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An hour with Jack Edwards: Blackhawks will not go down without a fight

Jun 19, 2013|

We check in with Jack Edwards live on location for an hour of Stanley Cup preview. Jack warns us all not to get overconfident, the Bruins haven't won anything yet.

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For the next hour I'll call -- Edwards Edwards with a 5 o'clock hour. And Johnny's. Down by the garden get ready for game award -- I Barry Melrose. Actually told us that -- when bill. -- -- -- There hoping to get married -- back. -- -- juggling the lines once again. Need act together. Vehicles essentially putting all their eggs in 180. Tonight. It is all isolated you might -- I -- you'd -- -- well. It we've seen the best Chicago offer we've seen what they do with neighboring everything they've got the first period of game with a cover vaknin and we're all -- partly yes it. What is not. Enough you gotta have a name where it was not a Canada. Yet it is her name for the hypothesis yet or where they're paying for this year it's the whack job there room enough. -- competitive people instantaneously or associated with me is not an afterward honestly there regret when it is an analyst Edward equation. The epidemic that way. I like that we thought everything had -- -- Well at least what happens when you are well -- out the roads with it and have dominated this six periods. Interesting symmetry here that Pittsburgh he had that very kind of game in game three. Which was the first game of that series played in Boston right where. We came away for night games saying that Pittsburgh could execute better they -- scored the goals that they had the chances to score. -- -- Chicago had a few pretty good looks in game three but they could not play any better than that and without variant -- that's probably. Pretty close to true Chicago played really really well in game three. What they post it in play. Even if it's only 85%. Of -- these -- change. And he's a player who often goes under the radar but I really think that it secretly put it best. He's bigger than you think he has. He's fast and you're thinking is he stronger and you think he is and he's got a hockey IQ that's right at the very top and up a player like that even if he isn't. Physically 100%. At -- what's -- his team and yes the additional value of having the other forwards skating. At the appropriate times in the appropriate situations. And filling the appropriate minutes it's not to say Chicago wins the game he plays but there are likeable lot better if a lot. It better with him about that you think that was gonna ask about Mary hosts. And I think I expected. War criticism. Brought directed at him up for his inability to play game three. But. As excellent as it turns out the scorecards that the only guy who has really got -- is the former Blackhawk. The guys on TV here now. On Comcast don't get -- Do you think. That's about right that you shouldn't be criticized for that or use -- did you expect -- or blow back toward Mary goes to because he wasn't there game three. I think very hosts the commands a lot of respect from the quality of player that he has been over the long -- Let's look back in his career. He got traded from Atlanta to Pittsburgh in a major player -- I think there were seven players involved in that -- a letter here so that. He sorted ever have because he's a high quality player. Pittsburgh goes to seven against Detroit. Or was six not think it was 70 is that men and loses out so that he goes to Detroit. Detroit goes seven against Pittsburgh. And loses -- and then he goes to Chicago and everybody's -- got so those subjects and don't Chicago. Finally runs the table. This guy makes every team he's on that are and to say that he wants out of -- Stanley Cup final when he is capable of playing. I I don't think -- is correct now from what we're hearing from. The media people in Chicago were trying to interpret the whispers in read between the lines. People are saying it's a neck issue. Or some kind of a spinal issues that acts as well I don't know but and you know anybody who's had a disk that's even slightly out of place. Give you back to skating on Zdeno Chara went with that situation. And it was a situation where he tried it. And he knew right away. That something was just plain not gonna work and he went right off the ice during the -- that was what we said yesterday of the war. Injury that might have made sense the idea that it was a growing hearing answering. It didn't make I don't try to grow in our history was keeping him out of the game the other day it was kept him out of the game tonight the only injury we could think of that would -- up instantly like that -- that you didn't. Have a a replacement ready and Ben Smith but might lead you ready to play again in just two days the top especially some sort of -- -- Right yeah right some kind of issue -- and we -- go -- -- thousands are are driven by they're not driven by by deadly thing and they're driven by that lifting with back for. Or something inside your spine goes like that all the sudden the whole world is a different place where you and it's not a very happy place. So it but it wouldn't expect tonight we're expecting. A a game similar to local but it -- what we've got we've got three gays to draw. Closer to game one which was a -- of the classic it is class you know. Gave to. Great for the Bruins. But. Not a classic start for the Bruins right or something similar to game three have -- to pick. What was -- we are we are looking at night. I'm anticipating the first ten minutes a game for going to be a lot like the first ten minutes a game want. Where Chicago came out and it didn't matter for Mack truck was coming down that lane they're gonna hit it froehlich and Chicago's a championship team this is a team that was clearly the best team in the National Hockey League during the regular season. Has won three rounds of the playoffs not by fluke but because they know how to win. These are players who wore immensely. Accountable. Personally to -- to each other. And have not wind you want a little bit. Have not. Talked about a single you know all that holes was the difference or we didn't get the calls are back I punched me in the jaw or have -- -- -- forum. They haven't heard of it any differently but haven't heard any of that from this team. This is a team that's still police get a win the Stanley Cup and hey you know if they come out of your -- who keeps that peace and you know the right where everybody thought there were going to be. Go back to Chicago with two games all I think you're gonna see an unbelievable effort from the Chicago Blackhawks that are similar to what you saw from Pittsburgh at the beginning inquiry. You know I thought that Pittsburgh emptied its buckets in game three and and as much as we could. Could look at this series game three as being. Unfolding point IE I will be very surprised if that's the way it ends up playing out. This this game. Has that pivotal feeling to it that if the Bruins could win this -- -- go three games to one. It's not over but it's pretty darn close if Chicago wins is David sent it back to its born to two. -- point. Here we -- -- as our -- -- the question I just -- -- I agree I think that when bill is up against that now he's got to -- is desperate moves -- a lot of eggs in one basket up when he came into the future together and allowing the Bruins to -- Seidenberg in Chara and Bergeron at all on the ice against that line in the what does that leave you to try to combat that first line with preachy or what does appear to now be a very effective third line -- -- -- and and -- How does the group like the Chicago Blackhawk team respond to desperation. Really well that ask the Detroit some camp red wings are really well down three games to one. Against that team that was playing really well they had Chicago off its game. Clearly offset the Blackhawks are starting to run around chase the red wings try to bash their heads into the glass. And they. Went back and they looked at video they said guys this is not our game our game -- transition our game is starting defense in this attacking. Bodes really quickly and springing the likes of -- Getting -- the park where he can make it dangerous pass and set up. High scoring. U -- attacks. And and and that is what Chicago police it's gonna go right back to tonight I would be at all surprised. But no I spoke to use them. Is what is Chicago not playing their own game if they. Are they getting out of there I mean the way they did against Detroit I think if it affected by the -- yes but I think -- -- -- -- -- -- not -- -- their one on yesterday's -- because we have Barry Melrose earlier period Melrose. Jonathan Toews and -- war vs that which is it cannot happen. If that draft. Not quite absolute but there are a lot of guys who cannot score against it in a jar in that. Weigh in on muscle people with a lot of great players well ha -- and across. How bits of data market just got an eight year contract extension it what amounts to the box salary you pay. We're we're talking about MVP players were talking about guys who represent their countries. At the Olympics in associate in 2014. Zdeno Chara. And I've said this before me in in all the best sense of the word easy -- we're never go to -- like him again. We've never seen anything like him before he is. The nasty his presence on the ice he can effectively on an 85 -- -- You can take up half the -- that is old because he understands how to channel guys. And if you look at the body language you guys were trying to outraged chart of the quarter Patrick Sharp did the other night. They are racing by the time they get to hash marks. Wait before they get to the quarter because they know what's coming and it's gonna hurt and it's it's like you know maybe he'll try to do the cross for reference here. But it's like what the quarterback -- left tackle yell look out. And you can see that he's either gonna tuck the ball or he's gonna throw away any ghosts of the big east talent and that's what it is and and sure it changes the equation every time he's on the ice especially for high school reports that say that's it. Tonight I believe you'll see Patrick Kane and his bulls and reckless is -- fearless. And his -- dangerous because he has not been able to get loose he has not been able to find that space and his historic response to that is not to get more clever. But to hit the accelerator even harder like in -- -- feet. You know like -- -- it's right it's like you see the -- blocking it and instead of trying to go around it can and try to go over -- -- -- the -- on the tractor -- -- -- the other -- carrier and try to kill the entire pile of police -- that's what that -- -- and try to -- tonight. You had you had a great breakdown. Of Zdeno Chara. And what it takes the and he joked that except you left out one part the most important part of it every time. It is the toughest position to play in all of the dollar sports. After you like to keep playing -- incredibly well on the defense of our residents in the play at all sports that it it. I don't wanna be negative because for the most part today's the day productivity and like no I believe -- win this game tonight. How much longer if it's just politics that we have to watch tomorrow on the first power play unit it's the only explanation -- come up with it that it. Dressing room politics because there's no way that first power play unit it's better with him taken thirty minutes between house that the off that -- -- recruit to the -- It's the elephant in the room for next season. They're talking to change the dynamic this season but yes that's it that it that's gonna be one of the major topics. Do you. State to Zdeno Chara with your actions. That we are changing your role for the benefit of the team so that you can be the most effective player that you can be. It's going to be a great summertime discussions we hope it's gonna be discussion that's being played out while we're still sweeping up confetti. For the gutters in August but you know we're we're a long way from both of those things. Yes that is a very valid discussion point. But keep in mind that that. And I'm not saying this is it but. Maybe we can. We can consider this that part of getting chart to play at the ridiculous level at which he plays. Is. To -- the bouquet. Of you're gonna be our art power play time on ice. Per game leader. And so you were literally going to lead us in all three categories even straight time on -- -- at a time on -- and power play time on ice. And and secure our franchise player. You're gonna get to to carry that load. -- and maybe that's maybe that's how we make it -- like auto output gets so watch out of the the other situation. -- -- -- -- I six you don't buy that ought to think that's still politics I mean I don't disagree that that's right it just. But it's not a hockey decision based on what makes the best power play it's a hockey decision based on management of people -- what makes the best team I'm -- with I'm I'm not -- anybody like -- but a power -- part of the team that's right yeah it's not the whole -- -- it certainly isn't the biggest part it's a part that everybody would like to function better. But if you have to give up a little bit of efficiency so. Wouldn't you rather give it up on the power play and it's short had absolutely definitely more than even take a guy obviously won't get you got to see the beginning of the -- of the third period. On Monday night. That they came back out I think at the -- power play that was almost exactly one minute one of the mighty that -- on the button and to start the third period it was to recruit with the rest of that first power play unit. And you want I was curious what how that conversation when. Before before coming out of the -- Well. Playoff time we know this about -- a Chara. It is it really doesn't matter and upload debuting tonight. On church or its response would be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If Charlton wanted to take a better -- the horse he could be much more selfish player than he is but he knows that that would help the team. The biggest thing that charred ghost is gonna be remembered for is -- that pick him over his head at the end of the season. And if he doesn't more than once he's gonna go down as one of the all time greats in Boston Bruins history and probably one of the all time greats. At being a shut down defenseman in NHL history. Now I gotta ask you about this because I'll I'll watch it you were -- -- -- and I got I got I got a chuckle. You had this great you have this great observation. You have the support. The director of the production team it's a brick. Probably noticed something with Crawford. On hand it seems like the golds are coming from that ruin the other stuff that okayed the use it comes we got we got he rolls showing. Supporting your point. If -- goes. Yeah it took -- -- -- -- address it is Dell it's beautiful boat and you know had a little -- how open is that the Dickey of they tell them that we got this package of at -- -- at all about that Jack. -- -- -- -- -- He says that. What you may be on with them that you think that the Bruins have noticed. That there's nothing he's changed Weinberg ball movement but there's a vulnerability. -- they're really good goaltender who still have so few goals against average picnic. I'm guessing and I haven't discussed this at length with with -- but I'm guessing that it's such a small sample size. That we don't see the trend yet but. Certainly the Bruins and Bob essence of the goaltending consultant. Is usually the guy who draws these things up it's not. Somebody who used to play forward in the NHL to guy used to play goalie in the NHL looks -- opposing goalies and breaks them down. And says this is what I see in this guys these -- that the weak points of his game that we perceive. It certainly seems that the Bruins given the option are looking glove side buy -- property especially when they get a preposterous begins to go down. We know it's so valuable but that the -- around. If you take that personality. If you're two grabs. Eight you can ask Bob said what do you -- about how do you view on the other side how would you take advantage as well. And then how it how valuable is that you can take that coaching. -- this is what I think this is where you really struggle -- Hey maybe that's part of the reason that took arrest of -- talent. And work ethic it's part of it but also that extra step being able to get tough -- -- is this the whole backing of an -- short closes as -- -- ladies and gentlemen I give you exhibit a Tim Thomas whose name is on the Conn smythe trophy. Think about how Thomas is to give up goals in the 07 season he'd end up on the faceoff circle he was guarding area that was passed the bulls. -- that got him to get completely efficient and keep his -- what a schism between the polls that's how Thomas was able to make -- spectacular pulls the pulls saved. And that's what to the rest is in such tremendous position absences -- the best technicians in the game at breaking down the goalies say what. You could be better this is where you can be it was so fun want to gain victory you know I mean just every time the puck came out of Steelers looked at annoyed by it. Look at this pop we leave it doing it -- fire this pocket my blocker but the thing out here go put that thing in the quarter working even bother me anymore Jack Edwards -- all this hour per occupied creditable job Boston private bank. Am by precision fitness equipment if you got a question. For -- answered the question coming up here about a half hour to less than just. Text 379 -- or use the hash tag on Twitter. AT -- -- we had a debate yesterday. That you are the perfect person to weigh it. Well -- it involves Bruins war. Ultimately sixty's all the early 700. Bobby -- until it's got that title here is that part of it. That part of the panel the panel that part of analyze drop off slices I Roddy soil we got -- -- -- and -- -- I'm not gonna give it away it's great for us all here. Like you're part of a panel. 500 words or you're. Not the way stop you. Clark moved home I'm on my league because. The other guys they are you ready guys additional months and in all of the panel quickly it. Norman Mailer oddly in the panel I don't know what Jack we need you to weigh in on a big debate -- Ali. Out west that Johnny's down by the -- get ready for game four W yeah. Our Jack Edwards is with us here -- -- -- -- get ready for the game now 12 and a half hours away 8 o'clock tonight we're down by the -- coming out. The jacket -- to like get their picture taken with a he's got suspenders on today that the goal tied the dark suit he's ready to go all out bruins' doubt for tonight's game but we need you to weigh in on our debate before we do with the question here about twenty minutes and you can send your questions being attacked the 3797. Or on Twitter. -- -- Ruins of seventy and 72 is somebody said to me it's all. You're weakened to a big deal out of these current Bruins it's not like -- the 7072. Teams come on Shana. And my point was. Things -- great. I never saw him play over a million things about them but. Why these two respective team and just assume that everything from the past. So much better about team won two championships this team if they finish this out with the next two games will at that point. Have won two championships and three years in a league where nine of the last nine Stanley Cup winners have not been repeated once that all individuals over the last night. And we're talking about we -- a panel for this deal with a panel. And that'll get to talk about it you have to make your Jason's father worked with fewer have Jack -- I got -- your words about candidate but but but I got Clark we'll have worked for Jack I got I got -- Clark moved. I got it -- I got Dale Arnold. I'll put -- throw we have Bob Beers. Gonna have to got a look at them all to -- neither Greenberg would be grateful that hit Greenburg that we got a panel. And whoever made the move would we wanna see who could make it about bubble balancing him I think he's gonna need to -- I think Bobble -- noted there and building. A lot of little boat so what does that mean if it's something that is it is it possible. Answer first let me say this I have a hard time comparing Carl Yastrzemski to stand -- That. Across areas it's. It's apples and oranges right right why. Because the president. He's the product of all the advancements in the past. Trading methods to better. I also went scouting is better. So many advantages. Are at the fingertips. Of athletes these days. Who or the product of trial and error and a lot of error that cost guys' careers because they try to play through injuries or something like that. So. If you look at the big twelve plus six of the 2013. Boston Bruins that you were reported gets the twelve or six. Of the 1970 years somebody to take your pick of those two teams Bruins. The present -- April it's probably have their way with those guys. Because depth and speed and strength and size. That said. The 20112013. Rules are a product of the 70s72. Rules because that team changed the way hockey was played. Forever because of no reform -- the greatest player whoever laced up skates and the reason he is degrees -- there -- -- -- Is because shift -- the last two bit. The -- been offered two minutes two minutes guys use the lobbyists and a half minutes at a time. Bobby or changed the game because he -- -- 214. -- not just the center. But wolf defenseman bull wings and the senate really the center was the only guy who would increase decrease. And now you had a situation. Where. You -- defensemen getting tripped up going across the reasonable rapists who works photograph ever take it. So we changed his position it changed the game. He sped it up he single -- spent -- gave up by about 40% so now everybody want this kind of speed on their team. But the fact of the matter was that -- bulls players or moral authority over our ports but but that's as fast as you talk it over my right -- -- -- Right. It would there it -- -- put out but since since bulls editor please and thank you. -- bulls players are mortal. And cannot play at that level for more than 35 seconds. That's where the game has gone. And what Kevin Paul DuPont gets all this BI talks about alligators too fast where you -- go pretty good everybody's gonna say okay let's slowed down. Brought it's faster every game public pitchers threw 92 mile an hour fastballs all with 540. Years ago right. You know there was Sam McDowell. -- there was. Bob Gibson. That's it. But -- -- okay and now it's like if you don't have ninety. Can make the big show it's just thought I picked him you're not gonna play and that's the way this war has gone so so if public in historic perspective. Facilities at 72 team stands on a higher peak because they changed the game this team. If it's changing the game he's doing so it very subtle fashion it's saying. You got ideal role for you gotta be able to attack. With all four lines that you gotta have three defensive pairs but that's it's such a subtle change it's a matter of degrees there's no doubt about that that the -- changing element. But for the most working toward -- changed. -- -- -- And I client not to think that it that Eric Campanella and -- -- compared -- what history will try to -- you know what -- Maybe it'll happen I can't imagine we watch these two people would keep them that I. -- -- everything very right about -- girls teenagers they're right there. You look at the -- version of the NHL with this team plays and and are fine in the pocket change -- the weight -- and he did and Europe that want to. Right if they were as good as they and they reach their potential. Yeah if they were so good at it. That proves that the seventeenth that -- -- And they'll tell your flat out why they'll they'll tell you flat our -- there was because there were two very good parties available dated miss any of and they didn't take it seriously enough at 71 and that's why did dried food stamp on it said. Occupy a very dark -- Bruins history. And then 72 they have their act together again that is 73 enter the weekend that happens the team started getting pulled -- for all kinds of different reasons not the least of which was. That the WH it was up and -- and you know they're offering people like Derek Sanderson promote its money to do. Something that he could possibly be worth. And you know he wanted that world spiral -- in his life but. You know they've they've made it back to the Stanley Cup final but they could not get over the top. And what are the reasons they conducted over the top was because the Philadelphia Flyers. Use the tactic that never been used before they they used quite as he tactics they used it as a tactic that is that's with richer -- that. Forty years later -- and until finally caught up to it's that you know what we got -- legislate that kind of fighting not a game and so it did and it and it got it under control but. That team. Probably could want for five in a role. This team and no team in this league -- with 45 -- role because the salary cap has created. Believe in any sport with more parity than any than any sport we've ever seen in a war five. You know -- look at the matter is that page look at the pattern in the you don't think that Philadelphia had its two cup brought. Some reports of five -- -- comes is when there's a dynasty. The islanders get to the top why am there's a dynasty Edwards to cultivate -- there's a dynasty and then. You start to get the port partner of real free agency in the early nineties and that the owners -- like we can't we can't protect ourselves from ourselves. It's only shut down bleak for half the season and let it begin to go to this sort of really aren't even state Detroit emerges it witness what Rihanna. Five there at 9798. So three out of six okay. And that's as close to a dynasty we as we pass this if the Bruins shoot with it an -- not make it any presumption I think Chicago's going to be unbelievable tonight at what. But if the Bruins -- when it. The reference point is not. Edmonton. It it's the it's the Detroit. Teams that want to what role they gave back a few years later on about comedy features. To -- -- you Jersey wanted to 952000. -- three they want to read but free over the course of dollars diocese. 23 years. In the conversation. For a you love your hero that's it right and that -- -- that the -- all the way back in early but but that's significant but it already parents to have it no matter. If you know I don't believe the I don't wanna get it two day. Draw that line created civil war -- it right I don't know what to witness that you don't like right now but. All you do it's not a concern that do that you would that that. It is apparent effort here and I figured I don't know that would lift him a couple of that would liberally. Seventy. Potential. How they've matchup -- their -- Right here. That they stand over there to everybody else. We gotta watch out. We we can't really we can't really play them. You know -- but he is 72 Boston Bruins -- that looked at as a real renegade team. Because they had plenty cocky guys they had guys would fight anybody etc. But there were two guys were the top of the leadership lateral that team Johnny do you -- dead body or who played. Don't quarter's dividend -- reporter asked hockey. And they've wanted to beat you what they wanted to be face to face and then they wanted to shake your hand after the series was over. Both of them. Our players who were every bit of -- you get every single shift that at least that I ever saw the SK I never saw either one of those guys ever take a shift off. And it was that. Aura that those two guys you -- as the captain who played as tough as anybody it's still want only date for sportsmanship. Hit it or who is at the very highest level. Of hockey history. It was the way they carry themselves the example we set for the team. That that leaves that what is the work that Tina on that team that that -- -- of of greatness and class and it's because of the personalities of those two guys and how. They got distributed through the team. Jack Edwards is with -- I'm very disappointed in the quality the answer the questions questions that have come in so far so hopefully. That will improve in the next five minutes on the short any question any subject for me from Michael for Jack. Even for that it is the net them 37937. Or on Twitter just use the hash tag ET cute Jack brought to -- smoke shop. Boston private bank AM by precision fitness equipment. Board acts from Weston Johnny's down by the Arkansas -- WEEI. Jack Edwards is whether this. Fifteen more minutes as we wrap things up here from Germany's where Winston -- -- down. On Portland street right by the Dark -- crowd here great food. Good drinks. Everybody get ready for 8 o'clock tonight good to have Jack right migrant smoke shop -- private bank. In my precision fitness equipment to really good questions coming in now operates the question which you do hear about five minutes we also got the good stuff open Mike Jack -- -- That you are obsessed with the NBA you cannot get enough. Well what happens and I actually watched bulls dividend BA game once featured real excited and your okay that. Well yeah I was pretty angry at the end users are just the level of execution so. Wore the athletes are incredible and the level of execution so work. James was out of Stewart during that time about where you want that three point -- that'll lead Pittsburgh to the glass ball only got to tackle Andy took it into edited it made its analogy here. -- yeah I feel when I really like to the play where -- in Oakley grabbed the ball. -- like a running back towards the last 45 steps that are crowd at -- Popovich complain that he was well yeah you know a player like well you know what he wants. We want but he was even literally running with -- head down let me ask you it was about you looking at Providence. And I got it. But -- is it about Bradley. One series is over right it -- to went into it. Does there always traveling that is certainly was suspended he's made we talk about roam the Roman empire earlier. And -- -- Rome so when your role. As you see the other side getting the benefit of that doubt that you expect yourself -- I don't I. I've not -- the opposite of that the others are opposites but it. Regardless that. Ray Allen theories that the read with a few seconds left in the game and the Celtics fans in response that you told us I reacted. The deal like. It felt like I did when I walked you know might in the bedroom but. Yeah. That would let him if that happens it. Might well. -- walk him like. You're walking dogs every dog her. -- all of -- -- dances and other dogs are waiting for. Walking on a friend of yours or anything. What walking ahead -- you know everybody's good citizens -- college roommate if they do about it. Well don't know is now at it if -- you're trapped where -- not that it may be your sleep or they don't hear. -- your way it did hear things. Don't think it's worth the year is not and. Now all of -- all of them about it. Horrible we don't know are there when the ground about it and I'd just have one more thing about game six if you want. OK after game one. Of the Stanley Cup final. The feeling was that it. Chicago won the game and full marks -- the black box but the real winner was the game. Because that was just an unbelievable. Exhibition. Of sport. I did not get that feeling watching game six at the NBA finals last I did not. As a general sports fans I did not he'll want to the game of basketball because it was just that such an unbelievable level it was like Agassi. No clue about Ottawa office only -- not getting Ray Allen and that is just play opposite the. Let's -- -- -- they were all great game. Abby woods was game seven was game seven the Toronto series the great game. -- that a great hockey game they'll memorable yes OK let all right how about that went in the suit. -- wanted to -- close to breaking par but there was some mistakes it was reported today event that's all part of the great game it's there and think. -- at -- games that in game one of this series for example. Chicago in overtime had. You have any bit of yards in penalties like that -- -- the classic game right but you still have individual pockets -- where. Excuse of I thought it was a great game but I came out of it. More upset about it wanna bring up I have to bring. I was more upset at the Indians. Perhaps Joseph Crawford. In a position. You appreciate gains that we build what it if you would have done it. You -- -- -- -- -- number of birds and if you let it get to the appearance. Appeared to have a guy there it's. Users wife about got to be out of over our public predict that review -- -- -- but the big thing review when Ellsbury David Herbert and again it. Screw you and screw you gawk at it. Took me that it definitely it's up. -- Like this that the man of the -- Judy is being shuttles were. So -- In my field dude in my field a little something with them live brawny big hit we know another what -- game who go to game I hate you really -- trader. -- -- And a lot of anger and I don't -- -- -- -- institutional a lot of feel when I'm sorry down his search on last night. But I do know whose fault it was -- it is that scum. -- -- -- -- -- Gotta go there. Great great great relatively flat out because of Rondo. Left the -- let's get the anti everybody. Yeah definitely if you wanted to have a better -- when I though. -- It. My reaction. I'm sleeping through that and then. But I got it I got home -- little included all these hit a great city of Boston never -- out -- -- -- yard. That Boston was was applicable to our personal -- that aren't. But the great city of Boston. Seventy bidders -- where in all of basketball hitters. From that. It's because let us -- -- Celtics fans don't have a dog at the flight they don't have a dog in the flight socially and they've gone and hibernation. There -- -- just about the sport only if they do with the Celtics I think just the game of basketball. Has changed dramatically in the last couple of decades and I think there's a lot of unity huge group of people out there who don't like the way -- What -- all vote on it before we get there one Pol -- -- all week we've got it yesterday no -- this -- from -- while the -- Yahoo! Sports he just waited. A minute ago the Celtics and clippers. Have started to -- the good Doc Rivers Kevin Garnett you know all league sources tell Yahoo! Sports -- high today bull. Through you know that was not a lawyer we ever shocked it. It's got to best things is Liz Taylor Richard Burton is here we gotta have been it has happened. So much money about my old body right. And putting well and elected to the question. Three words. You Mulder.

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