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A punch-drunk D&C

Jun 20, 2013|

A sleep-deprived crew opened the show flipping through the Herald and seeing Mut and Merloni's cake highlighted on Page 2.

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Tony Tony Tony we hardly knew easy we will get to that in just a bit. Tell me enough. I'm all about education. As a Mac blog at Kent State which is they flunk out at Harvard. About learning things understanding things. Raising the bar myself intellectually. Asked myself this morning I woke up. It. What did you learn. Yesterday due to yesterday how you make yourself it's occasionally. -- brain power wise. That. That. Note that means -- was. The means to person for it means to inspire a lot. Should sleep right I think it is -- -- aces in a James scandal Phoebe was persecuted is contagious is pronunciation of cautious praise mr. pronounced that no no issues okay I'll do now missed school. In magna cum laude magna -- -- a rash and -- graduate magna -- while. I took home. From I'd missed. What did you know learn yesterday. Thanks all right. I learned nothing from one game. Now they're in the Stanley finals translates and carries on -- and by the way was two days ago that jury ask you to pat on the back. Be Smart about I don't play that game we could get three. Does -- take Jerry's arm behind his back and ask him again now. Rock and played a team losing at all defense it's OK -- it's I don't. Right I can't say one game and open. Has nothing to the next in the first three games -- lot in common. Yes the last that was outlined last night with some of the operation wonderful oh would you agree. Don't let us the second it's not a public the first three games there was common reds' great goaltending good but the second period but -- -- at all because they've got them now so effectively in the first three games. Apparently based eleven goals last night a well. Here's your little boys just. This is -- 32. Period. That on video on disk right sending it out to all -- -- yes yes this is the product like this is what or -- right that was -- somewhere. -- -- -- he still has negotiated doctor -- Heart on lasted for what and I say that the NHL -- realized that stuff -- -- on election last four hours it's your doctor -- Easterners. Right buckets. And we're allowed to say that now that we're sending these clinics won't get it that's that's what I will get the -- rules changed this this is. You know -- of dog hates going on yours disgusting and it has proven wrong just wrong I got it in effect and so many levels not the fans anymore and K. And it really. -- out some sort I thought it either but -- a bit. Mocking Steve Gleason was that -- out like yours and someone said someone K yes you really push in the and exactly. To our decision on it. I disagree. That's right it was their particular. CK. I can't say that. Besides that you were nuts to these guys you know -- ago I had enough the bad it was bad enough but the -- -- that really pushed the envelope. It's this is just wrong I disagree that. I know and that's was dispute the boss on the -- I disagree I think the issues panic they should've at least been suspend absolutely if not -- fired I'd say -- say fire -- viral three you know and and big first fire -- higher got a page to. Hired fired and never hired again anybody W center. Mistakes -- get your career is over W -- brass is standing by their host despite an X rated stunt in which is the most amazing thing I've ever. -- -- -- -- It it's. -- sits. Sits down on grass is standing by a you know he lost that I have to Iowa -- explain to listen to what sure -- yeah. The loyalists is -- mark Malone you know they sent me their dispute with these two host Chicago's 670 AM. On the became producer remotes and fat guys in Chicago right progresses of the world they can't begin to do remote here and they sent -- are bottom wind to blow when these don't want one. Exec shops itself. It's not wearing -- and cakes and stuff like cattle on us and it's just go to bankruptcy could a woman naked woman on -- Stop & Shop but at the burn politics. -- that. There is why don't they got up there there's an entity there's a store that happens. X rated that's right shot I don't like my heels opposite and -- -- -- things that they can't. If you do. WB yeah Brussels and -- -- is it to me that's good. And that's. What's that was the idea that so they said it has taken its -- -- is and penises yes it. I mean his couple orgies on there yes there's some people coming to completion and in terms genitalia right but the -- -- words. -- knows where our -- that those seven words does go Bruins which has little offensive. Culture and -- -- opposite direction that's what is standing by way and that's the other as -- -- -- I'm at a fire. As is -- to question about that so. This idea of the social media firestorm erupted which I asked by the way in my twelve I storm yeah. And it's just isn't wrote a paper during Errol is trying to bring down -- reload. But that that that -- -- -- balls. It's up. -- you guys know about anybody yell at all this by their stupid to risk we -- or between yesterday couldn't be prouder of WEEI graph what's against Georgia just. Like that is incredibly. And offensive off pastry a as it is incredibly. Politics X. And the bakery it's incredibly. Offensive baked good right it's not that offends me more than I played good there. It's -- negativity but the look I'll bet Dina has done more offensive things with baked goods and Bob Malone -- don't doubt this morning it set its. So these guys are. Getting smacked around her yeah wolf he stands up for them. And you know. They're not even suspect did not even a slap on the wrist and not get off that now now which is chances -- I mean this of the most shocking thing you've ever heard yes yes yes yes -- standing by -- Obviously I was shocked by last night game I was shocked by the Blackhawks -- shocked and that's compared I was shocked -- a soft goal I think there was only one but not the jocks anymore. And -- an offense beat him these guys are humans these ingredients together you put them up and you take it out and then send -- second -- that's a well no number I like frosting on it for the -- things where it really bothers me yeah. I am kind of offended by the batter but the frosting. I can't I can't work with these guys when it was a lot crossovers. -- -- positives like the old days yes cross. Over can it look easy but our anti. I I can't even look these shock jocks in the I know these smear emerge there -- smuggler shouts out. They're trying to lower the level of discourse so we're just used. It's hard to pick up the intelligence involved with that next at -- again. -- thought -- important points and -- just go with the over the line all. Well zoo gadgets right the first yesterday was not a stupid -- does note that there to stick -- clubs that can do it. Lists -- 128 minutes ago we get a break. We don't -- the don't have to go to the break the rules no she says I do know the rules of chambers and produce a new chair a new challenge it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Their backs this is this changes things is the line. At least let's go crazy today. I have -- question but it's too late if we can do something to get out suspended or fired when you could certainly try. I just need to -- that. This is -- -- I want to about it and that is why I'm right there. We don't think asylum as offensive as that Lucas. Again the rules of change we can a vagina Easter we got to go beyond that on to Virginia on the -- based. On the sexy. So you know someone could just taken their finger smeared a little bit of frosting. And it's not the least offensive -- the least bit offensive Randall writes not edginess. In the -- and screaming for. Fire exits -- if you just smeared the frosting a little bit lower lower the image we have lost a bleep you mind if somebody really on -- I mean. There's some people there who have. And it. So we're offended yes wanted suspensions -- but then there's this guy that was -- -- the stuff they were offended. They're saying they were offended yet. Of course -- pretending they were fed is not enough and don't be offended by this -- well. I certainly pastry with a vagina on it. However heavy Brazilian. Yeah I don't think the only the flaws exit -- -- to -- -- the -- was the of you can do about it yet you will be fine if she had landing strip there would be maybe five XX. It is hot out doesn't matter -- go Bruins on others or anything else on it. It's true that big go Bruins they would be out. -- too predictable things now don't -- it. What I just it wants -- so -- -- the first thing I learned yesterday is that whatever happened the previous game in the Stanley Cup finals. Has no bearing whatsoever on perhaps what happens in the next game fine we'll set that aside. The second thing I know this even more that I know the first thing. What do you -- you know don't -- and hang out. With Aaron Hernandez now that's my new role what I mean if if if if he skates. He's free and an out there if he's at Holyoke goal or or what ever. Don't hang out with Aaron Hernandez it is. Hazardous. Your health but I've read that he was a good Q did. -- -- caught up with some that I have a dark city is in this hard misplaced loyalties got a good heart never set a vagina pastry. Are you sure -- I don't think we know enough about him but my god this is getting curiouser and there certainly -- unless there are some details that we gotta give in to. You you know you judge over the you let me know women do -- what are you two guys learned yesterday before we give him the Hernandez they like to go for schoolyard what kind of you said on the street -- the big question what key question about a rival in an arm and and I get to that. Secondly that we -- the magic ball but I two things one is that I couldn't believe this that you know sometimes. Team's side posture in in negotiations and the clippers and so but I couldn't believe Reggie talking well I assume guys. Right. Let me and the bacteria I'd say -- human exposure to rivers -- select true and -- I -- was in his Jerry talked me into this after is that the Blackhawks. Given up -- baby -- their hotel rooms a look at positives out yet what happened that he still has that look. It's it's it's a permanent links there -- -- yet -- dedicated and sometimes the right -- Manny Ramirez it's crazy that the best hockey during the season team won the Stanley Cup a couple of years back didn't roll over and I have to -- at the cup -- simple yet so you're right about that that happens -- -- -- -- I learned that we have to go back to the draw member board and as far as casting the Bruins movie because I Gandolfini plant clones you -- satellites that can happen ICG. Does this. Does this mean the whole project on the -- grass right now now when we go to development -- Except they're huge arena is available he's it and you always -- with Dennis Franz it was a -- them okay he probably -- tomorrow WWC. Fields is dead -- yes. And by the way the movies Arnold who. Sell. It doesn't really matter they need to win more games before we make the movie two point. Yeah much again he would take apart anyways kind of he was close. It was he picked his spots he wasn't there what are you. Stupid she -- on the policeman in on he won three Emmys and said get out from in front of the camera behind him now producing a fortune to. Do in the subprime. -- a minute and the second greatest television character oval or an -- -- -- after Carroll O'Connor and similar away. League that kind of guys you weren't supposed to -- They -- that they were close they -- well and well I don't know analytical but I think enticed -- you -- someone you admire you -- if I assure you if I told you -- -- -- Tony Soprano. Does this this this this it's got reprehensible what you love and Aaron and I liked him -- beloved well -- -- every time we started -- love them he would like kill someone right lower in -- wanted to like -- on this was for whatever screw somebody over. It was a weird thing called much like you know quadrupled please -- hateful that you moments and suffocated Christopher. These are guys. That you that you understood what clinics he understood what is mr. Christopher. You've got because mr. what you would like -- -- he ruled in pretty late in the game to music character guys on this career role. It is early forties which is that guy checklist. He -- check -- the first sponsor partner but it was and other right in the right place and you went oh is evil and you end up kind of -- him -- -- -- -- about The Sopranos and activist Dennis runs wasn't even more. On these great team via active fat bald guys. Probably didn't. And make it really make in the movies. Because the fat bald yet and the and Ambien. Great TV actors in it so I I think you know -- briefing -- when we -- great TV actor system great actor. What's he each though it was an HBO she would no rules right. Yet they had a pornographic pastries on there once and it was a rules. Now -- have to think about different. But that was the one -- have definitely -- -- I learned that the series isn't over oh I'm his prominent -- summit take a beating today -- The shoot them handshake line of the game yet. I'm gonna laps -- -- -- on the net change my ways you know I'm going to. Generic. Radio on notice middle of the road moderates. It -- that's because it's safer option in my Twitter feed I just took a beating because I predicted that Rask would continue to play brilliantly right at Seidenberg and -- By the way terrorists and terror numbers available for a price for every. Child -- was minus three at two assistants honestly I guess. But. Somebody -- -- -- -- forgot was -- -- man and if they if this all goes down Eagles lose. Canceled as Hillary and they have and they lose the next hour. Remember Ciara. Lee leaning lying on on and Rask and Google Rask couldn't. Was like a dog leash he's got to make a save just reflect on as I. Say get off me I. -- got to play goal here at a time stop these guys -- are. I saw the replay six continents and Beckham -- and a radical Beckel by away victory and so on under rated performance. They needed -- church killed when the opportunity in the previous India you know at the end of the previous to that point entirely sure he could mean he would beat out -- pretty tough and pretty big -- -- and he knocked around and it was a key play. Obviously was a goal he knocked them down in the goal crease and -- and it was like a squirrel gets run over the ten -- stock. Kick it on the road. He's got this big coup on his -- rest is trying to play its makers say but he does that school they scored. And a much difficult in the system that ensures fellowship of but. The point was it looked like tiger and and thinking outside. The title -- last. I just I -- I got your name and I heard people say he never gets time that he -- run like super human up Mount Everest not so much less known in this in what was he like. About this every thing the Blackhawks could not do in the first three games of the series -- -- say that again everything they could not do they did last night. How does that happen. -- actual everything. Power play goal. Power play goal bodies in front of the net charges kind of watching guys standing in front a rash grass it can you please get his ass out in front of my eyeballs here seconds you what's going on. -- couldn't do it. Every thing the Blackhawks couldn't do make the tape to tape pass for a check back -- school for all of that. They did last night. I think there's going to be 32 game may be in the rest of the series is a 32 pure hell I mean we set a couple of days ago -- would you be surprised if Chicago didn't score the rest of the way. Yeah Jerry said I'd be surprised at the right away and as -- -- goals later at three and a crazy second period lives are at 61777. On 7937. Wes Welker will join us in the 7 o'clock hour Adrian -- and I'll ski in the 8 o'clock hour. Barry Petersen will -- discuss all things Boston Bruins hockey best of three series now AT&T text line as always it's 37. Not that was -- caves -- When on the rose ovals slide show resting flat which which it was so crucial because committed to what Toews is there Bergeron the broad counts for a happy days. When -- scored enough and he energized the team when he scored and then you saw the replay in an -- didn't say what -- -- doing. Is on all fours leaning on the goalies say how did you end up there. Vick will knock them down and that's probably only guy on their team. The could do that could that could knock Jared down in the goal crease. And lead and and set up a goal your phone calls next with -- and talent.

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