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Wes Welker on his departure from New England

Jun 20, 2013|

Former Patriots star Wes Welker joined the show to discuss his departure from New England. Wes acknowledged that teams use whatever they can against players in negotiations.

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I'll Wes Welker all pro wide receiver and patient of her loss expert doctor Robert Leonard -- underwent an extremely successful hair transplant procedure by doctor Linda Lester and is currently a spokesperson. For his practice three -- -- consultations are available at west. Here doctor doctor Robert Leonard Michael and 1800. Get hair hey -- good morning how -- Pretty or are you bummed out about Tony Soprano of I had 51. There have countries that feel man. You know -- air shows sort Lawrence. If all goes out to the same -- and -- and everything else. Don't know if I don't get fat west don't get fat when your 51. Friday it no you don't say okay -- prop up poker tour pay out what -- The myths about Boston now that's gonna mean six years here I'm sure you had a lot of nuance and an end. Connections and people in the restaurants and stuff like that aside from the football and Brady and all that what do you miss most about not being in Boston next year. Well you know I think juicy atmosphere. Bring -- all. And Mike you talked about the restaurants you know where everything else everything else rather than the city of Boston. You know that I. You know at a home in India in every -- that. And the -- Rangers -- note that. Expect constant. You know emotion that they have about their Kenya and you know how they. No wonder that success -- in America and elsewhere it doesn't that's. There -- talk about the uncomfortable -- -- of going to a new team where you've got you know 53 urine and in this case a hundred guys. That you don't know I mean you'd obviously know of of Manning. But but walking into a new. Locker room you don't know anybody you're the new guy on the block how does that play out. In Audrey and it's a little bit different because here in -- -- bigger bet -- you kind of been around you you understand their. And other -- are our producers and although the new terminology in the new players and and I get all that stuff now than. You know that you call -- one -- for so many years also called something else. Voters who turned resort factor once offered -- -- overtime and reps and everything else he's just got to figure out then and and it carries -- start to pick saying. Flood user pick up now that it was. Obama a rookie year olds is you know it is they use there are parks are so likely -- and try and and -- unpopular what what's. Better in Denver for you than than it was in knowing him as anything is anything better now than it was here. You know I mean -- In north harder -- know what's better -- insurgencies that are anything else. You know absolutely. Shuttling you know that those. Eight I know you said do you there was no anger involved but there had to be confusion for me you from your perspective on the ways and in -- that I mean. I don't get it I'm looking at your numbers right now you're on your way into the hall of fame you are the -- -- just a spectacular player. Here you were reliable player here. And I know what they offered allegedly offered an it was a joke I'm looking at Aaron Hernandez seven years 41 million Rob Gronkowski six years 53 million. -- view you know two years and whatever ten million despite the fact that you are always on the field always there for Tom Brady. Broadcast he's had back surgery Hernandez is in trouble. Does it make any sense to you now that they treated you the way they did and and and treated these guys so much better. I mean no immunity it's part of the business you know obviously. Thirty years old. You know I'm sure sort of factor. Another there's there's all different things like that mean -- You know it's it's just part of the business and you know launchers. As they have to -- players you're totally like here or agree with -- -- just the way it is there's really nothing you can do about it. Reassurances. You know get hung up on pages got a little longer than four. No no no we can't do that -- mr. -- sorry I enjoyed watching you play I enjoyed watching you play with Brady we don't get to do that anymore. And and it bugs me do you think they used your toughness against you because -- the toughest -- habits have ever seen play. You just always get up back in the huddle back on the field -- other guys including -- -- and -- it. Mean did they say you're tough and yet it just can't last because it took so many hits to the use -- against -- and anyway. Look I mean. It's in negotiations to use whatever they can't think insecure and and all those things so you know there's. Erica there was certainly does say. You know. -- -- They're there side the negotiations. Delicious where it is -- 1000000000 you know which you have. And and in policing yourself in no -- you can do it. And going out to -- and guilt excuse -- unions excuse it and I'll make sure that yourself soccer body and and -- writing in the sizes. And in those fancy place for a lot. And doing the right thing whatever comes without speaking -- Did you talk to go check directly during the negotiations and he talked to him since he signed with the Broncos. Narrower avoided it and sit in on personal. Held talks -- or anything like you know. You know trying to kind of move on from all that stuff and and put all that stuff in the past and everything else and her move forward through with the Broncos. And and trying to help someone. Would you say have a good relationship -- checkered. Oh or starter. We're talking with the boy this is hard to say Broncos. Receiver. And Wes Welker out west compare and contrast Brady and Manning -- they like power they symbol are how are -- different. All you know obviously they're they're both hard workers they're they're prepared. -- are all the time and and make sure that in all the financial pulse there -- so I learned since. And keep people accountable in the and to all of those things. -- quarterbacks are leaders that are to reassure the team can be successful. And -- they understand six -- everybody. Office since questions. And -- they could it is her job as a lead in the end in. -- -- specific football standpoint. Who throws the tighter spiral who throws the more accurate ball. Who who won't hurt your hands more when you're when you're working out with Brady vs Manning. Hurt or do they installed I mean that's you know. -- answers such -- become sort of distraction rule in and rather than just like. How about this compare and contrast Denver's offense. With the Patriots offense we've heard from Tom when we were you know pop out of the tires on gronkowski and Hernandez he said -- but they've only learned about the first. Playbook they haven't gotten the playbook number to have played -- number three. Which would indicate the Patriots offense is pretty sophisticated. Is the Broncos offense that's sophisticated and that difficult to learn. Aren't -- yeah no it is it is and you know it it's. That they are similar all the -- You know aren't. Often square there -- Gates's shoes you know -- where are the -- when he was there. So you know all the terminology in the alt -- and they're saying net. In order and in New England so. You know there are a lot of similarities in a lot of ways. Know a lot of coaches in different words and industry. Eight. I gotta ask a -- one thing the press coverage she gave on Rex Ryan. It was brilliant. I mean you you did it the way you did the way you delivered at the dead and the references to -- it was brilliant do you think. Welcome back -- deserved to be benched for that. I mean that's not my call. You know -- No assists all of this is doesn't really matter -- well I think -- or anything else. So it what happened happened then and now. No question bigger factor you know there is what is. Oh Acosta was a series but did you have to write it all down and rehearse it. Because you it was pretty damn funny. -- Artillery call news so leader you know now it is illegal. I don't know. We get to do that stuff now you know now the. Yeah -- in. Hopefully all cranky that's Morgan now. You know go forward. We're on -- radio that the day after Brady restructure his contract and we all seem like everybody doable this means that Wes Welker has come back to New England was that your first thought when you do about Brady redoing his deal. You know what no not really his right eye and I know I don't know works and then there's it doesn't work like that. What's the best prank. You played on anybody when you're here with the patriots Wes goes that's for years now you're known for a bunch of soft but that as well. And I'll turn. To get bad. To get good. Where are -- saying I mean. And -- I you know I can't really think I mean it. Are horribly short term memory guy like. -- -- -- -- I don't know that -- help. Like I did leave a note in and whatever you blocker just recently there -- working in camp. And I -- to notice locker you know it's just been drafted were community income and and -- to -- blocker you know meaning you know since being rumor that you know by 30 AM tomorrow people. And did he show up. There are -- you know hey who achieved the hardest in -- six years in New England. Ryan Clark a clerk. Yeah I mean yeah has. Yeah. Through those so -- Do you think I have to get money aside do belong in the conversation with the best receivers in the game because god no she put up the numbers but. You don't get mentioned. Is often would Larry FitzGerald and Calvin Johnson. Because I you know you're small than your. Not that fast and you just that little white guy out them. But to lead the league in catches every year I mean and you play for a great team and you win games and your head into the hall of -- if you keep up this pace. You belong in the same conversation as those guys in your mind -- Andre and I are there really are our future -- her all sorts we have. All right I've played to win the game and whatever you know observations -- opinions people have something that's. That's you know that's their prerogative the virtual reality there's an -- out there and -- question Lance. -- is there a red circle. Around a particular date in November on your calendar. And what does that -- RNC you know oil. I think I did you -- -- circle but -- oil are ignored the -- you do it now. -- Circle November 24. Are almost sure -- Would that mean to you to get back here. I mean -- it'll -- a minute you know. No oil or are times when I went back to you know Miami. Unknowns and so that will be. There will be the speaker -- this situation all sorts. West will look for continuing to get back your November 24 patriots hosting a Thursday night game right probably to Thursday night game west thanks for the time appreciate it. -- I think Wes Welker with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. All pro wide receiver patient apparel Los expert doctor Robert -- -- underwent an extremely successful should basket but as much. How to grow and and yes yeah and I I've gone back. -- a sitter for the podcast successful hair transplant procedure by doctor Leonard last year currently a spokesperson for his practice. Free hair loss consultation. Available with Wes is here doctor doctor Robert Leonard Michael and 1800. Get hair a game credit I guess we're Stan out of trouble out of trouble. Do you an -- Erica and quietly. How satisfying gratifying this has to be for him. They paid guys elect I don't -- guys they just you chose to -- gronkowski and Hernandez right. And right now if you told radius and so I might not have. Gronkowski Hernandez. Orwell Welker next Jake Ballard is my guy in September and Tim Tebow battle learned you know. The pass routes because. I'm in the Needham. Is that an and I know the patriots are patriots. You know we can only criticized and so much there. When the division every year -- contender every year in him you Belichick he's usually right these decisions. Also a decision look now to pay those guys to pay 53 million immigrant coast yeah. Forty would have 41 million. And what -- back to scuttle -- and the other one is nose in some serious try real Tulsa and and is there any doubt. Welker will be on the field may content twelve catches an opening day -- very little done very little doubt -- it they'd they. They didn't value the reliability. And consistency that toughness right in fact just the opposite that you thought you could count on is gone. The two guys who can't are here a year and they are well compensated. And they and one of them at least an -- and big mansion an album with a as well as mini mansion many many mentioned ago levels bugs hanging out -- And they have to be concerned they gave the money anyway -- or genachowski joins us in the 8 o'clock hour Barry Petersen and -- o'clock or your phone calls next with Dennis Kelly.

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