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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

Jun 20, 2013|

Joe talked to John Farrell before the first game of the Detroit series. The skipper said the Sox need to make sure the bases are empty when Miguel Cabrera comes up.

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John very tough to sweep the Major League team and a battle last night against Tampa Bay that. Ryan Dempster threw the ball pretty well just hasn't had some of the good fortune to score for him. Daria and I'll agree that you know the six innings of work last night was consistent with. Many of the outings he's had force this year and and if there's one guy on the staff that seemingly pitchers on the wrong day. Through the first two and a half months that might be Dempster in our case but there's still work -- 22 ballgame they manufacture a run to go ahead 32 and I thought the big difference. In the game last night is -- and its seventh inning I would get two men on two outs two strikes on Myers and and we probably were a little bit too aggressive in the strikes from particularly the way spent about a slider on the previous pitcher and those two additional runs kind of put things out of -- force last night but. Once again Ryan Dempster we know there's there's an element of dependability with Ryan we know is gonna go to the mound is -- give into that sixth seventh eighth inning at most every time I'll throw strikes. And give us an option when a ball game. Why you are in Detroit a four game series against a real powerhouse any team that has Cabrera and fielder back to back at it certainly cause for great concern. But is -- what Miguel Cabrera is done over the course of his entire career and certainly. You Triple Crown winner last year are on the offensive side day in and probably he is -- competition for that again this year. They do have a very powerful middle of the order Torii Hunter is given them -- a different dimension in right field hit and that to homer -- Jackson like to be our run and hit combination of the top of the order but. This is a team that is if we can hold them to four runs or less. It's pretty distinct today in the overall outcome of their season so far and that's almost -- that -- almost defy the dividing line. But there again keeping this offense -- -- -- less so we've got to the twelfth on the mound and keeping the top two guys off base for the big -- and yeah you know I think everybody probably focuses so much on Cabrera and yet maybe the best way to limit his damage is keep the guys ahead of them off base. You know when he gets men in scoring position he is so good -- using the whole field and dropped the ball into that right center field gap. If you make a mistake on the inside part of the play and obviously to drop the ball a ballpark so given Jackson Hole or off the base will be key processors. Going up against a rookie Alvarez used to ERA yeah of the rookie pitchers starters against the rest taxes over and that. It's pretty good preparation. Well -- hopefully it continues today and our guys have done a very good job of of taken the information that we're able to gather. Put it into a game plan and execute most importantly it and what we've been done so well is forced guys to throw strikes and when they haven't when they've tried to live on the edge or just off we have and expand the strike zone. It's given us multiple runners and how to give an innings giving up some pitch counts. We're hopeful ought to be the case in the night and John Lackey goes tonight what about Saturday as he made a decision here we're gonna go down -- he was. This will be aren't as -- as -- eight day from his last start last Friday. He threw a little bit of a simulated game I was Pawtucket yesterday and advance. Saturday start for so the one thing that he's been don't know the last two -- three starts in Pawtucket is much more consistent fastball command. He had a kind of a tale of two sides in the two starts so far lower interest very well against Kansas City and then had a short outing against Minnesota so. He'll come up here second Saturday night and he'll face a darn good lineup isn't just a start and you're an arrest as some of the left hand hitters tonight. You know Alvarez gone for the tires and the fact we've played three games the last two days as Stephen -- get had a day down salty was caught all three games could also get a -- downs and opposing places at short -- we're back at third and Ryan apartment a good start and play. Have you heard about David Ross and how his visit to with these specialist went. No I'm not he was that I scheduled to travel round trip to Pittsburgh leaving at Boston this morning so we have got an update yet but. You know we we sent him to the authority and you know as it as a relates that if the concussion that situations situations so. Hopeful that the symptoms and and really the results are are -- animal in a way that this will take too long overdue to get back to us and might that -- is pretty much ready to do anything. He is fact is you know we we welcome it's a -- tennis start tonight Gomes in left field has been swinging about while Blake. And really with the that the big homer in the other night in the last night deal was to speak of are. You know the two infield basis they Gomes did get off of Alex and so. Or right how about -- little bit. Our Mercedes -- as manages question that. Johnny going up by against the Tigers who have one of the best managers in the game and Jim lately and how important how much yet have an effect on the game sometimes can -- The tendencies of the opposing manager half. Well not just the tendencies of the manager but the strength of a given team typical serve. You know it this afternoon we're gonna go through our -- meeting with both our position players -- our pitchers in separate meetings who over the -- those areas that are. To each group. But what we -- -- -- -- -- information both internally from either the people in front office and and those who travel with us here. We also have a scout that travels out ahead of us roughly five games ahead of us. That reporters compiled. That our coaching staff does. Not only take that information to count but the amount of video that Brian Butterfield tore the fellow party Baylor although everybody watches. That. Is poured out in our it advanced meaning. So the biggest thing is that I think what our players take the field in the first game of the series not only do they have a feel for -- going up against. They'll start to see some things play out inside that serious particularly the infield defense and how we might defend against their running game. 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