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Pierre McGuire of NBC Sports analyzes the Stanley Cup finals

Jun 18, 2013|

Pierre McGuire joins Mut and Merloni after a Bruins win and discusses the play of Rask and the defense, the Hossa injury and Jagr.

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I joining us on the eighteenth the hot when he was their last night between the glass Bruins two Blackhawks -- our buddy for NBC sports. Pierre McGuire Pierre -- -- Dario. I'm doing very well market division -- -- Hello pier where we're enjoying this because we've kind of caught this act before you know -- Offensive team in Pittsburgh -- -- goals Chicago number two and goals and -- suffocating defense. From the Boston brought seems frustrated what he passed the layers she got to get to grasp and it's even the president doing their job. Love you try to bring grade we talked about what was your actual active players Chara there's a lot of keenly sedan chair outside of Boston and it compounds that would -- Dennis Seidenberg on a -- and -- and tremendous. We're out from the particular Stanley Cup finals are. A new look at the development of -- Kruger -- the turnover. And game wondered what he's talking about depicted on in there and play little -- -- ever since then are a lot of credit. And that equation so underrated so -- just degraded. Atop the sanction any. In the -- bird oral factor in the street stopped when he tractor burdensome -- birdie card that ultimately again. -- -- -- on the defense because last night here for a watching on TV FL it there was frustration. In terms of Chicago all their their shots a lot of and should come from the outside they had scoring chances but they seem like became. From far away did you sense that frustration of what -- the Bruins doing specifically take away those scoring chances last night from the Blackhawks. First -- that are doing a good job controlled the clock controlling them neutral in dictating the terms of the team that's number one -- two. I think the third thing -- did obviously they've heard it get changed over here the match and they want and not having married and also more an aftershock. Chicago really hurt them and turned to manufacture offense if you look at sharp double murder and also every game in the series where it and shot on goal. Through the first two games it's seventeen shots -- also I mean again. That's a big loss for her -- car that's -- bought and all of and then to -- change the ice conditions. Ticker alluded to what I interviewed him and Dennis Seidenberg and I talked about it after the gain the edge conditions and market I could -- in the morning they were going to be good because in the community see a boxing history. There's not a building in legal regulations are just because of the humidity. The other alt equals but now. Auctions doing exactly what they did to Pittsburgh to -- and the stars look at that it's on job in case you're just crushed the vernacular that's all fair game and argued that part of the sport. Yeah I want to congratulate you on here in the living hell lot of very Bruins fan in the world by showing -- Chara during -- war my hopes four but. The real story came out awards -- seemed surprised to point at the -- it was not on the ice. It seems like you know Quenneville was shocked as well because abdicated. His replacement -- was even up there -- as well what do you know about. You know it's bizarre because we learn -- paid -- and he takes a shot. After he takes a sharp he goes yeah she participated in the pressures you participated in the 21 more. He didn't look great in the -- Chicago put out a press release saying that does he got injured in the warmup. And then they say that he didn't get injured more than that you're earlier in the day there was a possibility that he wouldn't play. So not -- burns and there are at least on the nature of the date -- that's a little bit bizarre really different so again. I don't know what happened and you know you guys ball not a monolith injuries at this time neared he talks about them very much and they do they usually don't say that your. But Hewitt would you agree that in terms of having Ben Smith and obviously not ready not skate that that was a shock to desist no matter. No matter what they said afterwards that it was shocking Ben Smith wasn't ready to go on a sign that they were prepared for that. -- -- I would agree with that and I'll tell you another thing Jeremy erotic and I we do that thing. Every day of the game. On the -- league leader. -- played out on our show different things yesterday we -- dare to beat duke or street it always. And we're so we're on the extra the extra skaters. Mark the visiting team has one day it was a blockage got -- -- guys. And yesterday it was Chicago. -- lectures skaters Danny Carcillo. -- met. Brian and I mean those guys were getting crushed they were getting each day that gorgeous skiing and hard you would never keep that card the day of the game. If you're going to be in the African Taylor. I wanted to ask you to vote the how big of a loss obvious we don't know with situations revulsion at -- while much of the beast he's been the first two games early trading shots has -- all over the ice. Fore check back jacket without him out there it seemed like current windows -- lines -- the right. Still yet to find some magic in the biggest things which are contain them you know markets -- and natural generation and that implant on one side tunnel outside with the leak on the right side and those guys are great -- four point players really are other Santa there remind me a lot of Campbell and they really do want bought -- Campbell and why they're they're tremendous players. Army commanders and the rule but to put the -- that Jonathan is about -- to -- a senator in the game I can -- -- honour of Patrick -- -- -- more optimal sleep for them anyways as they're gonna figure an economic Bernard and most unbelievably interesting. Series that they do that. But again. It's weird in the biggest thing is bought and staunch congress are put their killer. Their role for the series now they're little for. Five last night that I had chances and generally cheers Matt law that I'll play kind of botched car and fired on three. In game number one where they didn't do anything eventually they win game normal orbit they had scored there it would have been a completely different game probably in game one. Mean the united that triple overtime but. One thing I'll tell -- that I don't think again caught by an out. The wicker chair of game one month Lou the three overtimes. I think it took a lot more out of Chicago even though they want compared to what -- ago bosh and I really do. Well let me mention the power play we're talking appear -- BC sports -- -- for five. One shot Pierre that's it's impossible to have one shot on five different power plays in and you get. You give credit to the bruins' penalty kill and I'm OK with that but Ager watching Chicago. What did they have to do better because they seem so disorganized on their power play last night. There entries aren't good enough so that has sustained pressure and it's almost number one number two and -- working or not population like download everything in the blink or an element of building a park and actually factor producers about that last the game. Show our great -- for our shot blocked previous such as murderer type apply it to everybody. How much they're really really good at that. But I think the biggest thing is they're just are incorrect in all of its blog that they're trying to write everything off topic got to get it down long look up -- -- -- -- -- now. The third line the coach Julien put together and can't punch line is it was just it's conscious but these guys together but. It's walking Chris Kelly up and it's walking -- take enough in giving the and you quiet Lotta credit because -- -- the box now make it. Yeah you know what -- is amazing when she kind of speed on the line and they're very few blocks originally. Players ignore everything lines up top to -- their bird he'd. Angel -- back there beat on more mart all these guys can actually burn it. Sherri has put so much pressure on the Chicago and open up a lot GAAP. Kelly. And pliable to get pox and that they usually wouldn't get. So it's been a tremendous obviously a couple deserve a lot of -- reluctantly -- The second period against number -- and they. -- membership and these guys in the studio he broke by -- ninety. In game number one of the Pittsburgh boxing series in the second TV timeout the second period and the players responded and it was all about getting her identity back. Like in you're in the first actor to gain and number two. He -- Worse and by certain and he really count these cards and the guy that really stepped up after the touchdown was Chris Taylor and Taylor now I'll verbal he was physically the -- the he was really pushing in -- but he what coach that. We got to cut it sharks a Red Sox baseball come couple CF Fenway in thirty seconds or less what made you more nervous Brad Marchand snapping his stick after that they shot her Tuukka Rask. Dropping an -- bomb in the post game. Not to -- -- thought it was great it's hockey it's not supposed to be senator. It was I thought it was great and to get a typical. Passionate player he's trying to market conditions and they're not used to that so those -- dictionary there and they're doing their interviews so. I -- -- now -- pretty well obviously for birdie didn't used to work -- -- -- and Marsha I'm not a big deal at all it was. Great it was great watching here we're gonna and we got it already or to get cut off fear and a second so will say this will. We'll see you up beautiful Fenway Park in a little bit the year we appreciated and are ready pretty guys. -- thank you Pierre McGuire and BC sports joining us Red Sox baseball the debut of will Myers. The Tampa Bay next Sports Radio WEEI.

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