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Bernie Carbo

Jun 17, 2013|

Mikey gets a surprise call from Red Sox legend Bernie Carbo. They talk about old-time baseball and Bernie's new book.

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The real Bernie -- them. How we're gonna -- public gonna nope it's the real Bernie carbo. Kabul bank robber Pablo Mike -- -- -- I was with building up and picked up at the -- to be doing now Boston. Do you have got a book out college English carbo. Out in China and media souvenir shop and -- it -- different. You know Bernie I -- senior we'd like for five years now maybe six. Iraq so much like it was mentioned. In Chicopee. Yeah yeah. Do it in Japanese restaurant -- -- it was a journey eternity -- that's the last time you're right yeah that's when not to shed. Or else you know it. -- -- And you know you're fortunate because I didn't even I don't normally when I talk about you I talked about how how Carlton -- would be nothing without you. You outlook -- -- Yeah that's that's that's that's. Birdie you did you put you gave him the opportunity. After the greatest moment of his life and you don't I hope he calls you regularly thank you for that. Well you know once I might -- the broader ascending. If you want China to autograph or Internet -- -- it's -- -- parachutist got into our. At the least -- important immutable and he -- entry. Also my friend great trouble. At all I don't -- -- -- all right. Adrian agency -- is what -- that. Oh god Eric yeah you have the same since then yeah -- All -- -- legitimate execute a great guy. -- -- -- -- -- You know just and over -- -- written in Iceland you computers said it but I didn't that are nobody you know Iowa. Apparently -- you had such a terrible foul ball checked swing kind of on the previous pitches -- right. Yeah happy about that looked like. The horse and get a little leaguer. At once it was awful -- and that that made it to strikes a once strike. It certainly I know so Ottawa. Out worse well. Go old ballpark you Europe and drop I -- it but the thing was Bernie here's the thing because you at the time. You know you've always been -- these kind of it's crazy Alou -- guys -- -- -- played Major League Baseball. You know you're -- that whole team was -- pretty much a team party guys. At the time -- -- showed no mighty Joe Young the gorilla and the you know you've got up there in that this isn't gay sets 63 game at the time I believe. Right here that pressure situation. And then you you blasted at the center field seats and what did you feel like at that moment in time we walk in on. Here why are you guys are lucky -- air and you're out. Beer -- -- lower. Hurt in my life been as I was running second I tell -- -- he -- to shoot it struck. It. It's. I'll I'll call what should -- -- relish our about a book that I wrote. -- really important are going go to -- -- and Amazon and James -- tribal and IBM (WSJ) bought. Two Jewish -- in my book -- extremely. -- was there when is it next week note that my well. And what an outlet while you're here in town tomorrow and the next day I sure don't get them out the socket and where you where you sign books again tomorrow. I could have bought. A director art and souvenirs outside my book awesome man that's really good. You don't birdie. Suitor to Dominique you know look OK okay I'd love to -- Bernie you know you view. You're obviously you know a guy have known since 1987. A fantasy camp I was. You know what -- you'll Meehan bill Lee were pals back then and a lot has changed in your life. You know things things are a lot different -- use the same lovable guy you've always been in the world happy for you -- for your recovery from all the things you went through and how great you're doing right now operation. Damn I appreciate you know -- bludgeoned and yellow jacket that -- your friend. Didn't I love your -- I love -- here aren't really gaming. You know which -- -- made India and I appreciate that really do. -- an attorney they're ready tonight should troubled banks that took things one about the book and went about the home run right. Well you know after that pathetic second strike right night night now you make contact obviously. What did you think I hit a fly ball -- maybe you'll catch the wall all I think it's going to be in the bleachers. I would it would hit the body only nudity well yeah I was putting. Besides. We'll turn it back. And I shouldn't look to turn his back and has -- And I got so excited Iran -- Well -- I -- you come to. I'm comfortable. Late and he had to ground. That's -- -- say that -- look at the footage of Nightline the last fifteen feet in cedar the ground Holloway well -- car more you know had a -- he was rookie of the year nationally I think would you bet 310 your rookie year -- I had to kill it's when you come to our sport is looking -- airplane SM World Series with no extra political and the body and panic and dark art called me out -- -- see the play. I don't -- -- polite -- argument that you can keep that in the course I doubt about it. I looked as far as ceremony making again and. How bad just think it'll let you be -- given today's baseball birdie right -- you. You know or anywhere around. Where are you going to be in this have been in store both days. Yet so we got a little bit and -- and absurd. At certain library. And so happened that night have been besides the MacBook Air is speaking and then I'll be getting actual. -- striking -- -- a little better Saturday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah same post better OK buddy. Thanks Bernie Bernie but work the great number one Bernie carbo he he was I tell you what use a lot of fun it's a character he was and a player that -- was a really good player and he you know he -- -- you have issues at times like -- he sure did but you know what I always underneath the same lovable guy up.

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