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Red Sox Manager John Farrell with Salk and Holley

Jun 19, 2013|

We check in with Red Sox skipper John Farrell for our weekly Sox update and get the latest on the injury to Clay Buchholz, and a whole lot more.

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Well let's bring John Farrell and Red Sox manager who we know had an incredibly long day at Fenway but I'm gonna guess made a little easier when you win both games of the double -- is brought you -- -- insurance town fair tire. And celebrity cruises. John pretty good night last night. Still was consider we started at the breakfast that thing about 6:45 -- -- morning and I happened to finish it off with a two run homer a walk it off. It ended a very good day for. Yeah it is big but that I mean before we get to the doubleheader it was exciting. -- in a couple of ways. Let's talk about some some that -- that your team has made -- what's the story with with Clay Buchholz. He's on the disabled list what can -- socially. Well Michael we we have planned yesterday to become the defining moment for his roster status he went out and -- long -- between games he did get on the mound. Or maybe you're an abbreviated bullpen. He feels improved over the previous. Throwing sessions the flat ground work that was done but -- when we looked at the number of days and that's what we felt comfortable with in terms of the throwing needed to get him back you know being able ago 56 hopefully seven innings on Saturday we felt like a little bit too short. Eight in total number of days and when you factor in rest period throwing sessions so. We can retroactive his DL status make him available first on the the 24 which is money were off so that that game that we open up at home against Colorado he's eligible to start that. That gives us the ability do a little bit of the same game Friday or Saturday over in Detroit. And probably get some of the better place physically. Two to walk out there and sort of big league game. -- -- No I mean there there are certain things that you know he deals what I mean. You know this is the question about Jacoby Ellsbury isn't fragile body types are different and you've got to respond to how they are. Handling of the workload based on their position and what should you know what strengths in their game. It and -- you know we -- take -- position of putting a player in the best position to succeed and in a pitcher's case when you're dealing with anything around the shoulder -- the neck area. You know you just can't jeopardize anything in and play is -- almost something that's been nagging him for a little bit of time now. And he's doing -- every could have maybe you missed one start came back in New York pitched well well against the Angels. Unfortunately. With an awkward throw on a line drive back through the middle he felt some. Spasm in the neck again and so what we've got to respond accordingly. How important is it for you to have your pitchers and especially the guys at the top of your rotation throw 200 plus innings a year. When you -- repeat that you're you're. How important is it to you as a manager when your when your out with -- setting up your season thinking about your team how important is it to you that that guy especially at the top of your rotation like Buchholz would be. Is able to throw 200 plus innings a year. Well ideally you get you know opera for guys being able to go to -- plus innings you know would we feel like it as close or or more than a thousand innings that you can get out of that starter group. You're in pretty good territory in terms of overall workload. You know I I think you always -- with plan a but there's going to be things that come along during the year that hopefully you've got depth. To fill in when needed. And you look at the last three or four starts that -- spot starters have made them and what you or for almost -- spot start so guys have stepped in. Have done a very good job and I have bought some time for. Know these nagging injuries is to go by the wayside and I get play in this case back on the mound who's and one of the most dominant pitchers in all of baseball this season. Yeah and I had no play has thought about this many times has talked about it. Knowing that he -- the stuff that it takes to be considered an -- looking at dual meaning as you said they're different body types so. What's good for Clay Buchholz may not be good for Ryan Dempster but what can you do to prepare. A guy and make sure that he's in the best position. To be out here for 200 or you'll five whatever the numbers. Everything that -- did this offseason he came in not only strong but symptom free of any of the back issues that he dealt with before which were obviously as legitimate. But when you when you factor in you know. Starting every fifth day at Texas poll on the on the human body in the laser like we talked about here there are different body types are different. Almost a or different -- ability levels that a guy can go through and withstand the pounding that a pitcher's gonna take. And you respond accordingly what what works well for Jon Lester doesn't necessarily work well for Clay Buchholz so. The programs tailored to the individual body type of specific needs. That each guy has me every player every pitcher. Starter reliever or otherwise goes through it evaluation of -- pretty. In depth and very specific that. Is the guy in the route. Of the work that's laid out. You know we have to respond to the changes in the end of the bombs and nagging things to come up -- here. John Farrell is with us always brought -- -- -- insurance town fair tire and celebrity cruises. What is the latest on your closer situation. Into railways are closer and yet we fully recognize that we've we've got some work to do with them you know right now. What what is plagued him is a fastball that's been up to his arm side we're left handers have. I hurt him a long ball. So getting him down the strike zone a little bit more consistently and I think more than anything Michael is get the break -- ball over. In either first pitch or fastball counts. That's been where some of the issues of command because of -- hitter and when the box looking for something hard up in the zone. That's his signature pitch and as he's got a drifted away from the rubber and in repeating his delivery. He's lost a little bit about velocity in that second -- to his fastball that is. Really been his calling card. So when he's gone with a fastball where he's been successful the past that hasn't been their -- so. We've got to adjust off of what he's currently thrown with right now but. You know for the time being he is definitely a quote. Let's talk about the the situation that you are facing last night great game in and then nightcap. Great ending for the Red Sox at a surprising performance from -- with -- -- is the longest outing of his career. He was shutting guys down. And that in the ninth inning you bring out if you immediately what was your out what was what your mind their pros and cons of leaving you brought in they're going to Bailey. Well that the pros are obviously you know what what Felix was known retired 717 straight there's a leadoff hitter who's left hander. Knowing that Loney is playing probably get a pinch hit -- three spot so you can make the argument that hey you know what but Felix run that -- what happens but it's the first guy gets on. Then you're probably looking to bring in the closer in anyway. And my thought was that the prime Felix has done everything we can hope for opponents last night as you mentioned longest outing was pro career. Even though there's 93 or four pitchers thrown. You know beat up and down in in a game where you had no breathing room and yet pitched very comfortably no breathing room of the fact that it's one nothing game. And felt like you know what rather than break billion in a situation where you got men on. And I'd rather you start yelling and and work through it if traffic. Inside that inning emerged unfortunately didn't work out. In and -- -- -- out with a two run homer so you we have hindsight. The benefit of hindsight you know some. Twelve hours later here fourteen hours later to say you know what Felix in the ninth inning probably wasn't a bad move to go -- but. In that moment -- -- closer that was this is the decision made. How hard is is Jose Iglesias making it to keep them out of the lineup on any given day. You know what he's doing a great job and in you when you think back to that diving play in the ninth inning proved to shut off the inning rather than another base hit. He's back in the third base again tonight that we face a left hander over Detroit tomorrow probably gonna see him as shortstop tomorrow. So you were able to keep him in in the mix and yet we're seeing some positive signs from middle -- of the plate. Played very well defensively the last couple times he's been over there so. I think I look at it more like not that he's creating an issue but. The keys. Certainly stoked a lot of internal competition which only make people better. And we've got a good deep bench that we can go to and not skip will be. -- do you think it's possible for for certain guys. Just took it to be better. In the bigs and they are in the minors it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense -- but since it is comfortable Iglesias. From hitting perspective everybody knows what he can do in the field. Didn't hit like this in the -- in the minors but in the majors he looks like different guys out you explain. Well the I would leave us -- -- -- he's got the benefit of you don't hit some balls and some good spots and American take anything away from the numbers -- put up to who's gotten I think forty hits. You don't write about a little bit less -- -- hundred at -- Some of the numbers speak for itself. But the I think the one thing the intangible is the focus and the concentration and weeks and I'm not saying he wasn't. The focus player the minor leagues but what we're seeing are consistent at bats where he is not chase -- -- zone. You know if he gets if we get spotted the fastball is not chase the breaking ball and hit him and offered it pitcher's pitches just off the plate. And he's got himself back into account where it's been in a fastball situation where he's driven some balls the other way and that to his credit that's probably the area that. That approach overall to play that's the area that has really taken these the most and larger step forward in his overall game. All right John I'll start for the Mohegan Sun better with John stroke are just question -- question. Review comes from Mike winters Mike -- from Rochester Massachusetts. And he wants to know how big an asset is Mike Carp for you with his versatility and production this. Well we've had a number a couple of guys step up you could say not as probably in the same sentence you're or conversation but what Mike -- and done we we talked about the strength of our bench. In the ability to have a little bit of a platoon situation when Victor -- was down for for some time. He's also been able to lose spots started PH he can fill in the first base. In over the month that you only see the power numbers start to really. You kind of take off form. We in in some ways you can say we've taken a step forward with production from the left side of the plate. In to go to guy who's got that kind of experience and the what really gets lost in this. It is what in six years old or just turned 27 in. I think some people may have called Mike Carp from his time with the Mets to visit to Seattle. Might not know a whole lot about him but disadvantage. Kind of just coming into his own and really maturing and into the prime of his career and whose to say what lies ahead form but. You know we we are gonna pick him up in the spring training. In honestly he's gotten back to the stroke that he had in 2011 -- the twelve or thirteen home runs and it in not every day play. And he's been huge boost was he's been an extremely well the role was filled force. Yeah it's funny and I was in Seattle during that time while he was there and and I think the believed was a year ago they expected him to be in number five hitter. I thought he was going to be. In a heart of their order they were count a lot of minutes and injuries ended up really whaling is your last year. Well he's he's had some shoulder problems that have kept the -- out of the outfield which he goes behind him now. But you know we find him in the in the five and six -- for -- so you know. I think guys' skills and tools are there for people to evaluate and see and project where they could fit in. Sometimes it's the timing of when it all comes together Foreman and right now we're the beneficiary of some of that timing happen for us. John thank you so much a heck of a day yesterday we note the long one for you but good luck again tonight thanks so much -- your -- next week. Are they John John Farrell always brought to buy -- sell insurance count to retire and celebrity cruises. And Mike winters for being selected. The Mohegan Sun -- question he's one of midweek overnight stay heavily incentive now eligible. To win the end of season grand prize and it's a great overnight stay in better. With John Ferrell the -- and Holley show he gets on. In the the year going to be great it's going to be epic is it WEEI dot com slash Mohegan every week to submit your question for the manager. Better with John -- but probably it's on Boston but didn't know. And assaulted noticeably your son has three -- casinos with. 325. Table games coming of thought it was 6800. No poker. 140. 1000 if I doubt it. 6000 spot received 1000. Poker table wake me up when they get to one down and that nailed 3000 people without -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hate come up what you wanna react to the Clay Buchholz thing if he's supposed to be here race that we need to pitch. It's alcohol in W via.

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