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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: Bailey needs a few days of rest

Jun 21, 2013|

Millar joins Mut and Merloni to talk about Andrew Bailey's struggles, Jonny Gomes' helmet punt, and the AL East.

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Kevin Millar brought you buy make insurance commonwealth mortgage or by -- a tractor corporation and even though he said so. Last week it's now the and leaves the 74 consecutive time Lars but -- about tweeting about it and promote he's going to be coming on -- -- We take -- hello how are you on -- I don't. Know Juan Garcia are your what are younger that you bent. Rich for a lot Wallace like 49 dollars per year saw it between union before you might get -- remind you know there -- -- little. I innocent I hear you but the combined it with the two let's make forty million in their careers I guess that's -- our dollars yes. Much bail money in -- by the way because that's -- -- is. It's it's -- all -- our our -- got we were talking and about closers and and your Bailey's had a tough time in here I think he's got a pretty good track record Kevin he came up a couple of days ago I set it was not panic but. It seems like when John Ferrell says after the last night blown save against Detroit a waist in really good start for John Lackey. That he's willing to try other guys out that's a sign that. To be the manager even interest in trying to see what else Diaz and apple and it may be. But to make some changes there at the back and for the Red Sox. Yeah you know it's funny how all that's why I'll say that the Yankees and that's oil classic in Somalia -- tomorrow however trot out there. And just good guys every closer goes through this and -- not establish your name. Eagle and it -- Bob ball to the last three save -- job electric -- more staged situation you know. Every single call when you're not establish cute name. Greg you are right you're these rent these things and I think. The main thing is that Andrew Bailey is a closer and their Red Sox really don't have any other options are like they can lean on and they get Jason collection over there. You know in the wings. The Bob why are they gonna help those guys they got they got feel that it stinks because -- -- -- -- -- -- girl and her -- we're that your spacing began last July when those games struck. It's staying the player. But but what -- under the Aussie got. Yeah I don't -- talked about NAFTA was that the keys taken about a -- gonna. And -- -- to make a short term movement in mid -- is now we are but mostly because our does that frequency which you can pitch but. You just take Bailey put a few less leverage situations maybe 78 get him inning with a get right. And it's his job long term well look at. Edit its socket socket it's like Al but the player little me when we look at a god job and you an example you -- down for all the while all the tickle -- while on his. Maybe -- dot you don't -- has Bailey make maybe a few days off and and and what you said. -- street Albert. Maybe the offense score more runs and other -- Leoni actually -- situation. Any work I think the opening get back problems that because. The games all about confidence everybody at this level could -- it you know catch. But eagle Beagle 23 week period we ultra competent doctor York Tiger Woods. On the golf course it happens. And right now -- he's big -- -- realize you know what -- right. They've been rotating a couple of guys here this last couple since Iglesias middle Brooks Andrew ball -- here Kevin it. There's been at least somewhat of rotation where you've seen Iglesias get some opportunities there at third and get some opportunities that shortly did you were middle Brooks. Sits realistically how long can that last before. One guy's just the guy and apple -- starts to having negative effect on all three of those guys and doesn't have a negative effect it's a point. Yeah you know what what I've never been a fan of the whole platoon situation -- -- -- meet personally couldn't stand coming out. Look at -- every single day in this -- and let you know that you play your left handed pitching and you're planning right now to keep the problem as cruisers switch here. Correct or. Yeah a select group yet so the problem right now you got broke into basically Iglesias. Are sitting there. At shortstop that built that decision -- -- -- brought it certainly keep your third baseman right now procedure power source. English here believe me you can't take away what he's got why he's been -- -- but I'm around. A look at why do we know all. This guy not going to be a third place. OK but he finds in you know start run and that he -- forty year. The latest but Gergen epidemic decision at short stop is -- or an Iglesias and can be adapted decision. I don't think this whole revolving door is healthy in market maker -- three guys have -- check the -- You know that's just my opinion I'm not a fan of. No we see a lot of baseball entry that you share of walk off hits that. You ever -- a helmet. Come around coming around third and basically gonna gonna gonna Bashar Butterfield said that. Obama -- -- -- everybody's forty yard dash from 1987. They were already -- a little -- -- at the university of probably. All the story as I've never seen any like jangled never seemed delay to meet. And this is why this guy brings a dynamic to it -- Bob laughter. Happiness of winning a cup let it be on your team yeah absolutely love them and all the antics and when he's not on your team you wanna choke out. But out here right now if you love it in Europe plucked randomly. Albeit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pitching great cynical at three starts -- -- -- and things but a look at Jonny Gomes and -- David Ross deal with concussion and you know Ross might be -- 185 -- might be -- to twelfth. But other Dina and I are you afraid -- -- you phrase is a good quarterback -- guy but they have an impact no matter what the numbers aren't a team. -- not mean you -- it's hard to explain and people at our end this thing for instance like -- annual we get it. Discussions currently all numbers. Can't explain it should it to -- it just works. It works but -- good guy good guy. You have to pick out. It works I don't -- -- you want collier -- you know what. He could -- that got that out there on the dugout he's watching every single -- on about -- comical about bon -- You know dumpster hit I don't want gambling at. As much -- like. What it wouldn't it -- go advocate -- and grind out any good better and the guy unique comic club and that's why the purse out the extra. US I think corporate atmosphere the wanna think of those guys that think of you you know you're last year Toronto. Right I mean. It's like you know Kevin Millar it's like Dario if he's got one year left to whatever he wants but this is a guy he might get 250 at bats but he is going to help our team he's going to give these guys right attitude. You know I think we're out at -- Greg good pattern. Right but what you're Eric Hinske is an example -- -- -- you an example -- kind of guys that you know. Parnell well I mean I still like to pick up from the Yankees corporate like sort Dallas and the contract now Abdullah. But on the same you'd -- -- -- it could become -- current role players and these are what guys like gold and rocks and I mean yeah I'll. Start by. You get to an -- we got a switch and -- OK how can I help this team. And and not -- -- play cards and more you don't stand. The dollar go back to golds for -- is -- -- deep -- the helmet like -- after that he -- -- -- you've done these before Kevin was -- the Red Sox. -- on field report I forget it could have been here it's -- -- when you were here -- I forget but -- bill comes over that ball game winning home -- what do you think. And he says the real MVP is Jarrod Saltalamacchia that do just -- back to back games of a double header and to meet. Look that is the sign -- a team that that that team. Kevin gets that they might not when the World Series but they get a -- clubhouse. But it. You're exactly right ninety making you know salty catches or. And an eight gold walk up and -- -- a -- -- but to get accurate collector it was -- wrote. Outlook report not too bad. I'm -- we have vehemently -- Dan wrote good looking and wrote out there was sideline reporter. -- we dealt with via the mail situations lots. Oh definitely I think at about -- in any -- I DC as a matter of fact -- some of the post games that don't care. A little bit different situation right now it we know the American at least be competitive August -- going into we had no clue who was gonna win it was gonna finish last. Five games in the loss column now separate first place Boston in last -- to Ronald five games. This is this -- division before we started this seat in that you couldn't tell me who's gonna -- east. Yeah everybody had the right thing that got all -- and you're like the oil or just a great team but you're not thinking anymore offensively and -- wide. They can win baseball games and had a -- like who's gonna hit tolerate real rich. But also an illegally run scored the first you know weeks -- like who Zobrist and -- -- -- Longoria. And many of the Yankees also parallel track record and and and overbay. They get a green light and then the Red -- -- better and better people thought -- and I looked up they're going to be pretty decent. Going to be on on race all your logic -- to -- a cup -- 500. As a got the point now an intentional plot where you guys just schedule couple minutes every night just talk about whatever you sealed Wiig did that whether -- Wendell or whether remade and no doubt -- laid out all but we just. It's all you -- -- all the time on leadership. My limited -- I'm -- I'm crushed. Was what was you want Karl on call I want to cult like OK to -- -- beautiful expert I've. USC product to support out there in California but -- good look at court. And I had -- I can't block that answering. That I have been referred this week here I'm like who I'm a -- friend you know what I grew up. Call -- -- special or watch me first game all adopt more attractive -- you don't -- want -- -- it is an -- it was about her accent. Back in the paper and a -- available. -- And we all a little spark that Manny gave but what that would account and it on the wants to position players and look now at some of the Strasburg. -- -- -- Drake. It dynamic how the position player don't Trout Harper's situation in which I -- -- kind of plot in this week it will update what. It's like when a man crush. OK to have one of the largest jump column Mike Stanton was that. Gorgeous man. Ordered young scored. Five beautiful arms let alone and you -- -- to -- -- -- statement and -- a lot don't need to. Somebody else maybe dare call -- -- Don't let them do you know you can't get at somebody's shoulder Smith helping get on your shoulders interview stand now let's. Rosenthal interview and Adam Wainwright with. -- -- probably what you look like or like just recorders young man do you wanna you wanna wish you wanna happy birthday well adjusted. I got real -- great we're in New York City actual hotel room right here -- I've got a party of eight to enroll enroll people or Q a white. My -- I'm with a baby sitter. So you are here at all but are purple shade or tweet a picture -- -- for New York City a little bit -- I think field studio 42% more ball not get -- Chris for sure. Mr. happy birthday from loss. The -- I'm aware of -- hour right here but all I'm obviously Boston Kevin appreciate your time is always enjoy your weekend in New York we'll talk decently and boy. Are we are all here. I'll be happy birthday cares. Happy birthday cares that the. -- -- Happy birthday yeah. You ordered -- wow -- wow so much better than your appearances at a single point. What you or have a great Medicare sets -- -- all our pants carrots -- -- -- happy third birthday. Here in the -- -- -- 937 W -- yeah I would Kevin's on he's brought to you buy me insurance like -- mortgage. And mica voted tractor corporation what how about legacy tickets a way to celebrate cares at -- thing. Oh and by the way moloch -- this one proxy by gulf but the world's largest. Golf superstore. Let's celebrate care subvert their regular some Red Sox tickets -- is -- with you. I'm a free ticket Friday. Beating ninth caller right now at 6179310937. At the contest mind. 61793109370. Boston take on Toronto. At Fenway June 27 WEP guys got three chances for you to win a baseball experience every Friday all season long -- contest -- 6179310937. Right now to win. Brought to you by town fair retirement and on it and restaurants and your FL hall for Boston baseball Sports Radio nine B three point seven. WEEI.

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