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An hour with Jack Edwards: Bruins look to take control of Stanley Cup finals

Jun 17, 2013|

We talk all Bruins, all the time with the man himself, as Jack Edwards from NESN gets us ready for Game 3 and beyond.

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It can be had a couple of -- And who has more -- -- us. They're great Jack Edwards with a loss here at west and Johnny sultan Ali on WEEI. After it happened earlier. Like all of our Bruins coverage brought to you by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers than. Jack you're ready. I am to be back in Boston for game three I I have already everyone talking about them five in Chicago incorporated is when they. Cheer during the National Anthem and then there is great I'm not saying it's not -- and but did you watch the gains from there and you can only it's a great atmosphere and I want them. It doesn't sound like it on TV and it certainly doesn't sound the same as them expecting it to send your mind. And and that's too bad. And that's a production decision and I don't I haven't heard the line feed so I don't know but I I can tell you this. When you have. The so called three in the Booth set up you tend to get wrestling match over -- time when the play by play guys talking and you have. Fewer opportunities to hear the crowd going nuts. Because. When there are two people other than the play by play guy they tend do wanna add their two cents at every possible. Humble soul maybe you don't get. The same kind of appreciation that you went for instance Rick has a chance to talk but here's the crowd chanting something like Nike castle. And he lays out so in here. That's. -- significant difference that's all. -- -- How are you feeling going into game three after seeing that overtime game. Outside help -- feel lucky because this is nothing like that just lucky that were witnessing this because aside from. The first period utter domination the likes of which I can't really remember for an entire period in. The Stanley Cup final games that I've been able to witness. It has been unbelievable hockey and I'm I'm forming an early hypothesis you know Holland a lot like the -- hypotheses. And at that at all. We we had we should have something that did you card that says and feel -- to. Knock this down -- -- but here it is. That when Chicago is on its game 100%. There is not a team at least they can stay with the Blackhawks. Spot because they're playing the rules whom. Are as good defense team as exists in the modern era. That level appointees on the sustainable. For sixty minutes in fact it's probably unsustainable for more than about fifteen. And we sought for what he's in the first period. And what happened the Bruins clawed their way back and Chicago as the game got longer. Had progressively less and less energy now think back to game one okay. The brought weathered the storm in the first ten minutes for the Blackhawks -- on it everything removed including the pop or okay. Then the Bruins go up by two in Chicago. -- hit that year. For the second and third periods the Blackhawks were unbelievable and you know yet you don't wanna see the -- blown two goal lead. But there were two teams out there playing at Chicago. Raised it to a a different levels of the -- -- seen all season long. And then in the first overtime you're expecting wow you know what the Blackhawks Republican -- this game -- and the Bruins were the better team in the first overtime. By on March in a decent margin the second overtime probably bias like march. And then they end up losing the game in the fertile field double deflection so. Sold the hypothesis is that Chicago has an unbelievable level but play against Boston it cannot sustain it the way it did against those guys. Ticket basis stated. With -- sustainable say cancer and basically directly to me in the conference semi finals. They played the kings of the conference finals. The sustainable get those things. Yes it once because those teams were not disputed the -- and that's what you got you know an -- out in the abstract and and were at that level where one mistake. One that change one silly penalty. One great individual play can decide a game with a two over Dixon -- a -- it's also hopefully block I'll yield to you Jack you think you'll understand the game of the better by. In the first period when the Bruins looked as bad as they could and and the Blackhawks looked as good as they could. The -- couldn't get the puck out of Euro zone right not to -- seem to be the biggest problem have a black hawks get a good job. Entering into the zone themselves that they weren't that offensively minded in terms of racing not by the problems that the Bruins never generated any thing. They weren't able to get out of their own songs that -- go through the neutral -- with any speed to which -- they couldn't get into the offensive -- start cycling game totally right what changed what they do -- -- it was there an x.s and -- -- with an effort -- -- and I understand Chris -- -- people -- the after the first period of -- good effort went off. But something must've changed just in terms of the x.s and o.s of how they were exiting their own zone and getting into the into the Chicago. Yet there was a reset after the first period -- and there's no doubt there was there were a lot of angry men in the Boston room when there should have been and they were angry themselves and angry at each other. I'm not sure if there was that much of an axis -- -- difference but the reason ruled got on the slippery slope of the first period released from where we sat and watched it. Is that it reminded me of the Billy Guerin. Teacher that used to Wear under -- -- that just that shift by shift and that's the way it is and when you have a opponent as good as the Blackhawks get free. Really who it. So my Dominic shifts right in a -- near the beginning of the game. You're real trouble because you don't know how long they can sustain it and the five. On that Chicago bench was so good. And it was only the Tuukka Rask was able to steal that first period and Boston the commodity only down by one that the Bruins had a shot. And allow them to yell at each other as if they're built for your -- often after one they can yell it -- not gonna make any difference that was all about to -- steal a game. Right now that there are times when guys don't score. It wrecked the actual up off on -- -- but we still see it happening and there were there on way. They sport we give too much credit. If that would happen when we. That game too. Seven we'll take your questions just before 6 o'clock what you're talking about that I'm coming up on the table if it jacket were the route -- what. -- have a protective equipment that. Protect airports and I think I wanna have to act at at at least that participated well. She sure it teacher recruitment that's -- -- handicapped beauty contest like nobody I know that is Jack's wife of people out there having -- you can call this thing out it's. If you see anything from this your dog yes that was a good occasion she knew she actually saw a few things from this you taller or real. I don't bring you back the clock you know after that you don't need to -- I'll just go back on where -- o'clock -- Didn't notice me volleys David and over there at the corner seriously it would enter to do to me. Rocketboom at Utah mom took -- back with a line second line for a moment you thought the polls that Dockery hit. Yeah yeah a -- miss you -- all the polls. -- -- The folds I thought they miss south Caroline with only a little reader of the known to represent the entire cross -- forget it really. Go back to that line yeah Sagan Kelly and I would point out that in. -- the game against buffalo here right after the bombing when when. The crowd sang the National Anthem and all the emotion now. Bruce scored two goals in that game one by Kelly won by pie who played together for as far as I know the only time this year. It -- for both of them than -- one assisted on on the others goal. On both of the goals we have personal back combination again until Saturday night. Well that was because. The ample lines started playing really really well and as sharp Norton says we like playing with each other and they really do they they light. Being together they know each other's cots and moves it tendencies so it's almost as if they don't even have to look it's there but when Campbell goes down. A lot of things change now Brooke pointed out so it really interesting in our post game coverage after game two and incidentally it was like it's all -- -- and tonight -- Sox are plans starting at 630 for pre game and immediately after the game they mean like right. At the banality of the game whether it's an overtime goal in the final siren. We're gonna be right across I see you write -- of it as they open. The address nor is it that -- guy yeah yeah we got a lot of help from the Bruins do you know the team's been great that way it brings people out. But yes it's been really get the bricks at this in our post game coverage that what you create symmetry. A round but senator. Interesting things often happen because we we have that that long standing model Wayne Cashman doing the dirty work in the quarter. And hot with the huge slap shot on the other wing and Phyllis is Hugo. Getting all the glory in the little but it's not necessarily always that -- -- about how -- teacher or work around preaching to bankers okay. Well obviously. Means they can or not bankers but those guys can flat out fly. When you put that kind of speed on either side of Chris Kelly all the sudden you start bringing up the best in Chris Kelly -- You know even though he has had he not very good years on my UNC back. Going it's -- exit. 08 it's been a hell of a what's been a back in fact it's been awful but since you don't like and -- -- Kelly fan and it's enough backwards it suits its its been that the playlist you're like not the he is he is still a really Smart player and when you give him options instead of obligations. And the speech gives him options. He'd better. He is so much -- so that's why we're gonna see Victor stalwart from Chicago tonight and Bolick. Who was kind of a surprise beginning at this series goes out that he cannot. Any way they would back on it it makes you wonder rich Beverley has been so bad that he made critically. I -- -- and looked lost -- any team to keep looked awful. He looks like if you blow on and he -- he's got a maximum of five games that -- job what does that what does. Happen to average Beverly point two million on the capitol that's gonna get tight there's an amnesty -- available and it's not a whole lot of imagination to see that guy. Yet -- ask you guy great guy but you know what he's got to produce and got to do right now he's royal penalties well you know these are taken face -- -- -- got a 3.2 million dollars for the caps on -- like you gamble portion -- all -- -- really has been a source of great confusion but. I'll tell you Jack I love like you've made you may have a future either college professor or a preacher. Would you say would you give -- options they've got obligations. Does the service. Now usually used to work on now the late great George -- want my English teacher in high school what a tremendous guy he was. Options are not obligations I have maybe maybe that's it and you look at the speed. Of piety having I think everybody that -- him this hearings while. That guy can just figuring out that I -- artists all of that speed packet shoots -- he could shoot. It evidence that the number one promise that it is as simple as that don't look at his junior numbers tinkered numbers you have picked scorer in junior I think you went number twenty overall jennies do you think he can shoot. Not with the best of them but but adequately certainly. He he's he's a really good player and and yeah out on a lot of teams he has the top six. Put the Bruins got him because. He makes great decisions on the penalty kill they've brought have been here -- believing colts' first year. And it was because they were sold out on the totally kill that they desperately needed help. It's really consummated the first trade the Bruins ever hit made with the Buffalo Sabres ever. And and they got IA and if you look at the penalty killing he did. In game two there were three different moments in the same kill. Where you Italy wasn't able to clear the zone he either took the space completely away remake the safe chip. The wall to keep the puck away from the dangerous part of the ice part of the reason that Chicago's power play hasn't done anything is that the guys who filled. Examples boots have done a really good job they made really good decision. If you do that you put Chicago. Into perspective -- -- -- it's been a great run here in Boston we've seen two of the last three years some great series goes we've seen Vancouver. Everything the juggernaut they weren't so great. Matt who went to him we solve the big ones the last round and how great they are. I mean are they are they somewhere between. I think we're in Vancouver. On they'd better than both of those. Yes I think I I think is how would you describe it I infer from me I think that -- Blackhawks team is better than either this year's penguins. Or the 2000 Olympic overcome -- And it and it's because they can win in different ways. And the reason they ran the table in the first. Of the -- very well and and so many of those games were winning at the last five minutes or tying in the last three minutes of winning it notes the it just incredible resiliency is they can win games in different ways they can. Powervu or they can outrage you. But they have a team of tremendous. But it tick rule straight that they play as five man units they understand the slides their layers after layers of defense. And they have that thing at that very few teams in the NHL. Has -- they can make that vertical pass where what are rebound comes off Crawford's like pat. The first look for a guy like don't think he is that the attacking blue line and if he's -- somebody. Like a Patrick Kane who was anticipated. The -- over. And Cain has got a half a step behind a defenseman he's going right for that scene and it and -- it. This team has has made that passed a couple of hundred times during the season and they're still looking for the Stanley Cup there's no doubt there -- more come. The team certainly than either Pittsburgh or Vancouver was and I think the Bruins have seen that. But can they handle with his talent in the rose yeah that's that would be the debate and in game two it seemed as if the musicality. Eventually. Wore them down and then overwhelm them in the -- -- -- except that game in game one they show the musicality in the second and third periods that. The one time that Chicago has really kind of looked out of sync -- in that first emotional ten minutes of game one where they were -- for the picket and the I mean they're worse having guys. And it got a little bit out of their rhythm they they were getting the spectacular hit and the roads are saying we've seen this from Pittsburgh. 'cause the penguins had war. Impact highlight -- gets in the broad stated that series and the roads were great comedy get it because if you comedy hit me and I take the hit to move the -- It's at worse before on four and probably the past beats an additional work checker and now it's -- -- free which means there's a 211. Which means you've got a chance to get a real good shot off the rush. The roads are more than willing and and that's another paper talks about all the time about their different kinds of toughness you don't have to drop and go oh what the most vivid examples of toughness of the NHL is to take that it to move the puck in the rules are more than willing to do that. At what Chicago Raines who did a little bit and they make the responsible -- and don't go chasing for the big huge hit on the really really tough team to play him. What we see -- from the -- the next two games at home. That rule that was kind of get our kids okay they could do that Chicago. They would do that here taking advantage of last year. The better match up that. Almost every single time that the pattern has been that they've tried to counter. That came appearance with the Bergeron line gains -- obviously what. When -- on the ice the cut with a virtual online help there to take the speed away. And now when the host aligned itself there UC's all -- today at a Chara Siegel picked by against that body. Enough that different from what they did with with Pittsburgh all right when Malkin line was out -- make -- yet the big -- Chara -- -- Crosby's line without their make sure you have defensive speed of -- and -- -- rabbits briar patch because. The roads to play the defense oriented game and looked to counterpunch. With 100% effectiveness because they get the last one that leads. Perfectly to the next subject which is quote Julianne we've debated him talked about them come back and forth maybe even in some cases change their position who knows. But quote right now appears to just be on fire. Wanna ask you about him next Jack Edwards with a threat until 6 o'clock PM answer the question question form -- 379837. Or use the hash tag ETQ. On Twitter salt and Ollie were at West End Johnny to right by the garden. Here WEEI. Jack Edwards remains with us right till 6 o'clock -- the questions. Here 379837. EU. On Twitter Jack stick around that we've done that well Julianne and his contribution to the team and Al though 180 with. O meter runner right now but I believe that if they have lost the first round theories that maybe it would have been time for a change you lose in the first round yours in a -- when you're heavily favored team. I would that it now it would have been disappointed but. Doesn't happen -- being used on the last three weeks as technical. And I don't know whether he's the best coach this debate maybe right now. Fire if he does is the right thing whether what line together and third line. Stay with recruit after that debate the other day for twenty. Minutes whatever he seems to want to do worked out the old but well. Put the draw on the ground and and you know every time you get a new layer you know. But what whether it's granted there are Sander whatever you're you're getting deeper and deeper into it you realize that -- release plan. Has so much thought that's put into it and and one of the reasons. Behind. Reinvesting. You know roster that. Could have gone off the cliff. And could've gotten old all wants -- sometimes those things happen. But he he weighed the risks and the potential rewards. And and part of the reward. Potential is that. Your coach has seen these guys in hundreds of games and he knows every single attribute. Of their capabilities and so he can say. On a hunch. I put high AA and state game on opposite sides of Kelly because. Those are things that you can't add up you can't take that spread -- that they get baseball -- Well you know this guy -- so well against left handers sort of batted fifth tonight is that a six because -- -- more protection or cleanup hitter. Doesn't work that way and hockey's just way too much -- plasma state. But when you have that. Depth of familiarity with the roster the coach Julian does and and the knowledge base that he has that the team has built. Through self scouting. In addition to scouting opponents. You have that kind of fluency and and that's what's on display and on and it was on display in the Pittsburgh series as well. I'm wondering about -- to see any. The ball buster behind the scenes with the players is he that guy if he would Jokester. It's -- father figure it's like if you want to cover up button pushers what what what you would think like. He is. The iron fist in the velvet glove with. A little children on the ring finger. Because he's he's a funny guy and he takes his job deadly seriously. What. He almost never passes up the chance. Susie exactly everybody depth and including me almost every single day and it's funny I mean it's really keeps it light with the can -- it. I would think that what's that I'm not going there -- out. After you know after repeated -- but what is what has been fodder for. Work -- that. Let's just say that the morning skates he gives the daily review my bed -- it because I probably don't shout outs David well -- before it committed. And he -- -- grief about it and it's funny you know it's not the same line every day he's he is that he's a funny guy. He. Is deadly serious about his job and you know that he can feel the pain. When quote speaks to the Bruins in their little on ice gathering to be -- -- -- state. He keeps it brief it's always ninety seconds or less there -- none of these. Long long speeches. Like I do that I think. Never he never loses his audience he knows the point he wants to make he gets in he gets out. He leads the message very very clear and so he's he's a really communicate there. Obviously an excellent manager people as a great act so a grasp on things but fumbles the ball. He's somebody with whom you want to go out there because he's he's got a lot of depth to. Phillips a clothing was gone he he pulls a Doc Rivers and says guys -- automatic here I need to go somewhere else please treat me to a team somewhere else okay fine. Let's say that would happen and they were to call you from a radio station whatever city that is that hey we're getting this new coach load Julianne. Describe them to me what is the number one the most important. And it of his coaching philosophy what would you -- he has an effort based system that if the players give him the 100% effort. That team will have traction. It would get better it'll get better and -- and once it gets better and learn how to win games it's gonna win a lot of games and his track record shows. You know it much throughout much really gets tired of everybody you know if you have a four game losing streak in the middle of a forty win season. You're gonna catch heat in Montreal it's just the way it is in that city you know and they they they invented the case. And they feel that that know what he's good enough -- You didn't last forever in Montreal beat goes to New Jersey. IE really have great personal affection for for Lou Amarillo I respect everything he's done. -- without a doubt the single. Worst move the Lou Amarillo ever made was to get impatient with -- Julian -- about three games to go in the regular season and -- And then liberal logos behind the bench new -- out the first round at Peter she rally. Goes to Jeremy Jacobs and says you know what I've made a mistake with Dave Lewis will be fire him and made a mistake OK I'll be down in my last match in the match book. But let me light it and put the put it to the candle here because I know the coach Julian can make this franchise better. And -- if Jacobs -- credit -- significant. Dead money. On Dave Lewis who who just couldn't get the job on -- off -- and and help them and eat great guy doesn't god gave great right you know but you know slated Donald. Should double Leo was only thing you know all the pitching coach Democrats pitching coach on not a manager I don't want to -- right. But but Lewis couldn't do it as a head coach and and surely do. The coach Julian could. -- you guys you mentioned that's just as it. At the throat when it if you haven't been aware of what's happening here in which the doctors situation. Doc Rivers. Trying to law to latch on with the Boston clippers trade discussions between the clippers the Celtics the latest -- Chris Paul. That's -- that he will resign with the clippers if they are a little -- Doc Rivers and if they're able Kevin Garnett. This is not a celebration -- thing. Microsoft would have significant for the Celtics because they now know they've got leverage to the clippers. You can project sacred totals any that don't take anything debit. We are trying to negotiate -- -- for the Celtics to go back to stay on I don't know -- the witness the way it goes right Eric Bledsoe is gonna be part of that trade or time. I know I know it's impossible. But if your game means before you make that trade authority get off on for just one cut but if I kind of just have to update people had a clear he argued no the Chris Paul with the free agent. And specifically would wanna play for Doc Rivers and with Kevin Garnett. Don't -- is there any ground you can do guards know all these there's no possible way no way you can clear space there -- no secret although it it just it and I opted out because it's physically involved. It is it is merely off nearly if we're totally OK there's one there's no one point 1% chance of doing sitting -- in order requires. -- requires complete year. To start and perhaps more teams -- you figure out right now everybody is that the cap is the cap will become more apparent after July 1 so that yet. You can delete your working in one that you -- an outbreak of stupidity -- -- but that's all part of the outbreak happened the other outside of the if you take away all once -- -- the clippers. -- got them. You know so let me. You know your work with them already like 345 what you can't do it by stupid teams in the NBA felt a that was the easy now it's our camp. Laying the inevitable if you do that though I mean can they when it next year now but it -- Chris Paul here you would you would panic and they went with Chris Paul next year ago okay. Yet on when it. You know it's not that you -- we got to turn at all next year got to turn it over it's -- you'd be starting a rebuilding project with the centerpiece of it. Increased Paul that would be my point out that it would mean you'd win next year. And at what you give out accurate -- therapies and I'm sure of that. I'm sure crippled like hey Chris if that's nonsense all the way we don't know -- oh what well at the a couple of years but okay. Welcome to Boston for that for a couple of years -- right not gonna happen. So. That the Celtics you have leverage in the situation that -- deal. Where they are gonna they're going to be worth the notes but they can at least. Make the clippers do one. Kind of coaches joke when. He's terrific coach and he's well dressed -- -- -- may be the best dressed in that your coach you know what he is. He's a tough as nails very serious guy. Not quite as lighthearted as quote but. He's one of those guys who gives it to you absolutely straight even if you don't really wanna hear that message and one of the things his players Revere about him and have -- about it everywhere he's gone Saint Louis Colorado and now Chicago. Is that he'd. When he sees something in a player's game that he doesn't like. -- -- -- -- Not as controllable from time. Not as of the hall of honestly not it's not as vociferously. As -- -- what's with the same amount of gusto and if there's something that is. Unsatisfactory. The players and an order right away his -- specifically what he needs to correct he's gonna get specific. Coaching advice on how to change that because he's not doing it to the players up he's doing it to make players better and and his teams get better. It and and every Joel Quenneville team has been really tough to play against Adam night might have been tough play against because SP. Or might have been tough to play against because of transition ability or musicality or combination thereof but they have never ever been an easy out. This is going to be the most respectful. Stanley Cup final assault -- the -- that the Bruins like the Blackhawks the Blackhawks like the ruling Quenneville like low low life when bill. I mean and a couple of times. Them some knucklehead. A radio host out of Chicago on this thing going. It'll walk superhero idol T -- company -- -- that it isn't leisure company -- in Chicago stronger measures is that you know. They're trying hard. To make this a contentious affair it is not gonna. He has no it is and and and there a couple of reasons for that one is of both of these teams is in -- which has played in the right way. They wanna knock you flat on your Easter but they're gonna do it face to face -- not gonna sneak up behind you get a game misconduct or. -- remember well -- would enter into what would you -- but they know what they play the game the right way and the other thing is that. As far as I can tell. I went back to 1976. On this and it was the first time like -- fine. More players. Playing in the Stanley Cup final. Who had their names on the cup. For the teams. For which they're playing right now and it's it's kind of a convoluted thing to say but there are seventeen Bruins lost yarder. A case of seventeen -- who have their name on the cup from two years ago there were eight Blackhawks who have their names on the cup. You have to go back to 1976. Defined more than 25 players playing for the cop whose names are or -- for their teams and that's the that's a big part of that. That starts out you -- yet the back to back. 20082009. England's red wings yeah but but but that really a little bit wanna ethnic look at what yes right right that it did not have anything right and now. -- and it and it changes. A players. Perspective or the game of hockey when he point what's that thing will respect that it really does he change his players it it makes the guys who. Might go past the age twelve times a year bring it back to three times a year and I think we saw that in -- Marcia. There is an unspoken responsibility that goes with that. That you're now. Representing the game as well as your team. And yourself with talked a few times -- -- show one of my pet theories is that as you -- -- who teach those of those rooms on Wednesday that when he's on his game when he skating and more importantly giving and opening up space created that space for -- Orton. The tendency to win games but the way he split the four in the first two games of the Stanley Cup on unreal unreal -- back to have you seen the thing that. They're repealed it tweak it around today it's lethal if things have liked. 45 still right -- Of fun Nicklaus -- person. Trying to get out of the way of train number seventeen in the courtroom -- -- earlier today so if you go to that real jacket -- Twitter you can you can go find it. It is. Unbelievable. This is a really good NHL defensemen -- top four guy on any team in the league. McCluster Albertson and he is just flat -- to get off the tracks if he sees the train comic. Boutique bears down on it it's also the low. Quarter camera and you get a beautiful view of it. He is scared there's no other way to put an. And that's where would teach yet there is no one. Who has kept Milan Lucic from doing what he wants to do your ankle and put up some good. Honest resistance but he's the only guy who has been willing to get it -- is -- -- -- -- is playing that kind of robust game. It aggravates the entire Boston Bruins roster everybody goes out there feel like it. Let's go boys and -- when he carries his team. They hop on and he was he -- IA were really the only guys who peddle their chins up after the first period the other night they were the only guys on the entire roster who had an acceptable for -- -- -- I wore the same which went into. I think we would all be surprised if there's yet another overtime games three straight final -- three straight overtime games but. We talk about one goal in -- is that what the theory that. That's what it is this series looks like eight points with series these are two. Very very. Good maybe great teams playing each other and right now they are bringing out. The best of each -- the single thing that makes playoff hockey the most exciting thing in sports to me is that you see in player team -- its game. And the other team. Either have to clear the bar or fail if they and it rolled over and at a certain point in almost every series in almost every series it could happen. Like lightning as it did in the last. Twelve minutes of the Ronald series or can happen in game one or game 21 team with impose its will on the other and the other will not be able to answer. And if you ruined that at the end of the game two yesterday and it ruins or able to handle the fact that they were in Chicago for the first two games come away with a split. And I AMC whether or not Chicago and the plane in this house right -- mr. -- -- -- house to whatever not but it is but but I'll take it back I don't by the -- the Obama like if you look at her turning point and you know -- we're not far -- along and no pattern has emerged yet practiced well I got it right he gave me a full topic or not -- don't care right now a lot. Well here because it's time for what you're about to break him then what I'll tell you what it's all about the regulatory point was after the -- at -- -- -- -- to -- it to the question any question you got for us or for Jack tactic that 379837. Or -- -- -- On Twitter -- with a thought all W. -- -- the question here in just a moment you got a question for either of us or Jack Edwards 37937. Text that there. We of course -- west and Johnny's right by the garden get ready for the game 8 o'clock tonight all of the sodomized him. I wanna see the creativity people we have Jack Edwards here. The guy who who makes references to outer space guy who as we talked about a lost all sorts of things. Is it your question out of here but I gotta get into the mind of Jack Edwards I wanna see some real good creative Jack Edwards. Me question. Text them to 379837. Even better -- can do it on Twitter use the hash tag ET you get to those in just a moment Jack we cut you off you had that. The number look at a turning point -- -- your team for this series will once -- If the pattern continues at the roads are able to do it to take Chicago's best punch and counterpunch and win. It's what two arrested in the first period of game two that was absolutely -- he stole that game. The Bruins should trailed by three maybe more of -- out of the first period now it's two games to none. I you've got to win both at home. That's real trouble against a team is in Chicago because this Chicago team is better than Vancouver wants. The rules are not gonna run Corey Crawford out here tonight I don't see anyway. -- -- -- 567. Goals against Corey Crawford negate it could happen to play the way they didn't overtime the other night they will do that you can't sustain that for sixty minutes against the club the quality of Chicago cannot sustain that capsule like about the series that makes it's so great. It's point and counterpoint to these two teams are gonna unload everything they have by the time it's all. The handshake line on this series is going to be -- there really is it's gonna take a long time. Because a lot of guys are gonna have a lot of things to say to each other and 99% of it is going to be you know what you showed me so no I've never seen before that's great. And speaking of that you know you mentioned Tuukka Rask gumshoe work that. I don't as -- as the highly trained highly motivated professional athlete he always thought he had this ability to do what he's doing right now. I'm I'm just wondering if there is if there's somebody outside -- there's somebody who. You talked to and they feel that you maybe two or three years ago you know who's got. Great stuff that I am not as good stuff great stuff for them to -- whose efforts. -- -- The goalie consult for the Bruins would sing and they put Julian would sing and even if we -- the -- the cup Robert Thomas with withholding we you know we were listening well. It because were blinded by the group work of Tim Thomas and as you guys have got it Judy you know much more spectacular style. You know to -- reminds me of the table hockey goalie who's on them little semi circular slider right because he just he just you know not that little. Metal lever back and forth in the areas where the -- here recently on -- -- one of those guys that jumped out at you. A couple of your you know I I can't remember it exactly it's more looking in Bob Johnson's eyes when he he -- -- -- and like. No word stupid if he's going to be great and we're seeing the greatest now and when -- opted to -- raspy music you know what's changed over the last three years. -- I got a nicer car. That's about it are mostly pretty -- while we -- have a pretty nice card that pathetic that you behind a couple of cartilage in his right and you can't have a nice garden yet with the got. He drives and our eighth and or which -- yes. Sex on the stick. I mean. Yes these are I don't know what that means but like the perfect leading into the corner of the order -- a couple of applied out of there right now.

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