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A plethora of pressing topics in Boston sports this morning

Jun 19, 2013|

Just what's going on with Aaron Hernandez? What's in the box? Are Doc and Danny going to make up? Are the Stanley Cup finals over? D&C opened the show hitting all of these topics and more.

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It's Dennis and Callahan he's got to transpose them in office and there are very committed to the think in the sixth out of pocket and yes there's no such luck. -- -- -- When John Dennis the clippers turning down a chance to negotiate with -- rivers and acquire Kevin Garnett after self possessed her to do. -- -- -- Investigators -- since. Reserves in the home of patriots had an error. In connection with the death of the man less than a mile away Fernandez is believed the suspect -- -- reported that he had been uncooperative with the. Here's a great thought -- Too -- -- rebounds and two missed free throws call the spurs. The victory it's got to hurt. Greetings my friends from the travelers championship at TPC river highlands in Cromwell Connecticut you know a year ago we were here obligatory many years -- -- like -- hundred victories yet. And today it's like fifty degrees. It is our eyes off not melt the pocket costs for -- were. About the same thing you probably heard the expression embarrassment of riches. That we are dealing today in the sports world world. Game four tonight at the guard. -- and at some point that there are going to attempt to kiss and makeup went to be liable for that little meeting. The NBA -- instant classic game six last night. With the San Antonio Spurs choked away the title in all time great jokes in the history of sport. The Sox sweep the rays Johnny go walk off all on and the hunt is batting helmet that he comes to home. The most storied wall and maybe the most curious story we -- for the rest of the year Eric and -- somehow some way. Involved and murder investigation. About all that some -- riches renders almost irrelevant. What most people thought was going to be the biggest story of the summer New England that beat him that well. Liked about Tim Tebow. It's all connected on the same day. Backs up that point -- -- -- -- mine back. They suspect in the murder and at least he's not I don't believe. There's -- -- Say did you actually sequence. -- simply the district -- edit this I'm. Days instead I suspect you were associated. It is. With this story it would make me queasy -- Hernandez. The guy who guy the guy was almost a mile from his -- in an industrial park. Which said to be. An associate oh. Associates aren't good now associate of Eric Hernandez and two other associates. In his house some sort of sinister. What's next for me a lot of episodes I have -- I don't want to associate. Life's -- and friends & Associates. It's not a friend. Relative. All these associates and colleagues seem so and yes it does not. Because you know -- associate associates John -- -- else. Tony Soprano. Parts of the slots & Associates Oprah Oprah I don't know it's obviously we need to know more but he. It's mean there's a body. And as good cop cars and Aaron -- -- -- -- drive it feels to me like. It's at least there -- at least. On an information seeking campaign yes it is an -- -- somebody we you know last night he's not cooperate. -- does that mean -- and get out of my house warrant. My luck to my attorney -- coming up Tony which is a problem I mean it's a problem he's not cooperating. You talk to them vote potential obstruction and we're not all we all can't be rate -- suggests. Walk away on a white suit destruction which we all can obstruct a murder investigation. And up you know on the cover Sports Illustrated -- or money experienced panel next -- it doesn't work that way for most people -- and this is not Ray Lewis. My big the big question maybe you can help you guys. What's -- the -- What's in the box cops or the right. Think it's like. The movie's set than you think all well well well well that's ahead Angela -- -- you -- could be. Once it -- it could be him and could be child could be that could be dark horse. What's in the books. Agassi theories that we. So it appears we I guess adjourned Karadzic first instinct when the cops that we search without first voters where to put us all. -- the long. But I don't believe he gave him permission -- that's why it's a lot of questions. There are so many questions not the least of witches and tell me if I have this right I believe my understanding is that near the body they said the SUV. That was rented in Hernandez name right was found near the scene that'll mean his 7100 square foot home if they mean the industrial park where the body was found that's -- virus so how stupid would you have to be if you're somehow involved in some sort of criminal activity. To a rent a vehicle in your name and beat leave it near the scene of a crime if you had something to do. Army times post crime we -- things -- -- -- -- -- stupid yeah I mean. And is the editor didn't do it for what we -- -- -- uncooperative that's huge. What that means -- Goers say. I'll talk about this if you're the patriots your first -- -- cooperate. What is wrong. It's like -- -- mean it's like when what he Bulger doesn't take the stand in his own defense which -- signal the death penalty. Is it obvious that he's guilty. Team yes -- -- -- who wouldn't say I need to step -- we know he's guilty but just in general OJ Simpson unit people who. Don't take the stand when they're facing execution yes in my mind put to together they're guilty I know that's. -- there but that's -- human instinct. The patriots -- say well Aaron cooperate why wouldn't you racist stupid to defend protecting. Us friends well it's gonna. And at Texas to curiosity but I think we all need explained as well Wendy -- -- two -- and Andy's house in North Attleboro. They wanted to talk to him and I. -- immediately let the men in the course of being in their house this house. They fell to other associates. That were there with him and they tried to leave. And -- trust and custody in separate cars. To get right stark pictures photos of humble. Greg. It's scary injury in -- girl. All outside the house -- pictures. And tweeting them out we saw two guys could take analysts at the solar and as we believe they solar. Wind actually at the door yet here. History it's at the door somehow I guess the cops to please sir did. And they want that blocks right. 12 guys. It was you can. -- -- for the prayer -- Tebow is such the league. In all it ever knows six degrees Tebow because. This thing breaks that week -- goes patently and obviously the starting it and you know it's my fault not his old. Florida team raise this prison the real good gronkowski out the really good as she got yesterday Regis I didn't -- -- Baxter's death and a good yeah that's the judge that takes decades. To -- a chicken bubble -- You know about them -- Is what we're looking at in trying to figure out and ferret out information. The real downside of being coach of a virtual team or older proportional then -- the phone rings a little lighter you get a ball calling it that you know its stake to change from what. Public relations department media relations department said. Mister Kraft. Sitting down a bit of a problem the parent in this field. I think. We have a problem there. Did you smoke and leave it at that. At least we have his criminal record from from Florida I don't know it was a criminal record he admitted to failing ball. Drug -- Which was the lucky break in the patriot he's in the fourth courtesy. Dropped to fourth round which is partly redundancy Emeka polemic that yeah you -- that support that we know. The teams look at film did they seem that the combined. I guess that gets scared analysts. All the tattoos and they -- Broadcaster. Says he's troubled become so far. It's remarkable local -- thing that jumped me. Question what's the talks. You echo Erickson get. Up and was his. Haven't seen the movies that go. -- -- Don't like to go to bed and don't watch it alone it's one and conspiracies and -- its finest political more disturbing over and cinematographer itself it was Spacey would be among that character that we won the great evil characters. Movie history. Robert Ehrlich. Animal actor. Was not a mystery this was mysteries. By the way into the area of the movie with the -- wasn't striking the ball. I mean that we went when they were investigating. It right dead body was on the bed in the guy. I've already shut up. A skin them alive yes and yeah yeah about the lateness in getting 17. -- at least it. Fat rights. It was that -- stalker that. We don't want to -- and wherever. It. Just as Chris Christie who has -- -- -- some. Snow let it. My mind -- -- to blow it surprised me to back -- and his age 23. Yeah 23. And was the youngest player in the game but does it feel like. -- And ground ball he tees it is free and he's got that. Match with the movie theater and water couple. Good immediate panic room for I don't know -- can associate ad notes at north oh and yes. August -- used -- missiles and patriots. World Series if it does it stick it to the market drop off at least for -- right that's a good -- -- -- -- -- -- British to misdemeanor. Is we have so the question we should call it like McCain as he tweeted. Silence. Is evidence of -- yet. This perception of this -- this case law there's law. And precedent. I think it's difficult Supreme Court. Rule yours violence investigation. Could be used as. A most times. He thought that they activist. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People must know that most of the guys. Who got its debt to associate he's an associate. The mystery. He's from -- these -- grew up around the corner from where we. We should -- -- around we'll talk of some -- a lot of associate them this thing every -- topics Alex is scheduled to play in the pro at the very least I don't know this for a fact that. -- -- like the best case scenario for for it and it is he's hanging out with. Some unsavory characters like pot dealers so yeah. Let's take him as a book that would -- not now. I mean it's a good thing we always smoke because it would. Good thing Tom Brady. And applauding that it. -- it is all. That was -- -- -- Object all of -- if that's probably got. It looks that. The reason he slipped six -- and missed the east. -- it probably still that is just. We don't know yet -- this is purely a prospectus -- -- is this going to is going to be a protracted. Summer long in default. Mystery that unfolds bit by bit boards are going to be like -- a day and a half. We have -- that usually these are things blow over there could probably blow over I mean. Are we have pockets are going to be a revelation looks like sometime in the next week we say all those two guys knew that guy. But -- didn't have the case to be that we get. But -- quickly or there's going to be a protracted to -- with a little bit here and a little bit there every week and like sometime around I don't know opening day when the play the Buffalo Bills were still trying to figure school. Just at the characters involved particularly coming. Sort of -- -- -- the art for the police team that's -- to do right yet to be associates I don't get it doesn't sound like the crime of the century capital. That killed an improvement in the woods yet. Like it's like Casey Anthony got a she didn't get. Actually. Issued via and it doesn't think that's a good question like. Need to know. He's 27 the victim. Seven. So we don't make a lot of those who is -- to Aaron Hernandez who are those two guys to try to -- my house to Aaron Hernandez. Friends -- relatives tigers on. Business associates so many questions and -- in all the stores from us in. Not that many answers yet. What we find out I don't know the rules on victims when we have that to bed and no no suspects are identified when their -- yes. But will these with the victim identified today so thank match up. Then think about this Connecticut -- home town guy from what aaron's. August -- -- Fernando Aaron Hernandez he could probably tell you about re wind the clock 24 hours. And I said you all the travelers tomorrow travelers championship at TPC river highlands we're gonna talk about we'll talk a little golf with Keegan Bradley later in the broadcast we'll talk with Sean for about game four tonight. We'll talk about the Red Sox sweeping the rays would talk about the sixth game -- the NBA championship we'll talk about. -- in any finally getting together and trying to smoke the peace pipe here. An annual think there was nothing in the world that could supersede any of those 45 stories and a -- and then this thing blows up -- report that was trying to think of what. We have bigger deal -- and Leo Bruins game war or Jonny Gomes pumping his helmet if you drilled for flip them that. But if you -- here yeah. They like to fail if that happens just wrote you that industrial part. That's his Joseph Maddon made a mental notes in my old -- ago while players. Real enemy -- next yet let's let's show -- -- that. The British watched -- -- -- -- the couple look over at the -- goes if they're caught the it was a coach yeah it was -- -- election why well the break into it doesn't hurt your home politics. On the deal. Buckle to public office and go. But god knows you pick which is the story of the day. If we had some chances. Which we did on -- and and his. And when we get. If -- Laporte just. Today Tuesday. And will find that will let people texting and tweeting this. Theories. What's in the box. And our golf which is right now formally -- -- you -- get to later WEI. Look at open Mike -- what's in the box what his. Arm is books. -- What the big take from Aaron Hernandez's house in the -- -- was lots -- stuff -- spot business -- -- about it seems that in the -- this. Once in a box. You know ripple -- long ago and see we go to that -- on the -- in the -- we're not not pornographic eight. The book exporting utmost interest to them aren't all -- we're allowed -- travelers championship TPC river highlands will talk with you next Dennis and Callahan in Connecticut.

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