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Aaron Hernandez questioned in murder probe: Is the 'Patriot Way' a thing of the past?

Jun 19, 2013|

We talk about the developing Aaron Hernandez story line and look at it from the context of 'the Patriot Way', the theory that the Patriots only deal with high character athletes. Is that Patriot way gone? Did it ever even exist? We discuss.

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Well we are back at west and -- is our new home away from home down by the gardens all all the law -- locked. Good stuff today against what you should know right off the bat. If you come down you can hang with Barry Melrose Ayers now a -- -- for longer knows who else you should know the -- happen. It -- the hair what it. Maybe some work on that maybe the technology I don't know -- the -- that our legs five. Says that that's that I would say the message here knows I've noticed with techsters would bring Catherine -- -- -- -- Dirty to get dirty. So now I don't want to work on we got the lovely Catherine Japanese government here for forty what we know we -- attack was about. -- go crazy. Jack Edwards once again at 5 o'clock -- by LeBron -- a crowd and everybody's definitely excited worlds that idea Jack rose up to them multiple -- more people came project right. Well most important legacy Jack Edwards came. Out and then about this yet -- thirty today. 432. Day. Giving away tickets for tonight's. Game four. At the garden. Blackhawks Bruins for 38 day make sure you were listing will be giving away a pair of tickets to tonight's game I think our. And let's just say we're giving away. Giving away tickets I don't know how that's gonna work and don't don't tell me I don't tell me what that with the processes. But I just feel like we should be able to create some loopholes. In the process saw somebody says for example. Where -- they they if you're the winner and they say well where these seats but not ashore they ask about the ticket we should. Which -- reserve the right to take them away. And give them to somebody else who actually appreciate yes -- get free tickets. And you start complaining about the placement of the ticket. That you stipulated. While I can imagine there wouldn't exactly at 430 today we give Italy two tickets for tonight's game ought to talk show today John Farrell joins us. Appear in about 25 minutes to relax a sweep of -- doubleheader yesterday. Some questions about Jon Lester -- questions about Buchholz who goes to the L and -- really peonies if you need to go to the years have these kind of health issues with him. Every season's all questions for Merrill. -- up one by one start and Michael -- and broke religious that we were getting off the air yesterday with our extended version of -- -- Heading back into the Red Sox game after the rain delay and first of all really weird I mean the stories real battery as your following keep getting little pieces of information. Well this is this is what we go and and obvious that -- right out of top. If you were awaiting worse. So law and some law and order revelation. That aha moments. About a year for that. I'm not a detective. Not a -- So I'm not gonna even speculate. On what could be happening with Aaron Hernandez but we do know the facts -- -- the look good. Facts are there is the dead body. A mile away from the towns if somebody you know. -- somebody who. Dated. His. Girlfriend's sister. There's a rental car connected to him. Close to the body we know he's being question we know he hasn't been ruled out of the suspect that the -- So that's just that's the legal side of it. You look at the football side of it and the patriots. Well. You've got some problems not you don't have Aaron Hernandez problems here patriots. -- those are real world problems but. If you are are looking forward to the football season and you're excited about your team in Utah but Tom Brady's window for a championship and is the window shrinking. Well the window just close -- little bit more. In the last 24 hours just got a little crank -- ultimately you know. The nose on your targets. -- you have these two guys with the patriots identified as core members of the team how do we know that because they shot them both the long term contracts. So two young tied into the patriots identified as very important parts of the team. Are now major question marks for the start of the season for different reasons Rob Gronkowski. Injury related. -- Hernandez potentially. Legal were illegally. And I didn't hear the gronkowski news user from sauce there couple minutes ago in the update. Did have a successful surgery yesterday that's the good news the bad news is. Recovery time for the surgery estimated at twelve weeks which were taken in early September 12 weeks from yesterday September 10. So you're looking at twelve weeks the season's start to believe September 8. You're already that into week two before it even recovered from the surgery and you know how much is going to. Probably in all likelihood now gonna start the year in the pup list which means you're unlikely to see him before week's seven. If you see him weeks at that time -- was were -- you kick off the public until after six weeks into the season. Yet six weeks into the season there's a three week window right. Where the team can make a decision watch a guy practiced decide if he's ready to talk about that let's go off that list immediately come up that list that we that we gave we nine. And then at at at that point yet to make decisions you -- -- -- pup list and be done for the season and so. That that's a that we will look for on the ropes look at. For -- you look at. What they're what they're projecting for the surgery -- the -- it's gonna take twelve weeks to recover. It's not like you're you're focused on twelve weeks that's twelve weeks with no football activity -- twelve weeks. With with -- a very limited cardiovascular racquet activity as it relates to football so you just you say it was about twelve weeks and -- them -- a weeks. We'll be ready to play and be grown -- and and potentially be even more focus if he were to be out there because you don't know what's gonna happen now that Aaron Hernandez whose future is now murky. Right I mean -- every everything about the Patriots offense is now -- You know how they were built they built around Tom Brady and then meet the match up nightmares that these two titans bring to you right. Anytime you put these two guys out on the field. Match up nightmare for any defense in the league. Nobody is equipped. To handle two. Pass receiving threat who can also block. The way these two guys to see what about there. Anybody wants to play the next linebackers -- themselves vulnerable to a past. If you wanna put that extra safety or extra defensive back out there -- incredibly vulnerable to the run during match up nightmare. And you built that way but that's the old battle line about maybe you can hang out with you can it'll -- one of them. Not as good but -- signed some guys with Ballard Daniel -- you've got some guys on your team and who can fill in one of the two. How to -- -- it was for both the details I'm not -- developer wanted to do I think. Well. Short term -- short term abortion. Couple games -- just played few game. -- -- -- It's just guys just think -- have no -- to the having the other guy just got out that. But not that that it is not what it is not a guy who wins. Jake if you look at this. Erin Burnett if you're filling in for Aaron Hernandez Eric Hernandez a lot of patriots fans today what I really -- You know he's what happened in the slot how many times we hear that when Wes Welker left. -- well personally but in the slot because he's really big receiver so that's that guy and I disagree with that but the point is. He's athletic enough he's personable enough. Where you look at him and it's gonna cause some matchup nightmares whether it linebacker or even a state York times. Same thing with ground but it's just. But but supersize. And he's got -- he's gonna cost them matchup where he can pass any strong if overpowered you. Neither one of those guys. Even in the short term. I mean that about -- -- with that -- to think about now to the about it felt I don't think so. Those are -- after -- So I don't think either one of those guys -- really is is it adequate replacement for -- -- -- -- so what you do. -- yeah every time you make the -- they may be right long term might disagree short term apparent and it's gonna miss three games and you have gronkowski healthy you need to put in Ballard for Hernandez for three games. I think you're still good team are really don't know it don't market right now I mean it is easily make it sound like with a couple of games of one of those guys out -- -- well I don't like -- that. So this is welcoming me be clear. I think with those guys if if you have if you have rock. A you don't have Hernandez. And you and instead of Hernandez you have. Daniel fells you no longer have that you're no longer that feared too tight enough. If you have what those guys I don't know longer you're no longer feared there I mean that they're good but it's not like oh we don't know what to do you know exactly what to do what those guys. But when you have Obama I don't feel that would operate -- Brady is able to elevate the level of the second ties and I don't think you're screwed without -- But if you're gonna have to play a significant amount of time without both of these guys. How much does that change the game for the patriots after they changed it -- because of what -- it could live without too good players yes. Around that without the two players that you've decided to build your offense around. In addition to Brady. I don't know now especially when the defense is suspect. And -- the last few years the defense has been suspect it's no longer one of these situations where you count on your defense so if you miss a couple of guys that okay Belichick to credible defense and just take care you know that's not the case. You used to have Randy Moss -- while those guys are all on the right receiving corps is entirely unlike any in the Dolan the credit -- that your got a heart problem opera tending the red alert level now because the system guy. I like him because of what he would do it -- no pressure on them you don't really have an outside receiver must summon the one of these two new kids. That you drafted turns into that instantly. So what are you. You don't have a big time running back if you wanna start running the ball all right. You think he's a big time running -- -- is -- your Peterson go right if I would rush 12100 yards after the capable yet right now is he's got. -- Republican running back yet. I think the difference in a good running back and a capable running back is negligible in the and a belly you have great running backs terrible running -- than everybody else you know it. I think capable running back is kept running and capable running back is about. Just just at four yards -- and you know maybe 750. Parts that -- possible. -- -- -- at times at times Steven Ridley dynamic. So I think he's the little more than capable or whatever I don't I don't think running back into the position where that that almost a well I don't know I think the position and positions. -- -- Long term. You're you're not gonna have that guy he can't say it's going to be our running back for two years it really well more. And that but if you wanna build your offense around him the ball to Steve secretly every time -- I mean because that's eventually if you don't have anybody to throw the ball to -- you need something to do. And if gronkowski is gonna miss significant time and Hernandez could potentially miss significant time depending on what happens with this investigation here. -- you're gonna have to make some alterations because that you said Michael. Building your team around -- man and Daniel -- and Ballard that's probably not gonna be right. The it becomes. Tom Brady. Making somebody -- -- For it -- Tom Brady doesn't makes it went great it becomes. Tom Brady. Dealing with -- what he has ala 20062006. It if you look at it offensively. I look at his numbers and based company based on the resource is that he had. Pretty good year for operating in 06 -- And they they had that the year they had the big lead against. Indianapolis 216 at halftime and it was a game they wind up. Scored thirty points and that was good enough -- -- left point that was gonna get into the super bull. So I think that's -- look at. It's June when it got a little little dark when we talk about they combat team without these guys know no. You have top rated quarterback not a bad idea mediocre team without these two guys what you have for their playoff team in the -- Our investors look for the both missed the entirety of the year if you don't have gronkowski nominated for the entire you'd have him. -- part of asking your question when I don't believe I didn't say anything all right I ask you look -- in question are there but are they are playoff -- -- court. They are okay this public at this rate and end is that always play out this way because. The saints missed the playoffs last year but it's like they're like five guys are six guys the only quarterbacks. If -- have those if those guys you team. You are that's automatically a wait and -- -- halfway decent look at it. You know as an errant doctors and it a healthy Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. It is Drew Brees. And -- Friday. Matt Ryan even in the way he played lately but last year's. European quarterbacks that you just yet when you have those guys -- -- you can't even. So operating. One has been through off or worse situations as a reference to six. And look at the division play. It's almost it's almost impossible for the team in the playoffs. That's not the standard in the way it is ever been winning the AFC's Everett then. Even -- -- AFC championship game. Which you talk about the Brady went -- because we're making about Super Bowl we are spoiled we have seen that high. The highest point that it felt it that's -- -- just the patriot and it and do you think it team without these two guys to be capable of getting back to that. -- well and be very be very difficult really difficult at that public resents it is hard is because it's happening in -- If you if you have the security they have everything happening at February or march. Least you still have the early stages of free agency it is before the draft so. If if you think while we -- not gonna have both the 2013 season that's a real possibility that. Think about it for at worst case scenario right now it advocate for. The -- for that now. While -- -- is can you play for that starting June -- started getting getting what do you -- -- go out their plan for that you don't really have a lot of because of its right place at this point anybody else you bring in isn't going to be better than the guys that you -- -- in terms. Els and who in and and and our enemy you know how to find titans -- right now it's better than those guys. So you know explained to me how this team. Is in position to get to where they wanna be again. Right if -- patriots and senior you're always thinking about the Brady Belichick window how much longer last how many more years they have. How does the team that. Actually I have. Two of its primary core guys kinda went through the court guys they've decided today we did that a couple weeks ago and and there are just too few radio in the boat right. And and Wilfork is Wilfork is -- this still apple Wilfork at Mayo you're gonna have. You're gonna -- Logan Mankins to with a lot of people consider them as a restaurant apparently. -- but they're both on the top ten or twelve right absolutely talking about absolutely and they play the same position witches. So what have you built your offense which is exploiting other teams. By giving so good at one position. That you were taking advantage of a match. And you know what I just thought this. And it it. I was never I was never bored with -- Wes Welker grow. Up but I but I both of over okay. But part of the reason a lot of a lot of people felt comfortable letting while ago. Because they thought it was redundant. -- -- He's in the middle of the field you already got ground yard got Hernandez. With the patriots really need is outside got to -- perimeter guys guys who can. -- press coverage and not be. It not be intimidated by it at all in -- you know you throw -- throw to home. Even when they appear to be covered because they're they're that good on the outside light -- -- -- that was during the playoffs. But if this had happened. Before Wes Welker go to free agency is Wes Welker still hear it see more valuable than that. It would have changed the whole -- I would think. Out of all the little -- on -- -- -- -- I've thought of Wes -- I've always thought of him as a complementary -- who ends up catching a ton of balls because of a couple of very complementary -- to that depends for awhile it was a complementary -- to -- -- that after that it was complementary -- to the matchup nightmares the gronkowski and and Hernandez provided I don't know -- he's not a number one receiver he may have caught a ton -- balls he may have been a great player but he's -- -- number one on the outside. Primary option receiver he's excited it's open because teams are worried about other matchup nightmares some. Number one you know slot receivers I know -- still. They're they're the designated hitters of of football is still hard for us to look at them as. As did the same as anybody diets don't let Paula I'm not but he isn't he wasn't able. No it was not not in the sense that he dictated coverage I'm not disagreeing that he was a primary target all time and that they set up a lot of plays for him to catch the ball. I just don't know that those please work unless you have somebody else who puts the fear of god into the defense and I think after awhile that was Randy -- and then after that it was the ground and in this combination. It is either put the fear of god and knew that all on this one play. Our lives could change whether -- thing but he did it there were times if you need a third and 637. If the patriots that who you're afraid. Fred Wes Welker third down to get off the field you need to stop -- -- to going you who would they go to the court to remember what target ball more often than not as Wes Welker. Well we're gonna continue this conversation throughout patriots in a very interest in buying now as gronkowski -- not to be recovered until at least the week two of the season and all likelihood won't be with the team as he would go want the BUP list. Until six or seven weeks in in the meantime Aaron Hernandez frightening story still consider still not ruled out as a suspect out in the murder of the body that was found under a mile round mile. From his house keep but keep you updated on that as we continue to hear from west and -- down by the garden get ready for game four tonight Bruins and Blackhawks. We also have tickets to giveaway at 430 -- up next -- talk about what we got to see yesterday -- double header sweep by the Red Sox John Farrell will join us to explain how they did that and what's gone wrong play buckled back -- the DL. That's coming up -- alcohol W -- Reading here from the report on SI dot com just put up a few moments ago from Greg Bedard and Pete -- personal. From multiple NFL teams still -- side that they had off field concerns about Hernandez. In particular. The questions pertaining to alleged gang activity of some of Fernandez is associates. In his native Bristol Connecticut. -- law enforcement official familiar with Hernandez reiterated concerns about his circle. Of influence in this story first broke Michael you and I talked about it last night you basically come down to three conclusions about Hernandez's three ways this can end. Either one. He's guilty and he he actually committed a heinous act of murder right. Who he's innocent -- need to know anything about this and he's just caught up. And being here's some things that point in the really have nothing to do with them. Or three others doing letters and numbers but whichever it is artery or the go go AP three I may have that would actually be cool guy but I'll do it again ATP or -- easily something in between which which all falls under the headline. Laid down with dogs and you're getting please. Be around a lot of the wrong people and eventually something like this is gonna happen and you're gonna be implicated in some way even if you didn't commit the heinous act. You do the people that did it or maybe they -- something in your name where you help them in some way where he tried to help your body get out of trouble after are committed heinous act. You you you find yourself that you're connected to a lot of rotten people. Being dragged it. Well brought to stop that they're doing I think that's the comparable story for. A lot of us that means we are. Following the patriots here about the -- -- any of the team and a -- That sounds like the story that that makes you the most comfortable Ali. Was around them bad people and that's the lesson learned but. The real story might -- a little more -- Would have he has what it is what those people. Is that just around the wrong people that he is one of at and you don't know what it goes back to that report that you just quoting now I know for a fact. There are 45. Back off the top five for five games. That took him off of their board entirely there yet to -- -- on dropped well yeah we we like it's like -- -- Their question their character questions about now. I don't wanna I don't want to pile on here today there was a team that's that they're their draft -- that one day. Eric Hernandez will be question. By local and state beliefs because there will be a murder. And they will want to know what his contribution to what what he knew about that and that thing that. But NFL teams sometimes they go too far with their analysis that over that too much but. -- character is a big thing or something. Well I I I but I think the -- us a stop right there I got the belief has always been that is a big concern for. This right -- when we really talked about the patriot way when -- wrote patriot -- when when they dynasty was at its height in 2000. One -- you're really at war in that. That era. There was they believe that the patriots. A bigger commitment to character and intelligence and football intelligence and situational. Knowledge of football that anybody else did your football quotient -- -- -- bigger deal to the patriots and anybody else. And part of the reasons. This entire region or while with the patriots of that era yes it's because they won super bulls really the first team your win in forever but beyond that. That seems so relatable. Teddy Bruschi great guy Ty Law for the most part great guy -- there's a little bit of an incident but not a big one. Lawyer Malloy everybody -- normal -- just such a great guy. Every Texas the -- Westbrook are. But that's not a cousin but -- -- of the electricity at the border is not dead bodies showing up -- your house and I don't think that it. I think our society looks at that little bit different John okaying saying it's fine but I think our society looked that is the and a guy happens and on as opposed to somebody who's. Most preying on on it is -- or whatever. Tom Brady at that point especially the -- -- -- with a backpack slung over his shoulder in the image that the patriots presented at. Was won it with family friendly and everybody could relate to because they work. The good guys well the end of the -- Here's this is what this is what I figured out here I think we will look at it. The patriots have always had guys. On the team. Who have had questionable character. What they what they were good at managing. Was making sure those guys did not define the colts. And making sure that those guys could be easily disposable without the operation being upset at all of the conversation we had at the top show. What are the patriots do. Without acts. That that it really didn't really come and play in 20032004. Got to that at that point we felt like -- if this guys -- no big deal. Somebody else will step up. And they won't miss -- -- They were never. They weren't ever so tied to a guy. That if he did something you can just be booted out here so. -- they brought Corey Dylan if you look at his rap sheet gets pretty significant and there's a real charges. It's a real accusations against Cory Dylan at the actual crimes. That Corey -- committed. We're getting -- that's a little scary but. They were gambling. We we will have a strong for everything you said family friendly you know good character guys and we will bring. And a couple of we have guys that they don't -- and steal letter. But they -- never -- court got it never define our culture are we at that point with the patriots -- the point where. Where bad guys are their core guys. I don't think well we don't think that of Brady we don't think that -- -- right are those good. They're out there wanted to him in the two most important guys in the or -- You know I think they have they have taken more chances lately they did what the question is so bad Chad Johnson who was a bad guy right -- -- the -- pretty -- -- -- yeah. Factory and it must Albert work right. Bad guy. If Eric Eric Hernandez I don't know what happened there. But let's there's a murder. -- -- his name is his name is attached to it if you'd have to say. There's a chance that -- the bad guys to. Are selling us this question what does happen to the patriot way was it real to begin with. Was it was it -- media fabrication that it never really exist. Or did it change along the way or do you still believe that it's there 61777979. 371. Asked that question. I don't know the answer to -- a 100%. But. I believe the it is different than it was and you know I what -- Help but think it's different one I publicly I don't think it was entirely media fabricated I think your. Your description. In some guys that they'd keep their hats and checkered. Asked but they were not at the core and they were assimilated into the locker room. By the sheer force of will of the guys that did in the McGinest and Bruschi and law and tackle Matt Light all the guys at this program exactly new name one after another. It due date they were completely. Overshadowed. By the real good that was in this organization. At what point did that change was Corey Dylan with that the -- was that the deal with a double that brought you down that road was -- Randy Moss. Was I mean was there a moment where. That -- check for the patriots organization essentially said. We're making a change. We're no longer going to keep that at the at the core of our value system it's still going to be there to a point in the that we can get away. Without one of them went O -- that maybe we can get away with that old Troy Brown because we still operating system that will -- eventually. Don't you hit -- 88 point in which I tipping point which you fault all right Ed the other. From the Oakland greater edit if it's well. Oakland Raiders that that that's larger area the characters are Leslie budget but I think it's it's a great question because there's so many incidents. There's so many examples that you come up with an image or deal with Corey Dylan worked out for them. He was he will everything they expect -- to be and more. Are -- 2004 season are great disease in on the field great season off the field when it all back to back champions. But it would get a lot of incidents where the -- Used it used to be that they were it would minimize their. -- I -- your program I'll linebacker from which to date eight murder. Seventh round. Don't -- a round pick a lot of teams had him off their board. I could play a little bit at the size but there are some questions about them about it here in the seventh round. Anyway the character problem here -- let go into the guy another. Oh. Willie Andrews. There and he had so got drug bust for the oh. Better vote or read it didn't work out that. At some point they. This early leader. Laurence Maroney. We're told before they draft. -- -- -- -- -- -- They were told before they drafted. Selfish me guy won't work hard enough not the kind of receiver that -- before they took him anyway so they started to take all of these -- And imagine they became wrist arm that was the first round pick second round pick -- third this is a fourth round -- -- you decide to pay real money on the seventh rat -- the sixth round. We -- wanted to the second the first round I ever did what was that the threat ever. Where I was at the success they had for another Corey Dylan and then with Randy Moss that it may be allowed them to think. That they can get away with more more -- more hey you know what we had success record -- and he never really popped off to badly he mean maybe there were a couple of little incidences but nothing major -- Portland. Was it lately it would go away without any mosque. But -- that would -- hey you know what. Right up until the end you've got as many good years you can possibly ask for from Randy Moss without major incident and eventually saying hey you know what. Belichick and Brady are so strong together that they can but it -- canvas and all the ultimate viewing these guys in the ball to matches up an earlier but it didn't have enough of those. -- well you mention media hype. And that was the height part of that Belichick and Brady are strong and pocket yet they are strong but there were so many people. Behind this. Alliance -- people on the right. -- were doing those same things. That maybe even read a Belichick and Brady more aware of it was just so it was such a particle mcginniss felt Bruschi Vrabel got even though it and then below that level. I mean there there's. It Anthony pleasant you know was one of those guys who's coaching now Otis Smith. One of those guys who were doing I would I would -- fight I'll get Roman I used the example. In a business. Where. The boss thinks OK we've got this culture here and it's a culture where everybody wants to exceed everybody was -- And that if that's true. But there are things that the employees are doing. That they're not even aware. There that they're doing -- -- employees -- doing that they're not be compensated for this high achievers you brought and these people and they are doing things off hours. -- that are helping out accurate I guess what they are greater that you. Think you are always wanted to believe and I did believe announced starting that I thought that's a Bill Belichick won. I thought he wanted to have a team and believe that you could succeed or with a team of guys that kind of got it outside and the rest of their life not just on the football field. And and that if he had a chance with a seventh round pick. To take a guy with better intangibles he defeated not as much talent. That that's where he would go and I I guess I find myself disappointed. That over the last few years it's gone the other direction I still think the world to them as coach Bret I still think he's as good as anybody's ever coached in this game. But I can also think that this has been at some level -- mistaken judgment. A belief that the -- enough talent that he's got enough ability with him and Brady maybe a couple of other core guys to bring bad guys into the full. It is a mistake in judgment damn right that was I will judgment -- you look at a story like this before it gets that call we got a -- -- -- I want out of the color ad that's what it talked less than that -- typical. Here's here's here's the deal that quickly notices. About their leaders wanted to political map. Tedy Bruschi. Is a bad for example this is what I mean doing things that the coaches don't mastered. Tedy Bruschi during 2007 season what to Bill Belichick said you're not coaching us hard enough. Yeah me too if I didn't like what you said after the game fortunately our products. And so. Belichick comes back to the beating the next day he's tougher on the team and he picks on Bruschi. He's harder on him that anybody else but imagine you know. That is that is rare to find out we think that that's what you had you had a lot of guys like that that locker room and I know we're romanticizing it a bit. And we should romanticize it because it was special and it doesn't exist there. Like it did before. And if there's -- there's a major deficit of that that may -- more talented individually across the board 53 that they worked out what I know they're more talent right. Now that they -- 2001. They have an awful but they -- got -- look at that and why not why not why did they go out and get a few of those guys want a few of these drafted and they sacrificed. A talent -- risk. For somebody who could be the future leader of the team somebody with a character that made up what I think we all believed to be the patriots way is the patriots way over. There's still live on it never really exists or calls execs went 77797937. Salt and holly -- Johnny's down by the -- get ready for game four WB yeah. Talking all here. WEEI at west and Johnny to get a ton a ton. Of hockey Bruins related contents -- up for the final two hours of the show be -- right for equipment error Barry Melrose will be with us. Here in person -- happen with -- 445 jacket periodically for the entire 5 o'clock hours the police Jack Edwards of the Boston. There'll always argued as the as the hair -- -- with -- it's the athlete with -- I would with -- investors because she was. Steeplechase got. All American academic all American athlete at Rutgers that's why she's via lead in the play in the face and then the voice gentler way I got out. By the way also asked giving away Bruins tickets for tonight's game at 430 an hour from now to make your you're listening and in the meantime without the question -- -- gonna answer it if the patriots way over done. In the wake Aaron Hernandez being investigated. As not necessarily a suspect -- will be the TV statement that hasn't been ruled out. But in some way connected to this murder but some of the other issues you've seen over the last few years some of the other guys Michael that you mentioned. In this conversation. What -- changed with the idea of the patriots way Johnson Connecticut -- It's time. An interest and -- content and by the way I'm that are from Connecticut here in Manchester. Yeah. You know I'll I'll. I'll circle back to what it's like to -- -- UConn Huskies fan and that they -- the state. Went Calhoun came in which -- -- those -- fundamental guys. And then. And ending up winning your first title but then after that aimed at getting guys to where. And a little of slippery when it came to character and it almost done and probably broke out and away and it it almost program the program into. And bad places and they eventually violation like we have last year and and I I don't know it. And it when you're geochemical above seamer here and media. A big time college. It's probably pretty hard to stay away from those guys who look awfully appealing the pack -- young kinda guide as opposed to these happen printer or. I think what becomes frustrating -- though is if we all believe that having some of those character guys is why these coaches got to where they were to begin with. What changes with them that they get it while we think that's the case that they -- not recognize that the well. I think well a lot of times a lot of times -- John you've real but at some point. It's what everybody has to think about whether it's college football. Pro football that -- pro football especially. Because. There's there's there's so much pressure on -- you go to a pro football team -- -- I got a four year plan or three year plan. They'll laugh at you that you may I have three years to get two factors. Such a pressure. On when he -- -- quickly. Is it. Go after those guys were supremely talented. But who are a little trouble and I think a lot of the coaches go for those gritty players probably players. They don't always go for those guys because they say they're championship level wrinkle will be that big. This is what we have to do right now that's the best that we sometimes guys but they -- the best guys of. Where it's weird that they don't recognize that that's he had to be a reason why they succeed at this is an agreed level that they just get. Seduced by talent -- it's. It it'll just for example are great offseason that the patriots had. 2001. When they brought it Mike Vrabel and Mike Compton and Brian Cox was apparently brought right. Larry -- all -- if it. Brave that brought an AT. Eighteen guys. Who made it David -- was another way. You know why they did that they did that -- they did it because they had to cap problems so it's not like they said there had its intention. And I guess it. I'll get I get what you're saying. Yeah I get your thing but what are you learn from it but it worked out right when it works why do you then say oh wait I'm gonna go back to a plan that it goes completely opposite what does worked for your students say. -- that was where you believe in the sustainability. Of those guys probably think this is definitely a bit and it worked out where you -- but their board talented guys out there. Is in everybody wants to get those guys and I I'd get it and I'm not a talent can't know Michael have you can't let him do -- they talent and the patriots aegis. We're not. In high early encompass entirely made up of just good character guys who couldn't play obviously to operate plate a little bit maybe degrees quarterback we've seen generations. But. As you said earlier on the back to it it's the balance. Between the sheer number of good guys they had a good team leaders that were able to marginalize. The the the negative people who were who were in the were in the who were on the team at the same time in the Portland the other way any -- broke out there there's only -- -- believe on line to punch him or at Providence Providence on our Tony. Yeah handicap that much about anything you punch applied to get back in the studio. There was as much about that ethnic areas I don't care bill and thanks -- armada article technically she apologized well. Right no problem. Well I kind of agree with a lot of things -- -- -- water up. Like being a 22 year -- -- it all I have real structure thanks. I believe like every other team you'll do it takes to win so I think it's perception. That there can only try to -- Arctic ice. I think that the law. I think that a lot of -- it's clear -- stop a lot of red carpet to the kind. A -- Limbaugh Ali. -- -- -- -- -- -- And and. Well yeah. But the only government before -- different era that was that was -- that was 959. Iron -- -- -- along I mean I'm not talking about the economy. I don't know they'll talk about those -- about our. I'm on I'm trying to I'm trying to say is it productive line. With the crap really article what we elect in an engine and oh. Are -- issue that's what out of their whole notion that immediate thought well. You know. My aircraft up there then -- all you need concoction. Yeah about how -- -- -- the original OK Tony that's a report out I gotcha I gotcha vote vote vote vote I can as a Tony's point as. Once that happened when the patriots drafted that Christian Peter. I think that was and they hit the ground for the fifth round what they did that it -- that -- -- for us after all all of his. All of his crimes cannot outbid it with. The that thought among patriots as well as well they'll never say they won't ever do that there's certain guys can play for the places and we know that's well that's the point. Even -- a different era maybe that's what. Different from what we're talking about it -- that the Myra Kraft influence that the crap that I think what we're talking about though he is. The good guy character guy that helps the patriots we in it. And keeps the locker room in balanced or disposed toward the evil. The Bruschi Vrabel at the beginning of the room with these names over and over again Troy Brown -- -- -- another name that your girls want to that was that I haven't mentioned yet. At what point. Keep the balance shift or how to achieve that maybe doesn't make you still believe that overall. Maybe there are people that believe the -- Your ballots did -- it is not just we're not just talk about criminal behavior here's another guy we forgot about. It -- committed crimes but he did not buy it that it was Thomas built Thomas was a big guy they brought. A big free agent signing of 2007. Actually played -- games -- pool we don't remember that because they lost it. What happened after that it was Thomas is going around asked -- -- all the answers that -- Thomas. You know walking around the facility say why are we doing this why are we doing that I'm not on board is openly -- And and -- be in support it. It's like a Roman empire type thing. Where eventually the empire gets to be so big that it can't sustain itself and it crumbles is that it. That eventually you have so much success that you just can't sustain itself to many people retire and it's impossible to replace them at the white types of people and you forget what it is that actually gotten to the top to begin with because you have Tom Brady and you think as long as you have that quarterback that's all you really need it. The parallel is not exact but I think you know what I'm trying to say -- -- or does -- end up collapsing on you because you forget what it is that really got you there to begin with. The problem with that theory is and maybe this is my own naivete about it. Have such respect for bill ballot jackets and intelligent. Football coach who's kind of staring at a picture out of of them here at the when I got off on it though that it happens to be here whether Johnny's they're there he is a fairly off into space over in his ability. I have such respect for him as a as a guy that. That does what he thinks is the smartest thing to help them win gains as opposed to what the rest of the pack is doing. That it's hard for me to imagine -- -- check for getting what it is that really got a -- topic yet. The evidence kind of points in that direction. The evidence that they took they start to take more. Chances. That points in the draft. And maybe at numbers point to the draft in numbers. They don't suggest that you should be taken residency numbers because -- -- -- -- salary and got Chad Ochocinco right. At midnight -- salary when he was here made a lot of money -- dollars five dollars. Laurence Maroney Janet Jackson's first round -- second round pick a bread and now with a first round pick. Generally. At the beginning. While the run those first objects were money and -- in the -- -- statements -- -- disappointment and chagrin of patriots fans who want it that big name. We all want it. We all want the big name and it retrospect we say well what we really want is character guys -- -- of doing that with the Red -- evidently offseason. Josh Hamilton. -- -- -- -- Josh Hamilton all but the only wound up with out my car to get victory and don't though it would it would -- -- these guys. Not turns out there's character guys actually play a little bit -- -- politicking I don't wanna character guy stinks right but it turns out character guys who can still play. Are awfully -- valuable text message 3770. TT -- line hey guys Kevin Faulk got arrested for marijuana Vrabel was arrested for stealing your casino. These guys are acquired -- Most major career. It all went back there for Barack Mike Vrabel. That was it all went downhill from there it's also not just about quite -- I don't think everybody needs to be Tim Tebow as an and an above the fray although maybe by the way this is one of the reasons people was brought in here maybe there is a recognition Bill Belichick are I don't know -- -- of this is -- we're getting arrested for marijuana is a little bit different. From having it bought being connected. Taj younger but I think also. The phrase it is. Football Coulter. And football focus let's put it that way. So my -- -- whatever happened not that casino and and they are. A multiple reports on that it was in Indiana. -- the issues there. You well when he was here with the patriots. You never questioned its football focused Kevin's -- yeah he did lower -- at a little -- concert. It never question his football focus he was the leader in that room and they have leaders in the -- forget about forget about the rap sheet. For second -- just think about. The patriots locker room what they're about. How do they have enough leaders strong leaders who will's way who will sway. Let them -- the entire group. The -- -- Are okay. Well and they can that we haven't lost -- -- -- like the patriots today. Kinda you know we -- the character guys in there but also. We. -- These you know people where it went character I get day in and somewhere in -- You know up NB. Players you know -- -- at the field and you say and you gripping the I don't think we blocked earlier. A mighty big point it out all of -- out was. I don't and I hate sports that area to that goal Hernandez -- I think they've been. How it down right now it play. One that it acts -- affiliate. -- like you hear that well. That might bring it out Don yes -- -- -- but he dropped that that -- and I'll clear out and moderately. Well. I don't know Greg -- this is the art that that's why we're talking about that the patriots. It against the patriots in terms of team building the patriots like who who is becoming the team. And not really doing in getting getting to the detective work. I don't know if he's being set up for. I don't know it body I -- -- I I really don't know I'd go to bat looking story for the patriots it's terrible the art at the very least and it could be worse than. That I don't. Well look I think a falls under one of the scenarios we laid out there which is that he's innocent that he doesn't really know anything about this there. He's being -- company that sort of one of the reasons that would fall under the sub heading -- -- really know what's what's going on here 'cause he's not connected to it. At all. But even regardless I mean that that just the fact that he is is is around some of this. Leads to some of these questions about a 32 way and what it really means to be -- patriot. Has that changed 61777979837. -- volley at west and Johnny's down by the garden come say hi WB --

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