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Aaron Hernandez's own words may haunt him: New details emerge in murder probe

Jun 20, 2013|

We discuss some breaking details of the Aaron Hernandez case and listen back to Aaron after he signed his extension with the Patriots. Certain things he said tend to indicate a recognition of a changed lifestyle that now seems very interesting, if not sad.

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Have you gone back and listen to Aaron Hernandez when he signed his extension. Have you gone back and listened to the sound of Aaron Hernandez on the day last year when he signed his extension to stay with the patriots long term and try to now -- it. In with the with the what do you know now of where he isn't in the people that he associates with whether or not he's guilty or not. And no -- know when describing guilt on the hasn't been arrested. But certainly have a pretty good sense now of the people that he hangs out with them what their what they -- into. This is Aaron Hernandez when he signed his extension. I could do better inside than -- Tom's going to be around for awhile but I love the coaches are close to my family. The whole organization is actually an organization. A lot of places that are called the organization but are they really organize them. Just yeah this is that this is a place that not only did it. Changed my future from them paying me but it just changed me as a person because you can't come here and act reckless and do your own stuff knows when the person that I came here. Let acted the way I want equity it's changed by bill Belichick's way. You get changed by the patriot way and now they're on the pastry that's done that might -- And make the right decisions. Changed them as a person now that he's a patriot he asked to start living like one right. Mean when you hear those quotes from not that long ago and realize everything that you've seen reported last couple days. Patty how -- -- juxtapose those and put them together well that's a one yeah you're right that's great sound and and you get the story here. We reduce handed. Mariner is headline. Aaron Hernandez destroyed home security system and -- sources tell. ABC news. Headline please in the -- to the story please plan to go back to the home of -- Hernandez today with another award. Based on evidence that he quote. Destroyed -- home security system and investigator closed the case told ABC news the investigator and other law enforcement sources confirm that the that the security system. Which included video surveillance. Was smashed intentionally. And the cell phone use by Hernandez was handed over to investigators in pieces. By his attorneys to sources say it now. Air and can also police also want to know why eighteen -- house cleaners. Were hired on Monday. The -- Hernandez is a mansion. Sources told ABC news. Yesterday I'm gonna say the same -- it. I love law and order I used to love that sort of offer that was honest from my best accurate isn't it that was. Criminal intent -- -- law and order criminal intent lane -- Who was down a meal on as he. I want series on Iowa electorate only -- on our hearts and love law and order of water since I'm in and I'm probably blacks. But I'm not. I am not a detective. I am not gonna say he's guilty or anything. But I can say this -- -- none of this. -- -- -- -- is not just one thing even I mean have established adding all of this and stop that trail it betrayal he can't convict him. But if you have all of these things you put yourself in that position if you're in his position right now so there's a body found. There's a shot in the head the body the person that it you know the person. The bodies found about a mile from your house is a rental car. In your name. You were hanging out with the person if there's a report that for you. The victim and two other guys left the bar together in only three guys arrived at your house later that night police are searching your house. Mystery that security system mystery the cellphones are looking for you how I view mirror anywhere -- Dorchester in North -- not -- In the meantime. He was also being sued for allegedly being part of a shooting in Miami in February where he waved the gun the guy in his car to they have an altercation -- club a -- and ultimately he blew off part of the -- face. Who who then ends up suing him and now you have another report coming out today of an incident in Providence in May yet. Again that it is some what connected to a gun after his altercation with the jets fan. Police around the same time saw somebody hiding it done under car is just a lot of smoke swirling around Aaron Hernandez. And likely can't help but et -- come right back to where we start of yesterday right. What does this say about the patriots. The patriots were supposed to be removed from this stuff. That was the image of the patriots that was presented. The team that came out as a team before the Super Bowl they didn't need any individual accolades that was policed in the locker room by the right guys doing the right thing where where character. And intelligence. And all that stuff mattered just as much. As your physical ability on the football field -- I like Troy Brown who was maybe not the greatest athlete of all time could become one of the great patriots of all time right where -- -- all he could play three positions where Mike Vrabel could learn the offense does he was such a Smart guy and even play tight and when you needed him to were willing begin as. Troll without locker room is just being a gigantic human being who always did the right things -- Kevin Faulk who again how did. But not the most talented running back you've ever seen because he's got it because these guys were character guys. And now what that has happened to that. This is not the patriots that did that we came to know thinking to respect and came to talk about to -- all stuff was bonk or something has changed. Yeah well I don't think it was bump because the example that just came up with our real examples and we saw we saw it happen. We witnessed at all but I guess. The first the first thing you mentioned you talk about conflict coming out as a team. And you know when that happened that was significant for Europe -- -- that night you met your wife were you're. Tonight there's I don't generally made out why it took it to the next battle and I drunken late I don't my -- for the first time in a bar. February 2002. That was eleven years ago. So what has changed. In eleven years a number of things. That type of -- out of the type of players. When -- team but not the guy at the top. The guys open -- have been the same and I -- expansion at the time and Michael as you were right -- to guide books about this to run the expectation was the guys at the top the combination of Belichick and Kraft. And more than anything ballot check. Hattie -- plan in mind and included character as a major component of it. A major component of what made up the patriots personnel roster was character. And Aaron Hernandez is sure not living up to the billing that. Right now well but it you know part of it is character and part of it is as an organization. And they got to ask themselves. They do little to room. Full of themselves. They get a little too confident. Well I can turn it Kyra it worked out with Corey -- it worked out with Randy Moss hey why not. Why don't maybe we can take before maybe we thought that. Well we can take H answer to. We can do more than that. Where the patriots were to bring a man here we can set him straight. So instead of taking a chance or two. Per year when you start taking 45. Maybe start making exceptions where you promised yourself you would never make an exception and this is what you wind up where. They have. It indicates Aaron Hernandez this looks bad it looks bad we don't know what it's going to be. But even in cases where it didn't there was not a homicide. -- link to the player or the player involved in this discussion about a homicide. There were some chances they took a big didn't need to take they shouldn't have and they failed miserably and the patriots never get things like that. 617779. 970. Here that's exactly right -- -- take -- your calls here on this and and what does change with the patriots and Michael I wanna read to you from your book a quote from your book. That I think shows very clearly how much things have changed do that next salt and all WE yet visited this place. Not only did it. Changed my future from the opening but it has changed me as a person -- you can't come here and act reckless and do your own stuff you know as -- that person that I can hear. Let acted the way Alan equity and it's changed Bill Belichick way. -- changed by the page view. The patriots. That might. And make right decisions. Aaron Hernandez. Believed when he signed his new deal that you could be changed by the patriot way which presupposes the the patriot way exist. As its scale. Me read you from your book Michael -- grab these calls this a bigger than they quote in your book war room chapter two called. The patriot way the picture where it actually but it's actually the next but it's close to it and I did the next chapter at the next chapter culture of winners -- this is for Tedy Bruschi who you calling your book as saying meet Willie. I mean we police as. Soon as you walked -- that we see male genes you know we wanted to know was in your hands. -- -- To bring in the McDonald's back we wanted to know where you were going when she came in together meeting in one minute -- your work out. Even if you were some veteran -- come in from another team we didn't care where you were from Israel or establishing ourselves as world champions. We felt like this is the way we do things around here we're gonna teach you how to do. That's from your book that's the way things were in the patriots locker room for awhile. Is that the way things are now today. Not as much is -- it would not as much when Aaron Hernandez walks through the door is somebody trying to figure out exactly where he is -- what he's up to what's going on his life and making sure that he's on the right path is that happening in today's patriots locker because of it is it's not it's ultimately not work. Well there's probably not a you look at it this way a lot of times and they were bringing guys. They bring in the cents or use let's say you bring in me. For your first round pick is a tight end like Daniel Graham was back in the -- -- so Daniel Graham major major. As your first round pick. But you also -- Christian Fauria. In the offseason. And Christian Fauria and Daniel grammar in the same meeting rooms so if if you want Daniel Graham to have. A good sense of what it takes. To be productive in the NFL. And how to study you've got somebody there to mid -- he -- it just in terms of watching him. Vince Wilfork same thing he -- illegally of these veterans there and he's learning from these veterans. In the case of Aaron Hernandez. He came in. With Rob Gronkowski. And their veteran tight end was algae called. And it's just different that at the biggest a look at it in terms of positional groups. It wasn't just this big -- we've got a team full of veterans if you got to make a move in the got a bring in any risky player jerked a risk. Like Aaron Hernandez certainly was. This this is no secret. The patriots were able to get them where they got him because he was a characteristic. Terror terrorist too many NFL teams there's no way guy with his talents have been taken in the fourth round. They brought a man and they didn't have. They didn't have the the elements in place that they usually did. So I mean it's it's changed it's changed it. And whether that's -- -- whether that's -- that's right any room or whether that's what we talked about yesterday in terms of that core group that shrunk over the years. Something's changed man -- you you you can't look at this story and not see it as an evidence of some level of change in culture of that building. Tully Banta-Cain was another seven project for the patriots he was strapped in the seventh round because he had some marijuana problems when he was that now. He probably should have been a fourth or fifth rounder they got him in the seventh. As soon as they got him on the phone wasn't welcome to the patriots. I got on got on the phone and politics that's on artist I'm -- cut out that -- that you were doing and do an account. You're you're lucky to be here he said okay you bring Tully Banta-Cain a linebacker into bloom with Mike Vrabel and Tedy Bruschi and Willie McGinest. Okay. I'm sure we can get him we can get him right. Which don't have as many of doubles guys with championship experience and and with high motor and with this sense that this is the way things need to happen around here. Instead it I think that you're afraid it's drafting Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski the same here they're here you go on the Qaeda and rheumatoid due to Alge Crumpler was in his first year here and he's not nearly as good as you guys are. 6177797937. Greg. In Chicopee -- Hey guys thanks to -- here. Question is. You know -- and the patriots knew about what happened back in February and why they would certainly in his old timer. Do you think they're really just trying to look all the stuff now like we are. Last February in I'm guessing they probably had a clue. Of what happened in February but why would they say anything we -- to the media. I mean yeah RB we know and -- -- it in the media com who they say something to. I guess maybe there and we don't know about it I guess. -- -- -- you're -- you have I'm I'm sure I'm sure they. They they had a clue. Of something of something that happened it was a long time -- It was enough time where even if if Aaron Hernandez tried to keep it secret from the team. There's you know lawsuit and is involved in they've they've figured it out they figured out before we did. -- co. Clearly candidate they know everything before we now -- probably have their own home security system and -- out they probably knew what he was -- before he did. I mean that it would not be surprising if they've known about this and known about Rob Gronkowski. How serious the back injury was gonna and that being surgery and how long the recovery time would be and -- it makes you have to look at the Tim Tebow signing. Completely differently doesn't it they are not to me aren't really. Advocates is connected to Hernandez I think it makes me look at it differently and say wait a -- eight you get a guy with great character right beat you get somebody who's going to be an enormous story and during training camp will be something that we'll take some of the some of the attention. Well from the two tight ends and three you may have a guy is going to play -- -- So you have three ways in which Tebow made some sense for the patriots. It didn't necessarily make as much sense when we first sought to couple weeks on their position form now. Aren't you think Tim Tebow can Tim Tebow. Block -- to be a tight -- can catch. -- can -- run routes. I don't know I don't know either Michael but I think it makes me look at the signing and ask questions that I didn't want it or note ask a couple of weeks ago when he actually signed the deal I never believed that he was here to be a third quarterback. Because it doesn't make any sense to me. And Alex are looking events and well. Maybe got a character problem on your team -- fixes some of that may be got a problem with maybe got a problem but not enough tight ends well. Tebow could conceivably fix that and maybe got an image problem and again Tebow was such a story unto himself. Maybe he helps with that Tebow story of narcotic if you're image problem is homicide. That overshadows Tebow mania -- in Manchester it's up -- out. -- -- -- -- -- -- I watched -- -- I'll get a bit. Remember I think it was right after we lost -- Welker are a good part about Al. They felt like third out at bat well Kurt Kurt -- -- at and out I look at all throughout the number. I brought -- LC after multiple perjury and honest all air can't get paid like. Who knows if we're gonna have argued start right at the beginning and repeat it next -- Ed. What do you mean this year in May this year. Debate about the 2013 season Tyler you talk about that okay. But I mean I'm not paying it directly re all Wes Welker but I'm not good but I like. It got to have something. In fact mark my words like what happened by how bad it is not thought -- -- Welker and -- my appetite or let a ball back. Yet I'm not I'm not a superstitious guys I don't think it's out of the car router or superstition but I do think you bring a great point. -- when you mention Wes Welker and as the message that you send to your locker room and any time you're if you're trying to figure -- football teams to think about her own. Your own businesses pleasures -- working for yourself that much -- old. Workplace. Where you're doing the right thing. You are very productive everything you're supposed to do -- somebody else is rewarded you and and there are. They are not going head you know there are there may -- you know break in the law they're doing something and everybody knows it. Not showing up to meetings on time. They're not working as hard as they need to work. And yet they're getting the contract and the hardworking guy is in Denver my teammates noticed that Wes Welker. Productive guy. Doing what he's supposed to do he doesn't get paid he had to go to amber. They are so they also have to recognize the age factor -- -- -- -- it could just see in the vacuum of what he's pretty well it's all about age factor into eight like I understand what age all you want. It is still. -- Hernandez. His teammates know. What's going on who may be I don't know the degree of the things that he does but but it does your work and somewhere. And you get a phone call. You get a phone on today. Somebody -- about it when your coworkers that you won't believe. Who's on the news right now for doing like you won't believe who's this Andy is being an order by fox always have don't you always have a guess. Depending on what it is. You won't believe who did this at the office party like -- -- -- must -- younger I always go to Dan if it's something happened at the office party immediately a look at and then you think they're shocked when it is only about a better. You think they're -- you think it's act. One of those one of those -- News newscaster moments where to go to a neighborhood and all the neighbors say. New personal comment it's just nice come on you know the owners quiet guy. Leo Michael Moore sketchy bit about that before he became a politically active if it was the show we did liquid television he did a bit where he. He rented -- an apartment and basically acted like a serial killer like every night he ran a chainsaw. He'd pull open the windows and used and acts up and down he stored weird stuff he went outside dug holes late at night and that he moved out brought an camera crew to interview people around and say -- What you think of the guy who who lived in that apartment. Seem like a really nice guy never saw anything unusual all what did you weren't really -- -- -- notice that he was digging holes on the ultimate guide your backyard now never noticed -- and Wakefield I joke. -- -- -- I think it stands it's two issues and I think there'd be able camp about. One is that Belichick thinks that he can take. Garbage man and make him an all star. And two is that there are no real leaders on the team I know it is a leader Brady. People wanted to he's a leader by I mean when groggy Hernandez he Brady data card at all Kagan is it long -- there and get around being an idiot. They're just like okay wanna do whatever I want to and they don't have the will begin -- -- her papers he could tell him you know you got a compound that. So I did that -- an issue but. I don't know how would you nobody articulate that. Point. Our governor -- All -- I just think that. Eight home income -- Belichick -- ten years ago you wouldn't have he probably wouldn't have drafted a guy like Aaron Hernandez but it did it would of worked out because you have those guys. There are currently out there aren't that I agree with the second part of the statement not necessarily first direct. It is probably. If you if you draft that guy. If you draft a guy and you have the right people around him part of the keep them from. Associating with is. Who -- friends that he's -- before does -- keep them. Does -- keep them from shooting somebody. Allegedly. In his car. Does that stop you know to do what -- take it that far because I think. The football side of Aaron Hernandez aside from not being able to stay on the field the -- -- -- from Aaron Hernandez. Was was pretty good right. Yeah but I might I don't know the answer to your well it started to bottom in the past in a while back that feel like it's hard to imagine him as a picture yeah I guess to have an idea it it'll come I don't think that it looks like a -- like Ed -- ultimately even if I mean some of the some of the crimes you -- thrown about here whether it's accessory or aiding and abetting or obstructing. Some of these things can be 357. Years in prison if he were to end up being guilty of that you see somebody going to jail for that long in the coming back and having a productive career in the NFL. Now thirty days like Ray Lewis did even a year -- -- maybe by Michael Vick but it's about five years -- gonna come back in the NFL after five years. Outside just keep coming back to his comments that he made in the -- signed it. In the day he signed his contract and and just think about them now through the prism of what you know this is this -- place. It not only did it. Changed my future from them paying me but it just changed me as a person because you can't come here and act reckless and do your own stuff -- knows when that person that I can hear. Let acted the way I -- that -- it's changed by a build those six way. You get changed by the patriot way and now they're on the patriot acts don't live my -- and they make the right decisions for them. They're really it's sad to hear now that I'm a patriot I have to start living like one and making the right decisions. While very clearly some wrong decisions were made. On the part of Aaron Hernandez either that or he is easy -- dumb. Unlike one we've seen in a long time 61777. On 79837. Celtics talk coming up here in about 15:20 minutes at 3 o'clock. It's interesting hearing in wondering what Tom Brady is thinking. About what's going on here and then imagining how Chris Paul was dictating things in the NBA talked about it dichotomy that's at 3 o'clock Morey calls -- -- -- W via. -- this is -- investors motorized. Remember this day forever. And I just hope I keep going and doing the right things making right decisions. You can have a good life through. It's -- be -- it's a little bit left but left him. I was Aaron Hernandez the -- signed his extension with the patriots and backup sat. As a really sad to hear that his. Stated desire at that time to and hopefully make the right decisions in the future to have a good life. Knowing what we now. He reported in the latest to Gavin hurting yet coming from ABC. Saying that Hernandez destroyed home security system -- And his cell phone not smashed intentionally when they gave the cellphone over law enforcement. A police also wanna know why a team of house cleaners was hired on Monday to scrub Hernandez's mansion this is all according to ABC news. The decisions made. It's Korean question. For terms Smartphone on the be better what what do you think. He talks so much about decisions in the clip of a lot I mean. I don't think there were. At the time there were people questioning him about decisions. They're questioning him about the new contract. And he that was a pain remember when he said that that -- liberal of the specifics until you he played here but. That was one of his themes. During a press conference why. I was talking about some. It is it something the team told him before signed a contract are gonna who gonna commit to you this amazing -- clean up some of the stuff that you have going on. Dad hasn't been reported much here in New England but we know about it. And so. He then took that conversation and it's. Or brought it to the press got it was just yeah conversation they are with them guys Hank Aaron we know you're -- this new contract. Hey word to the wise make good decisions this is a lot of money we know that some bad people around you from your childhood or from whenever we know the decision making hasn't been great necessarily until you got here. -- -- to the wise. Careful makes some good decisions and goes out there meets the media and says hey you know what went back I said really meant something to me I agree -- all I do -- I mean. You you can write you know I like to sort of write scripts out of my mind we don't really know what happened to what's gonna happen. You can really write a script of of a somewhat tormented guy right wants to do the right thing but keeps getting dragged back down by people around him that are not doing the right -- and that's that's a movie that we've seen a million. Yeah I got a different different -- from the people around you were saying oh you changed are gonna forget about. Other people were loyal to you people who supported you -- remember when you're. I Connecticut and always had your back even if Florida had to back we have now now I need your help I am gonna turn your back of me and I -- -- You can write that script you can also write a script in which is really bad guy doing bad things. We don't know we don't know what happened yet but regardless it's not good for the patriots yet they -- regardless of war who is and how he's behaved here. This is not good for the New England patriot air and it signals a difference there's text and I was a rare text because for the most part. If not if I'm reading this correctly. For the most part those of you texting in the calling in are mortified. By the situation. And and maybe it's just says that was -- your patriots fan you don't. You don't like what this means for your team you know like. Your team being spotlighted. In the in this in the worst way but a texture. Goes against that does all this is ridiculous. You guys are dumb masses -- there's nothing we don't even know he's involved. Parent. We don't know how. He was involved. We don't know how we don't know now we know that he was. He. Can -- say that he pulled the trigger -- I think that EG orchestrated some planted it -- you guys like no. But we know on there is evidently. It's just how to evidence fit together into the puzzles of the puzzle it is clear and we all understand Evans in the car I haven't. John good morning good afternoon our Internet have a good guys I'm just a little looks at when you guys kind of broad come into the subject of okay. You regard this situation now and what we're gonna do is we're gonna evaluate whether or not. -- a guy like Aaron Hernandez literate -- -- -- his contract not correct it and we. To get into a big problem because curator -- that. You're gonna say well you know let's go to the forefront to identify players were supremely out okay we're talking about a guy. You can speak in the backfield and run out of a pistol formation talking about it I. Who can beat top level corners are pressed in on the outside reporting about a guy who can line up in late night in -- you don't I'm not. Just grow on trees -- there's -- reason -- they get paid Portland. Oregon liquor liquor go so so -- hear it. No real -- some like this happens if you're going out in in developed your personnel based on Geithner just won't risk player. Over over that this supreme talent that somebody got out on your mind in -- check wouldn't ever. 110 game and it's almost out for ordering an initial. Just go to they lied to or wanted it there's no question about it but don't undermine the entire system where you knew how to players yet economists. I don't think that's what we're saying I don't wanna let me ask you -- -- -- taken it too far haven't been -- -- -- let me ask you this question. If Hernandez goes to jail how many of those things he gonna do for you next year. Or cannot do any idea if so you're right to do supremely talented but there's a reason that multiple teams didn't even happen -- they dropped the ball player. Because they were worried that it would embarrass their organization or he might not be on the field. Or or something else that I can think of a -- Ottawa Senators Chris Carlin outweighs the -- all of them delta duties talented and he's incredibly talented and you need to have talent on your team. But does it not appear as if there is DNA the change in the way the patriots have valued character in the last few years. Absolutely so -- also understand that you are. I don't know what that number you wanna talk about in -- player who may army not. You'll find himself in some trouble -- could talk about the Randy -- the world you can. Although I thought Aaron Hernandez Aaron Hernandez's -- the definition of it because all the things you said in the beginning about what what he can do line them up in the backfield put in the slot -- him. All it if a guy can do those things. He's coming out of college had a great program like Florida is a national champion. A high profile player guys probably market will be taken in the fourth round the fact it was taken in the fourth round tell you. That there was some risk god that guy that you described. If if I just say. Hey Bill Belichick I got a player who can do this for you. And he Eagles eat that Florida and you can do all of these things and -- and he's he can be a tight end H back whatever you're going to be. Belichick is probably thinking to trade on the first I can trade on the first round at that guy late first early circuit not before. Brother -- don't let don't have. Don't let his production to what you're seeing him now doing SL okay they well all this is the reason why so it is you know whatever. Or we know we -- that did help him that we know this is not capable and now nobody -- he was capable of that in the NFL. But I knew why he slipped to the fourth round and so did you. Right everybody you know remember that. Now he everybody I mean he was a first or second round talent that slipped because of these concerns zewe Rob Gronkowski slipped. Because of health concerns. I mean it's interesting both of the concerns about those guys and certainly a lot of value out of them. Have a brother that's let to peek -- because of the exact concerns that right now make caused both of them to miss some time this year. Evan by the way great call call again I. I disagree with -- -- but I really like your caller and I think that's the exact I love the the line of thinking even if I disagree. Telecheck has had book. He could have gotten away with some of that stuff I think that's what we're trying to say and I -- -- Michael pointing right back to your point which I totally agree with. These these value picks that Belichick made these risk vs reward value picks. Easier to get away with when you have Bruschi Vrabel mcginnis -- -- Lloyd brown -- numb named Kevin -- -- year guy. Because they kept everybody in line. Does that exist currently on the patriots to an extent. Where you can where you can. He -- -- chances and end and come out on the right side of the more times than not. That's really the question that's that's up for debate here 61777979837. Let's ask another question and -- -- this on on the table as well is Danny Ainge a genius was being taken to the cleaners that -- ex alcoholic W --

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