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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 06/17/13

Jun 17, 2013|

You ask, we answer. Today featuring NESN's Jack Edwards.

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It's. Time or answer the question -- answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question look. Right hander brought you by -- as a restoration specialist -- your property or facilities manager or an insurance pro call -- Demetriou disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. Or a par and it's served. Dot com jacket we're sitting in with us for answers the question today Jack first off. What's up upload the color changing suits that he wears like a chameleon. You noticed popular -- -- And I were you getting the glory of fact -- it looks like he's got an electric was going yeah excuse that that's the product of -- of interlaced signal in television and it's -- -- when that happens used apple lot or in standard -- that it happened tonight. But still occasionally happens especially with -- with line were sequels now is that something you're be willing to give him grief about that and I'm not -- there not a dog he's going after that forever your hair messed up you won't get back up your quote. They'll tell hockey guy addressed I think you do I think somebody should I think somebody gets outside -- Chuck Daly. Who was just the greatest hall the Gray's restaurant also. Very I don't think you can rest there. They're they're protected. The next. Question a lot I would I would know exactly the outlook I don't know that I subject for different I donated -- God -- model with the with the -- Well look I don't know I like -- -- doctor's daughter -- I don't know I gotta disagree with you that I wouldn't want to. Outward show for every week every day like an usher. We look like people. In the crowd -- bringing people that there's guys seven guys you know it. -- Golfers that once united dress you watch the US open obviously those guys although that you see the the octopus hands. Did you see Billy horse of the octopus France so downward the bright orange yesterday bulldogs were honest about it a break the TV yet Lou hand with a ought to put sizzled. Problem only with what to say well I've always try to set up next question. Jack is it my imagination or their -- ton of -- in the first two games one. Well both of these teams lately -- gap and -- these teams try to be as many players as the end with. The first pass and the other thing is it'll make it -- -- if -- if it doesn't connect. You don't want to go on the launched so maybe there's peaceful march and there it's just that theory but. It seems you're trying to. -- your teammate if he misses it don't water the some of the -- the Bruins have been unable to get out of the room zone occasionally need to just relieve the pressure lately try something desperately need there. Guys what is the scariest movie you've ever seen yet. Can honestly say that without a doubt promises just the three free sleepless nights and it. If -- anticipation of what happened the psychology on the exit at oh lead there a story. -- and it wasn't even the cheesy. You know split pea soup for the Tori net thing it was Q what that's built for -- just -- it was the build up walking toward the war. It was just awful. Gauntlet this area I don't know I didn't ever ever ever want to hear how we don't know musical alone following -- I'm terrified by -- in any scary movies too much. I was scared of ghostbusters I -- -- you know. How good laugh at me driver three you for all -- -- but when they open up. Refrigerator. -- -- -- -- -- Refrigerator -- electric -- us running up and banging on the windows of the restaurant. Error sexy written down by that dog -- -- that the confines of the roster will be somebody knows you. That is this series wouldn't have received and haven't seen yet. Lesson of why would I ever Schwartzel Blair witch project and fighters involved as possible reasons are those here. I don't get it. 1213 years later I don't yeah well. Now. -- that -- it was right now I don't know I thought I don't even think they should be allowed to advertise it here it is your serve. What you think Hitler which brought. Same -- sought after when it talked about it it was scary but not nearly you know was kind of stupid. What's the X ticker there that's about it but I just kicking Cameron she's streams Josh over and over and I personally -- -- Next question. Guys could you please ask Jack what that metal contraption yours wasn't doing post game last night Saturday night. If you ask him -- of the ball during the year it's the voltage meter and -- it gets through Heidi coming off the idea you know you got to understand we're gonna watch it there there -- actually -- -- eight. Locations lined up in about 25 woods man. And the cardinal wrote Steve Levy were actually and you know on loads the Leo work through them for years old sports center. It's the -- on chooses delivered pretty tore apart he never gonna leave you short ways they'll -- its products and China. -- the microphone a little bit because -- Steve starts block in the whole world here as everybody knows -- had no problem with that you know and I loved hockey guy he's sort of placements toward its back on the sport completely. But I was a -- if there's also times that shots they'll exactly. We got information. In between the in between the -- -- key -- in their right for an eighth and there's somebody else that Q what's the England -- Nancy recently. Is that it broke but all there and think between -- which ended. From Twitter. -- Eric laughter and once you know besides. What's the best that you can do now. What's the best thing you acute acute back which aims to know you know the greatest backwards -- all time when it. My elementary school classmate. -- -- -- not. If that's the greatest backwards -- all time. -- not force yet you've but the laws. That you actually do you think about people's -- -- -- what is your own. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Us. Actually -- the crowded airports certainly there -- record holders via a play record with. Instead of hearing these messages right. Jack do you prefer cool whip or regular quipped I -- Whipped cream that that is just not. Ballots out. You know in in Norway in Norway and actually are whipped cream is a -- With buy -- -- often under just whipped cream is the little tiny bit of sugar and the sweet cream if it's if it's respite. If it comes grass but it -- it's actually release we. It is a tremendous. Tremendous dessert that you would Switzerland to -- but -- -- you know that. Those of you you know the question. I wrote in a college town lot of free making -- Durham. They're both of if my mom has managed to convince herself that she doesn't like with -- because everybody -- with pre grade Angelo know I don't like it at all -- she's definitely lying because she doesn't want like. Public you don't like with creole. Talking about how things are you pretending not like -- nobody I've read that accounted for. With green out -- out. A pre -- don't let them. If that Corcoran department don't think next time we have a a pool of cool what individually enter each one of the ingredients with the word percentages. In Google search and Jack there to be very scared jacket cool with so much you won't announce -- Like with everything else just gives you the full WH you know I whipped -- whenever I would like that but it's just cool -- and if you -- -- -- an escort out over the I. The fact I think the -- the question was what what -- that adds -- -- We're. It's got to be it's got to be just. Residue of my parents western operate like it's going to be. -- finally. Guys before game three tonight what is the best. What is the best way to keep my girlfriend ruined hockey on the line. About a couple of years ago that -- -- longer than. If -- the Boston Bruins use sex as analogies. That would that work with. A -- kicking could be there's certain position. -- ice. Here's here's the way the way they make all playoffs I understand. Here's. Icing is frosting on your new unit. The way we US -- that way all hockey more interest. The legendary -- -- early on -- Why at least it. Is what you remember. There'll always at least three things. He or interest off -- Only the rule. Just what the rules at 1 o'clock the wait a plea. Really amazing players. Please hopefully it is really amazing a -- over all players scenario. That's -- you that is it's huge huge points at the end of the night so outraged and art ruined come up here two hours. Jack thank you so much -- you burn our as always viewed as well. The good people here at west Germany 138 Portland street the X ray Parker lives here rate will be back on Wednesday. If you wanna come in -- now I don't. -- what -- -- my colleague backwards is eco yet low. Oh yeah of I'll read a full shot and I meant. There will be one show a bit of party in here watching the game -- it's going on -- studio I'm sorry guys QB here. We'll stick around like he's coming up next it will be back because tomorrow it to do. The about it.

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