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Tom Bean and Luke Poling, producers, writers and directors of 'Plimpton!'

Jun 17, 2013|

Mikey talks with Tom and Luke about their new movie, "Plimpton!" and finds out what it was like to try to encapsulate everything George Plimpton accomplished during his life.

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Oh yeah now we'll get another turn headphones for our guests we have a -- reform party -- -- -- watching party really but it's also. The party for the release. On a new movie. Which is sort coming up very soon and this -- -- it was a very interesting situation here. With the upcoming film from our two guests. Which is called Plimpton right is that -- -- -- exclamation point on the and yes because why not it's Plimpton that. When he now when he. Of course is a writer -- here so when he knows all about the plan -- ask side of things -- we just like. It in my particular case the you know I first became aware of him with paper lion to. George Plimpton was what you call. A participatory. Journalist I'd guess you'd call -- deck guys right oh by the way and each state has nice. Why these guys it's loop polling. Newton Massachusetts yes and Tom being from Brooklyn New York but via Marblehead high school. And these guys are the directors. Co directors. We wrote it redirected producer at do everything. And kind of the whole thing now -- now just while we're on the Bruins that by the way says Sarah species the textures as high yet she also makes good -- -- we heard on the -- yes. She's a Renaissance woman not a like George Plimpton was -- a sense -- different things he did. He actually played Bruins. Tell us about first of -- because first it was a bad background on why this movie and and and it's very interesting men because he has. Was once a -- are you done for some years ago yes. He died in 2003. Were really the idea came about because. I'm a lifelong Bruins fan and -- open -- growing up. And and Tom I'd written together for a few years of your -- and ideas for for film and we're on the phone and I saw my copy of open net on the shelf and Ed -- Georgia's other stuff as the war about Plimpton. We both sort of looked each -- -- -- that's perfect from somebody hasn't already done this. And the more research read it we were kind of shocked that no -- had done this and we kind of went into it saying well. He wasn't pretty cameras didn't mind talking about it there's got to be some footage of him not knowing that there's a lot of footage when Georgia. Widow gave a sexist as our country -- the -- I think my car failed for five times. All all isn't it to get all the stuff and go through -- While I -- it just so we know he's he played for our a lot of difference where he would get himself involved in whatever what he's running about and become the story. You know in and really weird way because it's it's rare that someone has the -- first of all. -- actually take part in real sport and that's what he did he'd previously. Yeah other errors so he called participatory journalism and the idea was he's -- throw themselves. Into some sort of weird participatory endeavor that you learn on and illuminate how hard it was actually due in Suzuki the first it is pitched in baseball star yankees right. He got Willie -- to pop out and he is standing there like this is what a hypocrite and ended up or anything I could get really based on pop up for the rest of -- -- -- thanks Thomas who -- slugger for the on the Pittsburgh Pirates thank you yes they need. -- -- -- -- Status you know it's -- -- pitcher reactor and yours is amazing book that on anyway as an answer as to polar. And say this was -- book and so he started doing these things for for Sports Illustrated and he played for Detroit Lions quarterback for them. This really famous sports book on paper line. I'm -- for the Boston Celtics on with ran our back and until Russell on you know on the screen Celtics teams I think he is 68 I think he'd room. When they're still winning the -- And then on he joins the Boston Bruins 1977. He -- he plays an exhibition game pre season exhibition game. Against the down as the flyers back when that was you know extremely. Within the broad street bullies actually ends -- during the actual games that he needed to find an exhibition here with George playing all. After that -- games against one of the worst fights ever at age fifty had a patent. At an -- we interviewed guy that was George Clinton and the fight out so he's out yes he isn't getting that it filed a Sports Illustrated brass and concerns I've not noticed the fights happening and editor of the biggest miss -- -- journalistic or out. Given to my -- wedded Milbrett have to think about judgment. I talked to -- we did yeah he really liked -- -- -- he said. Something I think a lot of the athletes beat -- interviewed and even the ones that we didn't reading from from them around. When he first walked in the room he and I had this weird almost English accent and dozens. -- work of the Brooks but -- jacket and calm and didn't really fit in with. With football players are key players but -- -- said within minutes of sitting down they found that he was this just fascinated with them. Wanted to hear all of those stories and they were equally fascinated with him. And to coming finish up on story this big fight broke accountants and -- correctly talked about going back to the locker room in the game and it was so bad like guys. Running off the runners on the concrete to fight each other. And they start of the third period and down men on both sides as they were furiously trying to sharpen skates and get recognized. But after the game over that they'll go back in the locker room detergents and tears in -- Saying this is the biggest -- Actor would be remiss to fight yes -- know how that's probably -- assembly yes. But we sent him over how do you think you would affair by it and he -- -- knocked out yeah it was well it's cute dolls he is a -- in tight and yet -- -- but he probably found the Paris review. Right he went to Phillips Exeter it was a known as just Exeter at the time was totaled about OK -- as I remember he was thinking of dropping out of that. He. Is in you guys it was in Good Will Hunting at the last I saw of him and this is obviously -- we see Clinton. When it but everyone has an open. So opens in Boston this Friday that the coach theaters this Friday night at the Coolidge corner theater pressure -- what times that showtime it's and it's always -- yeah oh yeah it is very good ever rugged yet Iran yes Iran yes it will be in Boston for a couple weeks but -- a lot of weird. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And on he would you know he pallor and and John Kennedy allegedly asked president for -- -- -- -- -- doing book about it yeah exactly George that your April -- or February 3. -- and February 30 a great date for that to happen -- -- George George what to Harvard with them with Robert Kennedy and they were friends for -- time George was even I mean he's kind of -- as a as a person as a character announcement. In in the late sixties used -- -- enough as a sure that he would go on the stump for Bobby Kennedy which is like I mean just think about a writer now going to campaign for Barack Obama that would be up early and writers at George was actually win it's easily standing next to Robert Kenny shot. Ambassador hotel in town when the lights and what life he had yeah deal on the assassins -- answer and he and he disarmed to meet with Rosey -- -- -- is eager a couple of feet right idea right of the people that that disarmed wow yet. I mean you know you think about that now he would write himself into that scene but he has to be part of that it in you know as participatory journalist oral or workers and I get that right yeah yeah that's his term I wonder where I heard it before I thought it was pretty good guys and make them up there you look ahead at half that. Let me let's start from the beginning with him though because. He his first real. Delving into this realm was was set to be the paper lion and what was his position cornerback he was quarterback a doubt but but it -- Could he -- wrong. Well yet this kind of and lifelong. A recording artist. And it happened okay we he had an athletic ability that was kind of found. Crossed all sports and so like Ed at parties he would play ping pong com. And and play with a frying pan to kind of give himself that's fair at all to try to level the playing field well and and that's the thing -- that kind of they're really shook him up when he did these things was that he got out there thinking what I can catch and -- football this can't be too hard. Com and and very quickly found out that it it was and he ended up losing he was 24 yards on. On three downs three on something like that. Com. There's this funny and -- -- -- is it when he did we did some of these ones particularly the first -- with baseball ever knew he was baseball's. Some guys. But with -- with the lines they kind of said that at this weird. Kind of cloak and dagger thing where he was gonna pretend to be some -- critic and walked -- and tree sit -- type of thing exactly yeah exactly and want to document it. But on Sosa he comes on and no one really -- guys but they're like -- ten years older -- early and had guys -- he has an English accent that's. I don't feel like what -- hell and I'm so apparently when he finally games awfully it's a -- is the first day drills on quarterback. Into -- -- you know put his hands behind to catch that he was behind the center yet any -- that there needs any justice in doesn't a weapon is that the president -- out what it's like get my first date. We also set what analyst -- mean yeah you get married I made that it's so you get better as to stop enter and ever ago. And what -- -- -- question products and really literally because guys about it. So now he once you have no idea it was I was looking at some -- some clips from the movie which is by the way Plimpton exclamation point is that it starts Friday pat. Coach court the coach corner theatre. And we're talking to loop polling and Tom being with the directors and producers of the movie. What was his. He did the paper -- thing okay as the first one of note is that the one group really people not what was his second choice two what's his next self assigned. After that was play with the Celtics. Our -- and that was when Bill Russell was as the coach as as well as the captain Wright and done they played it was pre season game against the hawks and Atlanta and how many minutes that he play. I'm not a lot is only couple but they were as it was into the game. And and the Celtics were losing so Russell. -- have a -- put Plimpton and. Hey reverend Miller people have it checked yes OK I'd put in George went because it did decide it as just a pre season game there was no way that that action. It was something goes down by a lot of important the next Bristol district -- -- all right well -- -- -- an -- and licensee of played against people -- 69. You know when it well he was six variable the senator and looked at out of place well but he didn't touch the ball he said he was more of a mobile cheerleader until he didn't touch the ball a little bit out of -- it's -- -- -- you say it was a mobile cheerleader just running up and on the court with the rest of the team now. And and that is the Celtics finally kind of pulled back and got to a point where they now have a shot at winning this thing. So Russell wisely pulls -- -- -- have checked back -- and they and I was into the Bachmann is a good move minorities coach who of that center within a losing the game and -- in the locker room it was a draws and goes. You should appalled me I looked -- and he said resident talked temperature through that that a USO access -- why you know right and I've. Bill Russell hi -- talked in forty years after. It. Let them be one of the most curious people not Russell Clinton yeah right I mean he won Ohio. The other half lived via -- because -- intellectual he committed on anything in his trailer. -- -- -- -- But he Erica I think -- sport. Beyond us being -- and tried yeah I mean. Just just for the folks out there -- young like -- be over here who don't remember George Clinton at all they'd just give me elect a shopping list of the of the participatory things he did in his journalist career -- essence of affirmative and -- a writer -- -- experts -- new Yorker. And some of -- needed for team he has and he's so. The highlights include things like pitching and baseball's -- game. Playing quarterback for the teacher lines playing goalie for the Boston veterans on playing the Celtics. He joined the New York Philharmonic and and played on for Leonard Bernstein. At which -- it was a listeners things -- sports -- -- -- 50% stakes whereas classical music yet. Her exactly right you know -- colors -- -- you know Leonard Bernstein is pretty scary ironies I think from a got a yelling at George didn't think -- you know. -- he joins us circus he's as the wind trip he's right guy. Six threes export pink this problem -- had -- -- technically it's hard to get like deliver -- she says. It was quite entertaining actually picture we actually saw his chair his house 1% on. And on a charity and yet he did the Baja 500 car which is insane -- crazy year in with Jacqui stewards are famous -- Yes he took effect at the joint -- there isn't movies in time the reason he was in them is in Lawrence of -- is -- -- an extra. Beyond using John Wayne got beat up by John -- -- I'm one of the ones that we liked because we went to the complete image you have -- beat George did on -- -- on -- as a Playboy photographer. And he did on detects and some you know centerfold that rejected because they were out of focus -- yeah. It was a service you know the so they came up with -- pseudonym so half when he looked of the pictures when it was Plimpton and so that shows on -- Gary air. A bit of a tip off. Of him. And then that they had these great pictures in the magazine of half a head looking at the photos with his Jewelers loop as one as want to do yet. On going over with the grease pencil and circling all the things that are wrong with pictures that that George took the head and mostly it was a question of focus. And Georgia trying to do different things and trying to calm. Come up with -- sexy photos and it was a lot of he got a friend's wife deposed in her kitchen covered in pots and pans. And half was like this really doesn't fit over trying to do with the magazine. But out of it -- lose the pots and pans bread and bad of a George got a business card that had the Playboy bunny on it and that George -- Playboy photographer. Right in which he introduced to his best advantage for the rest of his life except I can only imagine what I might do if I had one of those cards at -- I delve into boxing and down. Yesterday -- -- yeah he box with light heavyweight champion Archie Moore avenue at the time on. The record for most knock -- which -- that's accurate. As it is yeah this really beautiful black but he and well. So -- backed up basically most of the stories as we you know and it it it's it's probably a lot of old film and a lot of old video and stuff like that you you basically compiled this which is probably. -- did the most time consuming part of what you did to -- to make the movie Clinton right absolutely yet tickets on we spent years looking for the year amateur real I'm watching it going through -- we called from you know hundreds of hours and speaking we wanted. When things it's in the films have George tell his own story in his words on his sentence 2003 -- ten years you know at ten years it will -- for a -- and so we had to do is go to earlier -- material and cold like little bits that we thought would make. -- and and obviously I'm looking at the TV because somebody somebody. I don't know hole put the Cleveland Indians game mine instead of the I didn't do that Serra beat. I don't have the revote. There was -- -- -- Clinton's posted that you know speaking of that it it does is how closely do you have to work with his family and friends. The people of new best -- very closely and we got permission from his widow. Because one that she had all the footage. But we really had -- of -- complete blessing and encouragement from from his family from. His first wife and and his two older kids they all appear in the film. And they really kind of from the beginning ever incredibly encouraging and supportive. Which is especially impressive when you consider that this is our first film written notice before what's the run out of -- Sorry I along where I want it is 87 minutes let's -- Is big guys were talkative to loop polling and Tom being the directors of Clinton but I that we have a Bruins that we we have a bet going on here aside debt. And now we need to know when Sarah I was gonna do it table dance force -- she was wrong. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It has yet I don't -- -- you IHY enemies of the by the rule of the price is right. I win. It's not a sharp hasn't even dropped it is still at. Okay could you have -- one of those guys coming here and find the remote and put the game I'm gonna wanna miss a single second of this. And neither of these guys looked and -- candidate at all their heads turned around to the TV monitor. And as -- this go to another theater. I mean welfare worker yes -- -- -- and that's actually -- in her eyes that I have a right OC on my films out yet it's straight at a perilous. Now the movie is Plimpton and it's coming out Friday begins Friday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and it no doubt. Yeah one of the guys it's -- yeah. Speaking voice cells can I buy your voice from you for the rest of my radio courier yes -- could talk about some pipes on this night and I got a cold to the -- expert. There's like shoot two octaves below got. That say sounds like Bill Belichick so could you please please say eating is what it is my face your book that. Yeah if it is what it is. That. You know I've always I've often wondered about that with the whole it is what it is -- it's cute it's funny people use all the time before what is it. It always is what it is speak as elite as a its a server yet see this bottle water. It's a bottle water that means it is what it is I still don't get that what you can never be rock and the -- that's just did everything always is what it is that's like saying I am what I am pop -- -- that's Belichick's. Joker and human nature of that so unbelievable. Now when it comes to George Plimpton. -- -- which would woods. I mean what was he first and foremost with all of his skills and his abilities to -- a writer -- but yeah beyond that -- -- I was here on explorer was here and it curious. Well we we -- he was an artist whose life was his greatest work of art but I think he would have called himself the journalists I think it's important that he was just trying out these endeavors as alert you would write about them the goal is to. Do you it get with induced and closed world whatever -- it was insider view stone into the huddle Healy said and so you know like people look at imminently is kind of deal ties and play around it. He really wanted to bring us and I think that's a very generous art and I think as a humorist he had the good sense to sentence of up to fail. Yes it is really neat story -- aren't it's like any comedians that's about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The city is still there. Again it's -- so I mean it's is really important Larry magazine edited out of town and you want stickers its -- -- of the -- the you know. Famous contemporary American writers and -- -- -- literary have you tremendous well we wish you absolutely nothing but great success with your first film endeavor and it's a great project you've gotten involved with because the subject is so obviously compelling. And nature -- and it says it opens Friday it's Plimpton at the Coolidge corner theaters. So give air Friday and check out of the great work of our two guests tonight a loop polling in Tom bean and what she got. Yeah it's just an -- we're also opening Friday in Washington owned and right now we are currently playing in New York LA palms springs and as Ricardo -- well congratulations. And honestly it's it's a great that I can't wait to see it myself and I wish you nothing but success. Thank you might just that you didn't pick for the lead climate I think and that's my next career call -- an element of the output again be a participatory journalist myself my first gig obvious stripper. -- -- sure that you thought and our -- the voice honestly got great it's great to meet you guys and thanks again -- again good luck with Clinton opening this Friday here in Boston and open elsewhere around the country right now Coolidge -- Thank you guys you.

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