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Andy Brickley, NESN: Bruins played poorly but still had a chance to win Game 4

Jun 21, 2013|

Brick joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Bruins getting off to a faster start in Game 5, the Bruins defense, and Carl Soderberg.

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-- to Butler not a 37 WEEI Andy -- of NASA will join us here a couple of seconds as we do. A full hour to Chara looked back in game four and what to expect here in game five Bruins and Blackhawks on what your phone calls with brick at 617. 7797937. AT&T -- line at 37937. Before the break -- I was so excited. About the Carl -- exciting on the fourth line that I said Dennis Seidenberg. And I yelled out Lyle worked all last brick would Dennis Seidenberg to on the fourth line and we got a 150 text messages -- much you idiot. -- don't you mean Soderbergh on the fourth why not Seidenberg yes course that's not Dennis Seidenberg it's Carl Soderbergh. On the fourth line today skating with Beverly and Shaw important. Dog givens down on the fifth line it cost is nice because you know the closer didn't blow the game like coach is not going to be traded one of their better players isn't involved in the murder investigation and now we get. Some real Bruins -- I'll bring in the man right here Indy brick the brick what. With three in full wind up turning to a 65 to return and 65. -- -- -- Well first of all -- you know -- and of that game I think the theme was let's see what Chicago's made up and they brought. You know they they opened up their game the open up their offense they reunite season -- -- human emotional boost and a talent boost. -- probably played his best game because he was playing with those two guys. They were real good in senator rice and conversely Boston. You know they had lapses again where they just didn't skate early in the first period again in the second period if you don't take away that -- zone they gonna attack you and you stretch passes they gonna gain entry in a year and and it almost seem like the the best. Attribute of the Bruins team defense is their back pressure by the forwards but they weren't that it looked like they were as committed maybe they just didn't have the -- the skating game because. Chicago was able to gain the offensive zone they were able to use the perimeter and then find seems to make plays in the offensive zone and that's how you can beat Boston at the back pressure's not there because the if you hold -- Lleyton is still going to be you know passing lanes available. If the five guys on that in position to take away those opportunities in Chicago took advantage all that being said. Rose I just went a hockey. You know I haven't critical Quinn Billy two days before game one when they start seeing the lines and moving raising -- off with it you know and that's that involves a fastball hitter -- -- a pitcher with a good fast bought at the break -- ball I look fastball that was my strength now. You won't lines around to try to find the right combination when you do. Let's find out it's Chara and Seidenberg can stop them first before I switched to the game for how much a problem to be moving forward. Well I think Chicago's philosophy obviously was you know the -- gonna play Chara Seidenberg together and if we can split up these two guys because there's so immensely talented maybe we can gain an advantage because we have a lot of good forwards and they roll a whole bunch of different line combinations that paid off in game one -- that 43 triple overtime win. And when you win a game like that you think that splitting those two guys up allows you to be the better team in that situation that's why they weren't together. But when you get into a must win situation I know it's not an elimination game but that was a must win situation for Chicago. That's when -- you know that reunite those guys should play he strikes together. And you force Boston to say all right yeah okay put those two guys to get the ball was still gonna beat you but they were unable to do. You mentioned those two periods -- the beginning of the first appeared beginning his second or they came out flat it's it's one of the big stories today locally. -- addressed the team addressed to we've got to start faster we can't have. Both stretches. As a four is ready to do is rated a quote can do to -- remind these guys that we -- start the first period -- strongly -- say we did that second period the Blackhawks. I just remind them that's all you can do as a coaching staff that that that's unacceptable you know that the way we start the period the way we status the second period it's unacceptable the players realize that all you can do there's nothing you can really do at this point this season. But I can think of certainly from my experience. I it's entirely up to the individual player as you can do when you can't try to get these guys ready to go from puck drop from period -- period but it's on the players. Individually collectively as a team to be ready to play and understand how important those verse 57810 minutes aren't in a hockey game. So much can happen so much momentum can swing you could find yourself losing hockey game because of that. But it's on the players clearly you know the coaching staff to do with the can't prepare and game plan. But the minute you walk out of that locker room door now it's on the play. Yeah I was I wasn't happy the way they came on the first period -- more disappoint with a team on second is in the first cut. You carry some momentum now yet apparently goal that didn't happen yesterday were talking about. You can go through this post season all the great players that have been outstanding for this team -- last couple games missed the open net -- couple bad turnovers led to a power play goal Chara. Seidenberg pinching. Even Tuukka and I thought it was good that you know -- give up six goals it just if one of those games for the better players. There was no. Silver lining really that performance on -- and they had a chance of winning games count as it was 55 and and their perseverance to keep coming back and to expose Crawford. -- I didn't mind to this game is probably the only player because you go back and look at the goals and some of the saves he made an opportunity to win. I'm antsy and soft goals in there I thought I thought Chicago brought a pretty good and it really good offensive attack it great looks. But career that there was really no. No one that we did in the nineties Somalia really strong iron game and the thing that bothered me most I think it probably -- coaching staff just as much was the decision making it. Yes Dennis Seidenberg pitching Jimmy get that second -- 32 you're in great shape all three fours and around the net because of the but the seizures on you starting to attacking get this game even again. As for Seidenberg was so good so Smart you know especially on the defensive side of the -- to pitch in that situation give up 211. And the for the two on one not just have one opportunity but time to stop and come back that for a minute score again. You know that speaks to. Just not being there mentally. And he could break down every shift and poor decisions that every -- made and that's ultimately will cost -- game. They made mistakes state turned the puck over offensively Tyler Sagan on that first goal sort out made turns it over on in Russia the way you match in the Seidenberg and that led to Kruger being able to. Get -- first shot on Rask in a breakaway Rask make a really good save -- -- -- the left -- to get across and nobody there. To clear about but when you look at the mistakes brick work would they more of a mental mistake or more physical mistakes as a whole he can look at the. The greater percentage were more mental mistakes and and if -- fatigue involved here if you subscribe to the theory that some guys were more tired than others you know X turf as well as physical mistakes were mental mistakes -- the ones that really hurt you wouldn't and mental mistakes almost unforced errors and and it's hard to recover from unforced errors because no one's expecting. You to make that decision. And now you're not ready to react because you're expecting something totally different so mental mistakes of the worst kind their unforced errors. And the Bruins made too many I wanted to get your comments or plays at that the sound of Jonathan Toews and -- Pitcher anyway and maybe just he's spoken to bear it was a Smart move has tapes. McCain says and you know credits it to turn issues on their key players she's. He's a great player and we know is is number one advantages size reach and strength so. I think. At the same time you can't give them too much respected and one who. Compensate the way he plays line. Considering -- that -- so their answers. There's. There's certain ways you expose them. I think summit that companies that we -- tonight. It is his side and we made sure that -- -- number one -- always stick first thing. And you know we're just trying not to be intimidated by my side yet to get to the -- after finally. Inside in. Albeit not the -- So. We can work him in we did that continues. Jars. The better defenders the president in the game back -- it's it's always something guys not perfect yet when he says exposed him dump ins on his side. -- -- -- Some of the things you see that that they're doing and exposing him absolutely and I had no problem with Toews is commentary I thought it was spot on and that's the way you try to attack -- thought it was said with a lot of respect for the man. Maybe I disagree that you can out work him but you can outmaneuver him and I think that's what he's getting at talking about taking always stick. If you get close to him. If you don't have numbers let's say is -- three on three year of one on one coming down on show are you wanna get as close to him as you can without turning the puck over that's what he's talking about to reach. If you get close to him and you're forced to chip the puck in. He's got that big bodies got to make that big long pivot in order to go and try to you know retrieve the puck. And most the time you're gonna get the efforts you know mostly as a little quicker because -- gonna make that David. He relies on along stride along regional order get the -- maybe hold you off a little bit because you know he can't do that in today's game as much as used to be able to. So -- -- to decorate -- back in the day you know every team thought that. If he's gonna play thirty minutes make him earn those thirty minutes make -- be hard thirty minutes meaning he has to go retrieve a lot of pucks company in his corner finishing check every time. Even if it's a successful break out for the Bruins. Overtime that will be effective. And there will be opportunities to use their quickness if you think Chicago was the best team which at that we all agreed a pretty quick. If he could chip pucks in corners and get the F first. And try to establish some kind of offensive cycle game because he can jump and in charge corner. Maybe not as successful because of a better pitted by Seidenberg to -- go get the puck and get their first. I understand that I I don't see that is poking the bear I think it's said with respect. But he's being honest and saying you know this is how we game -- -- a great -- going to be on the -- a lot we got to figure out how we can be so dumping on -- and has more to do with making more more picks saying we -- his decision making war protecting the puck -- questions I'll make him work you know I mean that that's hard for a big man like -- to have to you know to defend all the time to play so strong from the Red -- back to. To work people would take the body protects the front of the net and have to go retrieve pucks on top of that. That's all part of Chicago's game. We got brick and studio your phone calls at 6177797937. AT&T -- on. Is 379 B 37 you mentioned the Blackhawks what they're able to Duca were spinning -- time with the -- guess the Bruins didn't do. I wanna get the Blackhawks and credit to get -- -- out of the gate Bruins we admit many come out as fast. Blackhawks came out skating and I thought brick their defensemen. Were stolen gauge -- the player early it was like Quenneville said. We go to now we got -- and rush the other way find that the way we play is getting Keith. And at -- -- do you we get you guys involved I thought in the beginning to end those guys were involved throughout the game on Wednesday certainly want him. -- -- really -- you know we talked about in the pregame and I you know you have like three bullet points and you talked about Chicago to get into the x.s and most that was the expectation that they were gonna activate -- indeed you're right they did that -- was up the ice that first period of -- you was involved. They basically were eventually only went to five. You think about that move by pie a -- the backboard stepping out front on the -- -- that kind of stuff you know among minus guy on the team loaded with pluses in the post season. I guess I'm not a huge believer plus minus but that's a clear indication when it's when it looks like that. Up to that being said. Yeah that's the O'Keefe made the first good offensive chance for Chicago's a pass from behind the Bruins net buy -- -- so you had an idea that first period that they were common. And they were a lot of times in the neutral and actually keep without the puck on the Bruins -- was stepping up he was moving forward in the neutral zone. Which again engage viewers a clear indication that when -- was telling his guys to get up by stay up ice. You know it's not high risk because he's a very good skater but forced Boston don't give on the Red Line. And let's think offense turned defense and offense right away let's attack these guys that have before me and attack the short. You know and they got some good results in -- -- a couple of shots that lead to rebound -- -- deflection by -- the rebound Mike came. They got to the center of the ice they were better in the neutral zone and they got to the middle of the offensive zone for rebounds second and third opportunities. The young players in behind the Bruins defence -- -- right shopped it to break in the second period. Crew I was in behind the Bruins the the first period he just missed connecting with -- that happened to frequently too. Too much base to many seems too much openings for the way the Bruins like to play the good news is Boston generated some offense themselves because of the way Chicago's playing. And I gotta think this and don't buy that Chicago team whether they wanna admit it or not but. -- profits get beat in three pretty clean and devoted to game five in the Chicago feels good about coming home you know. I don't know -- -- that believability you know it almost reminds middle along those situations. I'd be concern unless Chicago -- question about a drop off because we all know is it because I for the -- going to figure that out watching it because it's every single time. This -- -- -- -- keep it up knowing that this keep up higher than most because you know it's going to be upset because there's a couple of goals under. His golf it looks like it's glove side just going up and it almost underneath it -- yeah I I you know. Some goalies -- legal and of that but a play the global come up yet others will drop it down I mean it's. And I've seen him do -- -- -- -- and I really don't because there is there is some doubt this game on that I honestly there is some doubt and it's almost like he's trying to figure out where it needs to be. Depending on where the shots coming from a who's taking you know -- -- -- -- -- the game when abide by any means his club was higher than with a puck with that's that's what I say this is -- As -- in theaters you gloves down that you quicker coming up. -- you are going down you always wanted to be good because it's just a quick emotion. I've seen him get beat twice down low and I'm wondering. This -- like cheating or his glove is actually higher than maybe most people on the starting point because you don't see that -- let -- is one of the general thoughts that by goaltenders today is as a yeah back in the day. Goalies would come out and they'd try to be big when the show come they would tighten up you know to try to have no holes in their equipment. Now the way the equipment design. Call a big if you like but a lot is always now they come out they -- born narrow and with a shot comes Steagall big. You know they try to get blocker high glove high note don't let anybody was leading by my years -- I'm gonna drop and that butterfly shortly. But they try to go big the big Jersey covered underneath the I'm on both sides you know protection at the Bible with the extra padding. -- all the cheating that you can do as a goaltender that the league really has to take a look at but that's the theory now but his glove has been in. You know he's been low it's been medium it's been high and it's been in the wrong slot for a number of goals that he's been given up in the ironic thing is. Early in the playoffs didn't mean blockers. -- give up that short side and I don't know if he's made -- over just meant that caused him to be off his angle -- inability to judge glove hand. But the Bruins certainly taken it and yet -- he's no meaning cup playoff tournament who you are there's obviously a lot more skies a lot more deep and you break it down game game -- -- -- I'm more often. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You look somewhere else. Not wished Johnny wants talk about Tuukka Rask Alex on the Bruins fast and slow starts couple open fault lines for you. Talk bruins' Stanley Cup final with -- Berkley 617779. 7937. Get texting your questions get those elbows those as well. At 379. B 37 game five set for tomorrow night we talk with the -- Hambrick here on Sports Radio but he ER. I'm not I'm ultimately target a little bit better than you have running got their more built. -- -- you know back and forth. A lot of a lot of speed trading chances. But in the Briere ourself. If for our play our style it is it we shouldn't let not typical that's for sure. John -- earlier today. On WEEI it's not little any Berkeley and -- and still new at 6177797937. AT&T text line. 379837. Johnny Portsmouth. Waiting patiently talked to what Andy -- about 2 grass can morning John. And yeah very good at their own long good Johnny -- -- -- -- quit saying are we going there what are our senate today and are bigger picture right -- -- regularly -- now you're right up there -- nights they are well. Love well my alma oh we got yeah can you describe the hockey throw those who didn't see -- back then Johnny. It was a -- is nice to. Seventeen dad broke the you know is that an -- you know I know that's what the earlier harper. But I am well -- I wrote tinker wraps yeah I am I to go to the third and showed rebound and -- Lambert. And we also have their own sweet way and what are okay. And then I don't think. We better all absolutely immediately well hey we can lose six of pilot and still have the chance to win the game we don't have the bad call. And that that aren't here it's like I got. Gilbert who we talked about this obviously defense let down a lot more rebounds I think -- rebounds because they had more traffic in front and -- that we mentioned it already know that the middle of the ice it and and that means the nutritional but more importantly in the defensive zone for boss in the middle of the ice was. They -- Chicago to bodies you know in into his view. And if you don't really get real clean looks the rebound control becomes a lot more difficult. And now when you're not getting that help that you talk about -- the defense getting to those rebounds first the because the brought to being out skated in a number of areas. That's what it's gonna look like he gonna give up goals and that team Chicago's two good. To -- in the offensive zone too good around the net with too many good players they can score goals that you know -- up six you lose a hockey game and I had a lot to do. We we talked about yesterday did admit that the that final goal was the first goal that go back and look at 34 times decide what he should have had better not without -- great shot I don't know because I know what the world fans -- out -- a couple of screens they -- listen. I know is a good shot but what I'm saying is when was the last time in the post season in the didn't -- it could -- made that one. I think his personality. In finding more about this guy I think you feel pretty good about it -- put -- him coming up here Japan. And he has that belief in his team and his teammates although I question it because. Mean I keep should have been in here and I thought by Chicago and I thought profit let them down and not stay in anyway from the Bruins in the goals they scored but Beverly schools and well you know. They'll say Crawford didn't get a good look at it his reaction suggest -- get a look at it when you consistently beat. The way the Bruins beat him just the image that it leaves you with his -- questions around Crawford a lot more so. The grass guys wanna go back to the point me to believe -- would Washington which is the beautiful arena the -- New Hampshire had him from his light -- is -- -- -- yeah when they first built because I play in -- -- -- -- the old arena that had the chain -- We'd even have glass you know always a glass of it at sunrise but not the not at the and split the pond hockey yeah. It was awesome and it was the best ice in the league you know it was nice and cold -- that rink we -- things like played in Edmonton we had fast race and now -- I felt fast that's -- that's on the ice was but. I took my youngest daughter up there my wife and I we went up went up to see that the -- and you know watching game in my daughter saw that exact picture that he's talking about on the on the all American -- payment in -- And notre reaction which is a debt to -- the bad cared. At a convinced that this is 1982. Others is what we looked like. -- yeah -- right back and it was am and that wasn't a bad as them and those that say the guys up there with me in. Those guys get. The bad players one follow up on the the the goalie discussed rather win a text on the AT&T Tex wanted Rick Crawford has chalked his stick three times. Coincide decide when the refs gonna call -- north at three times by saw a couple of times where just. He loses that that's a penalty on Washington that used to do that a lot to me is this is the first school -- it somehow let's stick came out of his hand when he was moving side to side trying to make a play. And use that stick effectively. You know. It's such a tough call to make it if it's done on purpose by the goaltender if he conceals it very camouflaged it pretty well and is a good sell job -- just came out of his hand. He's gonna get the benefit of the non call just about every time. When asked about the face offs because when when the Bruins get -- -- 51% 4%. Given there is drew look at that has -- special song game three. Was it more of big what you saw from the Bruins and what did you see more determination more fight more support from Japan the -- that would Chicago their determination they weren't happy with their performance in game three certainly the coaching staff challenged him to be a lot better and every year especially in the compete level. I don't was only eight to nothing game one nothing game with a power play goal that was essentially a five on three I don't have five wonderful but essentially a five on three -- You know -- Chicago hung around but if you really break the game down the brutal -- every category the game in game three. You know that's just can't happen go to the game for you have to challenge your top players to be the best players on the ice and that starts with every little -- -- every aspect of the game. You've got to bring it you got to compete a lot hotter so I would start with Chicago and how they Canada. How they their determination they may end up in the it more meaning up in the areas of competing and it starts with face -- the it's a great example. The -- it's a puck battles with 5050s and it comes down to you know. Being good in the offensive zone getting the front of the net those three -- -- far better than they were -- game three. And again I looked at it from -- point UNC must win and they brought. The beginning game wedding at eleven at 31 point Chicago -- the -- fire and the -- in the engaged early to act through those defenders early and they put pressure on the Bruins and I expect we'll see more than game five Alex. Isn't Wilbur ham on the fast and slow starts for the -- Dallas morning. Morning that we -- doing that yeah. Arm I took the question where a guy's arm regarding the style of play and you just talk about it but I learned that -- Like Chicago on this style played a lot like I'll have to pace -- -- -- very you know open done yet I just keep -- skate into. They look flawless and went to -- you know they have that you know. Dirt dog you know. In the corner grind it out and then get the putback arm. Recounts the shot I was curious on you know it's just that does not crystal. You know I'm not I'm no expert but I sisters and your opinion on that type of play and style play with these two teams. I think that's pretty accurate Alex you know it -- simplest form that's that's the way Chicago wants the planet Boston can play. A speedier game that you realize if they're making better decisions with the puck a lot of times in game four. When the Bruins did have puck possession let's say the defense has somewhere between the top of the circles in his own blue line they go DDD. I didn't see one number one fall would come nice and low generate some speed sure in the passing lane in order to generate something positive through the neutral -- They went to high -- I mean he didn't bring your skating. They were too high in the neutral zone and god forbid human another. And they did that you weren't sharp mentally when it really comes down -- even those walls that we spoke about at the top of the show it was for early in the first early in the second it just wasn't there for the and when you get to that no man's land. Now that puck turned -- if you dot com completely committed to that back pressure and it's a lot easier to have that speed on the back check. If you have the speed on your profits now you're into the game. But if he can have not. A 100% there you skating to rights -- -- the puck turned over. That committed tactic won't be there in those seams and I thought about the Chicago Tribune management looks like clone might read this week here at gate Dawkins out -- here go to art and -- Never seen much album that we saw six games well what do you expect what to expect to see differently from Soderbergh Doug. While soderbergh's a little bit bigger body I mean they give -- David's credit for you know be a wall guy along the wall strong on the pot you know not. Not all that gifted offensively. They're trying to find a combination on that fourth line that perhaps they can play a little bit more frequently in the you know keep that Kelly line -- gather with my agency. Does Soderbergh cut me and I know he has zero experience in the NHL playoffs are very little experience in the NHL period. Maybe they just given some time on that fourth line in practice just to see what it looks like you know he hasn't played a game along time. There are other options if you -- replaced on it but I think that's just kind of the normal. Protocol if you will during off days is to get other guys some work you know the black aces need to get a little bit more than just. You know played three on three post practice in order to stay in shape I mean you gotta get involved in the drills. And and this is one way to have a little gamesmanship which Chicago but to actually take a look and see what it looks like. If you wanted to be on that line. It comes to his style of close -- rolled four lines of I've often said that you know if they're winning tightly and games nevermind in the post season or regular season if if they're down a goal in three minutes ago I'd rather see -- lines out there. In the day -- was to minister Golding had about a minute shift that fourth line. I game in the third period. And you know the problem -- -- is this is not your normal fourth line was by Campbell Thornton again it I didn't like seeing those guys -- that -- -- game -- because of what the line is right now optimism dog it is played because that's basically what we're talking about it if you are -- there you don't replace someone to make -- make a personnel change. If you look at the minutes played this is this is an overtime game talking about fourth line when he nearly five minutes and if the sentence that -- gonna replace so it and does he kill penalties not really he's not in the top eight as far as field in the rotation to kill penalties is not on the power play. Stealing at a five minutes at even strength now he won replaceable the Soderbergh why not. It's only talking about five minutes of ice time or somewhere thereabouts maybe it's a little bit more. Maybe Soderbergh can can place somewhere on your five on -- -- -- a five on three he's a big body with good hands. If you give him time and space in a situation we would get a little bit more times base and pop situation. Now maybe he's a little bit more burst little bit more effective. And another choice another option you might have been a hockey game if they were so inclined to put him in line with the Mets line don't want him what you -- three. Tie game third period with with what the Portland looks like now yeah I mean as long as that third line or all three lines are somewhat productive and you dollar or playing well enough that I have no concerns about my only. -- from a coach and I I got my -- my guys. Why do I see the need for a little breather and that's what you gotta figure out so based on. That it's an off stated something that teams do all the time I guess my question brick would would you get separate pregame tomorrow night. Are you more surprised if Soderbergh is in or more surprises Soderbergh is out and the dog and stays on the I would be less -- I wouldn't be surprised at all dug -- out a Styron OK okay as to who goes in the line up. Maybe a little surprised they would they would go Soderbergh not drawn. Across an article is that more NHL experience post season -- awful obviously with a you know great NHL resonate. A lot of times -- he's been in line up to. You know that I think they think Chicago's medium -- fast. Her for -- and awful but again you're talking about somewhere from between five and ten minutes and that was an overtime so. Those are your options. You know you gotta figure out his coaching staff what what's your best Nixon who gives you. That position to me is a guy that has to be personal. You know -- need a guy that if something happens I need to be able to put him in a position maybe got a -- at the third line by day you know that exact type of player that it is -- more that guys sort of Borg all that guy's been all public advocate -- -- a -- pigeonholed as a player. Even though I like him but he is he's a good player effective guy. But he's a little bit more wondered two dimensional it's a baby on AB Soderbergh it is I think arguments more of that one dimensional kind of play displays a certain style and that's about it. So it's really what you gotta figure out and then you got to figure out how much those minutes how critical they are to you as a coach except as a team. And that will ultimately make the decision for the minister who was in that slot if they make a change at all. We're picked -- our way through the Stanley Cup final game four in the rear -- game five tomorrow night back in Chicago rocked in Maine Mike in California your calls and any Berkley 617. 7797937. AT&T text line 37. 937. Get you separate the cup keep it here. How will they. Free the sweetest lose -- four. Carl soderbergh's skating without sources and it it. I feel like Santa more than like the player quite frankly month low 937 W -- Jaco sober Andy Brinkley joining us here in studio your calls side until minutes 6177797937. AT&T -- line. At 379 -- 37 Glenn. Once and -- via FaceBook giving -- make an impact the next game I think he's made an impact. Throughout the series without scoring Goldberg plays been good. It obviously called out on NBC by Mike Milbury in that period one -- they're really taking any Berroa and and and mean highlight package of -- play. But not -- being good BC's look real good day I'd love that gold set up Bergeron a little to -- -- cycle knows a thing of beauty -- that was what. That is his effectiveness rate there in a nutshell you know. Just when Chicago thinks -- -- he helped battles here he gets in the way he keeps the play alive because of his reach his strength and just his is cleverness and got its been around for a long time. And then you know division in any plays well Bergeron version finds that semen in the released by ball and you know that. Those are things you can take advantage of -- a title that the make mistakes in their own shall from the top of the circles down. And and the -- is one of the better players that they're doing and creating confusion in the making a real good pass. I think it almost sounds like the question if I'm reading between the lines is he gonna score a goal is is he gonna be that guy is he gonna get on the board and he really you know I mean he's he's he's been quoted -- -- I really don't need to score for us to win hockey games it would be great if I did score I've got a lot of good chances -- been a little unlucky with some posts. But I think yarder is you know he has had an impact. In every series that he's played and and I think he looks good right now rate -- -- over. I think this is what a lot of listeners really won't know -- use it would jacket. And you watch the game at the end of the second period how was Jack went Kelly. Missed that goal was it was EOK is easy Arnott no he wasn't it is thought it was not a up and down game Jack must have been out of control with you -- -- just give me one -- he wanted what -- -- -- They show that overhead and for Chris Kelly I Chris Kelly it's gotten better as the series has gone on you out what twenty something games pointless. And he gets on the board he would -- game today that NBC overhead where there is no goaltender in the net and the puck is on his stick and it throws them all right I'm sort of kind of -- chicken. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We've got a pretty good and it might call you got out there and you know you just talk about yeah -- -- -- -- -- How is this one I thought partly and it goes really well. The last couple games he can put you out and out there and not in the -- but I think when they're trying to break out in the little slow. -- -- -- -- heavily a couple of -- on that certain line to help get hockey you know get it down low. Yeah it was great in the offensive zone but they keep slope about what. I just like we're currently in right now I think I've made -- what do you think about him -- -- a couple just on the second line. And maybe get it gained all the little bit more -- Yeah any time it. Yeah any time like any time that you can give -- little extra breather and -- -- if you if you wanna keep Bergeron -- role and because of their youth relatively speaking TI -- I have no problem with that I like that like mixing and matching some of my line combinations at times as a you know you force -- Chicago an estimate maybe some small adjustments on their side depending on what they're looking for in terms of my match -- That's amazing what a goal can do for -- heavily with seven a hard time he is one of the faster Bruins and he's got a really good release. He's a player. But when you're really struggling and really have a hard time finding your game and and you're skating game kind of disappears because you get into that no man's land again where you know you're not totally committed to the fore check. And you don't wanna make a mistake -- you don't wanna be good you know caught up ice because he gets a little too involved and you try to find your game. You don't wanna be a weak links are now you just kind of you get a little rigid you know he's not free flowing and that's his game has to skate and to get in on the fore check and make plays and take puck wide to. But all of sudden you score goal and just kind of releases you'll only get that sense of freedom that okay. In -- gets up -- draws that only -- he's using his speed and and and that's all good. And as a coaching -- you see that you say all right I can roll my fourth line now because penalties not refine his game a little bit. In you know we gonna get from 41 shift in shift on and then -- get it to that left side you know and that's why we talked about Soderbergh so I had all stems are out heavily. I like his game he's played better he's played better -- game and a half close to two games but now it's about sustainability because we're in a best the three. The odds ticket to resident notes and just on -- spot on the current ugly yesterday was hit what you put on sharp. You know on the boards and they got good at and blew the whistle -- get in his face and accused outcome here I'm here all night if you pull down. That's slap shot that he has an -- games of some credit for the wrist shot as I mean yesterday's optional he scored some goals I Ellis -- -- -- -- a -- it's a good lucky to catch up with that thing glove side. It just get the artist slap shot in the league what you can't be far behind. Nice piece you know he's a hundred plus you know when you when you put put the MPH is on it and you know some guys it's -- -- the wait a bullet today -- just -- met Marcus played the Olympic team by the miracle. I play the New Jersey. He must be he's probably about 595. And maybe 170. Pounds guided his -- it how to time as any in the weight room you know he just occupy move. And he would shoot a puck it hit the blade of his stick would make contact with the pocket it was -- war you know was like a golf analogy. You know he'd hit that ball with just the smallest little -- and -- talent. That puck was flying off his stick forgot it's not an imposing looking shooter. And it had a guy like that read lies in the art or even ray Bork in Boston where. There blade of the stick Woodley and you know after the wind up what about six inches behind the puck. And then it was just pure power in week -- for -- transfer and follow through. The -- what about the same speed you know I just find it amazing the way different people shoot the puck. And Johnny boy just one of those guys that can hit it pure of the more often than not is just a little bit behind the puck and it's just all power. And it or you know yeah exactly who he he he's well over -- miles an out as opposed. That guy is an announcer calls it Johnny rocket. Offense forget -- that out -- -- -- thought it was all a Twitter believe it's I Iraq and I'm glad to drop that question is made me think of yeah game 388 you. You had talked about -- we've talked about ice conditions this time a year. I thought in Boston unfortunately games three game four brick as a novice the ice and look great. What do juicy looking at that ice who would you want to have maybe that bigger sticky talked about that had a Vickers Dicky said he tried to order every year around February for the playoff time -- it's. A game force much -- in game three you know if you -- the players in games three and I'll tell you the -- was tough fan and they will also see both teams had a play on it so it's it's still fair game but. I'd does Alter the way you play it alters the opportunities that it created maybe have to be a little bit more conservative and you know and have to look down a little bit more than you'd like to to make sure the puck was still on you stick. Most of the time it's a field of the ice is bad it. You know and I don't even like to talk about that ice conditions is number one the Bruins are the -- I should say that you're the best blog Italy -- awesome awesome awesome job but sometimes -- just what you can do some -- yeah sometimes you just can't do anything about ice conditions as much as he tries so. You -- -- but the ice in game four was much better there and then it was in game three -- -- to me it's a non factor it's just it's up we have to deal with the make the necessary adjustments. Our rock is up the main talk and Stanley Cup final Roch what are you got. I am still prickly I have a question it. It appeared the the Hawks were giving the who -- a little bit of their own medicine did you see that are committed. It's almost like they were doing waves in. I think in the up into the zone. The defensemen seem to be playing -- More thinking to be more they seem to be frustrating the Bruins when they were trying to get out of the you know their defensive zone. Did you see those adjustments that they made. -- I -- is what I saw from Chicago as far as relative to the Bruins the way the Bruins play. They played -- they Bruins commitment but they played Chicago Blackhawks hockey which was puck possession speed motion. You know cycle the puck in the offensive zone if it was in senator rice a lot of motion villages still lanes and skate Elaine was motion. It was defense jumping up -- of the play and not just staying on their side of the ice. But it's dotted with that Berroa -- commitment that might have not been there in game three and if you combined those two elements of his Chicago Blackhawks. You're pretty tough to beat and you can't be as. War. With human with your decision making that Boston was does now you're really playing in Chicago's hands but again I have to reiterate. That game was still up for grabs. And that's how hard Boston played in recovered in persevered and took advantage of a goaltender that's got to be questioned himself right now and and I think that really is a huge factor going into game five. Actually I think when you look at game five anybody sentence that this is what I think is gonna happen I don't know. The one constant is that would be a concern for Crawford in -- final appeal glove side -- upset about that you re not there and say why is it labor propaganda to give up six goals. But it's been consistent you know so what what would you expect game five the snake and two good teams. I make it -- the -- actually Longo actors you know his two game stint in Boston which did not golf what's her fifth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- anybody's are eleven goals governing game in game four he gave five tomorrow before figure out exactly where to find your coverage brick I just wanted to apologize to you. Yesterday during the cross over your name came up in a conversation with our sophomore ranks with a -- they've -- Chicago. I'd shouldn't happen and I apologize we love having you neglect here today not you know. I don't know how necessary an apology is but I'll happily accept thank you thank you and he can make Q Brittany for my hockey sticks here. As we go forward I terms of the coverage tomorrow we go in ninety minutes before the game and then immediately afterwards yep same template is as as this entire final has been. 8 o'clock puck drops somewhere around there shall be on the air at 630. I believe Jack and now Oakland Marty made their way to Chicago that -- hitters have to be that the media day which would be today. And I'll be working studio with dale so we'll have a fully -- -- comprehensive coverage great highlights interviews that everything that needs to be covered where there. And did you mentioned before game four and you said Chicago's engaged offenders is their feeling from your perspective for the Bruins if when you start to greet their pregame package of three bullet points. Can give us one if you think there's a bullet point you know that you're going to be folks -- on tomorrow part of that game -- got to bring it back to -- that's that's what I'm looking for it wasn't where it needed to be in game four I think is the very foundation of how the Bruins wanna play before you do any x.s and knows. If you have that from the Bruin forwards. I got a good start. And before -- -- note cup will be in a building Monday. While the cup in the -- how about this. We're gonna have gained six tickets on Monday giveaway on the -- It was just found that you're not eligible it felt -- -- always gonna when I was up there for a -- kicked -- -- level live forever -- the other night I was walking around. Ever wants to -- to do you get ready for the game their brick and Jack work and right there on Walken -- by about those guys trying to work people walking by it's. That's mental toughness -- the deal about those people compartmentalize. And that's all of -- -- -- played it and apply it today ninety minutes prior right afterwards you get all the great coverage on -- and for game five -- appreciate talking next week does that -- Andy brick we have -- and joining us here in studio week come back. One of our characters -- talked to every Friday Kevin -- last -- Red Sox have a closer if you keep it here.

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