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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 06/17/13

Jun 17, 2013|

Four guys, four topics we haven't yet touched upon today. T.O. visits Ocho, Bob Costas has enough smarm for us all, stupid beauty pageant contestants and more.

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-- And now our needs -- -- -- already roller board or the -- Fun cleaning. Mean come. Well we've -- -- finally got on Sports Radio W -- -- -- Bob Costas has been our lives were over forty years calling game and Michael always have a heart attack that. Your long. -- -- -- actually on our table yet you know it somebody really here which would be working. Without -- while what is. Body part is that a longer that I leave voters with what have you coughed up guy. All right Bob Costas has been alive -- forty years calling games while calling the US open he said this the -- as it turns out are down three nothing go into the bottom of the line but now they trailed only three to one. Salon and -- militarized just up from -- Takes Carlos Marmol did. No one eyes with a three run walk off home run the -- was born in the bottom of the ninth to win its fourth grade. And it seemed fourteen games under 500 celebrates as it -- just won the seventh game of the World Series. Another indication of the ongoing decline of western civilization. But costs getting slammed for those comments is Bob Costas out of touch now. -- But here for your. Taxes yet how you look at you hate Joe Buck and didn't say that -- -- the main. A partner if there's. A level of Smart -- this name. If there's oh there's -- differently than what. The result. A producer or somebody. That it. A it doesn't matter they're working on that. First one has come back -- before -- You know it is -- owner Bob Costas out of -- not and he clearly made too much out of this kind of your spot to do though like of all the things going on in sports the focus on the Mets having a little celebration after they won seems a little out of place. But I do have a little bit of respect first point. There is a lot of celebration of things that you like they don't deserve but on celebration. As we get into college football season called basketball season again one of things that strikes me -- -- is the lower court court. I hate it I -- the constant storming of the court and think that it should be saved. For actual enormous upset that huge moments and -- every time you happen to -- decent -- team at home I think you'd be riddles who you actually are so. While I don't think -- right necessarily -- made a big deal of this in that spot. At the US open all the eyes on him it felt we hear that. I don't know that he's wrong either. Ever there was a lot going on. In sports and it was a lot to account or can make -- he's just looking at. US open. We get into a finals we've got Stanley Cup final coming up -- exactly all right why are we doing. Well but he's the one who winds up being the one doing it and -- needed to and -- -- -- your deal ultimately makes it into an even bigger deal by making it you know -- like this. Just the flip side is what the -- positive celebrate. But just kind of walk off the field after they win like OK no big deal we just wanna game on a walk off. That everybody rips them for the other reason and says what you're not even been asked that you don't even -- anymore you lose a few games Alison you don't care what kind of -- -- that it is hard for me in any case there who. Rip through here celebration of its fourth celebration it's what we're supposed to do that's one thing but they're excited about winning games. Even though they're not contentious. Part of course. Michael I'd buy it this was isolated to this -- been doing this story of the gate I'd. Guardian of integrity of baseball with global law forever and remembers so experts pretentious but still. Johnson is officially a free man. Johnson apologize to judge Kathleen McHugh and she let him out of jail the man. In jail and got to apologize that's -- I'm telling the story. Other than a -- poet is treated there. It is not unfair Butler -- being the voice of reason. Is the is actually a voice of reason. I think I can't call them which I refuse to let you know credibility -- voice -- reason we've visited him. And visit him in jail when politics thought that it if you think GOP. Such a friend through thick of someone besides themselves. And actually -- potency as long as it wasn't a quarterback. Right and he's our quarterback killers not necessarily about Y guy like receipt right you just destroyed at quarterback isn't it. You know and at the judge or the judge decided to let about. Average was so decisive. That you -- that you think she overreacted. She's just doing that to get his attention and she never intended for him to jail for 34 days after he's not as authorities but I that's where I really. You know to -- to get her own name out there are -- on the judge Hughes who. Through the Dow Jones. And in jail and I don't know I don't agree don't -- -- each -- to -- his apology after four days to accept his -- right on the -- -- because you want it I wanted to get to the point that they know you're gonna have to go to jail for a few days. Even if I don't bet he'd be when their committees that are there's this there's a sense of the courtroom by courtroom right you have. You -- Extremely. Russian president Vladimir Putin is now fighting claims that he in fact stole Robert -- 2004 Super Bowl ring. Kraft made the assertion that who stole the Reagan and awards go last Thursday. So the question is who do you believe who were trapped. Latter group. Russian. Russian president. What. -- had -- what do you think you look at the race. You think that the that the -- that all Bob Kraft what happens or it is the. It. Well the story goes that craft handed him the ring he held onto it pocketed it in the KGB surrounded him they want to let you said. What do you think what what -- what I refuse to believe that Bob Kraft is buying it doesn't make any sense the craft would make this all works. -- possible. Like it -- this whole story is so. Rican easier than ever heard it gives me the opportunity to get an -- of them that I don't think the KGB they -- -- in the KGB anymore I think. I think they're not called that likely to be keeping doesn't it. That's gone in the pocket -- friends are so terminator two. It went along like figured it all out there -- I was like twenty years ago he had three at the Kraft couldn't pavlik the whole offensive line with him or something. -- deputy chief of the craft realizing that kind of muscle. In order to go meet with Vladimir Putin may -- learned something from all of those guys it's it's it's just the ring. If he wants that he can happen the really I am ordering it to me how much of how much of those are taught 5000 dollar house or whatever to drop in the bucket for Kraft false. -- -- -- -- The AT&T question of the day -- last night during the Miss America pageant well -- says this. I think I can -- -- this back to education. And how old we are. Continuing. To try to strive. Yeah hot -- -- right now out of the biggest problem and I think especially and then art and in. Seen as TE leaders of this and so we need to try to figure out how to. Treat education better so that we can solve this problem and. Whom this so hot get so down with that club worse than necessary south Carolina's a couple years ago early Elaine. That yet Americans aren't able to -- is. It. It. People and I needed to how in ivory. Education like such -- South Africa and he said that Herat and Iran right -- and I really bad days. Again. Our education over here in the US -- how the year and others in South Africa and seeing how that. Today. That we will be able to kinda hard. Users of that question is that is that is the South Carolina well I don't think you know. It's ever been as bad as the South Carolina. Little kids speaking gobbledygook in the heat of languages to each other makes more sense of what miss south Carolina's that a few years ago the top things bad things got a little caught up -- the end. With ever what you say about education now will -- create created to create -- it's not gonna create complications better. Craig Davis as a matter rabbit that's like one step along the way of where miss South Carolina drastic create jobs. Jobs one way. And an arbitrage you don't know -- Oh lovely. Daughters is probably very bright being nervous is not acceptable that that is the great. It was so bad yesterday that mean you -- the autograph and question and she -- classic at the -- Compare this -- -- while. Area that is today's -- four at war coming up here in just a moment captured happened will be in the building with a story that. 138 Portland street west and it Johnny's off after it happened with -- -- for thirty grab -- your phone calls before 45 Jack Edwards witness which at 5 o'clock here in person. Wish that I did combined now that you you've been warned its fortunately to a lot of you haven't had that are yet. You -- have dinner here who watched the game or dinner here before you go to the game. I smell something now is that it is is one of the -- smells. That that. That I have experience. In the last couple weeks it's -- burgers down low maintenance. All men it's incredible they have good food here good atmosphere it here -- don't mind. Enjoy -- game three tonight so stopped by western -- 138 Portland street. In Boston you won't. -- capital capital be stopping by at west and -- next we'll talk to her get ready for tonight's game three sultan Ali -- W media.

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