WEEI>On Demand>>Sandra Merloni, Lou's mom, calls in to the show to yell at him about the cake prank

Sandra Merloni, Lou's mom, calls in to the show to yell at him about the cake prank

Jun 20, 2013|

Poor Sandy Merloni has been getting harassed at work for the classless and senseless prank the Mut and Merloni crew pulled when they sent a cake to a rival radio station in Chicago decorated with penises and vaginas. She calls Lou to make sure he had no part in any of this.

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Us Sandra is in Framingham this morning first up with -- -- and -- Sandra good morning. Good morning it is that. And -- Maloney I am -- Malone he's my mom -- say oh yes and yet and yet. I'm I'm calling because I see it do I -- but in -- me am and I am getting. All -- agree to belittle. All predict things. And say you know what I would you have her. Being involved -- -- that if I find out that he I'm gonna go down that they shouldn't be Al lot of. But there wasn't there wasn't news Joey and mark. They they were the ones are all -- the whole idea and everything else they've caught you know me I had nothing to do with. I knew I kept saying my -- with yet but do anything like. -- and they and they would really need this. And I think you know what I call and find out how am I knew you couldn't. You -- -- not not -- not your baby. Well that's your great. The boy that you carried for nine months not here they'd -- Exactly. Now I'm glad he used they get so. Because they're really giving me back cutting down. -- cedras' this is Mike that -- throw -- to talk to you it's a pleasure that you called and today was given you bill out of people are giving your grief your coworkers given in business. Coworkers. Said gee what kind of -- UW got that we do something like that I said. I kept saying not and I my baby he would -- that -- -- -- But look what level brief visit like the level of grief to -- one arousal for three -- -- like the market basket and people were telling you how bad I was. That level. Yes and you know I had quite a fuel from one from the line. All over the region -- you lot. -- know I'd absolutely nothing to do with this bowl oh it's not true at all this Jolie. This is and it says they -- effort is doing with producer and -- did have a lot to do it's. No lineman on your lines your mother tell the truth would never do -- your -- I would never I would I don't believe that my son would. Everett have been he -- brought up like the April. I don't know the current guys don't know upside for -- to him -- parents. -- -- -- in the -- but it's -- school right. Right -- gets a better knowing that I had nothing to do this. OK Italy party thank you. I love -- -- I I want it to Bubba. -- I have something else that people feel like Aaron Hernandez she's continuing to handle the bad crowd you sort of get trapped -- doing some things. You are such a bitch when -- meets -- mom you just threw me under the bus to your law. National care about you he threw me under the bus nice CN -- and kissing and -- care Sandra either one. Nice sandy Maloney is waiting on hold as Sandra in Framingham by the way for the last eight minutes. So if you got I had no idea who that was okay it said Bruins went right to our first. It's your mom and so when you say that. I kid this is the thing. I care I can't tell your op -- this is the truth is no iron and it hangs out with some bad people sometimes I'll -- and there's that comes at a time when you need to cut bait. And tell the truth on the air and the truth is it was it may. She heard your language off the air or on the air. For I don't -- says so I don't swear. He knows that he -- officially lied. They're baby boy I had no one has a case as well be aircrack vocabulary than you this notebook that I -- IPO crack. No she doesn't all electric Joey c'mon did you -- to your mom on the air right there no no no old. Yeah it's that's worse than any cake no matter how many times The Herald puts on the front page for mommy OK worst than a cake. Explicit K I'd be lying to your mother on nine to 37 WE got enjoy it did -- and no money. -- not at all. She gets fired up -- in the grocery store she issued a you don't mess with Sandra let me tell you some you you don't -- these -- -- some -- Date she's she's she's coming after you don't wrestler but -- latter. You just did you just dead guys -- truth -- great to talk Lou's mom called the show today like that.

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