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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports: Animosity and distaste starting to build up

Jun 21, 2013|

Pierre McGuire joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Stanley Cup Finals and why he thinks Game 5 is going to be "real nasty".

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-- 2 o'clock -- joining us right now on the AT&T hotline -- -- for NBC sports Pierre McGuire let me just say it off the top. Pierre it was tremendous to hang out watch a Red Sox baseball with the on Tuesday and the way you interact with the fans the picture is the you'd talk. The handshakes that you gave the NHL stop you talked about people loved it on Tuesday we thank you for hanging out for a little bit. Are you kidding me it was my pleasure thank you very much gentlemen get a visit to Buffalo look. Hello -- Tito. I'm gonna call Terry Francona admitted yeah. Do I do love that story we're talking about Murton in the tell us that tells us they're just trying to explain it. Sarah McKenna the give and violent Huard for the Red Sox and -- myself and our -- and hockey tournament and bought in. -- critical third down there in the batting cage and Schimago Boise future trees and it obviously look -- -- you grew up in Montreal but -- -- the charge go figure. Anyway or down by the body agent. It would he would accept me. I didn't have my I'll have my eye -- spectacles -- he goes. People keep on getting the ball good -- can -- the other couple of bombs and they're too exited he saw my little boy after Yugoslav shall start the potential sorry but to repeal it or you thought he perjured at all. Our parents their that lets us. Let's let's get to the game because there might -- basketball they're surprised that maybe Chicago one game for -- the a lot of people are surprised at the score six -- what did you see. I'm old school is a little bit shaky obviously the five goals and Boston's. Scored I called. I'm not exactly Kurt Crawford street and Chicago did it real good dog Chapman got to be -- much or dollar short three different clips it showed why Chicago was better. In game number four number one of the trees are always beneficial playing a lot better than when you look at it 7070 shots in game four Boston 130 and Chicago won 38 I mean that's a huge improvement from game pregame for Chicago so that helps them that's -- -- one number two by and it will go along with -- and -- waste a lot of -- and -- they are important but if you want to get that first period that. -- puts on Chara knocks him down that really create a lot of euphoria on the Chicago bench. And in the third phonetic is really important. -- that they were able to get to the net for the first time in the series really get to the net establish slot area programs. So three different things to really help Chicago in game number four but it particularly in the real targets are many possible particularly great. Are you mentioned that the net front presence for Chicago I thought that was part and parcel because. Third offenders from jump street I mean they they got into the play key thing company Pierre seemed like for the first time in this series. Said you know what screw it may give up some chance we got to be aggressive how much of that was what led to Chicago being successful offensively. Well I think a lot of it we talked about before they got the best and much gaining defense and National Hockey League. A lady didn't play a lot banking but you could see giant would be any -- -- dark and keep those guys make a difference eventually cheaper it's a game winning goal. And as far as scorer from earlier where are sitting game seven against Detroit there Rudy traits you -- put. Should car a little deeper for a -- you know admitted the final but. Now that the percentage jumped and it definitely helped a lot on everything that. It would NC Chicago's too pleased with that the the words from our friend Tony Monte what did you see from Mary Ellis I don't think he's on a percent first two games at those -- the best players on the ice and he was out there -- that level. Now do you think close to that I got to be watching these guys and you know watching and warm up and I reported for an easy. With the injury report on him. He wouldn't nearly the player that no merit also since he played over Slovakia watch him play junior for the Portland winter Hawks. His nickname he played junior with a -- and good body he payload here and they gave Greg by Internet but part that was his nickname in junior or Portland. And he'd always been really good skater in America black strips -- -- -- -- but that was not Marion most of most picked -- used to watch and. It seemed like there -- couple altercations there in that first period it felt like this game early. How little more edge to appear did you feel that between the two teams that that maybe it was Chicago foreseeable forever -- said. Little more animosities start this game on now Wednesday night. No question about them and I think that's the real resolve forward I think the other thing people -- -- -- once -- get game for the series and it looks like it's going to be a pitchers which all people but pitchers would be. Then the animosity with the pace starts to really build up I would expect in five going to be real not -- really really matched it. But the job Bruins think adjustments -- -- you know in those guys we trust but you know Quenneville does put that first line together with. We think that do to slow them down as -- big group effort overall. Team effort they've got a lot of good things against that line heavy pace showed how good a player is -- how good a player is back -- made a big difference physically. But Boston got guys who can respond again. Anybody that thought this was going to be a 45 games -- who is clearly wrong this is going to be a lot of heart. Series and mergers start right now I think the series to start in game five pitcher and a lot of notre -- policy that's -- That -- on or -- people see the match is installed or. You mentioned the goaltenders being shaky yeah I gotta tell you at the big Crawford looks -- his team gets the win here but that glove hand in his -- beat that thing like drama and I. How how do you how do you oak helped analogy of your Crawford you know that's where they wanna go you know it's -- the focus -- and it's been so slow -- -- Can he do any thing if you're Crawford prepare for game five. He's not just get mentally strong. Make sure that your position. Either single you've been throughout the season and just fight through it that's all he can do he. He can't do anything else I'm not -- -- he'll make back kind of an adjustment at this time of the year just not gonna happen. You know -- we talked he talked about the the series had taken its hole and maybe go overtime game taken out of Chicago. I'm wondering another overtime game you got a couple days off here do you expect that maybe to still be different from either one of these teams. Think it's equaled a -- Lou he really look at that obviously the fatigue factor or seven good two days off. I know Chicago practicing them are looking older and also on the next. On the and I understand sort of -- practiced for Boston as he was going to be in the lineup which is good news from Boston an executive real good player. A -- I can make a difference but. Yeah I think it's just rest. For both people helped a lot of stretching with the a couple of guys are a little bit nicked up clinical -- international -- also. -- -- a bargain for Pete does go appeared you've told us not to go crazy on practice and day day between games and how coaches use lineups and another closer just trying to. Give a different look there but if he does play for for dog events he's not only play in six regular season games. I've not played in a playoff game. What -- and four and is first game in terms of the physical nature of it vs what he saw. Overseas. -- and the physical ritualized will be a lot different but I've been watching him practice and watched them play a lot Alberts reason. The watches practices here can kodi he's cocky guys a lot of people. There have been a value that he practices he looked really really good but the physical buy a -- obvious you've got to be a lot different I think the biggest thing for him is just part of his game he's a big guy with tremendous -- and really good speed that's all he has to focus -- on -- all turned pucks over -- they -- to play it it's -- great play doesn't need to initiate. Even though it probably will want to just complex and enjoy the moment. Does what about the you know the power play here the Blackhawks in the Annika chipped in a tough -- me sometimes it's just about confidence they chipped in is that something that. That could kind of have momentum in that into game five having confidence in your power play. I you know that's a weird one blue the only real nice because that's how our players a little bit disjointed yet it was a good call because the simple fight he got -- back to the point you got people that -- that you catch them on a second chance opportunity. But -- Internet secret if you think back to a -- telling me to really good lately just wasn't able to get. Park -- in the five on -- situation and it kind of broke down from Boston. With someone coming out of the box so. Yeah I'm sure than on the Chicago I think they're gonna you know when they're gonna say yeah -- content -- back Ramon goes there obviously have -- put. And on the block certain dignity you know what we also that being -- So. You know that's gonna be in control for a full -- court correctly I don't know how much company yet out of cycles or what you really attack people. That you wanna see which group are pretty good to kick him but. I a couple of league issues a wanna get -- get shot here a lingering neo is the new coach -- the New York Rangers is that a good fit and how different all the Rangers -- next year for Bruins fans here in the east. Very good fit I've worked with a -- not a lot I've gone a long time. I think he can do real good job they're economic they're younger players that are -- have more fun going on the -- You'll always be looking over their shoulders I would expect they're going to be more of an offensive team. -- Allen would pull the -- pretty good start he's got Allen was pulled. That when he was sitting in Dick coop or what the new general manager Mike Gillis and if he didn't change his approach spot in terms of turning the players lose. And playing more of an -- to style. You looking to keep his job so he really adapted and he adapted well so he's more of an opt for two minor coached and he used to be which are good -- For the Rangers could have a lot of really young dynamic forwards and he'll handle the media real well being albeit very very good -- and. Do you believe the report the toward -- on the verge of taking his old job and Vancouver and is that a good fit at that -- He's he's in the hunt. Sort of can't even -- I think it's going to be a real interest in scenario there which John gets fired. But do note for the relative -- might also note can't even -- them on big time. And you are you're locked and loaded Chicago Saturday night NBC -- the broadcast. Better correct that are on the portrait Obama where Chicago right now. Government what's the what's the pizza place to go to Chicago where is Pete what's the bus what's a loss stopper Pierre where does is I got to go to that place. You know or I feel like go to to a car lines which is found by a Russian division street and -- -- to -- but. But I go to one of the -- but street very near the Drake restaurant and leaderboard there are -- would be Sheikh group for a long long time it's one of the -- because in Chicago it's outstanding. Pierre great stuff we love does scene at the Red Sox game we'll see Saturday and N and NBC. I kill it to you guys next week about the pregame -- The cup will be in the building Pierre thanks a. There will be had a great week and you guys endure his family special bond market and looked. I go that is up Pierre McGuire RBC sports AT&T outline AT&T forgy LT east beats. Up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible if you miss it earlier speak in the cup in the building. On Monday. Some point during our show. We're gonna give you a chance to be in the building to we have a pair of tickets. For game six Joey cranked up the -- are Joseph. We have been told. That our Shell. Has two tickets to games six. And either way. That you want the Bruins to win Saturday make you might see in the with a cup. But either way the -- be in the building. And they can be seen the ticket prices for game six right now and the Bruins win -- they're gonna double and triple. We got tickets for game six on our show Monday right now balcony. Talk to victory 21. Where girls fifteen. This this is Boston singles order six point game what's. -- fifty imagine they win the game on Saturday night they win and they have a chance to win a cup that price is gonna go up double successfully in the building. We're leaving a chance to win two tickets on Monday legal outlook calendar rifle reminder marketing -- -- -- to -- tended to -- See the cup it's okay. I'm Bob and -- -- your phone 6177797937. Texas right now it's the AT&T -- line. 379837. More your calls next.

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