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Green Street Podcast: LeBron's legacy and the Celtics' future

Jun 20, 2013|

On this episode of the podcast, Ben Rohrbach talks with SB Nation's Paul Flannery about the Celtics-Clippers trade rumors, draft and offseason expectations.

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Excuse the green street -- What sort of -- and a quarter point. Really do something. Welcome back to the green street podcasts. I'm -- roar back for W he had dot com. This week's guest is Paul Flannery. He's an old friend of ours he used to work here on green street. And now it is an NBA columnist for SB nation dot com. We talked about it all -- don't know what the Celtics the DR Andre Jordan Kevin Garnett side. The Doc Rivers. Possibility of going to the clippers as well. The heat the spurs. Everything going on in the NBA which all seems to have some sort of time back to Boston Celtics. So enjoy Paul and follow him on Twitter at peace plans. Well I just want to start though with -- kind of like. A recap of what you've been up to the last couple months you know he started with the Celtics kind of weird Celtics knicks series. And then the conference semi finals was a little uneventful but now you've got to a seven game heat pacers. -- now seven -- NBA finals it's not a not a bad run. So I don't wanna get too much into game seven because you know like seven people who -- listened to this -- I'm kind of it will be old news by the time anyone listens to it but I am. I guess win or lose. You know. Did we. I guess what are you take from all listed -- we learned that Miami. Isn't as invincible us as a lot of people made them out to be. -- I think well we learned is that you can't predict injuries and you can't predict -- Can't predict. How long run last -- they can last forever. You know what -- -- hurt that way and that's that's when the -- -- starts parts of the really quickly and I think -- between Wade's injury a large part move we got here. Botched dealt with an injury -- in large part. And you know you can't guarantee anything and actually and it's very difficult to achieve future. Actually. And that in terms of game six where it is where does that rank it among the games is that that you've covered. Well. It up there -- like Kevin. 2000 -- cat and the Celtics program. Victory here or abroad model what the great game that I recovered and others you know. It's not fair it's not because it was. Because it it changed dramatically. 34 minutes yeah. You know I I was I actually had a -- picked out -- rock. I -- -- lead. -- urgent. Are fortunate back though. So it's you know -- -- you're gonna. A great series of about game five against -- -- really good move it's been -- it in India and it was. That will will be talking about all of that oral history -- -- Yeah exactly. In and I mean. I know you're in -- year. You wrote today in -- not a big fan of -- defining legacies -- while they're still evolving but on the heels humor me for a minute. You know how big is game seven for LeBron in your your opinion. Expect -- figure you'll get so many opportunities I mean I think you know talk about legacy you think. I like how we use. It's open victory differently it's a bit old Arlington seventh -- you know and it went to -- that. That's a completely different scenario. Did what elect waves now it appears to be all over. It's important it's very important. -- and they never did a better chance. Dimension wade and bosh and there's no -- keep all -- got a -- right there's no guarantee -- in two years. Ago in a if water balls and I think some moral just -- you can retreat -- out -- right so that the immense opportunities. You don't mind -- with a roar is that he's been best player is in the best player. It is not helpful he does make X you know parent or something that you -- You would like to be viewed differently. By. You know I mean he's put himself in this position -- All artery in these twenty year old season. In 567 years -- in order to really but the fuel -- its of Rupert lacy. -- -- -- What a title that year and -- here's complete -- -- been fired. Not develops people. And yelled we're talking about you know that all we're gonna dead -- We can do the work that way and now now which would have on the daily. You have I guess that I mean the one thing is it if you loses that's one for four. In the files. Which is there's no question about that and like you know it's really difficult. -- properly gauge where it because on the one side. You got a lot of people who are termed out we all the other side. You got a lot of people who'll reflexively defend him because they're annoyed with people what do terror now. And it it didn't become difficult to say okay let's look at it objectively look -- stepped back into the right. Because I am I am gonna it would work the few -- seven Caspian. It was -- that their team. Well it did much -- and you know the object probably the worst team to make -- at least since yeah. Operating an account it is getting their it was a bad call but if you consider. To restrict -- Winning one of three finals of this group that this player at this time. I think. -- to support it now it is here it is -- I can't excel the appointment. Right and it's I guess in terms a few other guys. You know what does this do -- Dong -- and and that. Groups -- efficiency and tankers token spoken spoken placed in -- people -- Going to be secure after the dispute over. And this would be a nice cherry on top. That would be something that would. You know. But that's very very -- like. That it's here it's also occurred Urban League or shelled out you know that it's part of its history. Right here at about age Parker does need for out nation's top -- and in outpatient. You know. Islanders -- an urgent search. Yeah ten you know -- can't -- -- about it it's really difficult to people can do to get better -- played. They put these into it it'll play for our rebel nation. Go. It turned the other guys -- -- kind of Churchill was sort of a weird thing parent here you got to. What -- earlier -- kind of untouchable. -- bosh of the guy you'd think a couple -- -- to the point where. People need to -- with a little bit differently if he's -- it's your big daddy got -- maybe your second and third player. If you don't start become the yeah they can get a guy's probably bolster. You know he's going up just -- and that sort of the gold standard you know. Erica made some moves that have called -- Gupta makes moves you know. Not -- tuition rates and it hit on -- sideline and scared to death. About change they're basically from Adobe could be -- coach he's getting chopped down and you know I think he comes. But a different category. With the fact that. And it and I guess for Ray Allen I mean how big was that shot. In must've though dated everything for him immunity to at. You know I mean people -- -- good that the integration out of -- career kind of spurred on that I don't know maybe. Probably. Against a beautiful long career talk about our shots he. But now that your that. I had my doubts about him commentary here. I'm not sure. That is. Had to overdid it shouldn't shouldn't speak for him it talks about the a mature attitude -- the back -- they did not sitting in Austin but they -- a moral. And the -- shot would be exact reason why they -- -- and you're the YE. Intrigued he nailed it you know I'm sure there's the people bought in view. -- right period and it will be much like that you couldn't couldn't watch -- and Cisco -- ago. He's got -- out. I mean he went from from basically. You know being guy who -- -- was like oh he's just going there to add another ring. You know being like -- hanger on but and then. He hits that shot and it's like there's another iconic moment in his career hits. It changes everything. Absolutely and it. You know and ready. We -- regular regulate it cures all they ever argued integration here all I'm not be greatest in currently in the discussion he's got a championship. -- Went from being a superstar you know. Well -- franchise player to be a key figure on some very very very good late career. So. The second quarter would be nice you know you are in place already. -- And that kind of going on to the Celtics. I mean personally. Appeared. I kind of keep going over similarities between. The spurs and Celtics I mean that they have the point guard they have. Duncan in Garnett similar. Manu and and pierce are kind of breaking down the same age. Great coaches. In green Jeff Green -- that in the. Yeah I think I think they were built where a similar model in mind. In -- -- and act spectrum -- experience in its editorial. Any talks about it all the guys pop -- head -- -- did that. -- people pop as -- of these. Sort of figured it coaching career long -- for cello. And Larry brown and rightly put up there's well. And subsequently got KG here but would that sort of mind even though laughter -- god -- you are. -- director for -- Parker art bought in that department or order -- -- They're on and on Rondo -- that he might be the best player on the planet but. Tony Parker is better yeah. You know I think that's huge huge different to -- -- We're able to not only sustain themselves reinvent themselves in the last two or three years when it went from being it's very predictable slow plodding. -- team enters stopped Pedro are back. Kate aren't scoring unit is because the Tony Parker it's because he. Became the superstar player now that people want -- It's it's it's -- -- that evolution. And I think you know that's -- the Celtics aren't open yet. -- -- about three years yeah. It's been slowed and it. Yen I mean. I guess you probably it said this at one point but they can no. The last couple years. You know they're just hoping to get to a point where maybe. An injury here their puts them into another championship opportunity and that's what happened in the spurs with Westbrook. Slight -- you know -- been a huge or that people and it just aircrew -- -- last year when. You know what are Coke -- -- -- it -- that I can cut apples and frankly don't think about Mercer street in about. What -- kickback and to keep totally. Yup that's right -- I don't think anything like what they've done united -- extra each other years at the garden marveling at. You've got to wonder or -- -- toward a danger to -- Whispered deterred changed the entire complexion I don't think -- to -- on the city. In the background it is the LP Westbrook the and you know. -- all year in into the playoff tournament the huge. Amount that it couldn't account. But the Westbrook injured really change -- in the record you know the injury. Changed a lot. About why you got to keep an age. Of your opportunities Walters hired an agent topics she's okay. Read oh in game. Oh yeah right. You know people of the scheme we like we do we -- this -- before. And dual. You know you know and and that's and that's about it that was sort with -- agent -- -- yeah cleared out the. Well that so that brings me -- All my other questions. So I guess here's the big one if if you word Danny in -- would. What would you have done or what would you do would you. Get. This this year. -- here I thought it was over. I would never go in the -- the -- -- and that it was so wrapped up like I would pat Patrick -- In connection because you're -- real you know I'd I'd be and that's what degree crimes. Kind of team but it while -- it's old and IE -- issue what happened appears in this situation. A lot of our sport it's. You know comes the -- I'd what I would do what I -- I would try to treat all of the -- and I would try to -- all. Beers. I would -- a typical as it is. I would try to get rid of HE negotiate the best -- you owe it to be the best asset -- And I would start the rebuilding process. Around Rondo I would keep Rondo and I would build a team that I've been I've been treating them to build a year occult rhetorical -- Where you have it was a video Andre Jordan. You -- Avery Bradley Jeff Green who knows maybe you can clear up some room and treated not as you a lot of the Josh. And that's not winning a championship and that he would yet oh a lot of one. And they could start to build the condition of the doubt because. You cannot win championships in this will be without franchise player isn't very very very typical -- right now there are any good -- dale archer. All would not -- -- -- the things that's difficult years in a lot of Israeli minister Margaret and that. -- He's very very good -- You know again he's had. Only so many great players board every year. -- -- -- Realistically. They can't get one. We've free agent caps be way to eat right -- realistically nobody. Except the lakers. And and the -- I -- and you have. You can to a guy that. Can bring people which. You can make trades. Look at -- Right rockets near near -- First of crap they acquired. They need to go out -- -- And they waited and waited -- Smart and independent intelligent vision and it little trades and kept winning little tree. Real big advocate change -- and a lot but other people get another -- superstar players. Yeah I. Posted this morning and he. Way it would end up -- -- You know. So in terms of this deal it's. The clippers deal with 202 and then two experts tropics I guess what does it loses now. -- feel about that. I like it Compton college perspective alleged. -- you know in a vacuum I would never consider trading Kevin Garnett could you Andre Jordan. If people think are getting this like young. Picture old. Are better on the -- there there could be very very very badly taken to look at. For me you know he can do a lot things that could do it impacted and cabinetry -- outrage. And you can't question the twenty thirty minutes. But the vacation capital Rondo he becomes his early interest in an all court player. I haven't haven't earned it is great unit I changed culture. He's a guy who does everything you wanted. It's to Eric Young -- -- -- and KG now. You appeared you know you take him a couple of extra picks to. -- struck a -- ago. Just don't know in this -- With that pick could be at. Went in Tripoli district. Who cares -- experts. Dispute yet. You never know how this. You know. So. GGG eight and six and act. And you can get something. It would occur start talking about -- pledged to trumpet. -- got a better all the bulls got. Six years ago we used to describe. -- like that. The other part of our our. I think the news. Trickier situation. It is hard and it noted that assembly Arco which rebuilding project. And I -- and I think you eager to welcome back. Yeah. Yeah I was gonna get into that but -- I guess person I can has to stop this morning with the clippers. I mean I'm wondering why a these negotiations were so. Public and at every step of the way you knew what was going on. Do you think. Somebody wanted this I was thing in the the clippers might have wanted this and throw out their so they could maybe more easily convinced Donald Sterling to a career at the ends. Saying no we have all this you know. Public opinion on our side or whatever. -- a lot of voices. It merit organization. You know there's a vacuum in the it gives built by various people -- So I think that's why. Lot of stuff out there -- it's -- saw it in public. I think that's why each party. These crazy curve -- in and out there about you know -- and the -- our you know. So I'd bet that the frustration of dealing with clippers though I think I think -- district. Yeah. Yeah it was a it was weird how much you knew about it it's like he knew everything that was how. So that you just mentioned how how do you think how do you think doc will be viewed in Boston for his his pardon office. -- -- Right now I imagine it being -- favorably. Your time -- way of doing anything. He's given -- -- near decade yeah championship. Degrade and pastor are in and open. I'd like -- -- because you know as Nicole and I -- -- -- animals and that'll help I would hope. PO in time. Okay thanks it's great appreciated. But you know right out today that acute. Because it lead in law is trying to act or when art that's not a good -- now -- -- where it's really -- -- Yeah I mean he. He's basically doing what he. He gave Ray Allen chip for the pats look this past some. And he's taking to do them. It. So. Obviously it's it's really hard to capture KG but you probably do better than anybody else in Boston so. And I know it's like impossible to get into his head but had do you think. Where you think his head as oh do you think he would have rather stayed in Boston went dark in pierce and Rondo and -- given it more more. More tried. I think there -- one. And I think they all sort of wanted to be able to do -- and that's carted away. You know -- -- do you expect your card in the back treatment routed to pack the pack you know -- You know it all and -- -- a lot to expect when he got there. By. You also realists. Yes it correctly it purchased a championship -- Los Angeles we -- all occurred in the egos and Boston is appears on. Aired that you mentioned he much oh gracious as you do it for India -- Yeah I feel it. I mean I almost feel like they're. Almost right up there with the heat and mean. With the KG is so -- crazy any changes everything. That. That team is going to be you really get if -- They're -- but instead I'll be I think it would be exceptionally. Yes. And you know but. We -- because that's where the league it's when he gets its -- of state. -- -- -- Okay. And you don't think this changes his legacy at all and in terms of Boston Houston -- have his number retired he still going to be kind of viewed as a reluctant participant in the office. I would I mean you know again he did six years it was great. -- without regard every second out there will be can never take away and which in time ago if if all goes down. He's leaving but he these return in the bunch of stuff that how are building process like I don't see in the development. At all yeah I mean -- you know and so I think it. I can't imagine. If you -- -- but I can't match people holding it against our issue. Now I mean I wouldn't play. If they're rebuilding them there's no point avenue there. The only way it would be if they were were just trend. Give one more year one more shot -- Doesn't look like that's the case. What's here what's your favorite KG moment of of the Boston -- There's so many individual probably can't talk that -- the success of I'll tell you about. The first time that I've met him. Which was created in 2000. Nine right after they've won ignited the company they want the attention is -- day 2008. And I spent the summer working on a boxing magazine profile he's. Which you've refused to cooperate. And -- story great story and someone that we need but they lost in I've got no way that. -- -- a couple of rigorously thicker because what chipped chipped. Away and bonded with in -- Pat on the flight. -- from LA a -- range per car service to pick up his wife and at the time in -- -- -- and take compel. He could for the future. Go to go to law and the practice let himself. And he -- augment law since the front and actually. And of course to a person who can produce great anecdote is Kevin were no immediate -- followed him around for Al. As he went from like. We'll keep you spot these are these spots which they actually doing our job you know. You are there. Kevin this is the all area -- -- -- -- -- a -- and a lot of people and without -- -- it. -- do it. They'd tell you guys. -- -- -- With the notes that. -- -- don't -- it and you know the kind of strange here what I gotta get the title of the questions. I don't -- question that was good. -- of five. Been downed -- cut them down but what it -- so -- during every thing that I had. I'd chump change credit KG. And I said look you know you're kind of questionable story. It looks at me and it goes. I can't believe I missed a mother we -- -- -- -- at that but that it's been completely obviously KGR and talk legitimate. And it's and it was. It was real. If that's exactly what he did a net summed up everything about Garnett. In Boston that he would go the extra mile if you would ever trucks try to when he didn't always -- -- do whatever it took and mainly he lost he was despondent. -- -- belt and his performance. Never point his finger in which I doubt anybody out only took it out on itself and see. -- -- Kevin Garnett. To I loved -- I think it was last year and when news like. You understand I have no life at this point I'm just kept his fifth season. Because you know about but I doubt love always remember the bit ridiculous good analogy that it was such. And all the community -- day in and and the two hours we keep waiting and that really awful hot locker you know. Come out but I yet it will last year's playoff run come very close it. In my mind because. Just carry debt. The first to rent you know the first round and that was and remember that conversation a lot of people. Look at you and now plastic is is an issue in this insane about it. And I kind of like minded you know in a divider but he. He did it. I don't have no idea. Yeah you admitted it was a every night K and you know he Al Wadi -- a lot of -- off each -- The switch was great because of that guy. Ever opened. Can never told everything that goes on inside that crazy Brit is. Now -- distorted he could tell you things he would say our deep there. -- -- -- things that it. So in terms of peers tell me if if you think this is accurate. To any. Basically does his best to find a trade for him before or during the draft. And if he can. The Celtics either cut him and take five million that the five million dollar cap -- Or amnesty in and and paying fifteen million dollars that's. Doesn't affect the cap but it still -- to him. Com. I don't I'd I'm injured and scenario is that -- Pierce's no longer play off which I I think -- still 1% chance that he could. Did you never say never to anything I think earlier I don't -- and back which never say never. And so I think -- -- -- here knows that. Which is unfortunate. That. So much attention there and try to trade -- they haven't -- -- need to stop friendly automatic out but it can't why would he. Condit if they don't have to cut yeah I've mentioned amnesty. If not it's due to Europe it would we've. And it brought back you have to do what they have now essentially they were eight years -- themselves tend InBoxer. And they would still be over the cap. They were aimed at the end it would -- fifteen. But their cap number would start to reduce the point where they could start to need to get under the cap now. People say well. That casket that it that it does not true picture under the cap on the new collective bargaining agreement yet you have a lot more flexible in the -- And that's what were. So I at first I was like a wave again and -- -- -- is now not social amounts -- shortened by the -- and that. -- by a million deal and chat and continually in real money. And others argue it's been made to -- your sister that it would wired up now. But I you know I think I'd do it arbitrate it. I'm -- should attack. But they were well betrayed him and you know -- of people are are operating like ultra light at LA with the clippers you know it does not like Jerry. Yeah that's what I was gonna ask you I mean that. That means he has to take I mean if he gets the fifteen million maybe he's like screw it -- a play for whatever next year but. Otherwise he would have to sign for what three -- the three million. Mid level or whatever. The editors chair or that. Yeah. I'd buy it to people make and -- people make assumptions about altered in the duke. Was a whole lot however all you know. You know that do this survivor Easter -- d.s word doc and all -- and Kevin got there but after -- -- and there are gone in. It's all yours is you'll play in basketball. In -- Yeah today he K. You'll badgers off because he -- became so much and you're just gonna eat it and play it. So you know. I don't like about like that aspect. You're kind of being treated like. One an opportunity to make assumptions about what -- -- -- I think that's the. Yeah. -- I liked like that actually had never thought of it that way. -- is people just throw him in no -- failed to stand up and LA or whatever but you know I know it's calm. Then how do you think -- think Rondo feels about all this using keys. Excited for the opportunity to be you know big big guy do you think he's. He wants to have DR Andre Jordan in my other Pete what are other pieces of thinking it Josh Smith or whatever and and -- what he can do that it. And that excited debt and not have Doc Rivers -- cloture. I mean. Ago. You know I -- -- go to two people that you trusted where KG and doc yeah. And now old you know what does this all come aspect they're -- even -- -- you have got -- very used. You know it. God out is out. It is on -- compact. Agree here dearly at them and not enough not -- you know. I wondered biggest defenders rights. In Boston and not in in the entire week. I loved watching play -- -- special. I think -- -- competitor and incredibly Smart. Had a bad year and you know at a that you're brought out the rest of the team around with you. Although it's a year it's not quite well the team put me and -- he didn't he didn't respond immediately respond to him. A lot of indigo and not put it all on broad. But -- run by the time to comfort him. -- -- -- -- War it's not okay but I want -- what he committed invested. Only. Each unit that makes great players you know water for Barbara -- or whatever you watch a -- compete every. You know people you know -- if people actually compete every night a huge teen years -- -- then Tim Duncan. Are all the rest of them and I want to be -- Rhode -- from start to finish from -- to -- -- -- and Jim you know everything he's got. K and not chase for the kids not to follow the policy it was Scott didn't like that he does but he's so what's going on set I don't know. But he kind of run an automotive. Now he's trying to run -- out of people making excuses to I -- make excuses for. Its current if let's see -- -- you know -- -- docket gut but it's gone he had always joke players trader brought a great start a new. Everything -- Let's -- a bit but it. The in. So it if this deal goes through with the clippers. I mean isn't everybody then on the trading block isn't that Clinton is gonna trying to read it Terry and I mean. The pass -- -- I don't think I think -- -- Gordon -- whenever they want else. You know adamant that the actual act -- immediately exit traded player exception -- season. Or you can sort of economic contract. I think recording and they want carry it all the more difficult to deal I would think it basically everybody's on the block. You know even some of the younger guys I mean it's -- -- happening because Avery Bradley didn't agree you're injured soldier -- -- well -- -- it was. About it all along those two guys and did some good I don't think there's much or by a scourge. The one I expect to be back next two years ago. -- cap that it. And better and yeah but I think -- I think Iran goes -- guys -- -- Definitely yeah. So. -- -- what would you like to see the Celtics do would you like I mean if they can get Josh Smith has Rondo Bradley green. Smith and Jordan. That's. At some point in. The six. Shoot lower that's true yeah about that it -- now -- But you know it's our shot you know -- Have a couple years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The payment payment limit you know it's like it's oh. What's going to be back. What it -- -- next day. In the lead actor. Eat speak to your thought right well you know what's -- be an active in the old city don't worry about. Worry about that. It's got out Q what about there now though. You know you get to -- Keep. And on the pacers. And -- and within your own backyard. And and talk about. Initial and -- so and thank you very Smart. So that you knew you would generate very competitive team with the direction in about yours in Nigeria and Iran. The competition just got a lot off my back -- keep it Smart all of them go. You know. You're thinking about Arctic about next topic about beer you're thinking about a couple of years -- I'm trying to position yourself to the net. So you're almost -- I mean. You're almost not -- getting Jordan and picks you just getting something. That could turn into something else. Exactly correct to begin. Two -- steps down. Yeah. All right so I guess last question what what is the lasting image of this Big Three -- as it is it. You know what might have been. Visit Britain balls or whatever happens to the head came to define them you know what well -- what do you think people remember this. And I agree great great question I mean I think. Doing it though it you know it should there life forever M match in the first and think about the -- you think about. None rule it out. It's Garnett and Gephardt I think that team as backed by means there into the great teacher -- -- Dot. What's most ridiculous thing ever. Covering sports should not gotten that far nobody Tucker -- I don't care what anybody says there's history. That was a that was what made that would be alternating paying. He that the brought me when in -- wrote in Cleveland and then open up to Rio -- and now you know. In -- It took a look at things stand out I mean ultimately. Disappointment you brought the -- victory winning the championship they get home and I was always going to be all of them there. So you know people can pick and choose how they -- -- in the -- And it was it was like that legacy validation validation for him out at all -- but -- on the map coach. It established reality not just the great scored creature bit all of paper moon itself with a web -- Yes absolutely. Well thank you again and enjoy enjoy game seven -- can't wait to read which after it afterwards. Thanks a lot.

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