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Tony Amonte of CSNNE discusses Hossa's injury

Jun 18, 2013|

Tony Amonte calls out Marian Hossa for missing Game 3 and recaps the Bruins' win.

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-- holes is the guy. I admire the way places a very good players get a Stanley Cup under president -- but he's not. The guy -- the highest pain threshold in the NHL if you look back to his stats and you look out through throughout his career he used it plays about sixty games. Takes about wanna get thirty off every year just to make sure he's fresh coming into the post season so he's not a guy that played through a lot of injuries. -- the comments of my guess mr. Chicago based in some of the clips I've seen them out they're going to stores and tell people who he is during this a Stanley Cup final he is Tony -- they catch him on the pre imposed for these games Comcast sports net and he joins us on the AT&T hotline. I guess I was shocked Tony that married hosted did not go in that game three last night sounds leg you may be others from the Blackhawks. Not a surprise based on his history with dealing with some injuries here. While -- I think so what's shocking is that I from what I hear he walked into the coach's throat. -- game is that I can call. I don't think coaches at any -- of the -- Let's talk about it with the cultures and I think it's a surprise for everybody. A delicate balance that out there in its place and and probably. The most important game of the season. You know he's so guys -- -- as saying. In the NHL. Doing what's more telling is that you send -- -- shocked everybody it affected Ben Smith wasn't enough there warm and upright and if there's any question. When you've been out there at least get loose just in case host a clinical -- testing something. It's usually a communication single between really between the trainers and coaches like it seems like everybody told them that they let. It's ultimately came out of nowhere you know all the policy came out and it says you blame it. -- what I heard it was a growing in such as people destroy it couldn't golf buddies probable for the next game that's just not good enough. You're in the daily cup finals I think you play. But he can't play anymore he it would every chance organization. And that's where most guys will do it and that's what Nathan Horton is doing right now. Probably no right being on the ice and shoulder the latest but he's got -- gut it out play the next. Possibly four games at the most of them are going get a shoulder -- be ready for the next season. -- -- that's a huge loss for the team to go especially right when it happened the timing of -- feel good opponent to have because this guy. Post it's been a beast I think that the team shot at the first two games back checked all over the ice. And if he can't dole you know a Chicago it's gonna be deflating. Big time in any -- you about -- alliance. Airlines or all over the place. I think Joel Quenneville -- kind of a beating this morning or in the Chicago media -- all the life changes he made. He's got case that is to -- -- as Kruger early. He -- into trouble every lie. You know we had -- or are in our pre game show. They look nothing like Chicago Blackhawks like last night I don't think Chicago Blackhawks are desperation mode right now. They need this next game bad edit whatever it takes vocalists other about it last -- Chicago. Really opened up their game they have to get their defense involved. And the respect citizenship as. I can look at it black box template with a lead and that's similar at their best they get believe other teams' strategy chances. And that Chicago really opened things up but if you're not gonna get the lead. -- a lot series about. And they look frustrated last night and now you're -- you look at this stretch here Tony we went through a little bit this morning just defensively. And Rask a part of this against what this team is now when you look at the last three series Rick Nash Balkan. Crosby Toews and -- they have one goal combined. In twelve games against the Boston Bruins aide who deserves the -- most credit for that is at the defensive pairings is that Rask is a Julian. One goal in twelve games in those five players seems impossible. It almost does when you look at it is especially coming in that Pittsburgh series were also in the same thing -- it's going to be. This is going to be a battle for the brought but I think ultimately comes out of court Julian and the system that plant the -- -- -- -- -- guys to buy until. And play the right way. -- strong defensively. Not have any turnovers and they we expect that make charity in the pocket and get -- out of the blue eyes. And what the course of play it like that it has topped that he -- right. They just seemed to frustrate guys that beyond belief and when he's upset some guys are getting chances you know it'll outplay their own and the defense. You know going into game two it would have -- Kelly just complete no shows throughout the post season that Kelly gets. A low shot in the arm nearly puts them up there with -- of high end and that line. Tony that line outstanding the work that they're put in fight for the puck you know in that first goal Kelly fight for the puck a couple of times by a Sagan. It's bringing up the -- Kelly it's bringing up the past NC Ginn is that -- quiet. I think so I -- I -- just an ultimate worker. And got it just doesn't get enough credit life and my -- he showed up every night he's on the wings fired up and down. Whatever Claude -- If you put that are offensive -- he gets -- -- rewarded must a little bit to get some -- aren't. He ends up. Drawing a penalty to -- off violent -- for the relentless helped liberate score on the Bergeron all. So after the slide going issued for the Bruins. I think epic game -- They took the beat out all you know basically -- say can really took a beat down. Art Kelly was. A minus the next game. Minus nine the play -- up so that point the so called gold voice. I think the pressure the added pressure. And let me to bring it to the -- -- help these guys get a little boost your little kick in about in they're playing great. They've been the difference in the last two games. And it seems like at a come out of that this series and got to the writers and not spill and. At tonic we circled back to Sega because I've enjoyed your commentary has placed throughout the playoffs in terms of what he needs to do to get better have you seen -- some of that in these last two games from an individually as he tries to become that next level player on this team. I think -- you know I think it's it's -- system. First super offensive supplied and under close -- they're expected to do saying double those -- It's hard to cheat -- as the players like to -- electing a good job. I get a breakaway you're there and I think our affiliate really rain and then it just started I was sick with a basic work ethic. Planes are in the quarter as -- obvious physical around the clock. And -- got that I think it's incumbent the last couple weeks he -- the end of the Pittsburgh series. -- could see effort was there wasn't create a lot of score chances but the effort was there used to play in the right way. And now is on the -- looks like that thrill to be out there with two guys with some -- go back and helped them. Generates so fortunately offense well. You know I look at these two teams need to say they're evenly matched and it comes on May be intangibles one I think she looked at. Bergeron last night I -- 28 to 24 and a faceoff circle and they're Winger country's been a few times in their. Why he's so effective is just to help from mother to but what makes him so great that beaten tapes all night. Yeah -- -- if you take FA cup as such as you are you aware of it together and get it help the defense health also. And it was a -- around the circle last night that you would it draws clean. All night I don't -- talk of that in zoos and that that -- -- -- in the and and that side and now what did it say about but I think he's got to give credit. Patrice Bergeron he's at peace when he goes and he knows how important pot possession as. And it all -- that drop the puck. When the brought the plane went and bought it Chicago doesn't have a bigger -- chase itself you know concede Patrick gave. Either but what -- the -- apart he just wants to stand up artists there they wanna play with our Chicago Blackhawks still and it -- just make it difficult. For them do that. It's so interesting to watch a team so skilled fails so much. On the power play after watching the Bruins failed so much and -- go back to the power plays less that they got 51 of them came. -- -- important call but Tony I still don't get it did or did you like that call did you like the officiating last night but there were -- -- the first time. In the Stanley Cup final. There -- saw last night I think the Orton call off. And then all at all in the interleague game. Kinda like. Little flatly called in the game away because it kinda I think it was heavily Kelly. Not in doubt as early as Saturday that balance through just not typical penalties who has seen in years. In the Stanley Cup finals. You've -- the -- they're public -- or break a leg. We got a penalty that. Speaking ten years ago. I get all the and -- even now I think in the end retreat at a decent job they called it the same way the whole game this year really can't complain about that. But get -- -- LP. I think the turning on the game Orton get that Soviets out all. It will go on the only -- it created I think through force court chances. Our shot of the breakaway IA had a partial breakaway almost beat Crawford the clock. And it apparently had an opportunity right in front two or three chances are just goes wide his leg and grow up to that -- That'd take that same ballpark and in many of their own in Chicago just it's a miracle. Joseph Torre was until after that Pittsburgh final -- -- big series and a lot of fun talking about. You know their lack scoring because I was still kind of concerned about the skill level but I'm wondering now with. With Chicago in that same frustration that you finally fight through some of the layers. But the Bruins defense and and you look stare up and there's -- you know perfectly positioned playing at a very high level do you see some of that frustration in Chicago house that thing play forward. Yeah I think he conceded that -- those last two opportunities in the third period. Brent Seabrook later -- slot and a great opportunity just gold like Patrick -- a couple of minutes later gets another opportunity in the slot. Buckles -- again. I think maybe you know what -- -- it'll all like to perhaps he has. And opponents are trying to be too fine Big Dig at the -- inadequate in perfect spot indeed end. Yeah it just over shoulder right in the corner between the crossbar in the post. And it's just that's -- that the you'd score goals in -- job security second and third opportunities. -- political not. Autistic if you're black or suppressed and right now yes she grabbed his playing great he saw it in the net it's say it's a big difference. And it caught trapped the house or we saw the end of the -- until all that's -- policy in the always make suspect. Activists say other clubs -- reaches stick back. The grass doesn't make those days and he's not opposition and that's not -- -- you ought to pay. Last month for -- Tony you mentioned that Chicago's got to play a more wide open game -- game for the got to make it offensive what. Exactly what do you do when you put those lines together what's that best combination your mind that if you watch in the game to seek yet Quenneville put the lines are you go okay now. This is what's gonna help them generate some offense. I think -- -- got to cut back together you gotta get saying it saves on the same line if you Chicago Blackhawks. He delegates are being cute and Seabrook on the back and with those two guys and evidence how fidelity offense. -- talked about it earlier at Chicago lost the play with a lead and I think it's imperative. If they can get back in the series they have respect the players believe in Austin opened up it's -- to try to take chances. Offensively. And then that -- some odd man -- He just didn't see many odd man rush of outside the Chicago Blackhawks are held at 12 on one it was all of -- -- step up by the government played a -- check I really can't remember. But you know about once a -- that -- -- Little League game in weren't able to. Passionate about it. But it all comes down the offense struggled -- Constantine got here that was built on offense. They're just very -- towards the mark that I think this is the crucial game in the series. If they get 33 wants a Boston Bruins they're not gonna do what they get to -- -- the Boston Bruins are just that much better. Tony -- take catcher pre imposed on Comcast is the Bruins Stanley Cup ball roll continue -- really appreciate the time we'll talk decent.

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