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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 6/20/13

Jun 20, 2013|

You ask, we answer.

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And outside the lines. When making it -- goes horribly wrong. The Aaron Hernandez story. Didn't Adam Pacman Jones already trademarked the rights to that name. -- regular. I know a guy who don't used to work on. IMAX and around the -- you know bill -- now go to break -- we'll Johnson unbelievable problem. Army doesn't -- it doesn't with the he's got the language. You've got to turn away who the camera he's got a. Whole -- -- -- Pacman Jones make -- but I don't redundant with the good. The American job and it's making -- right. I think your care -- hit device that -- -- seem very difficult at all. Talk -- here on WEEI that's the open Mike part of the WEEI live -- brought to you by AT&T official wireless provider. Of the Boston Bruins at the most four G coverage in New England remember I told you yet -- that -- late -- here coming from Nader what's around ski with the clippers essentially saying no we're not going to to give you any compensation for Doc Rivers. It's a little fishing. Yes well here's a big problem. I told. The of the party that the second biggest party of the year. We'll will be at my house tonight. When this game is over this game is over game seven in the San Antonio Spurs are the NBA champions -- about the great moments of my life. The birth of my children reading my wife getting married all that supposedly great moments. This should be right there on the right. Oh my god but the biggest party that you stop beating your status the biggest party. Right here is when this guy I've finally steps away it will hang up is gonna have to be the biggest party of next year because -- -- -- Here we are in June. It we've known for a long time that -- gonna -- the longest retirement since. Who took a long time retired to me an example like -- but I can't -- -- Brett -- Brett -- here he's the only -- one he's the ultimate example. We have to wait until February. For this ego maniac to step off the states. Can't wait until February 2014. I am gonna be dancing I'm going to be adding that it's -- -- the products and there's one -- problem just can't ease the problem. With. Is probably I'm telling you saw -- thinks I'm gonna give him BP to himself tonight. You've got to hold on to the -- won't get anybody. And the trophy goes to me he really thinks this is all about parent. This is a guy who who is increasingly. Just the power the power just got to his head and he did he can't he can't relinquish it even on the way out it won't please. Under gul David -- stay out of the way. Let. If it be done. Awful be interesting to see if I still believe obviously that this is gonna happen reports aside. It's impossible to believe that this deal has come this far and is ultimately. And she's not gonna happen. Offerman the cops are out -- us all. He's got a cough. What do you -- tell me I know what I often over their bullet three what did you do three days all week what have you done some I've been totally fine -- on the coffin. You're there at the Jimmy. That they have harbor today where in your mask. What do you Wear that mask in the studio guys like that what I want that I wouldn't have a cough right now what to answer the question. It's time for answers the question generic question which saw it is the big question. So -- should be -- not answering any and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question. -- make you Wear that mask that doctors mask in the studio an all time like that -- they at least their servers yeah that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It happened now. But it did scare anybody who's gonna walk around like what you started -- and -- -- got sued Microsoft wanted to in the room. Wrote doctor rose -- matter. Where they doctored up to a derivative Rosen Rosen Brooke -- -- doctor Rosen yeah. Into the question Roger by -- restoration specialists -- your property or facilities manager or insurance broke all they are asked to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan in place. Only 774611111. Or they are asked to serve -- dot com Mikey -- with a semi. You can't scroll down mr. Adams. That -- -- and -- -- from one week in season would be the Blackhawks. In the finals. Would be. One ounce of credit for you know you're saying you answered you're the only person Americans. Personalized radio stations. Wells and goes to work -- chemicals that. Doesn't sound. Let's -- we've got today it's the question. Which is worse would you rather be hit by a fastball from Jon Lester a slap shot from char or football. Thrown by Tom bray about Orange from difference. In the ass cheeks at a football. It seems like -- or -- And where -- as a football -- there -- thirty yards away execute Q I mean yeah he can prepare for an art. That was -- just drop the of the worst house to be the slap shot. In the pocket so silently and it's going the same rate of speed is Lester -- -- past all the -- in this. -- either way but basketball I think -- you have to assume you're not giving him in the face in general of the pocket and apple -- that apple has every hit that in the arm pass on the back nine tomorrow for our active now. What happens a fair amount. Enemy guys get hit by fastballs and on and ultimately president happier professional athletes were not right guys get hit by night on a mile an hour slap shots does a lot more damage I think guys who gave him put for its media catch. He got that kind of talent and a captain. Archer to win more games in the season the Miami Heat with no coach. Where the Charlotte Bobcats -- read our back as their coach Phil Jackson is next question. By about fifteen or whatever -- -- the -- -- now have you been -- make the exact same -- you think they only help the heat yes yes. Largely going to be 7030. I mean I think definitely not that often by. Some back calls both directions back in the eyes and the rest are just. I don't think it's pro -- -- to -- that -- -- I just think they're bad -- I think they get everything wrong well you should rethink pro he'd be going now reached three season. Our guys test of man. How many creams and sugars do you put in your -- That's not very many. But I go to Dunkin' Donuts -- more. The adjustment leading. Sugar substitute teachers -- probably I think the only mint leasing is nothing right today to get a black. I don't off about three extra cream picture I go about three starters in that regard as always Richard Lugar and you know it means for them. -- -- -- -- Absolutely -- -- to just look -- wonders if -- that they cutesy things light sweet music anymore. Shooters late in -- week. What if they've done. That. To make a choice like. -- -- actually have to buy their own judgment. That you want to make you happy and you know you don't -- -- Big Apple is so there's no formula through. How you like your coffee and there's no it's like oh you have to have. You know three sugars and some cream pizza and light sweet. I think you're trying to flirt with a man pitcher's careers that you -- reached its give. -- -- I'm term I don't like coffee at all the only way I -- only way I can even handle the taste of copies and -- for a -- -- thing humble enough I don't care if you lose I I don't like coffee I don't I don't either. Costly to expand it but I seem binge drink. You know I didn't -- drink a full you know Michael. Putnam what number I'm off -- -- never done it you felt like I don't really like that put people on it so. And it was huge to our future after drinking that exactly -- Are jerks if you were going to be killed by any celebrity who would you choose to kill. Kate Upton Kate Upton and to smother yeah she wants to -- crushed pelvis. And I can't do public service announcement I still think I would want to who wants Samuel Jackson. You share the Jackson will be delivered the entire the entire Ezekiel 2517. Stage mr. you've ever seen your life pulp fiction in the first of all I understand he wasn't even a mobster hit them off the last I asked whether or not it was acceptable to put him on the list and I was told that was if you wanna take them off let's final still -- with the -- In the iPhone we shut up but the soldiers some farm girl may go to the south has what it says to me favor when he home whatever. Go on TMZ dot com okay. Qaeda and talk with some horse and why would you what why -- we at all. Well let me -- talking about them talk to the people that are in their car -- their iPods our group wants to overthrow Sadler in Russia this is the best clubs it was Clemens Clemens is the one who said -- all right. We've begun to -- the kennel I mean he's probably the best I got a left it loud it scares anyway it is our impression fundamental flaws. Like blocked below link -- greens -- Classical -- pour out of his eyes of the worst death scenes and all of them. -- tomato whatever the -- -- a -- -- you aren't gonna get another -- -- that's -- one of its just not you know I mean there are flaws flawlessly -- -- and it's a pretty -- that you want to -- -- movie was -- what's the worst thing about that -- you don't like what's coming out of mow greens I would he shoots and do the glasses and that's the worst part of what -- without -- -- he needs -- at least. It's all right so is it unrealistic -- scene in nineteen what seventy winding country. He -- shot face. -- -- compare cars that you did it was Aaron Hernandez struck. That's close circle. Answer the question salt. How much chowder you going to be able to eat before you get sick wondering because you're judging the check out fast it through our economic and -- reviews and it really also. How much have you done this before yes -- phone as a. -- so you eat them attributed in good taste of last year I remember. Remember how good on average is the Japanese party pretty darn good most like it's a ten sports. Nowadays. They are big like. Big restaurants are they smaller individuals combination it's a -- have been mixed McCain -- -- -- stability -- was only people who make it on the -- So they don't come from all over ball all of Massachusetts why they -- that they give the name of the restaurant just tastes -- -- number seven -- winners and I don't want to -- Do you for the -- clinch I. I like it really really clinch. The treasuries -- between two thick. Though and none on ours in person don't Colin there's no such thing -- -- processing is knowingly clamped down and really it's clamped and all right there's that that in the fraud clamped -- Manhattan matchup you know there's a plan -- and then there's tomato soup with -- right right exactly and then there's that Rhode Island clam -- Abraham that with the fish oil that's that's disgusting and it's loaded with crackers tipped off an efficient -- to lose. -- -- -- -- delivers -- -- okay excuse there are worried have you ever thought was somebody famous. I cannot answer that question what at all. Oh that -- let's get on the grounds that may incriminate me jerk if you want I cannot answer it answer the question that you can't tell us who will. Yes so you have you've slept with someone -- yes what counts is famous. I'm not telling them anywhere -- we said to our audience hey happy you're like with so and so what percentage of our audience would say only I know enough about an idea about 95%. Of the audience. Now. -- -- -- -- -- -- Get famous is known by more than 51% -- right. I think closer to us how yeah like 6070%. -- -- get personal really bring its 51% of the people know who this person is that's that's of celebrity. With a qualified celebrity right. Mistresses of things -- I was scared to how was. I was rushed. Want to arrest it was a rushed coaching go resettlement rushed he has those -- -- glad I'm now why was around what you have to rush I can't talk you can talk about a little bit yeah. You can't explain a lot of what the backstage was yes. But it was it was after Dexter or was it I can't talk first you were backstage and then it was after backstage at -- after the lobby our great great experience one that there won't it was a very interesting seven. Seven because. Because it was a rush nothing bad there were issues. I mean you automatically get a six because of the celebrity's it's been suggested here that this conversation occurred already and Dennis and Callahan. They -- level Chrissie Hynde from the pretenders wrong talk -- -- that your. It is ludicrous to hunt for an opportunity here in the neighborhood that -- You're in the you're pretending that this happened at a very big neighborhood while people wondering if it was Whitey Bulger true or false yes it was -- When the manager Mike Adams is coming up access audio out one more question from David Stern. David Stern's asking questions do you love me -- in -- question there Saturday. What what questions from the commissioner of the league. Here it is getting us to this would have you stopped beating your kids. Thanks. Mike yet it is up -- their daily planet just couple minutes stick around for that we'll see guys tomorrow would do. Well I think definitely.

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