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Shawn Thornton on D&C: Still anybody's series

Jun 19, 2013|

The Bruins have looked quite good taking a 2-1 lead on the Blackhawks, but Shawn Thornton says the team is not getting ahead of itself. Thornton also talks about what makes Patrice Bergeron such a great player and teammate. He also squeezes in a few shots at his friend Keegan Bradley.

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Well you know I give me a shot -- become pretty close over the last couple years I absolutely love the guy and I. Unfortunately put some golf illuminates its ugly and that's the only way to Seattle shopper I think mentally. That was a kick and Bradley delivering area. A right cross to the -- a show on sports golf game. John joins us on the AT&T hotline a conversation -- John has brought you voters in windows -- did you take up pop in the shop shop from -- bread and butter. Suspect that an idea -- thought that Hillary is used to have also may have already. Oh I -- there I invited him to come. Where are -- and the impact he said he'd let let him come view that there ought to open. Every time he had an excuse that it go back for album of -- Well. He can't even handle cold weather anymore it's become such little parts of Florida -- -- -- -- -- it's -- all white -- -- white shoes -- sheer -- when everything. And in excess. He's he's like chili's like. He says no you won't -- or just too cold -- -- By the split -- Florida violently below. It's taken a white shirt white pants white -- It's -- it was Boston. Should be Campbell's white jeans yesterday right white pants. I'm not the only want to know why it or wherever it because they. It is very stylish young man he liked to push the envelope as much as possible though hardly hear -- from oracle over. Was a good two out reconnect with him and a CM and spent some time with them again. Yeah I aggregate. Yeah -- -- -- -- but I -- to adopt immediately respond yesterday -- Little more attention yesterday. I don't know what it feels like down on the ice I don't know what it feels like in the ruled out of it feels like on the bench but looking at it gets from afar it seems like the Bruins are in. Salt control of the series against the black doctor probably -- to go there with me. But don't you have some sense that the frustration level is set in and you guys know what you're doing and you know the formula for beating these guys. I don't know it just one game it's. We went pretty all our games. They -- we had some frustration you're -- but if you have a lately. We have -- -- -- the -- -- coordinated way we unfortunately. Artists are -- I think that. To say that you know word control and I think that little bit of a stretch despite serious. When -- penalty kill is so good in their power play is so bad does it change. The overall post game can you be a little. Less careful out there shall we say action on and takes -- more chances. And may be and up in the box because really who cares they can't score with the man advantage. Call it property gators players over I think are you. It's not a very good so docile Bartlett I don't know about into America slept the whole time all of that stuff. By telling -- electorate and they scored well. Not. They had their -- also one of the best players out here I don't know what happens on the you know he's back tonight and -- President also. I think it's a little the inspector. You know we all talk several seller about how everyone is buying into closed system everyone is doing their jobs. And for guys like you that's to be expected I mean you do your job that's how you stay in the league but. Your stars you know -- Bergeron and -- they do their jobs they buy in this system may be subject at some of their own. Their own goals that personal goals for the good of the team. Wu who is the most important guy when it comes to buying into the system is -- a guy like Bergeron is it is the jogger is it. A Chara Seidenberg -- the most important guy. -- copy of their finger on one I think everyone out by -- -- successful. The most impresses probably. That they are there you know he's just got here they I don't know all ought to vote. Where it was before that but. What you read on paper everyone knows that he. I'm pretty sure that he's pretty good you know you don't bring out there -- worked out pretty well for the last forty years when it comes in here and he's you know back checking them and finishing checks from battling out. That's pretty impressed he does something -- for years and I'll hear your soldiers your view of this -- on except that he bought them. The other guys in. Well the bottom -- I'm I've been here let's start with the big boys. Order myself out all life all the systems Elster. Is out around. Thought I think -- throughout the -- -- takes me to something closer yesterday he was talking about slowing down on the great offenses first of Pittsburgh and now so far of the Blackhawks he's slowing down great offenses. Is all about commitment specifically what does he mean about that. Does that commitment take. Probably work ethic ethic and what you thought about it we. A lot of back checking in our system a lot of layers you -- you do. But I guess he won all one. This should be someone there to help bail them out and another guy had a -- kind of know where your coming from I think it's a lot of hard work we've we've gotten unit. Individuals. And commitment to -- their pensions will be -- knowing we're supposed to be at all times but it is. Well going out there and look around. Is is Bergeron the best all around hockey player in the world of search about this after watching the Pittsburgh series and seeing the stars and seen the stars for Chicago watching Bergeron you're specially. In the crux of the post season. Ali but he can be better are all brought hockey player in this -- -- right now. I think. He's finally getting you know we appreciate -- not -- who are. 56 years that I've been here I think. He. He's so good defensively. And the players please let. That this is taking it away from from. There martian dinner together or or -- -- -- now but it if you put another element in the where I'm not sure are as successful. In their own ball he he does a lot of things do. Our -- not cover up but he is in the position but let them maybe. It give it a little bit more offensively as he's so good. Being in the right spot and make sure he's under a 100% or. Do you think kill some -- make it all star team. I hope all all of -- guys but also it is that there be offensive ability but he used. Right on the other side of the -- you don't get enough credit. How good he has offered a series I was certainly get to do is we're probably goals for well. Well we gave them in the off season training camp and and now a daily basis. Thank you see -- apart. And how strong you are of course here that there not because nobody. Control. Well what's it like off the -- the boring. Is -- quiet. He's quiet but it reported upbeat guys. Break. I think -- -- thought that yesterday was that the guy you want in your sister is. Is pretty much that's perfect human. Which he says about -- and would you want -- a sister. Robert. A and a shot on a question -- if you were wearing a Bruins sweater would you hate playing against the Boston Bruins. I'd probably would be very frustrating aspect. The way they're built in. A political problem that younger sister -- so yeah if yeah. What what you. -- like Patrick Iraqi aggregate Latvia and might -- -- -- he hasn't. Yeah I think it's some super family you know it just blew it off. That's a great points at 1215 tee time tomorrow you can go down -- easily watch a game tonight of the -- are your thoughts at the right question. Patrick Kane County that the political -- settle whatever one out comments like that don't have an hour twenty minutes to get here. Maybe he has to bigger deal -- yeah. Yeah that's a generic would you get them tickets would you give him his name on the list will call list if we talked about it. -- -- -- Hey I have one more question from as it is the Bergeron what -- -- important tucked his Jersey into the pads in the back. Would someone make it take about you have to be a certain stature. To do that -- just. All I'm -- out so it wouldn't work for reiterated. But if you're brought you're probably for right out of it but it would you -- you have to be a certain stature to pull off this. Nobody at W betterment of. You only see stars do it like Crosby I think did it you see sort of a best it'll do it -- He got to be really good to do that and not have like -- officials say hey pull that out. A shot yes learned his lesson should he be tied down based on what is nose looks like the last time he wasn't tied -- true. It is maybe it's it's. Different site on the in my eyes down -- very long about so they can't come -- at all maybe has to. -- my I don't you know I've really noticed anyone enters the critical point but I never considered sensitive. You're always look at their their brought out their -- both of part of the deal -- good -- -- -- -- talked it down the road. I appreciate the time jump that was Kelly on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE our conversation was shot is brought to you by Andersen windows. You have to do that we have to get Keegan and tell them -- -- -- -- -- you're super -- yeah she claims that they call car company. Like McCulloch are -- -- what might talk about the they have these courtesy. Here. I want to ask him. If that -- turtles. Knows as much an album. Rolled over and went down known that the fight would then yes it shot scratched his nose. But -- is when he -- is all that has no shield. That's a guy who's. -- -- -- scratches notes yet because it's just like it as it stands and -- and -- -- that's because the McKinney. Only go look at this this guy who's. That's important. That -- -- this one of those it's like going to work on a Justin Bieber -- -- guys who thinks he's Justin Bieber esque twist. At the same since the same there. And the plaid -- -- it will take a break for the final hour Dennis Kelly were saying bilateral friendship yes they staying around yesterday and probably the fourth -- I don't know they -- an excellent good good good for the final hour on -- We'll be right back.

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