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Jonny Gomes postgame with Joe & Dave after the second Rays game

Jun 18, 2013|

Joe & Dave talked to the Sox outfielder, who pounded the ball out of the park to win the second game of the doubleheader against the Rays.

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-- Johnny that's a way this game goes a lot of disappointment when the leadoff home run that took him possible went away to do -- been. Five minutes maybe turn it completely around them -- a clutch hit. Yeah I mean you know really start Cedeno now -- again on. -- but they're not let you know ready to jump on the first strike and seen it data but when they're facing a couple times in. I've got to me about it off -- so you know it's I don't jumper. Johnny one of the funny moments tonight was watching your punting skills around third base have -- money never helmet we had to hang time -- about seven seconds. What was that. It's my best impression of the all Vinatieri kick for their offense that's OK I'm way better through this -- through the snow absolutely euphoric. That was those of beautiful lake you'd jump -- you you know it was gone immediately did in. I mean it felt good you know I mean you know little bit of rain that green monster sometimes plays games but. Yeah you know it's not how far -- how many you know win over. Well we know that you I had to sacrifices in your career one last year one in 05 it and that. You are also wore for eight against -- -- -- two homers before that at that what do you think do you. I get that -- about -- do. Well I mean you know come up in the bottom nine you know scores -- I think anyone's you know called upon to. You know -- to -- anyway possible so not worked great walking. A guy in their jump on the first very. Johnny what does that feeling like. When you win a game like that and you're rounding the bases. It's a game winning home run it's Fenway Park you're sweeping -- doubleheader and all your teammates -- just appalled when you don't play. And it's special moment you know I mean. I think I have. Upwards of a thousand walk offs in my head you know -- my record here yeah you know but I mean today it was pretty special. You know those guys that -- I mean this is. It's a pretty good group of it 25 plus and now we're on each other's back. And you know we can't go too far in this interview with -- talk about starting pitching and you know my yeah. My players to -- both games is Saltalamacchia mean I don't know a lot for the cup back that -- matters much those trees actually did tonight. You know -- go with you know without -- that's right in your last walk off. Wal-Mart was. But Jason modest Saint Louis that's woods with us and we you with the Washington or Cincinnati Cincinnati. Remember that we're very vividly. Those -- walk -- -- -- -- a bit too far back in the memory as Sampras here in the room. Johnny congratulations solitude celebrate -- -- -- but a wonderful moment while once again for you come up with so -- lately world on our guys appreciate that thank you --

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