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NHL Network's Kathryn Tappen with Salk and Holley

Jun 19, 2013|

We talk pucks with the lovely and talented Kathryn Tappen of the NHL Network and preview game 4 of the Stanley Cup final and beyond.

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-- Ali here at west and Johnny's WEEI. Jacket or to be with a 1015 minutes for the entire 5 o'clock hour including a and other participation in answer the question. Just before 6 o'clock got a question for us or for Jack. 37 937. Or use the hash tag ETQ. On Twitter also -- the five pounds and get to some of the responses. Via the open my cap on what people said when Ray Allen buried -- -- last night what your response was sworn in at the open Mike GAAP. Easy to do open your WE I live map on the apple or android mobile device put on the open Mike button. On the bottom right corner we've your meth for ten seconds or less than they use it here on the show it brought you by AT&T which wireless provider of Boston Bruins -- the most sporty coverage in the. We have a -- but by the way as we have -- -- but would not -- that big -- -- -- Yes. There's a beat but so you -- gonna say what you gotta say about Ray Allen. We're at it last night either hitting a home run this look at this really hurting in this all the cattle you have. -- ready addict I was that. That game was over we have the bottle ready all -- and I am getting it to rock they have favorite win -- We have particular -- -- your mind that prematurely in Fifth Avenue then to -- the whole thing I encounter -- -- -- -- -- for the second time this week from NHL network. Here at -- -- like you again happening no food for you this time now with the hack it appear. It appear before -- up here. I think so -- range no I think make it better America is that a big dummy. There were out of -- make sort of effort that's approved. -- society we saw you before game three predicted that the Bruins in game three but that it would still be a close. Long theories you after watching the Bruins not just win game three but dominated for all sixty minutes. Do you still believe this will be long. Yes I still believe I -- going to win in six. I need. I love the way the Bruins played in the last game back down that we've seen the last of Chicago they're gonna come back stronger in this game especially they noted that when this one with a home otherwise it's. You know they're going to be one and done when -- backed united center for game five so. Yes I -- -- -- -- -- and the like -- despite the fact as to nothing was still that was hiking or at any point -- not a good -- it. You guys across the. Not I don't you got out face -- when I expect him one night absolutely. Sure. Game three -- you personally witnessed Chicago with a -- off. I don't have -- bet he did it happened. Seated up -- -- at all the trees -- I don't remember it actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But if it is going to be a long series. Who have -- Does that Chicago. But that Chicago to your love of who's gonna step what was going to be that person. -- that you look at. Well I think I think tonight you'll see -- came back together and that's gonna make a huge difference but absolutely gates has got to be better -- has to be better -- stars have to just step up and and do what they've been doing all post season all regular season it in the best team in hockey. We haven't seen that yet and Jonathan Toews knows he's got to be better. I'd like to see him. You know. Admit that a little bit after post -- interview -- just to say you know I've got to be better we have really heard that from himself. But he's their guy again and it starts from the captain you know married -- probably playing against the night at the we're being told so he should be back in the lineup which of the difference maker for Chicago as well maybe. He saw her he couldn't even go in game three and yet two days later is going to be fine. I'm I'm look at. You guys did you guys question there have been I was watching you posted. Game three I got the guys argue about the lives that what crypto was thinking -- If that -- that situation let. Any of the guys really were -- critical of hosted. -- they were not put critical posts they were trying to figure out why it was Ben Smith that went in the lineup when he wasn't in warm ups your new host that we -- we were. Found after the game that you most of -- probably not going backing he was seeking warm ups to determine if he was good enough to go wasn't. So if you know you've got a player that is not going to be able to play in the game why would you put a guy who probably is gonna take his place lineup. In the warm -- that was what was weird -- but -- into -- -- from Connecticut. No idea he was gonna play your putting him into a deep in the Stanley Cup final without a warm -- but it's frantically trying to get his equipment on that's what was -- it's also. Let's I've no doubt something was seriously wrong with the guy especially closes for the four Stanley Cup finals the last six years he's not just gonna take himself out. But I think also there's something seriously wrong with him. That that prompted him to remove himself from the lineup and how should I believe that he's going to be a factor in game 42 days later. It's not like it's another week while -- in my -- listening gonna be a factor but he is going to be a big difference in the just having him in the lineup he's a veteran guy he's experienced. He's a fantastic world class player he will make a difference being in the lineup that's you know not disease and -- score five goals he probably is pretty banged up. But I think just having him as presences there's huge for them. What does he do for a let's say that Internet. Papers. Well I think -- big body he's cute if you -- a person without the excuse he he gets all over the ice gets in front of the net he's a great offensive forward. You know I think he makes a difference when he's in there and the chemistry that he has the power play opportunities he's able to get scoring chances. He knows the Boston Bruins he knows what it's like the playing games like this though. He's a difference maker there's no question about it -- cop he's the guy that locker room that -- that get the job done so. You know that's that's why when he's in the lineup he makes that. -- per -- is with us here in person at that west and -- down by the garden get ready for game four tonight. Who surprised you most in this -- I think Daniel Friday I think I mean I think it's. You know what he's capable of but for him to be the player for the Boston Bruins is now. Had two game winning goals to win it in the series it's unbelievable I mean you expected -- crates in Lucci did. And Bergeron about those big goals but it's been Daniel Friday and it just goes to show you the work ethic he has. The ability that he has to really make other guys on his line better look at Chris Kelly is able to do right now in Tyler Sagan played better and and that's the kind of player Daniel piety and hard nosed guy he you know will do anything for the opportunity to win the game and I've been surprised that as pleasantly surprise you know is capable of it but it's been really nice to see that and I make the difference. Where where the Bruins did get your -- and the consolation prize was probably got your mentality that they had to give up a first round that work I was -- forty years old. At the tablet the pretty curious. What do you think you've -- -- department he's been a guy a lot of people like bill area is it that high profile guy who went off on. After the first period of game two when he got. I I like am I likely played -- that we're watching a guy who is gonna go down as one of the all time greatest players to play scheme the fact that he's still playing at this high level. 4142. Years old 21 years removed from last Stanley Cup it's unbelievable. You know he he makes he makes plays out there he's got a lot you know he -- assist on that goal all. Unbelievable beautiful beautiful -- that is of the gold doesn't mean not effective for the Boston Bruins so. I like to move out like that when -- theater immediately decided to go to Pittsburgh. They got -- I think he's you know I've loved what he says about David -- unit of that he was the greatest childhood idol -- -- where in the locker room when you're trying to win a championship. You guys we admire each other chemistry is great. So why not we hope he's gonna get on the board when it once he's graphical like the whole garden -- -- -- here but. You know it's only a matter of time but his game playing in his -- making skills and ability. Second if he scores a goal tonight the -- Personal I don't know the Bruins -- gonna lose this game anyway but you're right if -- scores a goal and her out like six nothing to Chicago in the time. Fielding is going to be saying yeah event -- -- brilliant. Absolutely. And I think of that to -- rotted out. But the way this building will react -- talking to people were in the crowd the other night Tom parents in the crowd the names and all anybody around we'll talk about. With you are very -- but all they -- did you -- with talk about soccer fascinated by it every time he touched off every time he passed the puck every time he refused. I'm happy I think it's a great word too because he is he is a fascinating individual off the -- yes and on the ice -- -- -- our preparation is unbelievable the fact that you know they always talks about yet the keys to the practice facilities. He's on the bike at the doctor deems after just completed an unbelievable playoff game where he's probably. Mentally physically draining those on the bike to work harder it is it he is a fascinating player and and that's what is so remarkable that we're witnessing one of these. Unique. Greatest players of all time right now point at Boston. I saw what he was I twenty and I would say if I had to put a percentage on it I'd say about -- 5% faster -- that he is now the question. He's he's the slowest guy on me. But I would I would out of the race with -- wall they're wearing wearing pads I think -- I think he's their right -- I think -- the supposed to have her. But what I didn't understand about if -- can pick it up over but other people criticizing -- How how do you not -- The play making ability Heidi about the imagine the imagination and creativity. That he brings to it is. I think probably that criticism too and -- like coached him you know he I. And that's right now I had a long history there errors or their stuff that you know there's reason because how likely other people I don't like that exactly felt coach. It was -- With in. He. Coach I don't like I needed. I don't according to Mike and -- it like here. I thought it was but he coached him and -- -- hit me in the winter island -- -- Philadelphia. For the maybe coach human on any details that -- argument and our. I checked it realigned -- any doubt that. Just get a check with -- when he when he talked him. But I do remember we were -- games on this thing you know tiger is you know -- Bruins. You know playing against the Bruins that Michael is adamant and against them. It never everything. Positive. Talk more about the Chicago because. Maybe I'm not giving them enough respect maybe a major yet right fight when you got that it's totally deaf or tentative agreement and by the way I've -- puck bouncing off appearances gateway for would be the redevelopment of benefit on having -- they're cognizant of the optical nieces and thought making excuses dumb -- -- -- At a public audit rebounds off the -- -- you're talking about a three nothing lead right now -- So you think I deserve better. Not -- -- like that I'm explaining where I think about it Democrats are in giving them credit but probably not enough denied it. If they're back it's really against the wall tonight I think it is I was just here he said that it was. How will Chicago -- on to be. They're gonna have to be they're gonna have to shorten the bench the -- at the -- players a lot more -- at the -- Toews Kane and get them going probably the majority of the game your big guys out there it's all or nothing right now so. They got to give everything they have these guys going to be tired in the -- Soviet they have two days off before -- -- game five in Chicago is that's how they're gonna have to do have to be physical. Not -- -- -- to try to get back to their great game which is score goals and great offensive play activate the -- very well good goaltending. That we saw the best out of Corey Crawford and it's no surprise here what I'm doing my glove on him so -- got to know that he. Knows that the Bruins are aware of that aspect of this place so. Chicago's -- play desperate and how they do that is just getting back to the way they played all season long been the best team inoculated them. First period game two -- enough that we saw they couldn't sustain it beyond the twenty minutes that they did in the beginning of game two to go was able to shut them down they only scored a goal. And we haven't really seen heads or tails of the stands can even be a desperate team for a longer than twenty minutes of the capable. But of course they're capable of and they would be at this point Stanley Cup final they weren't but. They need to find a way as to how they're gonna be that and that's you know that's in the locker room that's with -- are -- -- villain goes down. It's great to that we appreciate it NHL network before the game and you have Jack for a whole hour we have Jackie -- liar -- -- -- -- -- Whereas here it should be getting accurate -- -- story where. Can't they can't and -- -- second best the second best genetic analysis with Jack in Chicago couple nights ago and how is that great. It agrees to early two guys. We're. At that -- girl please public does. It I'll get right to what I wasn't well what do I want to -- -- not ever like. I don't know I haven't seen the longest were you ever projected news. I've -- and -- -- -- a -- that in whatever it. I was alerted that word that I know he said that it was that we look. Was it would you suggest. Sex on a stick there you -- I don't think it was bow out at you and I. -- -- game tonight Jack Edwards up next alcoholic WB yeah.

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