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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 06/19/13

Jun 19, 2013|

You ask us, we answer it. Or you ask Jack, he answers it.

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It's time for answers the question your country the question which -- -- this is the question. So put should be used on -- anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question. I brought you by -- restoration specialists that is your property your facilities manager or insurance local areas which you -- game -- in place. The -- 774611111. -- day or answer them. Dot com Jack how much time he's spending your airport game. Four and a half hours of the -- How much time spent on the listen. -- by what you do you. Russia is a rush after rush yes you have brought out by its public -- -- Question -- on earth that's Thomas. I just got to cut today and I told you had 29 minutes to do it is I had to be here. At Weston -- at 5 -- it's -- typically -- it. It's like. A lot more bit of a hill so it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the minister outlook. All the time -- objective -- there it's -- marketers that did proprietary. Custom rocket fuel costs -- love -- you can get it. Hubert street. And only on -- -- he has a lot of excellent. There are you. You can take it guaranteed Miami Heat law -- a letter that went to work. Next question there ago in any guarantee Miami Heat loss gain seven or guarantee ruins we in tonight we'll -- today. Let's say that this is interest. This isn't. Got to take the heat loss. -- added that -- I got it. -- -- pretty -- raise the the guys who enter this that he lost I'd -- well I got these I I can't be part of -- celebrate. I did not -- that -- you wanna watch injured -- Call -- what celebrate what a -- or went. But look at what if series is that experience all you're crazy -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- and that must get a -- at some point -- like seven. You are crazy my man even need to ask you this question how exciting it guys with the Bruins. When it sentinel capital to win the Bruins to win this -- will close to have bill Belichick's status in this town and be here for years now. -- Even if they don't with a couple of -- is the most successful coach in the history of lost -- once -- -- -- than any. Man who's ever coached -- And if you -- A couple coaches on building so we know Boston Bruins coach that coaches ever -- which went. Well yeah I -- Not yet not like we look at what we've got blocked. I would watch -- chip is about traded. I would do championships. Get fired. Tear -- it -- now that -- -- drought got fired. Three championships with Hewitt that -- here so we'll go to -- who I think are I think going to be out there I'll pop -- bit of ground. -- cure to your brother of sex on the stick or lightning and a ball. I'd rather have like evolved because exodus that has vowed to -- It doesn't. Sounds good system specifically like an ex Russian -- Yeah actually at this next know they'll no -- it is obvious that there is something there. It is theory. And old is your. This is -- figurative expression this little. Act gentlemen and that material I've met that's about it well it's not a political -- if you found it or whatever if you've ever driven out ERA. That's what it makes it makes it drives -- dowdy are part and or. Which is just. Sex on a stick. What is the worst place you ever gotten points and I've I've never in my life. At what does it opens -- Yeah until Christmas good and garden work out well probably talking about camping I've been out and -- -- -- all that crap like that now. And I think Butler it would ultimately these days that to happen. -- won't happen I think is like a luxury cabinets Heather and I stated -- you're. -- -- they'd that you're like I. It's like far but it Butler and David noted Oprah Winfrey alarm on the first vote yes now that it might you might need it and -- went out there and a little background. And recently few years ago stated that your -- never do again Heather -- I was supposed to vote given that what. Well with -- phone due back and I'll jump in the car that they go get on do it but it's awful it's not your could have -- Yes I -- all that it miserably it's terrible you know worse worse place I've ever had it was just. Round my eyes just more just world does that -- -- give it an island place and I I had an audience out of -- helpful and you know right -- if they're giving you like what -- take one you know they they pump up your veins you know and the problem was it was so close to the blood vessels that -- And it went all over my arms down like -- or -- -- allergic to mangoes do. Angles in very similar -- what -- terrific thanks for the award are finally and that is right along the same -- Is there election like this where effort is -- any player on the Bruins play or retired should have their number. Allow. Play leg or retire when it's going to be the one day when -- this -- is -- retired or somebody who already laid up. -- -- or watch last days over going to be worth 37 applause right right there victory. Probably. Anywhere else that he alzheimer's. And when this thing you know -- I think they've they've covered the waterfront Krewell it's it's you're talking about a really. You've got to be really careful with those kinds -- got to be really really really careful. But. I think there's there's definitely one of this team and maybe to Jeff Hogan eventually I think and well you know what counselor so what else. If he if he goes long and often keeps doing what he's doing this spring. Seventeenth -- got real evidence that it. Because of what the place influence or that you'll occupy have you looked effective yet. Nicklaus Phil doesn't. It is actually fought its -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but on a Stanley Cup finals on the president's trophy winner and he's just get out of the way. 46 that number doesn't even come off yet it's interesting guy who was. The points leader -- years ago with the points leader this year in the playoffs I think your -- right I think it would take something more and probably some that are regular season. For 46 the one thing about the raptors but. Good question good question Jack thank you so much. Great good to have you I guess in between periods yeah him right out of what we got 630 start time like that -- over Jack all right Jack -- -- quickly if you. This moment bruins' playoff history presented by the veterans -- system basics of Latin. The Bruins with the flyers five the ones we've -- in the playoffs and avenge the historic collapse you know after nothing from the previous season. Moment bruins' playoff history presented by the DA doing -- health care systems serving those deserve that and defining excellence. In the 21 century Michael you don't trust the Bruins tonight. You believe the Blackhawks are known to Michael's body drew won't -- I didn't write what you -- what you you're currently you think Chicago's got. I think Chicago's perfect -- penalty -- are that they're two great teams and I -- Ready for a long series so the odds with me that we see Blackhawks went -- I hope LeBron. But rather a lot by a predictions. We have or -- -- after you watch Jack -- the rest of the group one that's an enemy on this later tonight as well they're going to vote and a phone calls we'll all realize that. A later tonight on this project or you don't make a mistake and get on that -- guys we'll catch you tomorrow at 2 o'clock AM. Which he's just. Sex on the stick.

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