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Jeff Van Gundy on Doc and the Celtics

Jun 18, 2013|

Jeff joined the show to discuss the rumors of Doc heading to the Clippers. Jeff said that he will not discuss his future but that his brother would be a great candidate anywhere.

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What doesn't Callahan if you pay even a little bit of attention to the Dennis and Callahan program you know Chris Collins worth is our favorite NFL analyst you know the Jerry Remy is our favorite baseball analyst and hands down. Jeff Van Gundy is our favorite NBA analyst is also by the way. Our odds on favorite to replace Doc Rivers when he goes to the clippers. Jeff joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning John how are yeah. Well thanks man that doesn't get it would seem to takeover without Garnett pierce. Rondo I really appreciate it that's a lot of. You know the last guy made seven million a year do know that. Yeah well he deserved it. Think -- on the GP did a great job unbelievable job. That's where the negotiations start for -- Jeff we're starting at seven right. -- how good I mean think about it is. I think you know there's a lot of people don't think he can still come back to Boston -- they keep it would work fine he's got the personality. The pulled off and I you know I think he'd be starting over. With a different team any way but. I'm going to be interesting to see what happened with. And certainly these are. Our interest in subsequent. Jeff what are your NBA contact your sources your moles telling us about how this thing is going to play out ultimately I think most people think -- gone. I don't have any of those. I know unpalatable the source world there's smoke. There's -- I think. The compensation. For him. Himself. Would be you know I think it's been that sort of in the past public first round pick. But I don't think he wants to go out there are. If they have weakened thirteen. -- give him and I think that that would be a difficult moment. I'm not a week at their -- but. You know so that they can get Kevin Garnett -- can. You know do some things. They're not far away from being a championship caliber team out there. And obviously start with Chris Paul you know resigning but certainly I don't think. -- could be considering going out there that wasn't pretty sure thing. Jeff does any of this seem unseemly to you at all whether it's a lack of loyalty from -- whether it's Chris Paul controlling the -- -- by saying you know -- of -- comes out your KG waving a no trade conduct clause that was in his contract that he wouldn't wave at the trading deadline does any of us. Sit a little and evenly with you. Not me know what we could see Lionel Hollins. George our Albany don't make grow -- fired even when they win big. Why should coach should be bound. To this quote loyalty. When teams are loyal to their coaches. Will they would be loyal to Reagan's play one million for the next three years he had a contract fighter contract with two years gone. You know -- big big enough to not let them but the Celtics now I think he never think. -- neat thing about firing code. So when a Coke acquired the team. I have no problem with that. If if that's what ends up happening and -- what I think people know each other. Is their absolute very best when they're there. Player or coaches and if they try to use the system that could build the NBA to give them a better situation. I never begrudge that no I also don't think -- he'd like the Celtics. Is obligated to. You know move a player on fourth coach or allow coach to delete you know contract that the contract. And it. That team want to hold you to that contract. I don't think you have any -- as a player coach either but. -- up for coaches to try to use what little leverage they have anymore. And I saw what a law rebuild. It was in Boston. Nobody saw that. He saw a jet it's our when he signed the deal two years ago he knew there were lean times ahead and he signed on port did it surprise you. The two years and he said I'm not up for this. I don't think you say in the -- I think Doc Rivers can handle any type team and do well I think you could. He's proven to be a championship. You know be able to -- team consistently to a higher level. Championship level I also think in Orlando he had team that we're. Not very talented and get the most that it that I think he he's up for it but it US. A coach. Would they rather coach -- team. Who had had she introduced -- the most significant. In the near future or go to along rebuilt again. Bigger than anybody would choose. To be part of something significant and incident Doc Rivers choice. This -- Boston Celtics choice to. They have the choice to keep and hold them to a contract or they edit the choice maybe two. Days we would like to. Change direction that is part of that direction. We're gonna move or older players on and try to go -- And I think that the people like he'll start or. Are the Celtics fans because. Base you know that great era of basketball followed by. A long. Rebuild. That was. Changed done and then when they were able to get Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett and then they had this. You know great run I think you have longer than most people thought it was gonna go on. And now did he just tough decisions like do you. You know keep -- and keep Garnett and he thought would be try to move along. And speed up your rebuilding process but that just say this is just Doc Rivers decision not true. The Celtics play a huge part of it. We know this happens though Jeff if doc. Doesn't sit stocks doesn't say I want a coach the clippers I mean comp obviously this is where this whole thing has been launched. Or no question I -- -- I don't think you you can't. And I don't know why it is that you can trade players that you can't. Without their consent trade coaches. I'm not sure why coaches are treated different -- players but certainly you know this is. Be driven IP. You -- buy dot I played by both sides. I think by. Adoptive couple picks in the clippers. They're working on something. That all three of them. Think can better themselves. The Celtics to try to make them out and victims in this is just doesn't fly with me. -- a think that this in the long term when you you package. You know the player acquisitions. Of and the dramatic required or her doctor that happened that it would help them speed up there rebuilt. -- Jeff Jeff you wouldn't be interested in the challenge of coaching the reinvented Celtics. At dollar look at the 1 that I -- I did I know now is that talking about jobs publicly. It is. Does no one any good particularly myself so. I just try to stay that try to sort -- break and that he never makes sense from a team standpoint. And Mike and wanted to be great you know would be great if you know you share the same vision and values. But I think the you do any change you know it might -- That means that you see floating. If move on. Of Vinny Del Negro is. Is it would be a real. You know thought by the by Yevgeny. And it would be weird if you like to coaches worked somehow involved in this round about trade it would be. One for the -- in NBA where I think I've seen at all. You've never have -- at all. We also have your brother stand on the short list that that would be good fit. Was there will be a great fit for any job. In the NBA he's done a great job. I think he's brought along young players. You know wherever he's been. So that says it doesn't matter if it's any job. I can't think of the job that he wouldn't be good fit or. -- -- -- He's like Dwight Howard C he championed that cause all the time. And the dude got him fired so like I don't. But don't understand that one but. More power to an -- and Howard that they can still have a good relationship. Is -- -- still black balled by ESPN and ABC or because I I thought that would have been just. TV gold the van Gundy Brothers when my brain. Well -- I don't really know well where he keep you worked for NBC sports and he did. He -- like a lot of radio work for me does he did some college games. And -- elected. I'm not sure. He's not a little bit more -- to do something. Help. But at any time you think about. -- There's so many family considerations that go into it. Not just whether -- job is good but it could set the right time. For your whole group so I don't really know what his plans would be but I was an NBA general manager and I had an opening. I'd be called them up to find out you know what his plans -- that's for sure. Did you spend got to tell us what you think about Saturday Andre Jordan because by most accounts that's the guys will be coming this way what so what's in his future is an NBA player. You know I think everybody focuses on. The maturity issues. The and his free throw shooting and both need improvement. I liked Jordan. I think he is. A terrific athlete. Who has really improved defense simply. He's not like a like it like -- physical guy but he isn't free gently. Like he had shown great levels of improvement. Word came into the second round pick from -- CNN that the one you're not really accomplished. In college and I think he's continued. To improve obviously. When you're such a horrendous free throw shooter limit. How much you can play them but he is active. He can rebound. He's a piece. If you're trying to rebuild. India over paid a little bit who is not in the NBA right so you can just joined a crowd of a long list of overpaid. I like him better than. You know how some people. View him right now I think he's still descending player. On. That. If you're gonna go -- or rebuild. He someone that -- treaty. -- a question for me based on their record after losses I fully expect a Miami to win tonight if they don't does this do any damage to. -- legacy that he's created to this point. And the heat. Well certainly I think. The perception will be different if they. Win back to back championships -- and reached a final. The year previous to that that looks so much better than. Lose the final one final group of high right and so there's a lot of these two games. For a lot of people. On both sides and I think. San Antonio played a great great game 5 offensively. And I am so interested to see how they come out in game six. Did they do what Dallas did two years ago they caved -- and a great game and beat Miami. Or did they take a sigh of relief. And they that they have. Two games to win one and so they'll play really sharp -- as desperate. In game six that they -- five and and likely than that on the other hand. Does the pressure get to Miami where they cracked a little bit or that have been bid steel. By the blast. Three years of -- playoff runs. And they show their championship mettle by -- what it would be cute games I don't know I'm really looking forward to. It will be interesting and we will be watching Japan -- thanks for the talked this morning -- the broadcast we'll talk you down the road. -- got a -- Jeff pentagon even Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE hour number 3-D NC straight ahead some old Jonas in this hour talks more Bruins hockey.

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