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Bruins take Game 3, control of the series: Response and reaction

Jun 18, 2013|

Salk and Holley break down a big Bruins win over the Blackhawks in Game 3 at the Garden.

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Well rain delay gives us an opportunity to chat with the -- all of Michael hall who are salt and -- and happy to be here on the -- I was WEEI Red Sox radio network. 31 Red Sox the score two run two outs rather bottom of the four when the government run at the -- one I missed that I walked away for a second I was how many air bases jacked. Two outs bottom of the fifth. It won't be long right won't be long for this game. Returns. Really yeah you know my sources. Resources your sources what high in the sky after I think my high above Finland my sources tell me that this game will resume fairly and I think that's probably are happy we are happy. -- You -- if you went for the game. And this is that make up game for you and it's a big deal and brought the Q is that that I apologize. If the rain on your parade. This game is -- obviously I gotta tell you I am happy. To be talking right now after what is happened is we here at 6 o'clock last night we got plenty to talk about in them throughout the. Well -- and you guys can do with a 61777979. 37 the number 617779. 79 37 it was a fascinating evening in Boston last night we'll get to what apple Doc Rivers in a couple of minutes stories coming out today that the deal was dead I don't believe that Michael doesn't believe -- I really -- not only I think some people do believe that those talk about cars suckers right I mean what would you wouldn't believe that it's dead until the clippers actually hire another coach. So of opening day it was dead even mean it means okay we're not talking right now. Does that mean dormant. Not dead it's dormant all believe that it's dormant may be but I don't believe that it did that. Dead he's dead or is it that's no longer exists right no longer. There is no there's no. Coming back from this and I don't believe we're -- I believe there is a lever and a a battle over leverage they came to waste and stale. That doesn't mean any -- these dead shall continue what to monitor that and we'll get Q the chat about that here in a few but but of course the story in Boston last night. Is the fact that the Bruins are just the better team Michael they are just the better team in the Chicago Blackhawks and certainly they were for sixty full minutes last night dominated every. Fast. Of the game last night every facet there was one thing that Chicago did better than the Bruins really for any amount time. There a couple of chances which to could easily steered away. Couple little break -- Had eighteen had a couple of days -- hit wide open are open any does mr. specify what could Google with haven't covered. I mean honestly I thought the Bruins I'll play why don't -- Duca had a comfort. He dismissed and -- were talking about it yesterday if you better than Tim Thomas. You know he is it's run more impressive and Tim thomas' run and we were talking yesterday. Yet to set -- Group. Through two games in the Stanley Cup finals and we said it's time and and so -- him Tomas Tomas racked up two more on his way to. In games four and seven were upset now that's where the Conn smythe and a historic run. Not to Kansas three shots. Through three games. And his goals against average went down. It was already Drake going into the game goes down and save percentage goes up. -- yeah it's an equal right if not a better run into Thomas put together in 2000 allowed. You start looking at the leaderboard and you know we're looking at that earlier and realized that Bruins control every single statistic anywhere in the NHL post season leaderboard to look at the leader in save percentage. Goals against average wins and shot -- leader all four categories. And then David crate -- leading goals assists points. And they Nathan Horton leading in plus minus. The Bruins have have dominated these playoffs they dominated the game last night. I knowing a lot of grief for my for nothing broom and sweep prediction which alone a format and I observe that you've gone back to you. They won't lose again I wonder why I said yesterday -- in five and I'll still stick without I still think the Bruins will win in five games because I think they're the better team now again. Weird things happen in hockey games that doesn't mean that -- date. I don't wanna -- -- because it's not -- but the puck does bounce in funny ways or at the puck bounces off Andrew Ference escape happens to go directly into the net. Pop -- is off to different guys for the final goal in triple OT the other night ends up going in the net the Bruins were at times outplayed in that game may -- even over the course of the whole game. But it was still you're here a couple of bad bounces away from -- three nothing up in this series. Having been the better team for the majority of it and last night was as dominant to -- -- we said yesterday they had the dominant over time dominant over an hour to -- wonder whether or carry dominant first period but -- said OK well the overtime came later you wonder if that was the turning point you wonder if the physical play was starting to really take its -- on the Blackhawks. Well by last night that seemed obvious I don't know what happened to Marion hosts a I don't know why he decided not to play in that game stories today that he's going to be able to go in game four tomorrow night. The let's try to get this straight what happened right knowing what we know. About how physical the Bruins are knowing that you're almost -- year old mercy and himself -- looked terrified that gift that Jack was talking about. Basically came out and said yeah they're much more physical and -- Knowing that hosts looked perfectly fine in the first two games. Came out for warm up they didn't rest any extra bodies for warm ups which I don't understand at all. Then after not taking a -- or anything obvious during warm ups came out of the game only to be replaced by guy played one game for them all here and did not warmup -- have to scramble just to get himself into the game. And now -- is ready to go in game four. I don't wanna call -- guy out from the fake or or or for for exaggerating an injury what the heck is how I happen. -- you know what I don't accused of baker I think he's hurt -- thing is the problem with Marian Hossa. Who -- my favorite players was when my favorite players in the league. The problem -- -- here is that he has to deal with his teammates. I mean how do you how do you go to your teammates I think he gets hurt you. But I did get her to -- ever really not up at this time a year most people are hurt nearly Jonathan Toews is hurt and the guys getting crushed at the unsolved. You saw that last night for tapes going to they're going to the bench and he's got his -- guy's hand wrapped up he's leaning over and grimacing and he's cringing. For for Marion -- How do you how do you look look at those guys in that room and say I'm not going tonight. Stanley Cup final tied -- game appease. A pivotal game three. And you go to them before the game you're -- there for -- -- do you go to them after that they can't play but there's mystery and atone for your right first of all you're one of his teammates you're looking animal like -- is you knew that you were mercenary. We already knew you with a guy wanted to go where -- the best shot to win a cup your mercenary. Now your guy doesn't show -- big chance to actually win you -- -- game doesn't answer and let and I see -- text hearsay and host that was hit by a puck pregame out they knocked out true I mean that at all speculation. But here's what we have no NBC had the spot shadow and it's always great when you when you got so much money is money to burn in BC when you when you got we need money to burn. Just do little gadgets. -- -- -- just because. It because weakened. The spot shadow here. And look at Mary Reynolds and and and that they had an on them. Saying it was supposed to see is a hold of me that smoking gun and I don't see anything. Joel Quenneville after the game last night. Knocked it down. It was a preexisting injury but he wouldn't give in to -- that was a preexisting injury and there was a chance that he might not be able to play. Why wouldn't need to -- our other players off forehand now. All operate here. Preexisting injury. I think Quenneville said oh we know -- hurt and we know. Let's they have polluted teammates hurt but there's no way. That you're gonna come to -- and -- -- can't play. The American that you're not gonna Manny Ramirez's army. Not get Manny Ramirez relieved that the playoffs. Manny Ramirez would do it so we can perform. You don't let your by the he he terrible might do that in the plasma or what didn't have the opportunity I could -- though not a player out there wouldn't. They want sixty. Day 100. Now but not not in the second fees apply it in any event did it. You wonder why something like that happens because. We're not sitting here in the it's not our business to start killing Marion hosts though although it's fun -- not -- or if it's an entertainment factor but trying to figure out why. And all of you come off cliff and and take it for what it is is it the Bruins are just that physical. That okay yeah maybe he could graded out maybe to gut through way. But is he gonna go out there and take the punishment the -- is gonna give them for the entire sixty minutes does he wanna go out there take the punishment a -- -- each and Dennis Seidenberg who got the Rangers jacket last night does he wanna go out there and take the punishment or is the Bruins musicality so grade. That it it it changes these guys Michael I can't imagine how many guys have we seen changed now in these in these post season because both these games because the -- Well here's the thing do you really think you really believe the merry hosts. Doesn't go out here because he's afraid of the Bruins or is it is so larger problem is it just. Some guys in this is this is rare. It in the in the last series of the season. Some guys just can't play unless they feel there 100% -- really close. Hockey players aren't supposed to be like well I mean I'd say a baseball players and players while. I don't know I don't want or maybe not maybe not maybe the baseball player trapped in a hockey player's body I don't know. Because Michael that's not supposed to happen hockey players supposed to play there anything. Chara took -- is has crashed -- Dellucci to before the -- a problem they'll -- thirty minutes. You know take a puck to the face jump right back out there but this is -- is not a Marian -- thing and that's the point of trying to make a larger point. Is how many examples of this do we need to see in the post season of teams and great players playing against the Bruins before it becomes the Bruins and not all of those players. It's not just that everyone on the Rangers became a bad player one time it's not just. That Sidney Crosby and getting mall and did absolutely nothing did not register a point in the four game sweep. It's not just that Mary and hosts became a whiny crybaby last night decides not to play game and it's not just the caves and it. Just it instantly became independent are well -- can't be all those things are all the Cohen's. So use that word it's true that works just drives me crazy with it if it -- books things that I shouldn't be thinking about. At 320 in the afternoon not texture on eighteen detect everything possible says post is this -- There's no reason he wouldn't play if he couldn't play. What do you guys know the oil. Is you're broken bones. They didn't break a bone there -- broken arm. That's only -- if he's got a broken arm. He's got a broken wrist. Our idea of a -- to -- and host the telecast. Today. Tonight. And or tomorrow morning. Then I guess he was right everybody wrong -- that. Well at least get a playing game for that's that's the part -- confusing if if he was gonna be out for the series but I would even think about questioning it. If there was a host. Really hurt gonna miss a few games here you know really. Can't skate on a bad groin -- can't skate with a bad hamstring just can't physically do it -- a missing a week or so okay fine. But he's got to play in game four tomorrow night. How does that make it back spasms I guess I would buy back spasms. I mean an end maybe it's that I guess I would buy back spasms because when those happen -- they can creep up really really quickly and then go away. But they can come back so -- to that if you're the coach are you gonna even risk it. In game four maybe Ben Smith gave you so little that it doesn't matter may be willing to because you got to put our all out they're down 21. And and very much in danger. Of digging yourself such a hole that you can't get out of this is not the Detroit Red Wings who were mediocre team throughout the year at a decent playoff run also got a head to Chicago 31. Bruins will play the way they did last night they will easily easily. Take game four tomorrow night and I don't see them given up a three -- I think. I cannot let us here a couple of Texas at -- and altered to. What got him go back to the midwest you're the Blackhawks are not a great team the Bruins -- three zip OK maybe that should be a -- -- but the series right now is 21. The Bruins dominated that game last night I think I don't remember them losing a face off I know what happened I just didn't witness it. Maybe I was out getting popcorn every time the Bruins lost to face off but. They dominated every aspect of the game. That being said the Blackhawks are -- team. The Bruins are great teams over the Blackhawks I'd be very surprised. You view and the texture are correct and that this series is over and that the black hawks don't win another game. I -- and they can win game four. I wouldn't be wouldn't be shocked if he I don't know man after I don't want to when I watched last night had been in that building -- loud as that was the energy that was in there. And the way the Bruins. The way they played vs the way Chicago played on -- Michael I I I don't see it I didn't see Chicago winning game to start the series. Clearly I was wrong no kidding not a prognosticator or otherwise that live in Vegas and I would bet sports all the time that's not what I do but. Try to make a judgment based on how teams are playing how they match up. And prisoners better. Patrice Bergeron is the best player in the series the best single player. In this series has been Patrice Bergeron yet that's either either Bergeron. Go Bergeron or you go to -- -- -- But -- I don't have promising Patrice Bergeron. Is the Pittsburgh Steelers he he has he's arguably arguably been the best player in the post season it's funny talking about -- and crate G leading all of those statistical categories and probably would be that the obvious choices. For Conn smythe but I give a -- Whatever he touches seems to turn to stone and a good way. Crosby forget about it bass player in the world -- thank you. Bergeron just completely shots and everything he did it it in the ranger series and now what he's done to the Patrick Kane line he's been out against them or Toews. What that dot eight was 86%. From the faceoff circle last night. He really like he's out of this world right now and here's the other difference -- the Bruins did lose did he did drop the first game of the season of the series right but they also made one huge adjustments since the and that's putting together this line. It has been fantastic this third line of Kelly MIA and say again instead of getting nothing. From the bottom two lines which is what they got in game one all the way -- straight through the overtime not quite. I mean they'll note that third and fourth line almost couldn't even be out there on the ice safely. Now you've got a legitimate third line that every time they come out there is is putting some fear into Chicago. Because of the matchup they're getting against an opposite third line and against defensive pairings that don't include Duncan Keith. Yeah it has been it has been an unintentionally. Great line. From the -- and it's something we didn't see we're talking about the series. Of before it started going back and forth like the Blackhawks like the Bruins in wide. It's something you really didn't see. -- And it it was an accidental. It's that it's an accidental line. But it -- an impact one. -- and they have made some they have made some plays some great plays and you look at game two. That I want -- getting. So yet. Wanted to analog -- a game three game changer yeah so I mean again I'm I'm. You watch the way the two teams the directions in which they're heading in Chicago's gotten almost steadily worse outside of the one great first period. They adding game to have have really gotten steadily worse. Throughout this series from game one all the way through game three. Unless that turns around unless they get a lift from a host so who who's to -- -- playing game three from a Toews who's been pretty abysmal and and and and invisible. In the series may be may be fighting with Chara get put on his back. Like like a submissive dog may be that wakes up vehicle maybe. But he's been invisible as well. The 6177797983. Similar to grab some Bruins called the -- Russell talks and -- will be right back your Red Sox talk. On the shops WEEI Red Sox radio network. -- 31. Swing and hard ground -- this -- the -- you score easily you know grown. Red Sox needed portal on -- we have avoided days you know like greens. Driven and three -- down the third base for the one Boston. -- in looking for Red Sox baseball. Delayed. By rain shouldn't be too too long to look like one of those storms that kind of blow through. I -- city. And they get us back to baseball for one Red Sox score when we departed bases loaded two outs bottom of the fifth. And they're in the -- diseases. I don't jinx it. Nothing and. They have rag doll and the the Tampa Bay Rays here. -- racked element in archer on the mound and -- he says -- things -- -- left him as Chris oldest Coco Crisp he looks just like computer co cosigned. But there is too young to be Coca maybe you'll be cocos. But our -- -- cousin. Or brother unbelievable but they have. They've really they're really done a good job against the Tampa over Tampa Bay Rays and that hasn't been the case the last couple years. Funny you bring that up as we're talking a little -- saw little Celtics will Bruins here on the Shaw's WEEI. Red Sox radio network mikes all of Michael -- on the regular salt and polish you know normally. We do that at this time from two to six on WEEI. I was saw somebody last night a friend of mine who's in from out of town he's not a huge big sports I am not a big hockey fan. And he says you know I was at one of the bars by the -- -- watching the games -- and a half paying attention to it he said. The Bruins. She related to those dark like the jogger easy related or what's the deal derby champion and he's that you can't be yeah our Mary -- arrested. And he wasn't joking he wasn't exaggerating. -- -- That's the -- -- he's 41 -- it all away. Get out of here like I -- name and I didn't wanna be the idiot who suggested that it was Jeremy yarder in the -- retired ten years ago articulate and personal he had the assist unbelievable last -- great great play. Now I exit about about a -- advance. Mike Milbury. Knows more hockey I don't know who it is building right now. Mike Milbury knows more hockey everybody in this building. Probably put again balanced. On the floors one or two again. He knows more hockey and everybody in this building Adobe's in the bathroom and the work that nobody. I'm -- he knows a lot but. Last night I want to give them. You don't know how to cook with Mike Milbury you don't know hockey he would -- he of this are rated jogger yeah the other night. You know caught -- -- lazy change in a look at jogger and he he can't play in this series. Past that you are here. -- made last night the imagination of -- keep talking about this. Yes well there's no way around it he's obviously the -- probably in the series. But he's also the most creative got one of the more creative guys in this series very imaginative sees things other people don't think that's what my numbers -- given -- about armored. Gets -- in this series they gotta get a office line. Do something when he gets the puck standing still -- I'm surprising -- on the army under the rec league player because that's kind of what he looks like at times but it's great. It was -- you think about that France. You know how guys and how many guys in the series. And CNET and execute that. Allah or would have stones to even try to exact. I love that -- the first goals great -- takes the shot can't finish which is what he's supposed to be great that Daniel pi day. Whose fast and skilled player but has can't shoot straight over the course of his career is able to finish that's sort of a strange goal there but the second goal. Coming at the tail end of the five on -- -- wasn't technically a five on three but it basically was. It's yet another goal will you watch it and -- my dot. Every guy on the ice for the Bruins did exactly. What you wanted him to do in that spot that led to this. Yeah yeah. How about that place whole -- Sagan on one side right. Goes after the -- wins the puck battle gets it back to Chara who of course doesn't move it quickly but welcome back to that maybe will the later because it's driving me crazy watching them slowed on the power play but -- gets it over to younger everybody does their part. Meanwhile Lucic does exactly what you expect of a giant hole stands in front of the net. And bothers the hell out of both the defenseman and the goaltender and then younger fires a pass across as you -- creative gutsy. Talking with someone at the garden last night really new hockey said -- would Bergeron did. To be able to get a stick on a pass that was about horror to sorted -- right -- output right by him was under rated oddly different. It wrecked our problem with what a great goal what a great -- your friend whoever said that not your friend of -- army -- by -- and you might even break I think you may have to break I was talking a -- I think it was him yet and -- of things that Texas says. That pass a salute you have got to be cute now that was not the -- Lucic knew exactly what was happening. He didn't watch. While this thing probably about forty times I was blown away. But execution of an energy use -- an -- and -- leased it to you. The wave that Bergeron was able to control the puck. Which had a little heat on it was -- and a little bit calmed down took its time and still was able to fire it and was a great plates and I just I do. And then had a few of those three look at you like me and everyone on the line did their job I think was the first goal they scored against the Chicago in game one was the first to second on and was the first. Where crate she wading deep absorb the hit great pastor Horton and Horton was able to quickly get it over Lucci to buried -- just. It feels like when they score it's the result of everyone doing exactly what is expected of them. On the ice at one time 61777979837. -- -- Michael hall here in the Shaw's WEEI Red Sox radio network waiting for the Sox. To get back underway in the meantime your phone call start with Ralph who's in -- -- -- Got great art. Pretty good cop and a court date when I was on the Rangers. And you want to start by the way. Shall I -- Seidenberg with such elect Arnold that you couldn't lift his arm in -- it shot -- economic. -- can't help but at least through their rotator cup -- and even take shot. In the housing and playing games for that's what I mean rabbi I'll have assays and playing games are. You know the coaches at about that you can let and one at stranger from a from a former Rangers took -- all got -- -- battery is dead wrong that talked about Bergeron should get and be very well this year. MVP because doctor Bergeron has been lights out which garnered him he might slow and he -- At the -- and you call that that was not all the loot that was a beautiful surpass the Bergeron and well. Yeah what a game last night -- I mean just one of those times or just. Afterwards you can't sit back and think about it and say -- wasn't like an 81 victory like they had against Vancouver Heatley when whatever was. But it was dominant. It was dominant in all three zones dominant on the offensive -- dominant defensively. I shut out to booed and even though they only scored two goals. They dominated play for sixty minutes. Absolutely did and the the thing is like I was looking this up. Before -- the break. Talking about -- episode before. One of my favorite players to wantonly. At a dominant at times -- dominant player. Very tough to it to knock off the puck two way player yet to -- player it'll -- you would you be happy. To have them in Chicago he'd be happy to have them Boston. A few years ago when our personal campaign that failed. Get the Marion post here if it didn't work he's in favor hoped. -- you animal likes what he was available at the time was it. That the team was still in Atlanta and -- within Lannan knows and they were having a fire sale and when it Mary -- to be here. So probably and in thinking back I don't remember exactly and I wasn't here but I'm guessing would have been -- over -- Probably it was a right around the time they ended up getting Horton was out on knowledge before now -- reporter yeah so I mean if you -- gone and gotten some throws that at that I don't get more obvious at that time Horton wasn't even on our radar right acknowledged an important you also got. My my -- Gregory Campbell but. Look at hosts. This is -- this is the reason it's so surprising it's just the culture of the sport and you can't say. Well what about baseball players and baseball players -- go on the disabled list with pink nails and all without yes baseball. -- hockey this is surprising. And the Stanley Cup final is and surprisingly hockey for the playoffs because you remember during the cup year the panel Chara. This game because of exhaustion. It was game to game two of this series game three somewhere. In the Montreal series he was exhausted in -- playoff game that was a first round. I don't think he would -- The Stanley Cup final game. And -- going back to look at Joseph Thornton. So most people in Boston even though we saw -- -- when most people in Boston are called to the ones that and you I thought he Wallace. But he was not known necessarily for. Being a gamer. Joseph Thornton played a series. Entire series with cracked ribs. That's kind of what I've grown used to seeing from. It's really expectation I have -- to occupy and in. People are debating whether or not it's too much whether that the code of of of of hockey players pointer injuries almost insane and ultimately detrimental to limit it's been glorified too much and I think it's what we we know one love and expect a hockey players and hockey fans one of the things they truly love about the game. The 6177797937. Mike and Peabody Jonas -- and -- go ahead. I shall two point. Number one in every lap -- -- well and I love my groin at all. But it's a small. Number I don't know much too old compare -- to Thomas during his run. -- plane. But all dornin great but I think taught me in his series weren't being brought spectacular saves. There more guys that blow up a toll on an Iraq that is the announcement shut everybody down. But I don't know I don't know public about that when I'm Mike I I do about that spectacular saves and that I think there's a reason for that it's different different style. But in terms of shots. And shots that that to grow grass has had to face. I'm I would guess I would guess it's about the same but I wouldn't be surprised if there's data out there that took -- space more. So why and one of the other thing that close to because I totally greet you we've talked about a hundred times the stylistic difference between somewhere where Thomas is flopping around like a station that made -- really exciting to watch and he's so quick. An unusual where is -- is really more of an angled goalie. But took eight is is controlling the rebounds as well as any goalie I've ever seen him in every shot comes -- Just -- or not he was also another read I'll. But he hasn't been the entirety of the playoffs Mike every time a shock comes in on -- it never ends up in a bad area meaning he he's attacked. Acting the shots with confidence there was one that came in towards his blocker side last night I think in the third period. Where he just he just kind of went he almost the tactics are just like -- like you're just -- have here we are doing don't. Don't bother me -- that kind of a shocked if you're gonna come up become not me Patrick Kane. Actually -- a real shot at me to give me that week stopped just not that thing out here so that's one part of it. That that is being incredibly impressive to me is that the rebound control and then the confidence the conference race. I agree but it you go back and I think. Watching tapes from 2011. It -- you how I began to Imus. Well you can go back to watch the ones I like -- -- like the dedication tiger and that. On this Christmas and he wouldn't let me Wear a lot of mistakes -- -- stop this and that. Where -- about and he got a lot out and of yeah. It's a little mud on my this is what all understand what the Bruins don't have and into eleven where that defensive team and have the same. There -- spread offense that's why not at all. They had chart that Chara then they had Seidenberg -- -- and -- chocolate and then you don't her parents and and it's pretty similar they think they exist today I love folk art. Score more without an eleven. I don't know maybe they had to score more plummeted to. Or more because Tuukka -- I mean it that it is hard to it's hard to separated out and the second point I would make be on the confidence in the rebound controlled Tuukka has been -- timely -- The way kept the minute the first period in game two when Chicago brought everything mad and took -- just destroyed them to deny and now you're not getting past me. It it's what closed talks about that all the time right coming up with a -- has given up a bad gold final. Dario -- what is the last time your member to be given a bad goal when he felt around. Yes I mean in that game he gave up two bad goals to the Rangers in game four of a series to series ago. I don't remember given up a single bad goal against Pittsburgh. And I don't remember and given a -- a court to mount and neither of them were bad hole calls and he didn't give up yet about goal in this series -- it was his fault. What are they have a conversation at Pittsburgh. Barrick gold and that's -- the bad goals to -- -- The only two -- so what good. Offseason the very short conversation -- offseason talk about the back goals that the idea that the Bruins wanna take a lot more your calls Bruins Red Sox Celtics as well as the Doc Rivers thing is. Well they say dead I -- dormant I don't buy dead -- by dormant. 6177797937. Salt and holly. Here wait for the Red Sox to get going again up four to 12 outs bottom of the fit you right back Red Sox talked on the shots WEEI Red Sox radio network. You know one. When my job center field Big -- here comes out -- right right behind victory. Is not opt out -- with a home. It's not verified -- here. -- -- the -- -- afraid -- alive here SC. Just to go left at second base. And that make any -- -- -- -- they would no chance against that it was absolutely scrawled it. No truth to the rumor that the Red Sox have petitioned Major League Baseball to play all their remaining games against the Orioles against the rays instead. They're both good teams. We just double up on games against the race but it can play in the Orioles forget that. Sox up four to one and a game is -- currently the rain -- -- is still out on the field on assault and -- hanging -- with -- this -- -- -- in the -- WEEI Red -- -- America's -- two -- bottom of the -- bases -- Red -- threatening once again when the game was delayed we'll get -- -- further -- as they come in on the -- -- -- the -- -- come off. Or they announced when the game will resume we will let you know that immediately in the meantime -- a lot of Bruins as they win game three last night Celtics is Doc Rivers talks. Are apparently dead or so they say Michael and I both think more dormant the dead or at least leveraging the situation in the Red Sox as well their first place team after all. Let's not let's not give -- short trip they deserve I deserve a lot of props. For what they've done so far and in the beginning of this season. And now do when it without their two best pitchers -- does hurt and Lester who has ceased to be Jon Lester. Yeah lesser -- he says he's not concerned about the slump. I guess that's good news salt because these are concerned about the slump that means he's not hurt. It and it's a mechanical issue as -- -- as a mechanic course of good news because you figure. With a good -- -- with an above average to good and he's he's much but he's arrogant when when Jon Lester is right he's a very good Major League pitcher. Most of those guys will figure out a mechanical issue you think you've got it with with a with a mind that you have there Lester himself. Combined with the his former pitching coach. In John Ferrell in his current pitching coach and won the Davis I think they'll figure this thing out and he'll be back to normal. 61777979837. Matty in Medford climatic. Not a very. Matty 01 cells that -- on toys balls are -- blew your chance spirit -- that covered John John Medford as well -- -- That you might put them on the show what the new posting dual all right how about having no hosting -- -- Exec say hello mikes all -- -- -- job tomorrow -- all about right John it's great to talk -- Now this is my first time talking to John Medford. Yes great actor I do that a couple of things you've got to approach to tell you mentioned about the top of a deal I. Basically I after we would both be used to that is sort of report on ESPN. Mark and I that they basically until. The in totally -- -- name a head coach. You could almost bet that this deal could still get them because. They they Chris Paul is basically the one that's running this focus see you want to coach. He wanted to play put up with -- so I think eight if the clippers can't get Doc Rivers over the act. Then it will it will Chris -- that we -- in white or -- try to bring them. Know Michael -- set -- straight on now I can do it's it's just too much of of a cap issue to bring in Chris Paul but yet your absolutely right John. You look at it. The only way this -- Smart for the clippers. You think about what what -- what both teams need nobody really it would have been in this situation. When it breaks down but what do both teams need what a wonderful thing both teams looking due to do going forward the clippers last oblique. Think they're positioned when championship. So they wanna win a championship they wanna bring back Chris Paul. They've got more to gain in the Celtics do. -- the only way this makes sense for the clippers. Is if they have been told by Chris Paul -- he'll come back even if Byron Scott as head coach even apply -- -- -- -- head coach of the. Only way this is mark otherwise. Being the clippers let me ask you this in -- and you fall asleep so much more closely what kind of what kind of reaction has -- been -- LA. Over the last couple days. The clippers getting heat for this or they giving praise for this. And I wonder if if you know Don sterling is pulling the strings the much detested owner of the LA clippers is never really done anything right in his tenure there what he already try to make money for this pursuit. During the game he for the pursuit of -- -- or do they like it at all like and they like it into this at this in LA is like jumping up and down hey we're gonna get doc -- Doc Rivers. -- Kevin Garnett. You ensure the return of Chris almost the most important thing. Hold on Blake Griffin. Hold on to. For now you hold on to a Bledsoe. -- use him for another deal. You're talking about potentially bringing in Dwight Howard didn't have a lot going on it's interesting element populism the again dean at the garden last night and just being around a lot of people who war or passionate about sports and in the media. You know the Spiegel McDermott human Spiegel -- we talked to Matt Spiegel on the show from Chicago 670 the fan. Paris and now but the score rather and then they also and had their little battle with my little one rated those guys at the garden and talking to McNeal the other guy. He says -- looks like another another deal were LA just completely helps out Boston by taking on all the bad contracts just like the Dodgers did for the red -- Last year they're not but -- that you see if I can understand the clippers saying. If it's just negotiate. So at the beginning of the negotiation. Some guys some guys oh we'll start off of negotiation and I'll start off. Being reasonable. At any age and start up the negotiation that way. -- give my -- for everything just might be dumb enough to give it to I have to ask alliance 21 round picks -- last for DeAndre Jordan now last for Bledsoe. Let's see what you can just oblique reference who has and and the clippers -- no record that record that. A point where. Woods. Now they really shouldn't be saying now if they want Chris Paul return. I feel like. It there really are gonna walk away from the deal. The clippers will go back. Being the clippers that we always -- I'm telling -- -- either some scholars out there. -- Dead Sea scroll scholars in in the Dead Sea scrolls it talked about how the clippers are just useless I don't think that's -- they've -- you know. Getting up. Mike his kids he was gonna get crying at beginning of time. The clippers part eight Joseph you know he can float in the Dead -- even if you're not trying during its incredibly you're very buoyant in the Arizona and it's got so much salt that's why it's dead is everything -- and exited without insulin and see what happens with the result knowledge of Hawkins and yet he an intimate you know -- 5050s wrong like -- -- -- but it was 5050 it's wrong there are some killer from my dad obviously -- -- We're sort of I went to the -- -- it. How bad clippers are out of this that we get these calls clippers so bad. You know they always they're always lottery they were before Chris Paul they're. Always in the lottery -- administering. Seventeen. Points it was like 171879. In nineteen years where they had lottery pick. In the first rookie of the year. In the history of the organization. Since they were and and the Eagles last Los Angeles. The first rookie of the year was Blake Griffin. So I just told you that wasn't -- -- was directed vehemently he was struck by Chicago now right and they traded they traded and Alex. And so an accurate remember Terry Cummings is another possibility but I don't think he won the award but all these years. All these opportunities in first round picks first round picks first round picks either. The wrong guy. Or it picked the right guy Darius Miller and Gary is very well Richardson went -- -- -- about time Danny Manning was not was not rookie of the year. So eagle on road. Go on and on that organization did what part of Georgia or just bad organization. Michael Michael -- And a lot of times there's a drop drop off between wanting to do. And that the first the number one pick it pretty good. I Tim Duncan and number two pick like you've been warned -- not -- -- clippers case. Don't want to got a problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Surprising that the clippers war didn't have the number one pick the LeBron -- year where they could ahead James -- Or bosh or anywhere in -- car and they would've been the once depict aren't prepared to guarantee that while we're just intrigued they are -- grew it out if there's an opportunity to screw it up the clippers Jackson -- -- -- hijacked. And I thought it looked good. Mike I would expect that that you feel about them and what. -- -- But we learned something about the -- heated as this is great. -- well -- you can actually order and problematic question about the let that. A one of the big surprise that he didn't David Ortiz. And Allen didn't but now I a year he's had a big hump hum he had put on the hair what does that do for the rest. -- how little slump earlier write me at after the show on -- -- article and everyone said that one was related to the other I'm not sure that they really were maybe they were maybe it was coincidence. I'm the one thing you can say is that although Ortiz has been great no PS of 981 -- He's really hit the ball well he's back to 9914. Home runs almost fifty RBI. They have been getting contributions elsewhere mean when you see that their team leaders and in OPS you know the two team leaders are no PS today Michael. What -- got to go in Manama. No -- fourth behind Ortiz about your -- little curve ball had -- The two team leaders in OP has now granted neither -- qualify for the battery power rather well welcome mother would have been Ortiz then nob of them drive but I -- carpet Jose Iglesias I say so. Because while neither have have had enough at bats to qualify what they've done recently has been so impressive. I carp -- -- PS of in 65. At places is right behind him at 1047. Who's more surprising. I don't know if I can call the more surprising guy. Between those two. If you look at. It's I hate myself because there is a glacier fed and expect much from carpet all know the carpet on the enemy -- can always had that was that was never the -- comment that nothing. Nothing from a Iglesias with a bat absolutely nothing thought it would always be a wizard. In the field so what you put him at short whether you put in the third always expect greatness in the field. From a great -- But good to see him actually. Actually hitting the ball hitting it with him being too. Every start up this season and Arnold and he'll hit -- -- that we don't actually he's got a hit the ball third in the team and slugging percentage. That's the number that jumps off the page are right I mean but you thought OK maybe a guy like daddy gets hot with the bad -- get to bunching hits in the raises the batting average some of the infield hits. He's third on the team in slugging percentage slugging 562. I mean that that's truly the amazing and mostly it's been doubles power but so what you'll take that. Mike in Massachusetts 6177797. On -- threesome with some might. Michael are real was -- market. They. Just wondering you know you sit there predictable watch on the -- and. So they so they say Mike -- I'm a little skeptical. Yeah like you know what I'm in the commissioner might apply to ordering -- since. You know we're in an MBA trial going on and we don't need to distraction -- -- know -- -- opinion on united and well. I think I think you that you got the right idea that commissioner it commissioners in any sport they want the finals. To -- NBA final Stanley Cup final World Series. They want that to be as Super Bowl like that to be the celebration of the sport. And I wouldn't say that this doc talk has overshadowed the NBA finals because you got LeBron involved and get the San Antonio Spurs but it's been. A pretty consistent undercard. Of the commissioner saying. You -- can get this thing done pretty quickly. Because. I don't want anything. You know -- on Tuesday when that game six tonight the opportunity for the spurs to win this thing. I don't want the dark story down number one you have an idea at the spurs clinched. -- be overshadowing. The you know that it could be trying to game. I'll give you two points on one I. There is also a time factor though that the commissioner would still be sensitive to which is the league year starts in the draft is coming up both teams need to have their coaching situation settled by then. So why do you always get asked to wait another week until all this and and that that he's gonna -- and -- -- -- -- -- what it sounds like he may have done -- said hey you guys and keep talking about this but I want an underground I don't wanna be leaked every few seconds I don't -- five different guys each with perfect knowledge of what's going on I want you to tell everybody that is dead if you wanna keep talking about it -- -- silently and stop leaking everything to the media enough. I -- David Stern doing that they'll be right it is our courts throughout. -- I'm in Israel is that you told him look you know you could talk it would just don't let it out. And I ethics or call -- -- that at techsters at you know Michael you got to me the got a different tune today you said yesterday at the Celtics should be. Happy just to get anything I feel that I do feel this way. If you can get it didn't get a first round pick. An asset. For for Doc Rivers. Yeah do it I don't think there's a coach in the NBA that I wouldn't trade. And having doctors in the top five. Among NBA coaches that think the guy tonight San Antonio is the best coach -- What if I had the if I had the opportunity to get some assets were for Gregg Popovich -- trade. And it's a unique situation where the clippers the only reason they seem to truly want this is because they think it's the best way to get Chris Paul. I don't think they just want Doc Rivers and can't live without them right -- -- -- don't feel. This is about Donald sterling and Doc Rivers it seems to be much more about Donald Sterling increase Paul. And then on a separate note Chris Paul and Doc Rivers that make sense. It's not like dot like Donald -- looked around to pay. You know would make my team great. Doc Rivers. I don't get the sense that that was the impetus for this I get the sense that was where to go I'm Donald Sterling got helped me and I am I now. -- I'm Donald Sterling but only for a minute. And I'm negotiating with Chris Paul who why sees the future and current Mike he's my French critical. Maybe -- focus depend on the day. And I say -- I need Chris -- back Crist was gonna take to get -- -- a one off through the money I'm willing to spend the money even though it pains me deeply is don't sterling will spend money. -- you know. -- Just. Coaching situations a little unsettled by at first person got to do -- many don't doubt your guard -- have done our. Who would you like -- higher. Well you know what I'm I don't know that I wanna stay but I tell you one thing you had a real content -- spectacle. Like. Doc Rivers liked rivers that you get Doc Rivers here. Now we can have a conversation we don't Chris he's a former corporate -- actually -- -- to -- a factor. Love absolutely -- we can make that happen this is Al Davis and this is Donald -- a little confused on who's who -- -- -- or your call 61777979837. Wanna take a quick break here before we do well plus ten seconds for station identification on the shots WEEI or Red Sox radio network.

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