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John Farrell postgame press conference

Jun 18, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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If I feel except for -- force obvious by the age shut out innings it's the deepest he's gone this year and eight innings completed. Felt like. He more than did his job tonight. One run. You know spread on the board. Go to Bailey things didn't work out on a fastball up and away much like the pitch to readers of the day. -- don't bails out. He's our closer we got more to do you know it's the same pitch that he's been -- on with the -- -- last two times out. And we've got to get more consistent there's no doubt buddies are close. Yeah where we are with with Rossi -- that we had put him on the disabled list he's still haven't symptoms. With a concussion. The felt that the other day in. In Baltimore I kind of brought some of those symptoms back. We couldn't get a catcher here in time for the start of the second game so salty back there again tonight and once again a very good job calling game panel and LeBron tonight against their lineup but that's where we are now with what normally -- taken -- players. Some. Typically knowing that. Loney is gonna coming out of the meddling. He handled that one and -- well tonight but it's. That's in his job and Felix more than did his work and an outstanding effort on his part tonight. Lot of strikes. I -- you know he didn't have that. Stretch of hitters where it lost strikes -- -- issued a couple base on balls you attack the zone all night. Fastball command. But he threw a number cutters tonight keep the right handers on us was -- break you know bearing boring in on them. I any was able stormed out of curveball changeup so it was a four pitch mix that he had command of when you deliver your job force. Well thankfully we we got the last moment I'm swinging an emotional strain on our on our side but -- -- -- out. You know it makes -- one heck of -- defense of play to keep that inning from extending. In the top of the ninth. But. In the Jennings had even in a limited number of at bats against -- I think that's the second time is taken deep. In its. Very timely obviously. Didn't feel like we have enough time we need to start on Saturday. Didn't feel like we had enough time to give him the proper amount of work two to prepare for that start to wanna take any chances in this way. His first eligibility would be Monday that -- an off day so it could shift to Tuesday when he first available so we. We can get a couple of work. Days including some simulated stuff on the road and Detroit. Well is the place that is unbeaten on a fastball up. You know if you're gonna win and look up with him and and and right now. You know there's not that second gear that we've seen this fast forward to beat -- number hitters. Was some velocity up in the strike zone. You know they've taken a number of borderline breaking pitches so two things one is to get a fastball down and be a little more consistent in the secondary pitch to get them off. Just looking hard all the time in the back. He's improved he was available to pinch hit today hopeful he'll be back on the field or available we'll play defensively tomorrow. While there's improvement today felt like in his first or second strives to be an explosive with the running was gonna grab and so. Unavailable defensively today.

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