertise she's the greatest living another yourself and here's the problem rush is I recognize that there -- free -- seriously series and talking about. The Canadians and the you know predict the level of goofy and Missouri in -- Canadian like this the definition of the series by going to give the musical credit for. You know should they -- the problem with the -- of a serious band like eight -- His band is like. They Might Be Giants losing on -- -- but I mean Russia is the definition of an overly serious band -- rock are right that's what. Our I don't rock -- rock asked. I mean about Iraq was like. Was up and that's saying pull me under. Dream theater is the property of the problem with rush is it's like here I just think it's -- music is here. The bit about the arcades. And working. The police are all three guys watching but that's good this song is from me to act out well. We play something from the seventy's it'll sound like you're in the seventy's what's up from the ninety's -- -- like nine days. -- up off the new well they change -- set was much for concerts from like show to show that now tourists or they change entirely. At. Another whole thing is about perfecting the song. It's math homework and -- articles -- a baseball players we've been sentenced to idea that. You tweet -- went out to like you and I used to working like you you know this but I -- for -- -- -- a lot of talk -- this before. I would brochures they do is -- scrapbook after the concert which are you see Dominique Keller 65. So after the -- I go home my little notebook that right now on -- list and I put the ticket there -- it's not liking an artist that's had some kind of a problem you've got a problem then rushes or you guys sixty to 64. Concerts and -- was pretty. -- -- -- -- Listen I love rush I've seen him maybe six or seven times it hasn't been sixty which is that would mean the whole time is it as a teenager now is an adult you with my kids. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- Mellencamp I would feel like you've got to are very specific date -- some -- this rap music and yeah was around parables. Exceptional man I believe they'll not rap music you can agree you problem -- -- like rap music a lot tried it yet. Rap music you. Two days down wraps come to desert island wraps up. -- scenario by turn conquests in battle album bust a move is a good wraps geez this is cardinals. -- expressions -- Siri it's not apologized but. Siri where can -- hide a body. What kind of place are you looking for. Slumps funeral services march you Ares mines cremation services metal foundries dumps or reservoirs. Right first of all ten. What's wrong with the. -- -- For -- put the -- Libya is that c'mon man I was trying to work in the sound mind and I was putting all of Aaron Hernandez evidence in my head and thinking about it -- -- -- -- and I figured out that he used Syria -- -- -- of body where to -- that -- What kind of place are you looking for. -- funeral services march 2 -- but my first one as the -- services metal foundry dumps for reservoirs. -- -- with series you know use it all the time for custom master for. Brendan you know once again manager gets as many competitors you know stuff like that Bieber had a manicure pedicure. No happiness. So that immediately disqualifies I think meat from an interview that Medicare would mean. We mean what you mean what do I mean -- pedicure a couple. Why women. Rumor has it that if you get a pedicure which is total pain. Takes care. What he's defending them and what -- I don't try to. Is there a bit why -- my wife commands me to go in and don't have the woman to my feet. I think you put the nail polish aren't going your toenails nice afterwards -- -- Everybody that they can -- like that not I was going on vacation -- And I speak your vacation sure what. -- automatic cost around twenty -- The cost a lot Buick -- caught between NATO now that can really do that they're painting your is -- what its fourth -- as they tell you put your feet -- they massaged leg massage your feet. They like scrape off all that crap that's in Iraq I got -- -- so I don't but I mean one of the guys ever do that -- -- even being you show your feet. Probably anywhere like flip flops on vacation or you deal with George her nice because now I never feel sexy I don't hate myself as much as you do but I don't -- I would never I never feel sex -- -- -- touching my feet. -- -- -- -- I can actually you know like somebody give you -- Assange no one not because people touching my quotes but give your wife said hey lay down a beautiful that I just don't know yes that would never I don't like being touched. If what. Do you buy a reduction in all generally not really -- -- -- I don't you hug your kids of course elected to do so for them it's okay incident behind your wife yes yes of course. But focus should be made -- -- never do the manicure that has I don't know why not that doesn't interest me at all. -- refute what you provocation which one nice thing now you tell not a by my -- -- -- about but but the feet and throw. That is today's report for you have to have the -- me.

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