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LB talks Bruins-Blackhawks in studio

Jun 19, 2013|

LB joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Stanley Cup finals and take phone calls from listeners.

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Our -- Butler and on a 37 WEEI Muster only just over an hour from now keep an -- and the Aaron Hernandez story Doc Rivers meeting with Danny -- today. But it's also game four. Stanley Cup finals today TD garden we have not seen a body LB and a couple days yeah are we error failed to -- in my LB fixing in the shakes a little -- -- I you know Sunday Sunday was Father's Day you want me and after on Tuesday that -- day. What does that mean what result was that around I grabbed Meyer -- -- to Percy in the morning headed down do my child's down there I've dated Bunker Hill operate there. Bunker -- then I -- it. Nice job my buddy Jack Sullivan all his family his kids narrowing in we do with the bus apparently does there they have we'd let -- some fireworks during some Beers and perhaps the outbreak or we -- And political I don't know it's just a great. On Father's Day to actually spend with the family. I dipped -- but most I still have -- I still have a bunch of accusing ex wives and stuff -- more almost as I always this this current this current group. That have grandparents still put up for me. I gave it to its sender and they'll always -- -- Jack and. There's actually Mother's Day a Father's Day it was like maybe a morning breakfast and then whose every day it was. It's away from the -- kind of thing at that. -- talk I guess I just are you I have to I have to dial will end after this area Gary set the pace are so once once he once he's got it once he understands the buyers away and I know he you'll. You'll keep the tradition going fireworks spears Justin parade. Was -- timeout. What's that was entering in the he -- he has a smile -- jacked just to get to date on the right are marries her now. I would only answer who who doesn't just on the record that you'd. Solely your idea of a good fan Father's Day is getting away got to push back and I think that that would Mother's Day you know what is Angela wolf let's breakfast in the morning and -- do your thing -- -- -- -- they'd do your thing Father's Day. Spent six hours and -- golf course. Gap again like I say Danny I look I'll I'll put in early may be the first 51 five years yeah. I'll be like he did dad and then I'm going back to -- LB. But -- asserted that but back to -- and I don't happen to be back game day. And great example what can happen in a finals. The year that that don't don't block collapsed -- -- -- created on the big pop forget now coached. At the end of that game. Somebody not checked in hand like Alex three guys on this -- that jacket sat down don't -- still LeBron James doesn't run round. You know Ron Ron I'll -- -- double digit leads. Are you kidding me that's right that this is that it's it's at so you aren't in the reserve bring that up is. You know. Right near Boston Bruins you know of finals you can't let up man you cannot let up. I love it they got Quenneville messed up everybody's plan -- everybody's day in certain guys taking guys out of holes is back tonight. Their dads change in line switching everything up if if if Claude Julian the brewers got got Colombo and Chicago doing that. You've got you've got something happening and stay on it stay with it and shore up. Minute one tonight. Well that's the question okay -- we talked about so Little League yesterday the last three series go back to the Rangers series not to Ronald offensively. You know between castle and company they got a little bit to their credit tobacco that series -- pretty good offensive -- But the last three series here Nash Crosby mall in Toews and -- Those five guys not including -- -- not including -- -- I was five guys -- consider only offensive player not a one goal on twelve not dostum was altering article you say Quenneville it is is flustered and I agree with -- what's. What's the biggest reasons it too good what he's done hours of the defensive system that Claude in the way these guys next you'd defensive. I did that you know again gave the brewers -- that you know they did you go back to the drama series guys dial that in and and they go back and play brought hockey. Think if they they take -- space. They back Dave they back you know they they play defense from the offensive zone backwards did did that caused the turnovers and get guys -- The Bruins. Yeah I just think you know -- -- that really really bad period. In Chicago. Dayton you know through that OT win date they've gotten back to basics and -- -- they haven't wavered and had so much so that the Chicago Blackhawks pulled out. Pull the Pittsburgh Penguins of the early gaming -- and the like drilling. In a -- it up with China. You know the -- wants you to grab my adversaries master thrown doubt he wants it to be do you know just him just him populated that's that's why knows these guys yeah. It was awesome it was beautiful -- did -- -- but I -- It you know to Chicago you know quite well he eased miserable saw those guys got in your poll they get treated like crap for two days. And and did you know the Bruins have an opportunity if they keep doing what to do -- I've been a phenomenal body phenomenal. Actually -- Seidenberg I just just an incredible game result under France's -- you know a guy. Young to recruit in Yemen fairest open up in the play pushing that park. -- guitar pushed him apart I mean he's got the Johnny boy chuck I've what do you say about act act. I mean he just -- it yet that's operating in and yeah if you're not paying attention and it is on. Always didn't always that you are the -- awesome I thought the biggest story of game three happen before the game even started because again in the Marian Hossa. Quenneville I think right now it's just trying to control the situation with everything you hear the comments people badgering left and right did you know. Yeah we knew all the while wasn't Smith on the ice when he wasn't that -- credit already incredible have you -- I mean. If that guy is questionable because this has to be a lack of communication this is where. Post is being questioned because first off it becomes not placing game four to think they're all expecting and do you wonder. What the hell happened. And how would they not prepared talk about lack of communication seems like the head coach to trainer everybody believed the team itself believed. That also might have been nicked up a good enough the play. He takes a meaningless little wrist shot skates off the ice. Seems like a surprise -- different reports that ill Smith wasn't ready to -- -- try to control the situation and now the guy plays. It's 121 in game three of the cup but it's. I always -- -- it was it was it was craziness it was and it showed I mean. Think about how competitive these two games or think about how how is he and Blair do teams work. In the first -- games and then all of a sudden. It's a two nothing went by the Boston Bruins and the Bruins were in control -- -- yet they're big they're there was miscommunication. They should now happen. Whether -- you know I whether they they didn't shoot them up and they -- went out to CF whatever is wrong -- is wrong. And and they -- a shot him up. It is now obviously there they shot a mop and -- they got some super treatment so they can play tonight. You don't tase is banged up the brought it done a great job and of banging these guys around. All I wanna get some phone calls and your 61777979837. In terms of what to expect her game four tonight Bruins fans looking back in these first three games but I can't take. Issue one thing that I think UN. Lou sort of agree I think the Quenneville frustrated and I I defense is doing that but what hosted doesn't play. Doesn't Quenneville have to start mixing up his lines a little bit anywhere I know we wanna make it seem like he's disorganized but I haven't problems offensively is a fan of the Chicago I do like. We we need to mix and match try to get something go. All right enough or not that Tyler said Jim hello -- -- mainly no one in Boston I'll be critical Quenneville for mixing lines I. I just a case you've got your -- you know -- Clyde how many times zero -- moving up to it did to the Krejci line who who already yeah it's gonna be Jagger it's going to be Sagan is. The guy -- I'd decides to move -- I had from the floor plans third line which then becomes they're they're they're the fastest most productive line -- in the last two against. I -- and you know it just it. You'd have to hit me with a hammer and they had. I if you're in a series and you he got Cain and you get two days. You gotta you gotta put him back together you know -- -- you know Beckel was your Cinderella guy the big fellow liberals. He was put not double digit points and anyway he's gone silent but. Did we not see this in the Pittsburgh Penguins series I mean. I just. We gonna start given the Boston Bruins some credit here and -- Julie I'm given me credit I'm I'm down on dissent. I I I I yelled the confidence thing like how my night -- I might be a pretty good today a book tonight's he would -- it right I'm feeling pretty good about tonight's game. I liked -- Joel Quenneville has all the problems. It's awesome. You know -- I hit it really excites me to know that. That he he's still combine Disco by the way he's still doesn't -- policy to employ so. They all those guys they still don't know who they're gonna be planned weapon and that's a great job you know by Claude Julien -- Boston Bruins on up and plan aren't. I'm fumbling in the series you know and I just go back to you know. Ben Smith you put in at people Brian boldly right. He's written off the -- game one game to open. Ben Smith played one game for you all year when hoses out he puts Smith and enough. Go back to bowl and try to get an offensive boost there and Smith had a couple of good -- early but ten minutes minus one they they get everything else that's my -- wire. Gonna be a great NHL player I just say again that -- needed change its up up in the Stanley Cup finals when guys are healthy. You know I again like to talk about Brady you don't bowling -- as yet an incredibly bad night you know you know -- to -- ridiculously awful. Aussie idol back to exactly what you just said I was hit on that before this cup even started. When I started hearing and it gave no date before game 1 morning of game one -- and he broke up Toews and Kane. And this is this is what we talked about with Pittsburgh you know everybody we talked about we're talking you -- a brick by Pierre McGuire about it. All of our guests you know. What we're seeing from Pittsburgh game one game to what they've been like all year mean that he normally come out and hit the way they did do it. They normally do this no they changed your style before game one before they found out of their style even worked well so they got it and it went for it without forcing you talk. Going in the Stanley Cup. You know Brian -- disappearing act all -- they wanna be more physical wolf. They finally got the push from late in the playoffs -- -- -- they finally woke up -- get Patrick there in game five get a goal game for. Because that line was to gather there. And then they say well. We don't want jar inside Burkle against that line so what are we gonna split them up would that of the Bruins started this is how we play. We have Seidenberg and -- You might have two great lights Pittsburgh but we're not splitting them up. Before they even found out if -- and and and Toews and -- weren't issue for that top line OK fine. We still got a pretty good second line hosts a -- -- but never found out they changed their style before game one even began of course if they're gonna go back to tonight doppler ten. It costs you know host but it costs oppose us. -- is nowadays it please tell me he's got to get an argument in nickname is he Sosa yoga in Chicago his -- Haas in Boston. -- -- -- I that's union and great from the months. He didn't like the ones that are tracked all. We're gonna we're doing it on you. -- Anyway as I listen I what's great for the Boston Bruins is that the Chicago Blackhawks are going into game four. They need -- split and they don't know what they're lying there what their lines are. You know until warmup so solid -- on my in my mind. I'd bodes well for the Boston Bruins -- does not gonna play bad. The Israel this is really ready for battle stress not but police chiefs he keeps just getting better. -- this public Quenneville does the change in the line though the criticized the change lines because he had to with hosts out. My criticism as you change the lines -- try to find something networks. And then once you do. Get away from it. I don't understand that what what I advice try to give yourself the option but he -- you -- -- go back to be try to go back to a game three of the guys saw that but he put Toews in Camden on the same line and out. You know what -- did all -- okay you audience Bergeron at the senator and our Chara Seidenberg yet and they and they. The crowd that it saves and a brilliant -- a degree and hobble them Patrice Bergeron Arab eyes he he is because he's out of his mind ought to get. You can't even you know I think you just JE let the Chicago black arts when the four -- -- because he just didn't -- Didn't wanna embarrass what's what's wrong with at your place. When you have last change the -- work -- there -- and that maybe -- when -- Boston -- -- that matchup that's one thing but. -- we are three games deep. LC said it worked the overtime on that one game lives didn't like it didn't work like the big trouble ricochet wanna give credit to the lines breaking. Seriously right. And they don't blink back for this is this sort of ambassador there and if you're in one playoff series Stanley Cup finals. Your best players have to be your best players IA EU can't. You know the Boston you know the bruins' best players. And I and we go back to that game because it was so glaring. For the Boston Bruins to win the Toronto Maple Leafs series in -- warrant the bruins' best players. Had to. Step up and to a man they all did. In the AA they had a massive comeback. I don't care if if you can put charm and Seidenberg against days I can't at some point those superstars got to beat the other superstars for you to bring on the -- Right now and -- get it down right now quite -- autism part of his mark I think. Wanna talk to Josh and -- and a couple open -- for you to jump in and talk hockey with -- -- 61777979837. The phone -- the -- TT tech -- 379 B 37 your thoughts on this series what to expect corn for game for a little mention. Busy day for the three of us fellows Boston Herald and busy busy day nice thoughts including -- guy LB you go to the inside track and he's got nicknames up the laws zoo. All these findings are low in those nickname apple well. We'll get to that in all your phone calls in the bruins' Stanley Cup final next. LB in the house not alone on -- 37 WEEI how about this opportunity. Listen up folks -- ninth caller right now on our contest line. Which is 61793109. -- 37. You're gonna -- VIP table right in front the big screen the Wilbur theatre this Saturday night for the Bruins Stanley Cup game five viewing party. Brought you by the city of Boston credit union courts -- in Molson Canadian. You wanna be VIP. -- right up front. You went three your body's -- caller number nine right now it's 6179310937. On the contest line. At 61793109. -- 37 and you could win. Over a big event. Saturday -- -- and hang it on your shirt you Wear a -- that -- -- comic nobody -- it -- roots -- I heard that last subject -- Nobody -- action. -- and it's gonna help our viewers that's that's hard for me familiar the united the American flag in the pledge of league summit back -- tattoos all over. Unless I go straight a beatle -- black black Jersey. We'll see. Josh and -- to a press -- wanna get some your calls -- -- they'll -- at 61777979837. Josh Oreo. Just -- I invite anybody just thought that you are common in the -- LP. Promises it should -- had a bad. That we sit here and create a line changes and all court does is does one line change and look at your check it out. The Chicago coach shouldn't every single. -- -- -- and they're lying -- they're my question is. Player when you're down you want on game. The audit and or year and you want to have a quality line changes the player to keep the Arctic got a creek -- a little bit. I I it it's not commit -- just say that it's not your best option you're in the Stanley Cup finals. Big difference towards it was a necessity whip whip with the Bruins because of injury. Anyway I'm with -- it was for one game we have what it was -- it was for one game and but I but again are we don't know opposes healthier not so they can be in the same situation. So I -- for me. -- -- I was Joel Quenneville I would bet would but it -- went back to what got me there on my top two lines and then they -- then then figured out. I delayed because he's really in the same boat. I look at those top two lines and obviously Kane -- are outstanding you know and this -- the united joked about it and it's -- -- -- too -- -- because there -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- -- we -- -- -- about this -- -- -- the -- he played. And I look at shopper right now I think is outstanding I think post has been outstanding play Kansas in the middle of them you've got to top lines in the shop and that the American and you -- -- Around -- -- I Sean Taylor and I -- authority to death but I don't see Claude Julien movement authority up to the first line. I don't -- authority playing with David creating I'm it'd be nice to what was it is what kills enemies skills that most. I don't analysts and it is what it is day it would Wear what -- what makes him successful. What makes -- successful is -- he's he's a third line guy that 'cause they get that you can cause some degree because their lines play -- I'm that top two lines during that at certain points during game because it changes and -- can make a difference -- -- change superstars attitude and again maybe breaks well. Bridge is well a little bit like like like with Paris with Sidney Crosby well -- market. Yeah I think the big question too is you know that you called for this after game one we give you all the credit in the world. To the Bruins need to bring more physically how but he threw their play you called it after game one. They've done exactly that you've started to see it in the first goal. I mean you know you had Rosenthal. Kelly's comic Kelly okay finish a check roles of all sort of gets rid of a quick hi eight jumps in. And then you -- Alley fight and ready for the puck. You got the job Wilson and you've got to doing a look at all that back because coaches have them every single giant food there are some quick decisions by those defenseman that are being made now as we wearing it to the series. They're costing this team and the Bruins -- the visit Alley back and it's what LP water and you got it. The way it's awesome it is the there's -- there's so much I mean the lakers' success for the Chicago black Cox is there's so much separation between the when trying to leave their zone. And they're getting hung up and that when that happens Zdeno Chara Johnny boy charged. -- Quaid and his parents can all get up in the -- grill. And there and then and then -- that's it and then you know they turn it back on those guys and an image you know you've got a line you eat -- week all 38 you know three lines are coming with speed right now. You know I love it I you know we've we've talked about Danny -- -- we know we've he's one of my favorite players he's one of the -- is a fourth line so great. Because I Campbell's story and -- eight. That did Danny high A and the X-Factor is he gives you. First line speed on the fourth line and that's why those guys have been so successful and that's why I call them a third line I've always said the Bruins have had 21 lines into and and to there is two thirds. Because you know you those guys you grew up and like -- Said authority and that that's a big soupy gray. They go up and they can break the will a lot of soupy mix it outlined to the maligned big consumer -- to be pretty damn good well I saw it drop off that I can't work got hurt this success. Of of what's going on serve and and why. I don't like shot up one and the first two lines. You know that what makes sense. Each shot critical need you need to game to be double shifting and -- in congress its staffs in eight days you need Beckel you know shot his job is to one -- shot jobs it you know it that's when I was eleven that. I'm Matt -- you know he's he's irrelevant if the he's a relevant if he -- Zdeno Chara. He's a relevant if he he gets in Brad Marchand -- Anybody that gets him Brad I don't irrelevant I don't care and it's a great you know not on the Bergeron a punt right well. Right is that not what I want I want I want shot again -- stories you know once I once shot a bit slot created a couple of parents get him up its game. You know Marsha has not yet on his game if you should welcome any idea. You know I did it's it's -- on that -- that's what's your -- And then -- you so you you know and that's why I kind of find find fault Quenneville. At some point and again you know all the news -- but I don't see it I don't I don't -- -- trying to do the -- they're playing the way they play the other night they gonna fly and then. You know again did you don't poke the bear the end of the game was. Meanwhile the trying to do there at the end with the trying to let him know that. Game four is going to be different was it just out of frustration what what were they I -- no idea why it was it was treated there let's let you know it's the coming next there's. Yes there's frustration but it would that frustration you have like an open ticket because it's the end of the game you're losing you -- definitely send a message that we -- we're not going away this is a Stanley Cup finals you -- on our buildings were coming back to take this morning your -- but it's also you could see the frustration on the guys that words that would that -- that orange ball. I think it backfires and try to do so like that is a partner or you know on to -- against Boston Bruins that's. It backfires you plan is to their strength that's when there are -- that mile Lucic obviously is that is best when he is just lighten guys up in the corner shall. You know you don't -- a week -- month keynote showers at his best to keep his composure got its gonna lose that too many times. You wanna get his -- where Brad Marchand you wanna collect shot wanna go after him it doesn't. It plays in their strength as the Bruins play at their best. Sickness when their physical and they hit the. -- Chicago -- that was that -- game one and they were down two zip because they're running all over the building trying to run of the Bruins are out of a bar. And -- what happened they said they sent assembly down. I think at some point Blackhawk Hockey -- hockey with body you know they still finish their -- their. They lean on -- pretty good but they don't what are their way to bond though. You know and now they -- so do you deal when you know that the very first first goal you don't want to -- great to be wasn't work. Yeah I -- -- and they get back you know and you know again I think they had the opportunity. The Bruins you know took harassed all. It's all what team that was -- opportunity. That that big they should have been up to coming to Boston should happen it didn't and and the Bruins know what they had they had their chance in the Bruins aren't gonna let him. I'd get a chance again I think they've done a great job. Playing fundamentally. Very sound hockey not not giving up -- you don't know blatant mistakes. And they've made a point of what's on guys. -- you make the argument that deal. Yeah they could a team came in here down to nothing given what happened you know they lost game one but you could sit there and say. It happened which of you know come out of Chicago 11 because the brought Bobby. -- one -- won game one yet is Chicago publisher of the -- first period navigate through the up side big -- wonder what it's even and now you look at that. -- we impose and will right now is it there's different team on the road game those splits up before they're now. They are different team Chicago with the Bruins are extremely consistent throughout the post season homer and Roche -- is now three and five goal differential is a big big difference. -- to a home. We seen that a wishing he wore -- down period of -- Chicago Blackhawks because after the first period. Is it -- Pittsburgh frustration I want to get past the layers of defense we got a goal against Tuukka who's in our face in position it's. This game tonight you got it does come out tonight on fire than this thing is all -- it. It's it's got to be so frustrating to Boston Bruins it art it's a senators you know Kelly's got a -- -- at the pie he's just given him some diarrhea and a little kick in the -- he's got a teleconference but. You know he got beat up in the faceoff circle. And was my history and in end of the Boston Bruins. All of the senators. -- -- -- included -- they've been for not a one to eleven they always left him dead it's been phenomenal and and we obviously mean although -- -- to talk what -- owns that that's Dresser but -- I'm finding watching. Is that that never used to happen back. When I played you know winning a faceoff was was cool but. The other there was really only. A -- Winger defenseman or involved now. It's it's everyone is involved there is the -- the control that you take when if you own the faceoff senate. Circle it's it's it's unbelievable pain and in you see just you see the strength to the Boston Bruins and it's just hard for me to believe. That with everything that's going on require -- -- going bowling night you know that those are just really not I'm I've checked out of my coach penalties. Deny any any any did it once and so what should've gotten easier I mean you -- -- -- right away only some marsh get off fired up me you know what happens when he gets fired up. -- Claude -- did is it easier somebody is getting zero instantly on the bench there when he when he got to when he is coming off new results may happen -- -- score the ball. But you know no one talked a ball tonight and see anybody who already she taped over the counter -- I went -- a final concerts is here you put us behind the -- and this is ridiculous it's if you don't it unacceptable. Well the expectation is -- it was going to play tonight here's the report from by Chicago in the last one minute or so Blackhawks lines. That I include very hosts at the morning skate today he's not there Tracey Myers CSN. Question maybe just extra rest for -- today but John powers Scott power sixty BE SP in Chicago says no hoax. At the morning skates and listed -- day today's expected to play. Not there's mornings I was -- an island sort of you know. -- -- you know again he's got to seize -- he's got a significant injury from mine. From where I come from. It's called nova -- You you know we're -- net game you you suited up and see what happens maybe they -- and company and an eight K he was still too much spent. Let's talk to watch Joseph when a car get your calls in there with LB our buddy from down the hall what's up Joseph. They got a lot of -- -- LLP. Not take anything away from top box and success so far in the playoffs but. How much you. Wouldn't say that a shortened season has it -- that the airplane -- because it just in -- mean that. It's almost it's almost. And human and leave it will opt for a full. General schedule and what you ops are. I'll touch on the short is short scheduled -- I don't I don't a couple of companies that the shortened schedule helped the Bruins he's trying to say yeah I -- I really -- it -- tonight I applaud. NHL. Then -- all the guys. It came back -- they they could have been fat slobs and they were they came back and they put a great product on the ice. I I I can't go back to the regular season the Boston -- I mean not for not replace five -- hockey up until the playoffs. -- hitting kicking into your own game seven years to try army police we've got to be a whole lot better in our series but. I will say that's. You know I won't not. Not put that -- of the marathon bombing in and the tragedies of that day and I would not say that. Isn't affecting these guys and and and there's some special going on party you know Dale Arnold had mentioned it you know Korea I think you have the last series. When he was talking about how well the Bruins play against the Pittsburgh Penguins. I think these guys got a little extra fire obviously you see the Jacqui see that sock on the game game bass player of the games in the post. Interviews so I I believe. I believe there's a little extra well there's a little extra heart there's a little extra pissing us and now they're doing it to -- -- some people -- -- city -- and I applaud him. For the and the other lines today for those interest in which acog Mike Dee you guys talked about putting Kane and -- back together Kane Toews vehicle line one side Shaw stalled -- line two Froyo -- bowl winning crew -- three car solo Smith and ball -- Down on that fifth line great so. Recall on Carcillo great idea you know you alleys in the fifth line was and -- line -- that I novelists aren't great call I think personally I just. I -- do I why I did I put about warmer just. Jessica. The -- Kane Toews vehicle. Jamal mayors skating with hands -- and Shara. -- games it's sad shot stalled -- for a leak -- and a bowl if you meet Kruger CIO's that I for a lot so -- -- the fifth line badge governor I don't. That equipment -- or is -- the question is going to be you know. It was this game one they haven't so much success in games 45 against the kings why why did take Q4 games. You switch up in on the road which allows them matchup whatever they want -- -- this game one game to. It's a question will address we come back and we'll talk about LB nicknames today in the -- Boston -- -- -- able obese here you know what that means he's brought to you. By our friends of friends smoke shop in -- -- Pembroke Brockton where him rain and and taught and and by LB see their doctor doctor Robert Leonard changer lettuce. You change your life call 1800 get hair and a by the city of Boston credit union more with LB next. He's quiet but important -- guys. Break. I think -- marsh thought that he escaped was that the guy you want beating your sister is. Is pretty much that's perfect human. Which he says about -- and would you -- If they exist in its ability -- factory. We talk and sisters. Which on boards and -- impact. -- 937 WEEI LB in house saying -- it's what's. So what's the marsh on nickname must have won here today in the -- -- martial -- right -- -- marsh authority or a short Orton authority. So I hate it why is it morning. Could be -- thorn in the side of some players out there. Not cool to the floor just cool the folks at The Herald but enough Marshall put us in the front page today very nice of them and thought enough MLB to say hey. Let's gets indignant here we talked about the hockey nick and -- don't -- species Austin. Trying to go through here that's very I Patrick Kane is container out to -- according to union. -- -- -- -- Yeah odds but it's yea eggs -- -- they kind of confused me everything -- column yeah. Just tell me -- all the time because I he's he's a Boston -- now because you never reels and Colin actor went when he years. Make it get you got to step up. The step up make it Gerard he's a -- and easy eggs with text early after -- -- Meister. I mean is cool this is not really cute nicknames but said that on Monday sector from Boston says LB Monday night -- and showed a game. 1984 you're wearing number twelve I guess my first number Wayne Cashman gave that number to me how did you go -- first line number to a fourth one number like 34 you must've gotten some good money from Adam -- when he got the team is that a true. False statement false. I I got called up after the world junior tournament 1983 played ten games at Google's privacy is certified apparently minutes -- of my guys did real good. Wayne Cashman. A -- to me and I I had two really good training camps. In 82 and 83. Where you I think I had my first encampment play with. My crucial as he and the great number eight Peter McNabb. Guy had a point game the next -- Stetson packages that your team backed up -- -- point game and exhibition. Got sent down. Had my best year ever in junior when media world junior team. Got called up. Die cast -- captain at that time play with the some legendary guys Q appoint a step with the Bruins Shawnee -- shine -- Mike Milbury. Do we Foster. Gosh there was everybody was there it was it was pretty -- -- Barry Petersen nifty. That was year they they went to via the conference champ -- lost the islanders ounces in Canada blues and their first cup what they have won four in the -- first Edmonton but. Saw I was I was pretty highly touted back then and now. I am I right. I -- -- the -- -- -- the team the next year and blew Miami out had a great start penalty points in eleven games -- -- and Tommy -- for the first line. That things were really good my crew was sailing along nicely. Matter I I I was heard got into the Boston. Seen. Now luckily my strippers and partying and the socialite -- Mormon. I mean about who doesn't make love you know back and I I like it when I wish it was a little different back and it's sink or swim you know you're eighteen years old. Now you know woman I think there at the time I was courted -- act pigments used back. This began nickname Z you'd clues two's statement Tuesday that he was the best. He would we -- generic cutie against each other and I scored together -- Agca distortion short I -- my face and managers of the Jersey. Jerry I was line I was born here -- freak and I was very irresponsible. I'm not much has changed to wasn't notes it was you where you say yes it was me is completely alien an -- any any injuries changed my current you show in my life fire right you know -- I played 38 games of the first two years arsenal's play that your. We came I came back and didn't play very much at all the next year broke race. Stupid to do they semi down I think they teach me a lesson I broke my wrist missed the whole season. Saw. I've had -- and you know solve Perry I think you out of respect for cash in the Boston Bruins organization because I was taking a dump on. One of the greatest Boston Bruins jerseys of all time. By Kerry did what was right and took number twelfth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Matt I'm actually McNabb might my idol my very first -- -- senator. So I -- eight. And that the very Peterson trade went down for cam nearly. They immediately. I took it away. No financial retribution that it is not gone away now I do work don't you know I get spent a lot of time a degree remembering how I -- -- -- I Ellsworth did -- -- so dry -- at the -- and I say you know what the Sox I'm gonna go I'm going to be Smart and I. I think back then now a lot of guys -- Jersey numbers over. Goalie numbers you know 9966. Were couple but such a 33. That was the next number after that the goal. And it jumble on the -- your marriage and he is a fourteen year vet myself just keep final out of sight of their before he took an -- it and and you didn't pay union paid. There -- get money back -- biggest market. And now you know the rest of the stewardess. I thought it up with 34 -- -- general -- Patrice -- with the LB announced. I mean are you. What they do a better job LV -- -- -- obviously had to bring back the old school jolt for -- help vintage adapting I was. You bring out that way you know what I these so superstitious I do they still even -- they thought they have to pay out. I credit that they have been what do they call at credited her big debate to use of debate. I don't think they protect like an outline I had doubled you know Gretzky. But no I just wanna call Bob Bergeron had to get a lot of people -- that you know around hockey world he doesn't get it is enough credit. And I just remind people that he eighteen Canada okay. You look at the list -- guys at 88 team Canada. Copies. I assure you go to exotic of our I hear you you're you're reaching the clothes you're preaching to the bar. Everyone knows a good guys I'm just gotten -- him Albert and -- -- so it's. He may -- in Canada. What what you eat. You know let's not they were but I like and I love that you're spot now because he deserves it more people should if I have to listen one more person tell me that that mile Milan Lucic. Is a big lumbering slow hockey player now are you kidding me. Are you wanting me right now get basically a locomotive -- you don't wanna get trapped Iberia and and they don't know or big they may look. Like they're not skating fast. You know you don't Tony Patrice Bergeron. Is -- great hockey player the guy spent his whole you got to hear us playing against the best of the best in this league. Gotta have speed back checked the way he does Torre's defense and glory that Rangel which we've just hit a forward and pick up speed sometimes and actually. I think the way he ladies you know he's physical. But sometimes she carried the -- at times a -- others there -- some. Meet there totally totally it's a great example of you or find out if guys are slow and I just checked -- check out the back Jack. If you're not catching the other team's top players. And then I knew that I can I would allow you to say that guy doesn't have as much beat Derek jobs and he's also announced wanna get him media for the top of the hour job what do you have we got. I -- the whispers about Chicago pretty interesting. Hold that took a big hit in the LA series and then saying that the recent concussion issues which make a heck of a lot of sense. When given the fact that the the -- confiscating did not hold water and in the market groin injury clearly and all the water so upper body injuries are covered. And it really if you say that that's the case okay that this is what I have heard both on and off the record last when he for a yes. -- -- Groin to neck and back -- should be neck you're right her neck and now. I did caution and it adds five on the -- who bought. The -- dancing around the concussion issue because it's a work it out that he's being the then there's going to be a massive. Do not placing and I'll -- it into the data wanna keep that out of the -- because you know how concussions are treating these days. Given that then by -- doesn't make it evenly more incredible that Joel Quenneville doesn't have a guy dressed for warmup well that's I mean it's brilliant that you could you go out. -- violent yet there's -- thanks and nobody is can't do that -- if you you're you're you're saying he's contrast but. There's no way that would that would be that's ludicrous. Post so host is injury shocked. OK Joel Quenneville shocked at the trainers because if why wouldn't it be out -- on the ice why wouldn't somebody be out there and he can sit there and say well. He that we had a duty -- ready wasn't any expertise inside getting ready that this that. Now if if you think if you're trying to hide a concussion. That you yourself say okay we're gonna show -- able to walk I gotta get my play rate legacies that. Why can't you Dudley you can't -- the NHL you they don't I know what Stanley Cup finals you talk notable concussion. That there's a there's no way they were trying to hide it you don't see what do. In the age of concussion is such that there and we felt -- -- more up to announce Gator on the -- came back argument that holy crap. Might -- kill me and that's that. But but again and then you can't -- you can't hide. Not that that's defense let's just think that's not something that -- Polls is gonna hide -- ask and I the coach there can hide debt and end and even if even if he's hiding that. That said the fact that they had no one -- -- skating in warmup is insane to me yes in a Stanley Cup final. That's -- did you know that blows my mind and then does that not. You when you look at that team. In all the miscommunication. And an and it all that was going on all the wind changing everything Quenneville flustered he. No and you know if nobody's on the same page nobody's on the same page -- do not the Boston Bruins were you surprised I was surprised. You know -- you know they've been the Bruins I was surprised -- that men have of those guys. A whole set up like changing entire landscape the game theory he's. The first couple again right he's been their best playmaker society don't want their first goals so. I he doesn't play changed everything around and we'll see if he goes tonight it's going to be huge impact on in game four where -- gonna be part of the game tonight we're going to be on Cadillac or. And my buddy Kenny Kasey is -- guild did it his buddy. Is his run for mayor so we're having -- -- agreed diesel I raiser Tony firebox free grub. 530 do seven. And then I will be over at the greatest bar Billy fair weather candidate they wrapped there's a whole misting over their heads apparently box with. I can believe I'm on auto wall with all these guys but they have all the Bruins. Tough guy legends and dad Jay and I actually got put up tonight's went sink in cash and and now. And I can't Melian and and and a bunch there's a bunch of guys just it's really cool regular -- financed and -- check it out and stay out of the fact gal sign here. Saying your Jersey. We'll see if the game enough I did a lot of people text the and Steve Buckley actually tweets the following is awesome story by LB on EEI about a Cashman game that number twelve in spring training camp while. Thank temperature of that story today but a lot of people -- all responding to that on the HTT tech slide saying the same thing bucks and on Twitter thank you for. Sure let's start you know historic one of those things I spent a lot of time and during my career I was lucky enough to stick with the Boston Bruins and in my life has been a gift. And I can't believe -- and I saw a lot of times and soaring and that I let him down I truly did feel. I had that ending incredible opportunity uniting get it I was young guy that didn't pull up to socks and a couple of years to dial it in. Policy at the game tonight you're barely Muster no problem. And he's LB Limbaugh fires follow the guy on Twitter LB ice WA AA asked top of the hour. John Chandler the latest on the -- Hernandez story that continues to get news throughout the course the morning will come back talks in baseball. Hot Red Sox team and buster only keep it here.

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