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Bad to worse: The Aaron Hernandez story just keeps getting worse for the guy

Jun 21, 2013|

Salk and Kirk Minihane discuss the ongoing Aaron Hernandez story and how newer evidence continues to indicate Hernandez's involvement in the crime in some way. How will this end for Hernandez or his Patriots career? We discuss.

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We'll change the schedule today no Holley today. No truth to the rumor that he is that upset about the Miami Heat. Winning the championship last night ending his prediction that they would lose. And that he would get drunk. Do we are trying the great experiment and -- all. And made him. Area that is the great experiment we tried today so all ten minute -- For him and us well W I'm good yeah yeah a long day or any. OK all right you walked up -- for about. We did the show from six to ten I can't imagine you said more than what three or four things during -- show that's that's the trick. That's making counts talk to you were able to keep your voice and you know in -- all right there you go for run when you get all known now and so now into the sixes -- That's what do it well our jump right into it because there's so much to get to that really four hours is almost not enough for the full month of the open almost throughout the entire show. One guess and I do wanna tell you about is he's the exact guy wanna talk to today -- if it couldn't get Aaron Hernandez. I narrative has been the number one guess that would want today I don't think he's talking to the radio probably I don't he's -- anybody other than supporters. -- -- Mike Florio pro football talk and a lawyer himself. We'll join us at 3 o'clock loss of go to LA figure what's going on a dock at 3:30 -- 3 o'clock our guests have even not a ton of opportunities for your phone calls. On all four teams who were all. Enormous lead in -- In news that's not good. Bryant whether it's the Red Sox closer controversy which is not a controversy -- has got to be out and barrel set as much after last night. Celtics who were going to lose their coach and probably can usher in a completely new era. One in which they are no longer in the same position of contending for championships. As they have been for the last five or 67 years. The Bruins who lose game four. I game I still believe they should have won big on out there and played their best hockey they would of one another and a spot with a lost home ice advantage got to win two out of three and then. The patriots and we'll start there because every time you click on Twitter he gets on the new one Aaron Hernandez what do you mean well. Quite hear that last hour to -- -- but it -- it's not good in its. Only going to get worse I can't imagine when your hear -- Michael. On Monday dinner and this is not going to be either rains or in prison it's almost impossible obviously heading that way everything you hear his worst in the last story. And it's just amazing to meet Aaron -- 2.3 years old has the world at his fingertips. You know world class tight ends and have a long successful career out green is going to be used can be great. It's over -- -- plays a down of football ever again certainly not knowing that so that conversation is over you'll never play another snap in the in the patriots. Yeah I think you're probably right I don't know that -- right I think you're probably right look it depends what ends up coming down obstruction of justice if that is the only charge against him. You've seen I mean there's some precedent you're the obstruction of justice reverend Louis -- that no way ended his career but clearly got himself involved the bad people. I can't imagine Robert Kraft speaking with him long term if it's juicy details start to come out about what happened that night who was hanging out with. I guess I wanna ask a different question because. We've we've tried to figure out if this is the the end of the -- to weigh in such -- wrote about that finally today import just wrote about that. Clearly they lost their way at some point right the whole idea of what makes in New England patriot. Which at first was incredibly family friendly and something everyone can get behind good character guys who were Smart. On the field did the right thing off of the field. Were willing to sacrifice of themselves for the good of the whole team there were so many great characteristics of the patriots way. Over you can't tell me that the tea leaves say you believe in the patriots way. Maybe I'm a soccer but yes you beats you think so so what's what's different these are grown men -- play football whatever -- it -- for a living was there was a -- and cattle pigs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Become different men. Is -- I guess now I thought -- -- I don't think I thought that I think I thought that there was an emphasis placed not entirely not 53 man on the roster. But an emphasis placed on character. And that didn't necessarily mean that they were All Saints but it didn't mean that that no one had a bad pastor or anything like that. But that there was an emphasis especially with the core group that they had starting with -- Brady but emanating out through Bruschi and Vrabel. And McGinest and Rodney Harrison normal lawyer who whomever you wanna Troy Brown Kevin -- For the most part those are good guys. Not necessarily perfect not angels and and there are hints of trouble in some of their past usually with things like you know and -- who we'd at a concert. Well none of while apparently how you have the recovery style well yeah TH but not necessarily. Pardon criminals and guys that for the most part. We're willing to put aside their own personal garbage. For the good of the team and I guess I bought into. I mean you know again with this -- way when did it and put this to mean they were on the field leading in the fourth quarter against the giants. At 1718 months ago was still there and our and is on the field I mean. How does that work what does that I was asked this question how does it work when the entryway. Suddenly going Brady I think -- -- there right not textile owner Bob Kraft along with the team still other veterans milling around their so. What happened while. What have they changed their tune in terms of who they were bringing in one what we've talked about the last few days and and and I think I buy into this and this is Michael's point. Was that core group of wolf for the it's for the sake of -- column good guys. Diminished. Right McGinest gone for able gone Bruschi retired the safeties going on I mean one after another you start losing those guys and whereas before when you had a huge group of them. You could take on Corey Dylan or Randy Moss or guys with -- either checkered past or checkered personalities. And assimilate them into your system. Because you had enough positive that he around them to do whatever they were so -- and his were drafted which is say you distracted 2000 Torre. You think -- -- -- Tedy Bruschi is in the same locker room is is he is would change to -- outside which Tedy Bruschi personally know maybe not but. A group of 8101520. Guys all moving in the right direction. All in if you go back and read some of the quotes from Teddy Michael's book war room and he saying look we had a almost a policy at the door when you came in we wanted to know what you were doing wanted to know where you were going. The guys -- talked to play in the NFL I worked with a guy for four years it was in around the league back -- quarterback. I always heard that -- that's the good teams. That's how they are. They do they do involve themselves and everybody's business and make sure everyone's pushing towards the same goal. Does that mean there are criminals not -- probably are yeah but but you wonder if they became emboldened by some of the guys that were okay. In order to maybe reach a little bit farther okay Corey Dylan worked -- extra animosity Randy -- that -- worked out. Let's try Albert Haynesworth let's try Chad Johnson let's try Aaron Hernandez and eventually. You reach a point at which it doesn't work anymore and your you have more guys on the negative side of the ledger on the positive side of electors meet in a Mets there's no question about -- and is that -- -- Summing it it is a line in the sand here for the pages I get back from having guy he -- issues there's no -- Bedard -- for these other guys. This guy had red flagged issues for the team's draft. They took a chance I'm not saying -- was and like this obviously they didn't. And have a guy who and a murder charge accessory to murder. This is a guy when the patriots season is going on next year Foxboro Belichick's press conferences. It's unlikely in December January the presses can shuttle from Foxboro separate miles were but the court is -- and is. Potentially be facing murder tried hard to imagine that he's going to the patriot at that point I mean -- -- that -- that we'll be covering the trial and it'll still be -- use an interest it's over. It's can you imagine -- scenario commissioner and his on the field it's it's almost a personal -- is going to be suspended I mean forgetting about whether or not the patriots -- or he's in jail. I think he gets suspended I mean that the president is there for Roger Goodell he suspends people for any. You Wear your socks too high too many times they'll suspend until imagine if you were this closely connected to a got a got murdered. He's going to suspend you Dante Dante Stallworth. Was suspended for an entire year. Right for for for a -- for what was a man's right -- case and you don't think that you're going to see that Aaron Hernandez court I don't know whether personally. I'm not a true crime guy necessarily but I trying to. Trying to figure out what what might have happened I've always liked that write scripts in my head of what's plausible. I saw a report last night right in the middle of it kind of outlining a thousand other stuff going on your state interrupting to. A sort of your I said I was thinking you know. Better assault wasn't near I've polish writer at this point is -- -- -- merits like -- brown. It was encyclopedia assault he was kind of walking through. It was secure joint venture he was so Smart they're prisoners like repeated yes like 26. Yet he was a kid is at all in the books you but he was much he was pretty -- and I never thought I'd ever bought was that. We've never -- -- -- kept the -- just kept being kept I don't know I don't like hockey players in Canada he's the opposite of Doogie -- correct he became Smart because there's so much -- articulate your fifth grade right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The when I was I don't want that -- -- interrupting your to a fade out yes you give me this is this possible scenario wanna hear this again. Looked at again I have to preface it by -- had no idea I mean I'm just trying to beat the the immediate conclusion I think most people of jumped to is Hernandez in his and his associates in some way. Murdered this guy -- a lot of people jump to that conclusion that you let Hernandez was the guy or not that he was in some way associated with people. That killed old -- I think that do you think most people of jumped back -- ha ha I've heard a million different conclusions that's certainly one that's one of the leaders yeah. -- one -- -- so I was just trying to think it's okay may well maybe that's one. No one else's cost because that'll ultimately lead to either murder charge a conspiracy to commit murder charge or maybe even aiding and abetting murder charge and we can ask Mike Florio. To sort of clarify some of that stuff at 3 o'clock but. I just wonder -- what do they were up to something else. Right some other criminal activity dealing drugs something else something apart from. Are planning to kill someone today different drugs right and then there's another person involved and other party who they were conducting a transaction with and that person actually does the killing these guys are -- terrified. And not only are are destroying evidence to protect whatever other criminal activity they were doing but also to. Protect themselves from somebody who was clearly willing to commit murder. On one of their friends via my -- my theory is that this guy was killed in that house -- wild city you scrubbing house. In other reason. Com while drugs. Ram in there or if there was a significant amount of drugs that have been spiel all the horror. I don't I'm I don't now spilt could spit take you still drove -- to clean up yet to dramatically if somebody committed to right. I guess got millions of partial cleaning service either way there's blood or drugs all over the party -- I would be the worst criminal of all time -- I would be the guys from office space but looking up money laundering in the dictionary -- I would have no idea what to do once things got that -- I would instantly turn myself into a huge -- SE. Now I feel like I would actually be a criminal mastermind. I really feel like I deal because I couldn't actually do it out -- why because I'm I'm two or three steps are you. This is coming off and of course. It's easy. We talked about this morning. Somebody want to try and ultimately ocean dump the body every time. I don't seems like those things end up backfiring eventually I don't know I don't know they find you they find out that he drove up there yeah how did how did you get a vote. -- -- Are you just happen to own a -- what you don't own a boat with his head premeditated you're gonna tell somebody I would get to witness is really going -- -- -- that I was not expect welcome welcome my world. Two years before I think about -- that's in my pocket. 2223 miles before officers how he -- -- you -- a ticket for her with the first. I'm changing the subject I don't wanna know about your plans to commit murder of the problems saw this is probably. We're now we're down I think an interesting path that might like this is a murder it's what you are way -- let me ask you this question. That's the premeditated version right. What are the -- Bigger trouble. Actually sort of and that's what I am I I don't know what happened again I'm just sort of speculative this'll be Smart enough to know this -- you it's not premeditated -- off my phone. I'm not destroying a security thing and it's calling -- professional cleaning service to scrub my house. On Monday the day after handing over. If phone to a cop charged for murder investigation parents smashed with a hammer is that cool that hurt you all talk and just drive them around my daughter -- said. Find stuff public that smash up the phone yeah Michael others of course familiar phone records you got a million ways yet. Personally he I don't know I told -- little bit of depression over that he went and you're different things would also be heard and I'm not the -- manager I don't know maybe maybe it's more than that maybe they just be happy to cake. -- don't we you know what to say that don't even talk about Andy you're gonna get fired the storm and is looking out trio won a major but he remains on the show going forward. So now that's -- speculating on there I've no idea. But I just offer as being another plausible scenario. So they were not immediately going down the road of he is. Guilty of murder guilty of aiding and abetting guilty of conspiracy something on the line -- guy. I don't himself I don't think Steve that you pulled the trigger a you know what I I I can't speculate because I -- Has received yesterday. Just don't know these guys. -- don't like I think Jimmy OJ taught me that you're -- little old enemies he probably grasped OJ but better than I did -- -- but I was sixteen when it happened you must -- been your -- all right -- to cup winners there. And I just remember thinking at the time there's no way he's guilty he's OJ Simpson how can be guilty. Early this house to be wrong he's -- get this is this is no barber regularly ignored berg is guilty of murder c'mon well. It was a pretty tall order and it's true and what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where we have on today in Britain a couple of years ago and Hernandez's articles that you still feel that wasted yes -- You know even if you like again he just never know these guys friends and that's my point and that's why can't speculate I don't I don't is somebody. Speculate when you see -- -- areas or who's the other one but the -- to duplicate. And what's her name. The girl on the floor casing. You look at and say yet if she -- to do if you didn't know ominous Specter do you think you did well. I guess there's there's some evidence that has come out you've seen a trial on the network and even at that -- -- -- -- and I want it now I wanna know the story of my give my -- you asked -- my god doesn't know you're married -- my -- is hitting on me either but you know. It's pretty obvious he I think he obstructed justice I think this is kind definition of this bond and that's why it seems as -- and the reports coming out today that that's what that's what they are preparing a warrant for is an obstruction of justice so. That seems fairly clear that's going to be enough to get him suspended. So let me ask a couple different question you know a few ways to this and wanna get into the some of the -- stuff because Jerry ball that's article last I did -- but the most confusing. But not what he's writing but trying to piece together why those sources and give some sort of simulator from Washington through right now no -- get to economic and if you that's coming up about ten wanted in the way to teach -- -- don't it's incredibly cookies blocker but I'm not. I would never ten minutes from now I wanna figure out what the -- the ball that. Is trying to get to why sources are giving him what -- again timings -- to call to third one fair two there are. Two questions on Hernandez won and this was asked to meet today. Some of -- of the patriots way changed. Some of the because of arrogance. Was it was was was -- an arrogant mean bill Belichick's consistently accused. Of being arrogant and that gets him in trouble right did his arrogance ultimately lead to. A belief that he could take on more and more troubled guys without having enough good guys in the locker and does it stem from something in his personality. Not just from experience I've heard that. You know. Again I don't know they did pretty arrogant when they become -- this I needed 2007 they were Aaron told -- that's that's when they became are they went eighteen you know and in. Was the arrogance does that white Tyree made that point because there are absolutely and you gotta give me again I need I Alec changeable stuff out. We learned it's over the next couple hours so that the people listening to me well listen in the morning I'm tangible guy I need proof. I was Bill Belichick more arrogant and say Marvin Lewis. I was barred arrogant and leaderboard. Or who's coaching Jack's place -- still the coach that would be Gus Bradley. Does brat who by the way is not married on the nicest people I've met in this zone only but for now told we don't know actually know him now for knowing actually know him might not just speculating like I -- -- -- -- -- -- Bradley is it's a car salesman. Just to be fired two years anyways that's absolutely true was it what what you from Seattle it was a defense according to support it right to be defensive coordinator and Arizona three years and there's no doubt about that that's not his fault not all circuit that's just that's the wake what do I think the patriots has happened to I think there it is did this they brought in because Bill Belichick is arrogant. Now I don't usually one leads to the other. I think he -- -- think they saw the talent and they said while I mean you know maybe we can make this work is that arrogance it was somebody else in the draft. We're gonna go on -- eventually was gonna madrassa as a team attract him well -- on the. Not just the drafting it's the it's the handing over the contract extension and you saw some of the reports today I think was also Greg Bedard. -- talked to some players are sure -- young radical -- -- instead was again you know what he seem like a good guy for the first years and then after he got the contract that's when he became more entitled. I don't know of that arrogance or for me it's not arrogant I was asked the question for me just -- judgment. And that may be a a belief and inflated belief of what you're capable of because you are a great coach leads to that mistake in judgment right but. It's a mistake in judgment that's question one on the -- guys jumping your six point 77797937. Question number two on the pats. What's not good this year. Mean the perfect 08 point 89 and seven and you're now looking at a situation you still Belichick still brain -- -- -- -- It's not -- they don't play every game against the AFC east though I usually six volumes -- worse case commute five and one. -- -- -- and I think the dolphins are better OK you can always lose one game that he's on the jet or do public warrants -- before too. So when they go what do they -- -- -- for and what's on the seventh let's say they go five and right five. OK that's 97. What happens we could you see that happening. I'd be surprised because first of all I mean I still think you know assuming gronkowski to big assumption -- to play most of the season with -- dole. We -- with another guy here another guy there with Brady. It used to be on the top dozen offices in -- week. I don't know escort Evan let's let's say -- is gonna be on PUP. And then he's not quite himself he's not able to return right lets you get him back -- week 98 game -- -- half the season without chronic and he's maybe not the same player to player worst -- right and it was his worst case scenario an adult you don't you've lost Hernandez he's an easy either suspended not on your team or in jail in some capacity deeply zero games right you've lost -- 2.0 was not the greatest player restore almost eighty catches last year and was being number one receiver. Even if he didn't catch number one receiver -- yeah he he allows Wes Welker to run the underneath routes because he he requires some level of attention by the defense right you lost Wes Welker is under catches every year and you replace all those guys. With Danny Amendola who I like a lot but as a complementary piece and Hillary issues and -- And a couple of rookies who you don't know nothing about rookies. Though it's fair defense has holes right Jake Ballard. You know I saw him I saw Tom Brady goes in the FC championship game and had a hugely halftime it's colts with I would seek equal best offensive. Equal but in a much better defense say -- getting much better defense if it was thought -- -- -- great -- it was better and it still had a lot of those guys that were running Belichick's system so those questions on the table plus coming -- I -- look through this Steve -- article 'cause I don't understand how to sources or maybe one source pinpoint a guy and such completely different directions that's coming -- many hands and for always alcoholic W media. Who's this best -- in my life. -- remember this -- forever. So keep going into the right things the right decisions. Again have a good life. This -- do you there's. The left which left him and. Hernandez today he signed his contract extension graphs of your calls on him just a moment Andy. I -- your instigating there. Don't think it's not it doesn't go on notice. That your instigating with some Raj. Putting gladly answer and it's one that's not true. You're a liar in addition to being instigated. Got your troublemakers goddess you know you're gonna have to do report -- that's on you you're gonna after 44 earlier punishment for that so it's better for me timbers together. Turkmen and is in for Michael today and and I am looking at at stable pets. All Markota recall this from last night and he's got one source. And I think Kirk you're like me and is even more so than me you try to figure out. YE a source is giving him what -- -- what does that really mean that somebody is saying -- the -- -- not necessarily that it's true now what are the what are they trying to get out the right message he's more tied into something anybody in the city took no questions so let me read you these two things in the the first two paragraphs of the story. And it appears as if these same sources leading you down two completely different routes. The first says Doc Rivers never planned to be a part of the Celtics rebuilding process. And the club was basically aware of that fact when he signed his latest contract. Can't touch one. That would lead you down a road I would think of I. Why would -- percent contract to be part of be rebuilt right -- rebuilding was inevitable also there's a little bit of poisoning on -- sure right now a bit a little poisoning on the way up -- -- -- want to be here for the regretting any way right are always gonna have to get rid of bombed so hey no big deal we knew this was coming. On the flip side to that person so the same source. Further insisted. That the coach did not initiate the process. That may yet send them to the clippers for compensation but that possibility seemed to be growing more distinct last night and goes on to basically suggest. That it was Danny Ainge who first approached the clippers' first approached Denver you know and and that the Celtics not talk well was the so that seems to be. Creating an environment where -- could actually return. Because he was just the innocent bystander well maybe -- he. No more than and who knows and again they were have a press converts today at noon to cancel its rescheduled for Monday what the hell that means so why this is happening -- -- gonna happen maybe. Is it possible to dockers and Danny -- friends really friendly sat down and negotiate that contract conducted Danielle -- -- -- said that's fine we're gonna sign that this deal. You do us a favor. Come you know whenever this happens we're gonna move you can pick your place. It's on the back for people. Mean is that impossible scenario output so yeah although why would doc agreed that. This is the -- ago he can but he he knows that we re gonna go is going to lose assets whether their first round exit or something -- that they do you have favorite may. I get to I think that's what happened no I'm just following up back everyone says these guys. Still friendly still working together so if they are. I look at and say we'll talk to be really be friendly with each of the -- excellent parts romantic doesn't it -- been in that stuff like this if you're in the middle of the chief Michael what you just talk on the phone but the draft actually nothing else comes up. -- they do because maybe this is what was drawn up you know two years ago -- I can't figure anything else because it's. It is is we as a Hernandez thing is. This is weirder on smaller scale almost just as we -- and confused nobody is articulated to me why dark rivers are really nice guy wants out if you're so bad. When he knew this was gonna. So now. Yeah it is confusing and and. That's how I thought that this article because I you read the -- on OK this is something I gotta read this is gonna make the whole thing makes sense. And it pushes it really pushes me down a road of making human -- right. Why if you're trying to make it look as if doc could still return here which I -- you would get some leverage back over the clippers and you could maybe pave the way cases salting does fall apart. To actually have -- return everybody complained Danny in the organization instead of -- fine everybody hate the GM what do -- -- were team and we're doing our thing. But the idea that he never planned to be a part of the process here which they're rebuilding. It really does it -- unless you're gonna bring back the whole gang and I don't see them doing that -- Garnett pierce and everybody. That's not happen now nobody thinks that's gonna happen now it's not happen Doc Rivers is going to be the next coach of the clippers still believe that Kevin Garnett will be at the clippers the Celtics we'll get back probably not as much as they want to get something back. That's what everybody wins lots of self sustaining student -- to start over everybody sort of wins and in Libya can get -- percent witness the clippers win I think in that case and I agreed that's what's gonna happen. I'm not going to be happy about it and Michael and I are you about this can't be happy about it. Well this is happy because the engineer -- -- -- -- it's not a matter to anybody but -- -- know that the Celtics are gonna go from being -- at least somewhat of a contender year after year after year. To be in a team that it'll likely that isn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For Michael -- salt and -- and WEEI talking Aaron Hernandez talked and doc. Bruins Red Sox calls as well start though John -- long that I John. And -- on top. Not two -- I'll let the court we're probably where -- and then obviously. What I know you are a good look. Our first street may well they're all this property Jack I'm sure some that all by armed. And drug and alcohol and to work at Ford shares. Mean did he was on drugs and alcohol at the time or that there was some level of drugs around. I and I haven't heard any reports that he was drunk or he was are using. Drugs at times I don't know. Apart -- the darker color -- I do know that there aren't. People. That -- -- in or not sit well. -- another couple situation. Back to back with this thing a couple of months ago. Surely -- -- the -- our friends are like they're. Yeah well -- wrong I mean does have a good -- he shot somebody in the face appears in February was part of some played several murder so I mean I would say you know doesn't have the greatest part. My guess -- the drug to the ball. Out now and I mean it's almost derail. And them in this the story that makes more sense has less to do with -- drugs. And more to do with. More to do with. That that that. Theme that you see some times where guys just can't escape their past. Right it's a movie script that you read a thousand all right are seen well I've been with it seems like with an end users is desire to be you know -- -- department -- is sort of the scar -- desire for some reason -- you know -- -- my crew -- and -- my -- -- together. Again -- -- -- -- -- what is this need one run around on mobile and it's not that money whatever it just look those are the guys I grew up with as a group and really lousy year lousy slaughter whatever that that's how I grew up. And now I'm trying to move on that and now I have money in all those guys keep coming back and it's not that I wanna run around them but I can't turn my back on them I can't completely get away from them. Or maybe they have stuff on me from when I was younger let's say they have poured out of the -- -- up at the hanging out with a rotten people to some guy has stopped on Aaron Hernandez and his on the beach with -- from fourteen years ago I don't know eleven years I don't know. It's a guy who has friends and -- adult to get rid of me and now we scored another it's always that easy to get rid of bad people in your life when you've done some bad things is cute or even as a young adults. And Nicole but it just about -- I don't know -- really know this for movies again -- routers playoffs is real life well but but you don't think that that that those grips come from a likely scenario and realize that to me you're giving. And it's tax because his friends are not trying to give him a pat. It's no I don't think I. Am I mean look. It's still on him other guys have succeeded in doing -- I'm just not sure it's as easy as I'm just gonna walk away from these guys and final you can you can state company with them but should you be doing what he's doing now I mean isn't there some sort of balance he should probably fine is 23 I mean he's not eighteen you're 23 years old you should be -- -- -- Smart. Make these decisions heads in Portland stopped at. And or comment about. Britain and ended up what are you guys. Yet you really don't think that Rondo and I -- green and other sporting casket carried it into the playoffs. I did in the playoffs OK let's do this so you have Rondo yet Jeff Green. -- -- -- -- You have Jordan you have some -- That's gonna get you. Everything goes right -- the seventh eighth seed in the east you play Miami or Indian the first front you lose in five games. Right so and then you get another fifteen -- and -- terrible spot in the NBA it is no worse pot spot sports to be the picking the middle of the first round every year in the NBA you're dead. Please don't he's -- no idea Andre Jordan competing without Roy Hibbert know bosh. See what's not -- -- -- -- it's not that one guy Jordan couldn't compete with those specific guys they might be able to. You -- Boycott Mandela. Well let's best point guard in the NBA NBA want to. Or does does Chris Paul no I don't know that he's Deron Williams or go to get out but I merely average and many out there or it would no comment I. I think there's a reason why Doc Rivers is looking at this whole thing in -- I'd like to go coach Chris Paul a supposed to stay in here coaching rush on Rondo and -- is just because of the knee injury suffered this year I think there's more than what you do on the court and enters attitude is leadership. And and I don't know the -- on Rondo well he's had interest in complementary piece. I haven't heard anybody think that he is the right guy to be leader of the team haven't beat his team right yeah like pick at some point you know what the next coaches -- is going to be here. Pierce can be gone and that's gonna be gonna pursue Robin is going to be here and read this next coach is probably got no coaching head coaching experience while those -- -- -- -- Knew going in next year maybe it would work out I doubted that can be -- -- -- I get a millionaire Hernandez questions for Mike Florio who talked to a twenty minutes right at 3 o'clock pro football talk and a lawyer himself. That's then more your calls next -- the -- hand in for Ali here on WEEI. When he looks equivocal versions this. It's called an instrument like a lot closer to -- a terrible person and that's that's bad data purpose. Look -- department and is in for Ali today music wars apparently. Fully in play most funny part of this is on YouTube the guy -- uploaded this cold working class boss -- -- yes. It's -- coming coming not from one show -- not to be just not. It is an instigator is what I have to deal with he's an investigator and he has like but all the problems between me and you really stem from -- Well to keep us up. As you told before the show -- which was weird 150 to recommend. Kirk none of that stuff -- just sports it's all fine no problem on your radio. Let's find out why would you tell lies about -- -- but what you tell lies about Y 140 -- I don't I'm not sure I don't talk. Is it ideal if I come in Kirk tells lies about me -- we had a good 47 minutes -- and in for Ali today. Mike Florio will join us in fifteen minutes -- pro football talk a lot of your calls. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you're right no as it looks right now. Brady's four top receivers from a year ago none of them could be back this year right do you have enough faith in Brady the running game the offensive line the defense and -- Jack. And the the rookie brought wide receivers plus in Angola. Right to believe that -- -- good Super Bowl contending team this year would you agree with me that the defense next year will be better defense this year a couple of younger guys and get better Jones. I tower and I think it should be better yet though but -- guess -- -- Top five defense but will be better. Would you agree that Tom Brady with an average offense. Route to supporting cast will turn that to a top dozen I think Tom Brady is certainly raises the level of players around right the opposite wind is still pretty good. So I think that gets you worst case in this division now I'm not buying the Miami at deceit. That gets you ten -- because the jets are going to be awful buffaloes can be awful that's four wins right there. And you split the worst case splitting its Miami 51. Yeah play. 500 ball -- 106 really got to play some tough team and in that the right of the schedule is not easy and play the NFC south and that means you got to play Atlanta. Really really good team you got to play New Orleans. A dangerous team you know you gotta play Tampa a rapidly improving and now a dangerous team and -- like Carolina who is in complete wild card but you do have to go there. So you know none of those games are guaranteed wins for short game by game I love you all know but I need to -- look at it and say OK that's that division. Got to -- couple got to play Baltimore again you got to play Houston again another team to two of the teams that you can probably count on. The port is not that they're going to be bad habit of always get asked about that they're gonna be that that -- -- to win ten games very worst I'm telling you this right now with Hernandez in pinstripes of Walpole. Picking up if you right angle from Walpole prison to get up top you can see July. I think worst case they went and you know that pretty mean -- -- you know so much about the -- -- You would have investigated prisons get. You put it all right now and he talked he's got you put -- -- all 4 o'clock Ali I'll be here for what's -- thing to do with the into the -- Into the question I'll be here but so weak so it is our it right you're in Walpole you would be out of wall shackled -- the bigger shot helped elect -- you've also got like some magic ability and says that thanks yeah I'd be I'd be back here by five. 38 that would be very and you what about traffic coming your way around traffickers and 5530 you don't factor in traffic don't want Tony you have to pick me. My -- and profit since -- Mike. They were going our guys are you want to recommit to keep score call -- Aaron and it's possible they played the interest is -- All what the thing in Florida all part that story makes sense to anybody but the guys supposedly is a convicted cocaine dealer and they know week or so. I'm sure that some -- -- that civil but the most important thing in and out borrow. I think it -- -- -- portly in the cosmic impact. I say -- Hernandez and while the other guys around the turn on their guardian you know blame him for the shooting say that you know. Open escalated somebody that shop they panic and basically gonna have to -- turn State's evidence and tried out you know plea bargain down to you know note charges might. Well that's not gonna get him on the field this year though right. -- now there's no way of all let's get everything you just Edward happens he'd still be suspended for the year. Immediately. Mean I think you pieces that are I think Goodell is if I think he dealt with -- later until next year at minimum and I think at that point Bob craft whats Erica you're -- economic team anymore. Investment they had even NFL maybe only -- an eighteen to mean Bob crap probably yarn I don't want to -- anymore it's just too much loose cannon got around. Yeah I don't feel I again I don't know if cracked openly calls the shots but there is no way in the world that Roger Goodell is gonna let this guy play football which had given his track record I mean -- he's not play now now. It happened I mean if he has had people not play for significantly. Lesser offense get Roethlisberger was never charged with anything you can see it every wanna bottom up Ludacris you suspend a guy who was never arrested or charged with anything. So this -- gives props for me it was at four. I suns -- three or four I think you start off as eat right many reduces our office in a position to -- -- so that's where nothing and now -- to -- Will be part murder -- what they have is the bill look at Dell has is the ability whether you like it or hated and I don't particularly care for it but he has an easy ability to suspend you just based on your. On who you hang out with and right and what sort of scenarios you find yourself gets -- horrible dangerous precedent but it exists and he's gonna use it he wouldn't personal he lives to use and David Stern listed in the spotlight which she does he concede again last night Roger Goodell lives to wield its power sure that is is another example of I don't necessarily have. I don't think it's that dangerous because. You were not entitled to the same. Innocent until proven guilty standard that you would get in a court of law what like morals I'd like. Suspending guys for morals clause in the spindle restaurant and why did you suspect Tom Brady is it -- wants out of wedlock. If -- offended by that. And we're we're the -- is turbulent summer I don't like it it's a good question I don't like I think it -- trust himself to know what that that is and you're right there's a danger but this is clearly one reasonable are obviously Joseph was in Lincoln high joke. I don't wanna talk what Tucker can't they -- session. Only simple minded. I have back there were one of the hour that you go to another team are upbeat -- -- Why am -- out of an earlier contract. While Kirk presented the idea that he signed the contract in order to give Danny some leverage. At this point to once the rebuild started to try to help them with a rebuilt. At that to me that all men are that he's already I wanna eat. Doc Rivers I like that -- gently Garnett and I like get your child has come out leave your can't finish your contract out. And move on we can take I don't dignity what we're not gonna prove that you hardly at all by trading. I mean that -- feel bad it just field. Not the right way to go about it what somebody meant so much you are. And Garnett chart where it. Yeah you're referencing again Steve bullpen at this morning riding the source told him Doc Rivers never planned to be apart of the Celtics -- rebuilding process in the club had been aware of that fact. When he signed the contract to begin -- It is -- It -- it puts -- in a kind of a lousy lie but it also doesn't exactly paint the team and a great light that they knew about it the whole time. -- Again bullpen is albeit he's more to it and anybody but -- it smells wrong about that story you know mature -- Doc Rivers -- signed five year deal knowing rebuilding was inevitable. Not -- rebuilt. Why would you do well because my. But he was get I mean that one -- and sign a two year deal right lots of Simon would have been the same either way. Mean -- -- in -- understood -- was gonna happen in the clippers and Memphis toward America issue might -- would if you were worried that you you're gonna get fired and you wanted to be paid out over all that time but they were gonna fire him even if they had a bad year I was there there was no chance the doc was likely to get fired -- Ice pick coaching -- probably is not just gonna firearm and eat the five million on his deal of the -- yours before you just elaborate tunnels so no you're right is it the whole thing is really strange and and trying to play detective on that -- -- detective. On what happen in North Attleboro the other day it is. It is an odd day to be in Boston sportsmen and really. He's trying to piece together thing after thing and and and piece of evidence after -- otherwise this press conference today in -- canceled you know much are -- like leverage to do you think that's leverage there and you know hey you know what -- LAU wanna keep messing around we're at a press conference at all things -- -- we're gonna blame you he's our coach so if you wanna do some calls before noon because that's a Morgan's -- just -- stuff is so obvious. I don't know maybe negative feeling again you're playing chess against Donald Sterling I mean like -- to a ball doesn't that stuff have to -- yeah I guess the -- gonna happen this week and it just seems no way he's -- clippers what is next for Aaron Hernandez could he be suspended is he likely to be on the team what sort of charges could could he phase Mike -- both an NFL guy and also a lawyer himself -- next pro football -- He's amid a hand in for all soccer -- WEEI.

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