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Harry Manion on the Aaron Hernandez situation

Jun 21, 2013|

Our legal expert joined the show to discuss the situation Aaron Hernandez has found himself in.

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Happened very early on. And now we also need to get -- no one answered this definitively. Is Aaron -- Informing people about the and they happen because you're fired it meant a player you -- also I think it's I think its part the player contract. On. But yeah I think it's safe to say that if this happened early on but I it would have reshaped the patriots all season a little bit at least a little bit. And I think it was -- course will be -- team. Mosque Sports Illustrated Greg Bedard. Talking about Aaron Hernandez. And his viability going forward. As Leo isn't -- a patriot. Joining us on the AT&T hotline and by the way I should as as an -- thing I have on my iPhone ten. Lawyers no no no -- no government -- ten friends. For an instant speed dial and you attempt but he has. You lawyer Harry managing the pitch well no Harry -- if it's -- like falling down drunk on the side of the road they're trying to give me breathalyzer -- -- A a mock my attempts being doubted -- companion. Good morning when. It's and I get any answers if you're Gerry called that I know they'll never and so I'd better go buy. God I hope not I'm not familiar you're on my speed up brother you must be done Harriet. They have and that it was that I aaron's idea I didn't get a call from whatever that is and they were searching around Boston that. It's going to be it would be the end manned up against their right now. Yeah out well until after award for his arrest what does that mean Harry Willie we see him. Today it and. I'd been I heard yesterday that they would -- there -- gonna Chico Warrick I thought maybe. It's a little. A little early in the murder investigation -- -- in the report that must have been confirmed if if if they're reporting 00 -- of the destruction of the years surveillance sect equipment Eddie's house in itself vote. Vacancy right now in large church structure -- this in the murder investigation. And that would be enough to to arrest they invite him over putting in the process. Getting in the system and then now we'll see where that murder investigation leads. So. I think that's I think this is the first step. Of that to retrieve your -- -- -- there. Would he qualify. And I knew you had a lot of high profile athletic. Clients just like the stupidest wanna bowl means destroying his home surveillance situation. And having his fold over in pieces is is that like the dumbest guy you've encountered. And fortunately I know. It's not. But no nobody is among the plot yet it's among the worst I've ever heard. I didn't carry it. That sounds like the definition to -- to -- -- it sounds -- the definition of obstruction of guilty Yahoo! right. Yeah yeah edit it and you know if you what would tell yet what I would tell you is he had not. And yet if he had not informed the -- the we didn't get to the mechanism. The the entire process in -- that there surround the player. Went something like this happens when he gets involved in the maelstrom. That is criminal democratic patients actually went and called and that's. I started with -- 25 years ago solving. -- -- Derosa is stable client that I really get in this aspect of my practice which are workers saying. Athletes and in coaches and then it owners routinely get in trouble. That's the only time I'm not an agent I don't do any collective bargaining and this is -- too -- -- I try to sort. True whatever trouble it has ordered several criminal. There's that they look at what what that tells me carriers is it arrogant call athletes first base run you know I mean. There it immediately -- acting out and an -- came over to ropes and gray were one of the Arab minority ethnic firsts. This the president. Work work is a lawyer he worked at reps are great so -- Adam cleared up the -- that you're in the first thing so Aaron did this on his own and yeah it's one of the ministry report. Dumbest thing I've ever seen a person troubled through what is the next 24 earlier trends of course OJ who jumped in the prior. Don't know what is the next 2440 hours look like. It's going to be a revelation after revelation he has. As the investigation. In what you're discovering leaks are probably culminating with which some sort of charge. Well you know get a always what you know we do one. -- data security and as we try to say what do we know now when you're based are reasonable reasonable sources sources the -- some degree of trust and and and inserts as rational reasonable comments and interest -- -- as we can draw from what we know what we know now -- she knew the victim. What we know now as he was which collects them. What we know now is -- at the victim is a body was found their their proximate to -- house within. Well depending on what you're going back out or by. By by your streak you know within a mile this Alice. -- the victim's body was found with you know near a car that had been rented to mr. Hernandez. So you know that's what we know now now we know much about this -- that that may not be at. As solid as is bad information. From what would you would for I would infer that you had racial aspect I would repaired or infer that he is the subject of this investigation. I would infer that he is he -- whoever he was with that night. Along with the victim is that there are going to be look at very hard so. I think yeah I -- the next 48 hours something major is going to happen. -- based on the destruction of the home security system and the cell -- I think we can probably. Proceeds of the fact that there's an obstruction of justice charge here. What's what what what what what in the best case scenario if that's audience. What's is -- time. O Leo page that you incited it. It's very very very unlikely that that's -- as. Yeah I know -- What he cooperates. Would be cooperate. And what is it what what is it -- and go to -- Ray Lewis about ten years later you're right right exactly get Ray Lewis -- You know -- What we're we're at right now is it that obstruction of justice in the murder investigation I don't know what supposedly -- got rid of the white suit. It's it's it's it's it's similar okay. And wouldn't appoint right now where. It all yet this is what does that say to the prosecutor. The person that is where it's -- their consciousness would you know you'll so why. You'll post that. You'll that he was with the perpetrators. You'll that he is the perpetrators. -- there was who that they -- it was a joint venture. That it was it was a bunch of guys looking to kill this guy. It's it's they vary very bad thing you know it's not it's obstruction of justice aren't. Like you you know you'd you'd throw via via yeah you get rid of the year arch in the bag -- -- you destroy a couple of documents. Because you where you're writing checks or you got a little larceny knowing that they murder it and yeah it looks like execution style back they had. That this is indecision bigotry yet and and and there's no way even at its obstruction of justice in a murder investigation I just think. You know the criminal justice system will bring their -- we got down on the on awhile and you Hernandez and and I know I know the commissioner well. It this way in your experience Harry I know you have experience in this area if they're like this is misplaced loyalty to. Childhood friends or even gang members fellow gang members and they don't rat each other out and they don't snitch. Does that all change when they actually. Get taken away in handcuffs and and their lawyers -- they're looking at. Ten years or do they generally remain loyal and and and continue to cover for the. Don't know I don't know anybody that stand out. -- -- You'd go bullet in the ball pitcher nobody stand that sense you know that The Sopranos and -- bet that that nobody stands out when -- -- at -- natural life. -- -- -- -- Maybe maybe an isolation because WR. Respect their elders and it's 2403. It it's like you know it's the years bar in the wall. You're concerned -- -- look it's just look at the trip that you're types and what it that's a black eight. You know guys like -- to do three days there. Maybe Hernandez goes get -- it branches happened in the three of us but it's going to be very very hard when you look at that. And and and what -- -- yet to complete destruction of your life yet if you -- the shooter. Here's is the very first rate lawyer is it is into the DEA's office right now. And look and listen you got the wrong guy we're gonna come completely clean and blah blah blah -- made a mistake blah blah blah blah blah maybe it you know like Eric. That's probably best case right now and that's not a very big -- very. You're the best we appreciate your time your information you're you're out personal capacity if if. Yeah it's it's an unfortunate situation NN sports where it really is not a happy I mean they know -- know nobody's happy about this starting Jerry bit. Again you know we just -- part. -- we'll see what it is evident that develops and that you guys probably eight. Very if your phone rings at 3:30 in the morning it's -- an outfit that Alter -- right. Perry met him but promising talent on the AT&T ally and AT&T forgy LTE.

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