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Mut and Merloni respond to the Boston Herald

Jun 19, 2013|

Despite many other important newsworthy items, the Boston Herald decided it was appropriate to put a story about Mut and Lou sending a vulgar cake to a Chicago radio station on the front page of today’s paper. Mut and Merloni respond, making it clear that it was just a good-natured joke and not meant to offend anyone.

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Uh oh. Guess what -- and guess what day it is. Mike Mike Mike what -- Mike. -- -- listening guess what today it's. It's pumped me. Funny how -- -- folks who saved hundreds. It boy I heard that for about an hour and a half this morning so far to the except in the -- voice. -- -- -- Go learn goes on dirt area. Doors shut aka. No coffee in the center of and no it -- -- wrong living in the system yet know Danny Putnam in the system that are. But but but but -- you know Marty's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is what Wednesday's gonna -- now on the cup that's what today is baby and I hate Wednesday at the laughed and now on its a lot to laugh about it at that -- now others play. -- -- health planning and laugh about today you know. We have loaded up -- LB he don't make us laugh no matter what row we have talked LB a couple of days LB in studio 11 o'clock -- take. On this brought some political games with Adobe. Reports -- this year and Mosul. It trickled in the names and nicknames and we'll do that with LB you'll join us 11 o'clock in studio boss strongly zone for a pitch at no action at once it goes inspector I stop reading -- page eight today that terrible not sure picture Oscar for. Boy the the the red the Red Sox swept through yesterday. We're there for the Euro with a buddy Peter McGuire hang out watch you know Red Sox -- winning two games and up fifteen games over 500 some Red Sox issues to talk about state of the Sox. -- -- only in the 12 o'clock hour. But there are two major stories in Boston this morning -- out outside the fact is a game four tonight and the Red Sox are hot. And Tebow is in town and Crockett back surgery. And the one to me that has more questions and is the bigger story is Aaron Hernandez. And whatever role that he played in connection with the death of a man who police said was an associate of his. According to ABC news and Sports Illustrated this is something now don't we get. I'm right yes it was late afternoon was like 6 o'clock. When this thing broken out -- breaking news a little earlier of the Comcast it was like -- Rip this thing -- we get this up is that what did you guys had an upstart with that on tonight's happens -- -- with. When the patriots ninety the church to rip this thing up. All we work of Gary's last night mean to anger that he freak out like brick Hamlet like -- immaculate they -- read -- start the show he freaks Donald non real. April's college educated in this scary today is too fresh. Rules the -- it's all -- it's all right this is unbelievable and their -- to be honest there are way more questions than answers with this story what we know is that Massachusetts state police searched the home of New England Patriots -- and Aaron Hernandez Tuesday night. A connection with a possible homicide -- sort through knowledge of the investigation. Said is police spoke to Hernandez. Earlier this week on Monday. There were ten police cars liking Hernandez's home Tuesday night cops searching the home for more than two hours one detectives -- detectives -- leaving the home. Would they cardboard box Hernandez -- -- SI and credit Greg Bedard we note Pete Campbell for the reporting on this. Say that he is not believed to be murder suspect but. A vehicle rented in his name has emerged as a key piece of evidence in the investigation the sun chronicle of Attleboro. Says that the police identified a rented 2013. Chevy Suburban. And according to the paper it is registered to Hernandez actually looking for a second vehicle. In Hernandez's name that they have not found yet and this all in connection to circle back to. Couple days ago on Monday. A jogger found the body of the 27 year old Boston a -- Boston man in North Attleboro -- clearing. Less than a mile from the home of one Aaron Hernandez. This is unbelievable and this is one of these things that pops up when you go -- We sure we got this right we sure that there at Purdue and is this house they're questioning him. The -- and the Patriot Act added to sign a contract is at least in some way shape or form he & Associates of hammer involved. In the potential homicide of an associate of Hernandez. In the last 72 hours. This unbelievable. Why having it it's unbelievable with. The August she witnessed the gulf strike as a street nine -- current good line and an anchor great story from Tom today he says. Even if Fernandez is playing Madden and drink and mountain -- weakened the good weekend. The whole situation is a bad look and you know I agree and it's. You know is and is there any involvement who know assuming that's the extreme right that would be that would be the wild moment he felt what is going on here. Member is it that meriwether down in. Got -- Brandon. Yeah bowler Brandon Meriweather which are much of the involved and it came out the use -- go off on charges as a peacemaker living else. And -- beer and and it's just hanging -- with the wrong crowd I don't know the involvement was that a friend the suspect what is going on here. So that discussion to me is is is sort of on hold what you deal with the right now than knowing the patriots in a sand Israeli. Mean you know when we get enough attention over here with Tebow was squash and then now we deal with this and no comment on patriots camp just probably not a good feeling out there fox votes. Sit back and figure this thing up even more news here today will will give it to you and you kind of involvement if any at all while giving some today it's not it's. -- call it news but an update from -- and who has been on the story for WBZ she's at the scene this morning saying mass state police. Detectives are back at Hernandez home they knocked with no answer -- state police detective was carrying. Some kind of court document investigators walked back up to the -- made a phone call. Would not talk to the media detectives less -- Hernandez house without leaving or taking anything at this time but -- big. Apparently police state police detectives back at the Hernandez home in North Attleboro out of wrote today. Knocking on that door in no answer. If if on the patriots is the last thing that you want is that as an organization as a team that. You know. I think -- -- -- dreadful calls like this I can't imagine being Bob Kraft or Bill Belichick getting a phone call. And maybe it's a player who's out late at night and it's a -- been an apartment it's a player's been an incident in this case. He's get a call saying one of these players is being questioned. In connection with some sort of homicide down the -- from this house this is what you have to dread. As somebody involved at any pro sports organization -- college team when this call comes. The patriots -- comes you know in the middle and offseason where things have been. Amid the quiet ST -- Tebow in the ground surgery. But it was like a -- skeptic camp and go from there this changes everything now. Go back to Monday. Handling we have Michael McCann or play a couple of clips from Michael McCann today the UNH law professor you see all the time pop up and SI dot com he was only DNC. ABC news reported that. On Monday when this first came up. When they first questioned him. He was uncooperative with police after the body of the 27 year old man was found this according to two law enforcement sources. And they told ABC this is where you really get concerned. Off for the of the safety wellbeing of -- Hernandez because you get into a really tough very when he talked about. Obstruction of justice I thought Michael McCann in the first through a couple clips to play -- from this morning. Talked about what that obstruction of justice could be labeled as in the eyes of the police officer. What is obstruction of justice in this case or in any case Mike you mentioned that not. Answering questions could be evidence of guilt in in in some case law. If he's not just told the cops. I don't you talk about which could be -- life. Is that obstruction. It's not obstruction if he genuinely believe is that. Or is he connects to a to a question that he doesn't have to answer if in fact he is withholding information. And he knows something that could be helpful to the police or it's something that yeah he's concealing information that the police could have access to. If he's able to cooperate he really depends on the context of the question. That in terms of his silence it's important the United States Supreme Court earlier this -- said that unless you express police state. You're right it's did not answer questions you're silence can be used against you -- during an investigation I'm sure his lawyer has told them that. And I and I think it's sort of the new tricky area of law where if you don't cooperate with the police here's silence can be seen as something adverse to your legal rights. And if in fact you try to impede the investigation by not telling the police were certain information -- or hiding it that could be obstruction. Just a big one you know not just -- being uncooperative but if if you. Within the week of I was in the month of in the week that the Supreme Court has now said that if you as McCain just said if you just stay silent that can be used against you. So if the patriots India they issued to the the regular patriots statement. But there is one of the stories this morning saying that they believe did -- and this is innocent. If that's the case. Then you gotta -- work one Hernandez and his lawyer I'm sure he has won by now. To make jury cooperates as much as possible he just past -- because he puts himself at a really tough spot where he's now seen for obstruction. Well now we get into Ray Lewis situation you know Ray Lewis obstructing justice and not helping out the police. That -- it in any murder and we still talk about that to this day and the and the the imprint it left on Hernandez's a player as a -- icing on Lewis is a player and person. That's still those with him so. Even at this is somebody's associated with -- -- that's going on here in Hernandez's any sort of information. He's got to be cooperative here and he's got to recognize that even if these are my friends. I'm not doing myself or my Stanley any good. Why not talking about his run all the stars -- is that you know. You're talking homicide here you -- cut -- on Q if you knew this kid you know as hung around blocks together kindergarten it's do you. You give up any information you have this is your life you know and -- do you do now. I don't know maybe Aaron Hernandez goes around renting cars. Under his name for all of his friends right. I don't know we've heard athletes you know with their entourage in their posse in their boys and it's a topic here -- take -- is there. You guys gonna come up and seniors they would mail rental cars don't -- by an account somewhere old every card you need anything you need to rent it for you. Being -- nice guy. Right unfortunately now -- got a little bit hot water which a cut -- News sorry not put this annual opening oh that's cool -- circular people steal letter -- -- different -- over well. And that's when you get into an -- must salute you where he grew up in Connecticut it's not that far from worries right now if he could still have buddies that he rolled within high school or even in college or read. In a connection his brother DJ you went universe Connecticut so we stay local so there's. Family and friends all around the area and and look the way this thing went down last night and it isn't gonna cost. But two guys left with police last night as part of its investigation evidently -- cops. So your left to sort of you wanted to big goal voluntarily did they say. Is the police tell them gets a look better for you become with -- we have some questions for let's not ask these questions here. Let's good out of the station a little coffee because my charging -- we do have some questions. You know when you lead with two guys leave there. And -- it looks like evidence taken some sort of -- see that picture by now right of the officer detective walking held the box. I mean there's a lot of stuff there so. We have way more questions and answers and first questions going to be who's the guy guy you know he's 27 years old unidentified man who -- What associated you have with Hernandez or his buddies the next question goes into the car rentals and what artery and it's now. The one other bit I wanna play from Michael McCann today gets into what could be next year Joey for. Aaron Hernandez if they -- if it is obstruction of justice is that's something that. Yeah we would hear about soon or would that take awhile to be put in place. That's right Jerry that would really come down to is he being a team player in the investigation. Is he being cooperative it is they're -- they're probably telling him look you better be clear what does she better be Autodesk. And you better be cooperative because if you're not. We could argue with obstruction now that's more of a threat there's nothing that could actually happen -- -- may be telling him. Don't worry about that you don't have to answer these questions not answering questions isn't necessarily instructions. But if he is charged with with something like that it would be later. So it could take awhile to sort of get to. Some of the bigger issues with this story. But there are some questions today you might get answered like who the guy. What's the connection wired detects according debris sits in a WBZ TV wired tech is back at the house today. And as he ever officially -- for questioning. If he's Aaron Hernandez so. -- business there's not a lot to speculate on because we don't know a lot right now but it is a start patriots player most important the team. At least on the periphery of a at a potential homicide -- death -- in an area it's pretty common a boy ED three is not the only one texting in -- former employees rent the businesses things like that different people work for enterprise and the -- the text and left and right. It happens all the time. Do real time what does people wrecked cars under their name for friends -- You know it's just always felt it was one of those you know we were at the carts -- OK you don't when driving on on the driving at all actually for -- -- -- not a big deal. And it's just you know -- -- nice -- go to questions at times you know. Everybody kind of before you get that of the professional ranks and everybody getting so good individuals. You know sometimes electing you do well at times -- It took us some people got to live and often view we've seen it before sports and so. Advice Aaron and his cooperate you know that involved. The guy what -- you -- you know you didn't do it but deductible homicide here now if you keep got to cut -- Texas as we get it now we've seen law and order well I've seen every episode this renewed a mean mean that you try to get this just wanna try to figure out what the hell's going on -- patriots. Our player investigation. Greg Bedard stick it out as house for six hours last night he's down there this they got outside his house is neighborhood. Guide data model from where he lives. But it's we're not gonna get to speculate that's not I just wanna lay the facts out let you know that as. As things happen. Will pass along to you -- during his day here today because he could get. As soon as 2 o'clock with a victim wants to be named the victim and what the association -- and garlic rightfully so. The stories in the front page of that today this a big story there are some big stories in the front page today -- probe shock. Patriots mom -- detectives want tight and -- big story. Marathon rage. Victim rips the Arizona gives bio mother and god that is liberal stored she's had not the victim the mother needs to go away. The rat god -- get Howie Carr. Pocket on the Bulger trial. Those all seemed like front page stories. You know what doesn't it. You know what's not a front page story in the city of Boston in his great. City where there is tremendous sports stuff going on with that there isn't real world news going on -- senate debate. Last XY left here I get it back get came back at my car. The Q was it as it Gomez and marquis Joey saw that last night outside a station here. The 250. To one of people screen and back and forth the picket signs -- that happened last night to -- -- little. Rare to go one by -- bomber victim. Those are all big stories front page stories. When he cares what is not a front page story murder probe eighth. Does sort. That we set QA fellow radio station. Is -- is not front page story many things are. Many things -- front page. Desserts. Not -- doubles that a ball odds. Or Chicago radio Lou not front page stories unless. It must be a really slow day. Where you're trying to toppled some bands out there. Well here's the thing. A former Chicago. Radio impacted fourth and absolutely had some -- we had a little play a little prank on them and go back and forth conversations on -- radio. Which -- -- the same paper and in so attractive completely -- on Saturday but that's threatening get either expected to. And it come out today with its front page thing here at. It was a frank -- in -- mrs. -- to bring in a locker room wants a law and there are before we do a lot of of stupid pranks before and perhaps a lot of fun in locker rooms. We were defending the Bruins with Chicago and that is all we did I've brought you in the locker room -- brought in a prank Russia right in there. Not for everybody apparently just you know wasn't it wasn't for everyone. And -- looks they licensed those villages but much more alluring than anything you've ever seen people are now lined up at the bar here at. It's an excellent photos of the -- So I think that's to win Vermont Maloney on the on the cake delivery rate that's buddy -- and McNeil they loved the -- producer. There operated chill out real real made up so Spiegel actually likes us now we like our oil and those apples and but I you guys do not unfortunately that -- -- arched. Meet its watched an analog to warrant their. Don't know about it they said they wanted to deal while Olympic show and this wouldn't do -- next discussion about Chicago Boston and the Stanley Cup and if they change it to and it -- that that this thing breed and you feel after awhile after one game there are confident on the get a feel for where they were well when they -- commodity agreed well there's another station in this town that are too happy that we're actually friends with them again and there may be a CBS stations sister stations. -- so illicitly squashed it I don't -- day -- -- its core Pratt's corporate mean that I'm not put this on Spiegel McNeal -- degree pretty none of them thought OK day across street. If there today -- wasn't Spiegel and now it's hump day for God's sakes why can't we have some fun here quite a bit wanna take away from -- fun. That's all beat the intention was to take you -- side locker on half on the intention was not to offend. Now if the intention is to embarrass me today that -- to have Boston Herald has done that the Boston Herald that used a picture of me on page eight. That I mean look at your -- look at the picture a little let's start there. You look about twenty pounds lighter you question about ten pounds younger for any terrorist attacks -- -- recently in the last week -- two of the they put this mug shot. Jason this picture I might as well then -- this picture the handsome Fella anyway okay. This are they up to date. I. I have read text from my mother asked him while I'm okay. Forecast an example be cough space in this picture today Hernandez why does little skinny was a text I got today I don't know that it. Hernandez in Wales and in this quizzed by homicide cops broke shock. Marathon rage. Victim rips. -- bombers bio mom. Whitey Bulger trial -- and the biggest trials in in in the country right now in the world. And take the Kennedy. You don't care about the picture you look great if you look great pictures at the -- Did you did you send in this pictures that you use this one a view in the when they used to -- in the you're here actually in that picture looks better than what it does that's the only the only caveat is look at the airline GO. I mean that's if I can add the airline right now. I don't know optional. Look at the front Lou that that that what -- they call this the crime of the crow's nest where the series where that the alleyways where I'm just completely lose in Dayton daily. Full washes Lagarde saw doctor Roland you know in this picture I like -- -- -- -- their Dr. -- wasn't isn't for everyone apologize for everybody. In the locker room and just having some fun with some other people. But counselors of people were offended that. Front page not the intention and I can't believe their intent was just like reading things that's -- and around -- resign casket talk about a -- -- -- -- That's Angus at my picture looking back is the last guy that we saw on there though that armed crossed picture Reese on the front page the girl couple months back. Didn't look quite as bad but I'm still on the press. IQ and the one that. Tell me a look better and epic it would help gates -- average. Always tell me and a look at creepy suspect you know really if you deal well your picture I do -- I feel bad for just either way. Lot of people do when they see the picture. A lot of people well meanwhile stepped his laugh and rats off my skinny Lou in the picture. Goodness and she'll. Caesar's Sports Radio we are sophomore -- sweetly of foreign. Have you you sound like -- The fund for everybody and their ego no more desserts in the front page and replace -- takes clean it up odd bit of an idea. 61777979837. As your phone number eight TT -- like 37937. As we get any information to now at 2 o'clock. On the -- Hernandez story will let you know LB in studio at eleven balls were only twelve and and how about this we come back the second. Big story in Boston. They really gonna try to patch this up is not gonna come back and go to the Celtics do you want a front page coaching yourself. It was a front page that's next.

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