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Keegan Bradley joins D&C live at the Travelers Championship in Connecticut

Jun 19, 2013|

Keegan Bradley hopped on the set in Connecticut with D&C to talk some golf, but seeing as how he's a big Boston sports fan, the interview covered a lot of ground. You can hear Keegan talk about the Bruins' Cup chances, the Doc Rivers deal that almost was, and Shawn Thornton's lacking golf game.

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Welcome back Dennis Kelly had our number three broadcasting live from the travelers championship TPC river highlands joining us as he did a year ago when it was about seventy degrees -- there and has right now. About Keegan Bradley you can goodness yup it was -- ago but I I assume this atmosphere here today and all this week is a little more relaxed than Marion in the US open is this is a sort of like -- decompression gonna take a deep breath and enjoy yourself more. Yet travelers is an unbelievable job with his term and nine in a realistic about two birdies which I think is they want -- After the US open. So especially on the how was the and -- -- well -- would like to the US open but I was -- general experience at that particular golf course it was great you know it's tough golf and a very -- some very tricky holes but you know insular and learn every time -- -- up especially -- US -- -- second -- next -- be more prepared. I've never seen more golfing experts be more incorrect when pre tournament they were saying this is going to be like the Bob Hope desert Desert Classic it at -- it's going to be 101214. Under par. Nobody could have been more wrong. Now I think that the IU SGA yeah really bailed out what that rain if it didn't rain could have gotten really weird out there yes. You know that he can't predict golf nobody can predict who's gonna play well determined is that the last guy could win the -- get -- now. Would you rather win the US open the masters. Who that's tough IE. I take you one but I I -- the masters is super special to me at 11 my dad knows loves. And a tournament that you're with your entire life to so you in the years old -- still the champions dinner so. A bit tough on but you know right I got a special place in Pittsburgh. I know PGA is number one analyst -- everybody every major I was thick of the US open is painful to watch. Painful the play it's more like it's it's a war of attrition a test of survival. And the best golf you have to keep your. -- your control it is self control he can't lose your mind. Is that the way you look at you you know you're not gonna maybe you know to break -- you're not gonna shoot in the sixties he just tries. Right yeah that's it's an exhausting week it's it's. If if you could put US open every week yes I'd probably wouldn't play it so it's so exhausting so demanding and beats beats you up pretty bad. I'm so it's exciting come to Hartford finally definitely. I was what -- and watching. Like Steve Stricker or watching any -- you guys. Put company watching tiger go out of bounds that watch miss Utah. Try to answer the question that -- admission. The question about it. That's why women make less than men it just -- union insists it is wears out it's disgusting. And and which -- it is the British -- that the. -- the open championship is it is -- another one let's get the most history. All these majors have their have their. Reasons why you wanna win it and at the names on the trophies and and to win in the open chipped chipped oldest golf tournament we play. Any sit any one of these majors has some special feel to it and and a special reason -- when we aborted with the right rough passion you were. Last says that bridge this one with majors are absolutely. In other Ryder Cup team needs. It's the most exciting. Event I've ever played in one that I always look forward to. It would be absolutely devastated if I wasn't on the the next couple teams you know -- look forward to that term more than any. And you know it was a tough loss last time so let's get back out there and in dividend play for USA and Europe. Is it easier or harder to play well that event like this we have so many local people pull that should Tug and not just in -- -- every every gallery every hole they're calling your name they know you and they think they're part of you when -- part of them it's it's been tough the first couple years is this is my third -- -- -- more more comfortable every year Adam I'm really looking forward to. Playing this year in trying to -- notice that this is -- this would be a tournament on the list of the schedule I would like to win. One of the most it's because of the home after. And I put some. Extra pressure on myself which this here I'm gonna go out and join on myself enjoyed my fame in the crowd another about ten big sports stories going on in Boston booklets there are intended to the Bruins get close to the cup and Dawkins Danny which went into shoot the most of what you think about both well. The Bruins are. What I when I am into right now and so these these -- -- -- self funder for such a box and see this a scrappy in tops and you know what I wake up in the morning in the as the Bruins game yeah I'm excited the whole day today as it is an exciting day so you'll be watching -- -- Watson tonight it I was waiting for my tee time hopefully open I was later early so I didn't have to worry about staying up too -- right RC game. I'm and so Jack tree -- with time. Tomorrow I tee off tomorrow at -- fifty perfect yeah perfect night's sleep and watch this tactic. So that it in the self that when the Celtics with the bird Celtics in the eighties you woke up in the morning if there were plans that night it was just the better -- -- -- -- He just smiled oh good we get to see you know Larry against you know Philadelphia New York whatever. It's similar to that now when when you wake up is that. Every other day when we hope it's every other day -- it -- a game come along and says oh good we get to do that again. Yes totally and I just love watching these Bruins because you never know what's gonna happen again. You know sharp -- out theories mix it up. Everybody wants it to get after -- on this it's just a great team the roof for I just feel like it's it's a typical Boston. Tough team. You'll be glad to hear this we have -- Gordon all the time we have more on a little while today we asked them who will be sit with the toughest athletes leases. You know it depends what you mean by tough. I think the mentally toughest athletes are golfers yeah we were laughing I thought it was choke it because -- megaphone baseball players missing games what was it -- -- Ellsbury would have liquor. A stiff groin -- something yeah. Gregory Campbell's would that play with a broken leg and held for his missing five games with a stiff -- we were mocking them. And he said he thought golfers with a mentally -- Well you know I mean shot -- become pretty close over the last couple years I absolutely love the guys in I've. Unfortunately put golf -- the maintenance its ugly with a -- Seattle shopper I think mentally but. Also is very mental spoke easy to take your aggression out like he couldn't hockey you need to get upset. And you know Thor and puts a stranglehold attracts an attack you know that would be nice golf we -- -- Kagan how fleeting it is is confidence out there and recently asked this question and amok in the CDS were bumping stricker on the second hole on the final day in at second. It just shoddy yet would he stand over another iron that date with complete confidence after doing that on the second hole. You know it's probably it was always in his mind for sure -- people of people don't stricker won the most mentally tough that was probably in the world intellectual Thorpe set in seed. Laid up and got his next shot up and down which a lot of people would -- right he made an eight where he could have made -- went right. I am but I'm sure he was thinking about it over every iron shot commitment when blessed on -- -- of itself -- -- -- -- It's been awhile whichever one jinx yourself no music and pop up at any time and it's it's an ugly feeling it's it's not as bad as the -- Is your chance that you're in this in this of the PGA tour do you think over the long. This early voters -- Now you know IE. -- -- the tour has made a decision yet Ali. I'm her I'm disappointed with the US GA what they came up with but I'm not a similar respect but today. But day's biggest best for the game in them I'm ready to put it behind him ready. Not have to deal with -- upset about it but it's disappointing to disappoint a lot of players tell that they've been for you throughout the other -- -- you're practicing at all do you. Yeah I mean I eat you know I'd have putted with a short putter in my whole life opens its -- -- graduating call right. You know it'll be an adjustment but you know I have a lot of doubts -- -- game you know certain aspects of my life but I don't doubt my work ethic and I'm not. I'm not worried about putting the time and it to get ready to use a putter and I hope that. You know maybe I can turn this around and putt better with a with a different stuff. You know each television they make you go back to shore but you're gonna go back to spending. Yeah out and I. I'll tell about well mullah callebs Sean and -- have got a visit that it was. Should you have a lot of weak points and eleven when he when he talked about witnesses it would give us tough like 23. Boston sports is a huge weakness like it I would -- that due to stress out so much about didn't stay up so late dictating play and but now. I -- I IE. I feel you know I've really wanna play good golf certain you know that that runs my life so you know I'm. If I'm not -- and -- -- guilty you know -- certain parts most of them are playing good golf it's it's not doing. You hear you I've -- on Twitter there's no bigger Celtics fan and that's boards than you are you. Do you want this Doc Rivers Kevin Garnett deal to go through start to rebuilding process that you want to get the last ounce of whatever they get left out of out of those guys pierce Garnett and -- big. So sad to see doctor -- I just love those guys so much ground. It was up to me and they got it isn't. I'd give -- -- warrior I would love to see him come back this evening get Rondo healthy to play. Because it but people forget that lasted these guys are -- it -- six at home to go to the NBA finals and and I know there a year older but. Let them to see it. You know they can't win you've you've followed very closely. You really think that area -- title contender with those guys that. Maybe not. You know I'd like to think that maybe they could scrap that don't normally -- pick up on one or two other guys it. I just feel -- did these last abuse -- they've missed a guy like PJ Browner -- suppose it has come off the bench that they they haven't had. Will be interesting to see if -- and Danny do sometime today kiss and make up the side the gonna stay together. Who eventually wins the dispute because by all accounts this was about -- not wanting to. Be in charge of rebuild and anyone in the sort that rebuild now so they do stay together they'll be entered and see who gets that way whether KG of balls they with a with a lot. They get rid of both of those guys from the start of the new guys I would assume that if these days and keep everybody because stock went through that. Those years those clean your way in nineteen yeah back to -- we know we got to get out of here go to Google wages is just like a necessary evil being area. A professional golfers the can you fix my slice -- on pro am day. Yeah you know -- we have a good time out there I I see a lot of really bad -- -- I'll -- -- race from my mind but. On this is a big day for travelers and in one that we need we realize it's super important and in enjoy playing. What's the dumbest question you've gotten from I am on pro am day. -- actually. Which I've analyzed but two days ago I asked if it was called the golf back. That was a possibility to handicap right yes yes. You helped them look for his balls well. Yeah easy to lose. Fair amount so the not the best. You can do a visit -- -- good -- here at the TPC -- appreciate the time they put a lot Keegan Bradley but that isn't telling.

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