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Mark Heisler of Sheridan Hoops: I believe Doc and KG will ultimately be with the Clippers

Jun 21, 2013|

We talk to Mark Heisler of Sheridanhoops.com, who's been on top of the Celtics-Clippers drama since it began. Mark believes ultimately a deal will get done.

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Beacon a bizarre and that's what the Doc Rivers thing has been and really got more bizarre last night with Steve -- -- article which I I still don't entirely understand. Rivers never planned to be a part of the Celtics rebuilding process as one source and the same source says it wasn't him. It was the Celtics who actually initiated this whole process with the clippers and nuggets -- mark Keisel has been all over the story for Sheridan who soccer shirt -- site that he started. And also on Twitter app mark Keisler HE IS LER he joins us via the AT&T hotline. Can you can you figure out why some of the like the what what these leaks are trying to accomplish. Well -- what they're trying to accomplish what everybody always does you're trying to get their story out. You know I can understand. The -- position and that position. You know everybody knew that this team is gonna have to be rebuilt with a couldn't go on forever of course they knew it about five years. And there but you'll really like three or four years and you know in the time they are wondering you know when we're gonna have to break this out. You know they went through 2010 finals and -- eleven point lead over the secrets in game seven and then two years later. You know had a lead to lead over the Celtics. In these final. So you know I think they knew it rationally they didn't know it emotionally there was always the hope. That one more player here and there could get them over the copper in the final four. Arm and then all of a sudden. And all this and has become and pretty clear that you know now's the time. Mark where the -- -- -- right I mean this deal is going to happen next coach of the clippers is going to be -- Kevin Garnett gonna be there in Jordan and pictures that come back everything else is just stuff that we do isn't it. -- -- you know weapon you know we do this real time now we've been doing in real time all of this week the couple. -- -- feel like it -- -- up and down mountains and and you know you can imagine how the people in the room feel. I think -- who -- The clippers I think KG will wind up with a -- But they have to do it one at a time and they have to get -- vitally. You know it will last night it looked like it was gonna break up. The clippers if you know when when it was but it became a standalone operated the clippers' offer to number one. For -- went down to apparently no number ones. I am told that they have put a number one back on the table it's 2015 that 2014. And it's protected. You know which of course will give them you know another. Eight hours at least that -- about. But -- you know -- -- problem as you know in the end it all comes down to whatever he can get out of the clippers or not because -- -- But it but -- Big and that's his -- lack of leverage that's where the clippers have leverage the flip side of it has to be. Without Doc Rivers the clippers don't necessarily have Chris Paul and they seem to really -- crisp ball. You know that the supposition that you know very popular Boston right now but we don't we don't think it's true. Princes. -- is essentially running this. And has signed off on and the coach that they'll get this -- not just signed off on you know they became candidates an effort is because Chris wanted to. Our Brian Shaw and Byron Scott he has not signed off on level Holland if this was to go down -- Helms was to become the coach you know than there might be. Some second thoughts. You know Chris has been really dig in and hear from the moment he got here and the clippers if if they've never done anything else intelligent. And they that you're not. The one thing it did do was basically they just turned over control of the team to him he has so much input is essentially running the team. I don't think he's going to work. Is he good enough for that I mean it's one thing when when LeBron James gets to control everything is Chris Paul good enough. To allow -- to be in charge of player personnel like us. Yet plenty good enough. As a player you know he can he can to walk the walk in and just talk the talk in his team has consistently over achiever -- united I. I noticed that. When he was in New Orleans. You know first thing ever struck -- that was you know I didn't think that much of -- -- -- But they always went. They got in the playoffs when you never thought they would and they always went around further you know and you and you thought they would do crucial stop it would go anywhere -- Is you know we've seen he's been here for two years and it's about two years the clippers have ever had back to back. And -- two years. Of managerial. Stability which is unprecedented. In corporate history and during this time they lost the general manager. Well you know there's only one stable thing in this organization it's Chris Paul. You know you look at this a case such as -- play along and say that Chris Paul signed off on show will say you're right on that shot guessing is two million bucks a year whatever it first time coach you save. Over the course of -- contract twenty million southern -- pretty appetizing the sterling. -- the clippers. Why not just bring Bryant shot and save herself the -- yourself Jordan. And say sign -- a darker is simply because of Garnett because that's the only other factors. You know get -- take -- -- -- it is that you know you never thought won that thing about how old sterling that I -- that I could think first. I mean a cottage industry. I'm correct I LE kinda -- him open letters. And at the time in my life doing anything -- -- on. It was essentially I was gonna like talking to him like he was a fifth breeders'. And but. You know it's a different deal. -- -- The clippers have made an incredible amount of money. Donald Sterling will put the money up when he knows. That he's buying quality problem he has is he's never sure how. But in this case it's an easy call. And since Paul and Chris Paul came here he basically just followed Chris Paul's dictates that's where they are war that's where there why they -- -- Bigger story in LA today this or the fact that Blake Griffin may be dating Kate Upton. L I don't know I don't you gotta get -- that mean that that seems like -- cause for another open letter. Well you know number Torre didn't. You know hey mark thanks so much really appreciate you read in the shared in hoops on Twitter app mark Keisler thanks and we appreciate it. My pleasure are there you go that's a view the AT&T hotline and if you want to take anything out of that. This belief that this clippers need to bring in Doc Rivers in order to keep Chris Paul in the fold. He says simply not true he'll sign off on Brian show are some of the coaches as well yet again. If you want Garnett okay great if you don't. Is Doc Rivers and BA coach that does that guy able means an -- thanks to you -- players in Europe six in -- Jordan. The -- dockers mortgage to pay Brian shot two million bucks a year Chris Paul likes him. You roll with which they have but you're not real and what -- given up you're giving up assuming that that all happens you're probably going to be good team -- banking on -- -- -- -- what -- the 25 pick -- -- Richard good team -- you a couple of of one or two decent role players on the champion -- VM I was looking through the 25 picks over the last decade or two of them -- not good. There I mean now that's not to say that you can't occasionally find -- GM there but as the clippers organization been one to uncover -- division and the last couple years but now it's it's just strange and I again I don't know what's that surprises me I'm Sharon did did the -- right -- that back I was surprised it in the things I mean. Chris Paul is the most powerful -- is is that bizarre every NBA finals never won MVP he's a good player he's never been to the Western Conference final I don't think that he tells. Officer on what to do as a guy which is why add in the world and -- coach fired year. -- is happy I you and I could not be more on the same page I was saying this yesterday I I don't understand why Chris Paul gets to be god it bothers me a little bit at the NBA does this in general. But -- fine if you wanna make some concessions for LeBron James Kobe Bryant the best players in the league in their prime. Fine why would you count -- Chris Paul -- a good player and he's legitimize the clippers to a point but is he good enough to win a championship. Our bodies could -- chip -- at the right players he's about he's good enough to be the best player on the champions but that's what they're asking him today I try not to rant he's not LeBron he's not and he's not one of these guys the Tim Duncan called shock to us. -- no I mean the project aims to free agent. He wanted to go we -- he -- -- stuff like -- and he's got to really make all the rules in Cleveland got to choose who wanted to play with together in in Miami and he's. He's definitely called a lot of shots that he wanted to have the coach fired if he said -- bolster I don't want this anymore they've -- not planning to run after doctors gave him seven million bucks -- because Chris Paul Watson and strange to me it does it seems like an awful lot for them and on the other hand for the Celtics. It doesn't feel like they're getting all that much back then what are you gonna get back to get the Andre Jordan who is an -- player. And -- -- you get him back for Garnett who was one of the even if he was falling apart he was still party core -- trading part of your core. For guy that is probably fringe Ian and and is is not something you're gonna build and go to Celtics get here. Freedom let's get it and not getting much freedom -- each of which gives the freedom of -- is -- Garnett -- content DB to the freedom to say. We're starting to get -- -- -- get real -- get rid of -- -- -- contracts if you're trying to do anything with -- forget about number one -- they aren't going to be worth much -- 25 pick for the Celtics what the -- they can do without -- style -- low twenties are right maybe you -- -- anything you wouldn't you rather have the real freedom of getting rid of either -- and every track did you -- our -- deals those particular deals to get rid of one that's fine so what paralyzing right now I mean if -- two more years attack me again. The rebuilt MBA. Is not -- happen overnight you're talking 45 years so by the time they're good again those guys going to be a lot of I would. OK but I know this is darker as the -- the clippers Garnett got you know. 40% back of dollar that's okay because it allows them. Did you and I don't you -- want to start over six or 777979837. -- situation there do you feel differently if you find out the Chris Paul has -- other coaches. And that takes away some of the leverage you believe the Celtics and I know I would. And I want to introduce the Red Sox in this conversation as well as last night is like blown save number 600 for Andrew Bailey in only the last few gains and they've all been nasty ugly. Disasters he hasn't lost everyone of them in the in the pit in the home run the other night Jonny Gomes. We cannot be your clothes are right now how -- situations that put John -- into and the more importantly. Is it now time for bench Harrington to take action on this -- many hands in for Michael politics and your calls next talk and talk -- WE.

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