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NESN's Andy Brickley previews Game 3 between the Bruins and Blackhawks

Jun 17, 2013|

Andy Brickley joins Mut and Merloni in studio to take phone calls from the listeners and preview Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals.

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The great Andy Brinkley is a studio with us until 1 o'clock but -- 937 WEEI you'll see him tonight on -- and beginning -- 630 and -- that a correct 630 year broadcast time not even a pre game on -- and immediately afterwards. With the post game and until 1 o'clock to nearly up brick for your calls at 617. 77979378. TT -- -- 37937. On Twitter you guys involved in the show that way he's the hash tag -- brick we'll get to as many of those possible. Between now -- 1 o'clock when you read the Chicago papers today brick and you read things like. -- in the headlines today making the case for -- mayors. Stall berg could be back in for game three. These things make sense to you when you hear about some of these personnel moves the Blackhawks may try to instill off for game three tonight Boston. Odyssey -- league you know is front center on the turnover of the game winning goal and maybe that gets him out of line up you know those jolt when those decisions to make what gives him the best opportunity -- matchup is he looking for. His feel for the Roman -- their mental state is right now after after losing game they probably felt they should have won and and and be up to nothing in this series. I think -- -- terrific player chance to be a pretty good player good size -- scale Goodspeed. Surprised he wasn't in games one or two to be honest with you. But that's that's you know if you when I read those articles -- you know a handful of those articles that the sense that I get the feeling I get isn't so much personnel. You know other mayors whoever coming in it's it's Chicago's attitude and their attitude is that that we gave Boston -- -- You know it was a what Boston did the judgments in them they made that or how much better they got throughout the course of the game after aren't as first -- it was. Yeah we got its -- -- we gave him every opportunity we gave the chance to get back in the game and you know it. I guess that's the way you have to think guess when you when you get in these situations about a might be a little bit smarter when you deal with the media to say you know. The -- the brought a little bit of a credit for coming back and winning that hockey game with some changes that they made in. And still focus on you with what you wanna do as a team but them. That's essentially get from Chicago I will be curious to see if they do make a couple of personal -- up front. -- now with coach Julian. Making it pretty much that third line is what it is and looks like for the most part it's a three time not four lines as much as he has in the past. Text brings up the question -- talked about a before the show Martin Joey and want to ask you those. Four. Five minutes that -- point played here in game in game two and which don't have one when -- comes out of the game is on Campbell comes out of the game pretty much is that doesn't play triple overtime. Are those minutes that valuable. Rather than saying Canadian bring up Iran and we put among their fourth line maybe try to roll four lines no more. I don't think you're better. Team if you do that and to be honest with you Lou. You know that the minutes that -- onslaught on the fourth line plays and will focus much on point because you know he plays the fewest amount of minutes I guess -- -- it does put Papa doesn't kill penalties and the -- a calming influence in other words if people try to take liberties with the skill guys easily daddy get out there for the next 32 start. Are you looking for change in momentum he's an energy guy he's a pretty good player he understands his role he knows how to play within the system. And the overtime aside you know. As a coach early and a hockey game you've got to you got an eye on the other bench what they're doing and who you'll roll it out there and you might go with a two lying. Rotation three line rotation early in the period. They spot the flaws why trying to get the fall line rhythm going to fall line roles going depending on how the games after night in a power play now. -- you kill the paneling. Now you come back DC -- come out okay all right let's get this guy are you seeking tomorrow let's get this guy out you know. And it's not fourth line guys so it it all depends on the -- to -- on all depends on what the other coaches doing if you believe in the match -- that you need. Edit and if you watch onslaught in your lineup which I do because I don't think the alternatives make you a better team you mentioned Jordan -- -- a pretty decent young player but. This is the playoffs as it got -- once Stanley cups as a guy that. Can look at a teammate BI in between periods or even during the course of a period of say I need more from me you know this team needs more from you. And that carries weight he's he's the leader of the role players and he's important haven't you line up. If you told you had a more versatile guy that played you know in more situations. And that you didn't beat -- calming influence OK now we have a conversation yeah but I don't think where there and I don't think the Bruins have a player like that. I still. I don't feel the upside to a I understand the whole point -- think about. And -- just nailed at the end of the speech he gave to Sagan and we talked to Tyler Sagan in a game earlier in the playoffs we need more Roddy you. And the kid response to it. The score honor nobody else have that size of the leadership impact on that is what he brings it when he not play in the you know we've had years it right next -- time Wednesday since on the at another coach out there motivate guys. Not just look at maybe if Boley is out your brain install Borg was more we steel got a report line. Third line. You know -- I won't be shocked at all -- -- couple more overtime games and if you rule now limited forwards for big ice time. It was -- to get a little bit more sense from that fourth line and again. You says it is they have -- all Burgos and he's played fourth line drive a proper -- -- line up against him not a -- authorities committed to the back -- -- ours bag checkers they have it's demanded by the coaching staff he delivers in that area. You know it's more of its more the defense appeared to -- get help there along with the back checking line you know when he's thought about defense in defending against. It -- gets pretty deep Chicago team so acknowledged that that that conversation doesn't or that thought doesn't cross my mind at this point sitters. Red hawks fan Red Sox fan on Twitter says brick what's at the Bruins lead in the pock. In the middle the ice on line changes no one is back in the Blackhawks are too fast for those are mistakes -- be seen. That over and over again so far these first couple games line change miscues the Bruins -- election. Is evidence clean as they should be for either team for that matter both have been guilty of too many men on the ice you know I focus more on the Bruins when they're making their line changes and you know. They're pretty good -- -- they're they're pretty disciplined. This certainly well coached on how to make a line change you know if you don't have pot possession on all three fours can go the same time. And -- like totally spent that's the only time you YouTube you change on the back check. If you change -- -- back chicken a month on the guy on the bench and I'm replacing you know pick up the left wing and I'm an excellent -- up. I mean on climate over people on the bench to get further down the bank soy can cheat on the line change to get further back in the play. Those -- the things that easy or you don't see on camera but you see if you're in the arena. But yeah I think some of the some of the puck management has been an issue for Boston in games one and two at times. More so probably than their liking in part of that is on the line change you got to take care that putt if you wanna make wholesale wide changes in light changes a critical. Because match ups that critical rock is in Maine on this series 6177797937. Rock. Height. Please forgive my voice mr. -- have a question and a comment on them and just in oracle. I totally disagree that the Chicago writers and here's why. Mr. surely when he was done about a month ago said quote the Bruins are constructed as a team to where other teams down and I feel that. It happened in the three previous series and is beginning to happen now. When the Bruins got through the first period. And they were down only wanted nothing that kind of quietly celebrated. And I felt like in the overtime and they dominated you agree me because of their smothering style. I ask you real quick it's easy dispute Chicago newspapers. I think I I think he's talking about the fact that they lift Boston back into the game I don't when I was Jonathan Toews was an erotic writer but Toews in the globe story yesterday -- votes yet to quotes and I. Disagree with that I really do. I felt when you -- they were lucky -- -- to -- lucky get out of the first period London -- and the brewers. And -- we actually out with their physical with their smothering style agree or not. Absolutely and and it was it was Lucci to lead the way it was boy chuck leading the way it was adjustments they -- in the neutral zone to to smother you. That's why they only give up four shots in that second period -- better layers in their own zone Chicago wouldn't have the puck as much as they had the first period. Maybe they were little spent because of the energy they expanded the first period turning -- they don't make that knockout punch all those things combined and yet. Well -- question do you sense at all that they are hearing footsteps I mean that that. That what surprises me about Chicago is that there's a big physical team until but I don't think they'll likely get Mike and realistic. Well you know you could take the first hit you can take the second hit you could take the third hit you don't want the fourth did your -- -- on the fifth. And that's the way it works that's the way it works that's why you know it's it's a it's a mantra finish your checks take the body every time it's there. In it might not show up in game one -- -- tech might shopping games 456 cents a you know in previous series in different teams and probably different personality of the home and away the final change you know what brought to try to do it all. What DOT Toronto Rangers and Pittsburgh will try to do in the at their place final changed to get the right matchup -- sense that. To be anything different or anything to prove to be trying to do with the final changer mixture of Chicago try to stay away from. I think that -- in Boston yeah I think the only counterpunch I expect tonight from Boston I think they like the matchup that they had in the series so far. I don't think Chicago's afraid of the match ups that they've ruled out in this series so far. The only counter puncher change -- matchup change that I would expect tonight is will Chicago do something with the full with line combinations. They used a variety combinations in game one that helped -- -- them on game throughout the course of the game that they change on the fly it seemed like. Which is the wrong phrase but just using a whole bunch of different combinations. So I think what Boston tries to do is they try to yet you know certain deep here against the certain sentiment and in against the agency those of the two guys you you you game planned for try to contain them. If you could shut them down it goes a long way to win in the hockey indeed done a terrific job of that through the first two games and I think that is when they start. But if there's some different line combinations if they put it -- and McCain together now do you try to get the Bergeron line against them what do you stay with -- chief. As long as you have Jared cyber I think that some of the counterpunch in that that you may see tonight depending on which currently -- afford that new third lines so effective. In game two. Well now he just in Chicago has to make money when you look at that line with the speed you have any outside action despite -- maybe in the middle. They have the same success they're just that can be made that maybe slowed -- now they've seen well just like the Bruins needed a better effort from their role players from their little their bottom six boards. Chicago's gonna need a better effort from their role players but in particular lady and -- fall on defense you know Liddy was the guy that -- danced around on the illegal. You know -- was the full with the didn't handle the wraparound by Seabrook so the role players need to be better they need to make you know more important plays it more important times when it's winning time. And I think that's. He -- personal change in the bullet department. That we Chicago needs to make their change not so much personnel that's on the back in the lady -- -- wall when the guys that we're exposed a little bit there -- good offensively. We certainly saw that the first period they were jumping on the play there -- involved Lenny great skater. Heard about his great offensive skills but. How to they play from the faceoff circles down and and that's with a -- wanna spend time -- -- -- to be better -- -- we spent time breaking down game one on one the guys you said he DC more from for the Bruins is Brad marsh on any talk we talk later shot -- is a huge factor. In that first game -- signal Marchand is going to be an Andrew shot type he's got to play butter did you see. A better Brad Marchand a game to absolutely and and just chat about it chuckling -- there and now with -- on -- mobile would that why I -- I think was the phrase. -- -- -- -- You know that was data from Russia it's OK -- -- do his job you know that guys scared you know drive apparently. He drew a -- the nutritional killing apparently you know had a would've had a shorthanded scoring chance. At a great opportunity of getting in behind the defense in Seabrook at a shop but should have been a minor apparently there go back to McAuliffe talked about the officiating. Still got a shot away and not be cross had been cited the post the handle the puck a likelihood that -- they -- dating game once in a lot more engaged a little bit more on that could. -- a lot more ball. It it feels like key is someone who. Can have a major impact is this series continues because he's a he and and and Bergeron and younger and younger is finds the finds -- -- a lot of times and if he's able to put a couple of -- sort of match. What that show all line is doing it's it nice advantage for the Bruins you know we talked about. It did its Blackhawks are still waiting for their top six guys to really get going to hear you look at their five goals for from the bottom six they have one goal from sharp. The forty other five are from players and expect to be on the score she -- get Marchand go on and you get the secondary scoring -- -- new look third line that plays in the bruins' favor in the series. Don't -- I've played with a say in most of the year regular season. And it's -- it likes the uses speed but he likes to get open on the far side of the -- -- -- really break down his game you know he's not a inside candy guys and what that outside use his speed. Eight -- he'll he'll drifts to a wider spot especially in the offensive zone. He argues just the opposite and you know and I think my shots start to figure that out he's he's a lot better -- when he first got to -- with a in other words. You know that short affective and foot past that's what yard looks well he doesn't look for the long -- He likes the drift over he he comes over to the left side a lot from the right side in order to get away from from from checks from coverage. I've seen more giving goes from younger in my shot as a result of that. And it's a Marshall a little while to build it look rally while BI is he's right behind me instead he thought it. Don't that's a good place. You know it's a good play by yard that's the way he plays the game and those the adjustment you have to make is a forties not used to that my shot is you're not used to that kind of. Breaking notices that ability where it's almost like there are times or marsh on -- -- were younger is. And a defender Romney's fight for pot but he still keeps his head up. Where the second he gets a free second he's able find -- honorable find Bergeron of front that's what I I've learned to appreciate so much about -- game is that. It always is physical I think you -- to go in there and use that big behind his and his battle round and still. Retain possession with a head up to find a guy in front and I and now that the result an atomic goals so far but I feel like. But those two guys and Bergeron always does -- -- into offensively -- defense plea Riyadh Graham marsh have like they're just. They're right there there were right there a couple of time. -- -- -- -- here's the difference in India -- game because to the point that you're talking about. Back in the day. He would invite you win you know you have the putt to -- you know you be protecting the operatives -- he'd want you to come check him. You do invite you comic comic try to take the spot for me come and try to hit me and then you get close to need you commit to making body contact it's been a little bit. Protect the puck. But back in the day he had that first explosive strides to get away from RIT doesn't have that. We can't beat she was consistently at all one on one but he still invite you. And that he tries to spin off view. And and he tries to invite a second player does they think you're gonna get beat if you're the defending team. And then as you start to leave your check -- your area defensive zone abetted depending if you played man on manners don't. That's when he finds a march on that's when he finds the point and that's where he finds Bergeron and he's -- an appointment a lot more than he did when he first got here. But that that that that that that inviting coming get me you know is still big aspect of big part of his offensive game when teams do that. He could still beach. Dexter calls in the best passer in the NHL now I think that's probably a bit of hyperbole but to your point when he's double teamed. He finds that I had a double team which works out well for more time -- session -- always in a truck talking about this Bruins team -- -- -- -- -- -- on the air you know that Whitman who tolerated right here. I'm etiquette. While OK you -- you have to show we're here -- any -- today at sorting I want doctor about. Okay what. That was terrible it's a man speaks -- -- Mike Cullen in the trying to. It's a little better as we can redeem the guitar until laws and Oprah talking to them only start early brick doesn't public all the time I. I thought it was I may be I'd go to the pump fake I thought that was our guy polling in the truck. Maybe you call a time rivers go West Coast based. What about. Where Butler today -- find out what those two jerks are -- bricks here were not lose 617779. 7937. Texas show right now the eight TT -- line 37. 937. On Twitter use the hash tag daybreak will get to as many as we can get to beat with -- -- between now and 1 o'clock here in Sports Radio WEEI. Back -- Butler and ID 37 WEEI. Any Berkeley and how's your phone call 61777979371. Affect the entire. Group for big daddy's restaurant to stop by with -- they like they love brick. Absolutely love brick over there and who wanna -- brick today and they came by to care what you guys know and daddies can right around the corner from -- and how about this urban spoon just called big daddies right there -- western -- brightened just name them. Top steak and cheese sub from the folks that are urban school which -- very very big web -- as you guys know about the Jeffrey deliveries well. But a bad spot and TV spot to get your food for tonight's game. Cook on a game night. Wanna get it delivered duo from big -- have to care Abbas today we talked about the half mice it was gorgeous actors you know where team. -- -- you that's a coach at a certain brick got to take coaching decision I would be okay if we kept it to yourself you wanna share with Jack. Understand that as well. You guys off the -- we start talking about the price to get in tonight if you wanna go -- to Stowe Bob. -- for balcony and which is the tip top of the 300 sections. You're looking at row thirteen. My back there 370 apiece. If you wanna go sit down in the nice closure area. You're looking at anywhere from 699. Cup you wanna go to the Heineken board room somewhere close to a thousand books and there are some major. Major prices tonight not surprisingly Centre ice. Page 24 exits and -- tonight -- wants it right there watch the action from its eight point four pop. Your view and -- to -- it if Mattel you work you know if your Father's Day gift to the show thaw as though not a had that and correct. Are on Twitter -- in the -- take a brick I'm Mike wanted to know brick kinda put in -- ski yet in this series. Not but they may consider the ankle in the game two when that didn't happen and once she got beyond the first period you know groups certainly held his own as did the rest of the team. If you were gonna make the move this game one I certainly would make it after game two. The real Paulie in the truck it says here joins us on line three -- is be real -- in the truck up the fake Paul in the truck. Yes this is the hearing you know they're -- lol I would I would never at a spot. Director early in -- -- myself amid the everybody knows those that would never do such a white pass. -- Michael -- as -- as an audio Jack and everything. Don't let pat. -- story guys now -- easier to 1 o'clock -- Berkeley what do you say wreck me you don't. A look at this you look into it just a medallion where a lot that this was out he could see earlier on the strip or. But it dramatic game you can -- you are the best teams in the league. And they just they just keep coming at you where's all the way or why but he heavier and in an accuracy of these other realized all they ought to be embarrassed. Buddies. You know I'm an adult and -- -- what you get your -- -- Every time I love I loved -- my shirt he'd like to blow this game serious second liar her. You know we take its ways that are allowed to be second or are you like. You know halfway to everywhere Gary eat like that -- ease the clutch play out. You -- reached back to that little extra cubic shortly in the -- target vehicle were when the when the money on the table. An acute rarely steps it up it's an extra shop that strap you know small guy humor into you marry me so much of the missing piece. I -- was a normal outlet be able Levy acre well I took six. That's why you guys sitting in the outback -- you'll want to look -- that you. And and he's Smart so much on. It's not up -- the up to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't have enough of a sample set for me to. Compare them. Well enough and accurately after a guy like Brad Marchand but ideally both live shot ball played left wing. Not a big guy was -- -- in the VA but he had the same kind of speed and offensive skills. That comparison you could certainly make -- -- was as much as an agitator. As Brad Marchand is right now but. Actually both qualities. Hockey players that should should've had -- We hope that rev Marcia you know along Korea which are but the third line earlier we sort of glossed over the fact that -- Wharton plate you know nobody thought he would he would. -- may 21 minutes from this guy and he knew what point did you see him shying away from anything. Well is the post game show because Jack was in a Chicago and in only had an ice level view that was the question I asked him because you know I'm watching it on TV just like everybody else and and and the cameras obvious -- Pol Pot and I asked -- you -- what did you see from Nathan what he gave you 21 minutes in an -- kept that line intact which is. Which is huge for the way the Bruins won a game plan. And Jack's comment was yeah he he was trying to of you know he wasn't taken any content you know he's move with a puck quick you know he wasn't initiating really any kind of contact. I don't with a puck was up for grabs or they were 5050 battles and he could use his quickness to get to the popular some body positions of leverage was definitely involved that way. He wasn't shy away from the puck in those areas. But maybe along the wall you know hired wraparound destruction chip puck skipped a little bit earlier those the adjustments you make if you battling an injury we'd know. You can't extended you know you can't hold people -- and you know you can take contact from not the blind side but from the week's. And maybe -- somebody just what he had to make given his condition. August while the same because I wanna watch out actually surprised at putter I thought it would be layering. Chicago make it runs Adam you know I thought it would be every every opportunity and -- -- a few opportunities to and they didn't knows little surprised by that. Yeah an end I don't at all that speaks to. I don't -- won't use the word elitism but this. Chicago's more than a handful of guys that would take that opportunity and maybe he doesn't match up against them. It'll be one of ethical I think would be it but you -- -- got to get the you know that's that's the problem to -- doesn't get these -- like Lucci Torre gets scared punish you. He's more if it happens if if I'm in the right neighborhood for the in the area. Or if it's kind of a fore checking and shift we have the puck in the offensive zone -- in your close enough that you can get -- you can lean on people or if it happens in front of the net -- punish somebody when he trying to get body position that's -- vehicles game but. I don't think Chicago I don't think it's there in the DNA Hulu really to -- target guys and go after guys it. And because Horton certainly wasn't doing it on his own he wasn't playing a big game in only a physical heavy game like -- -- when he's healthy. So maybe maybe that was working in his -- to. I guess my one follow would be if it to a possible to have more respect for Nathan Horton. I I've gained that respect after watching him play in that game on Saturday and and we sat here and we read the story DJ being WEEI dot com. Was -- to first to report it to not only was the shoulder but that he was getting a shot before every game I don't know what pepper shot that is -- there's no way it's Cortes and he could handle that much but some sort of a some sort of pain shot and it's like they're okay couldn't come back at things pop and an Audi meets the that's the soldier -- the -- surgery after the season to fix the the -- all of a sudden they're gonna tighten up that socket no way place Saturday evening and Monday. He's out there called makes no big deal body placed -- -- plus minutes twenty plus minutes doesn't say boo and was not like Lucent. Wasn't glaring with it and I just. This guy so freaking tough and I I don't know what the future is gonna hold with him on this team going forward but his toughness. I'm her remember that as part of this Ron if he keeps playing through these -- these what four games potentially in this series. It impacts the room you know it impacts the road we see again late you know it's a long way from the heart that's the old adage you know shoulder -- -- from -- I'm ready to go. It's not affect my skating game Mike is the bring the legs like is to get their quick snapshot operation on -- half slap I still got so it. It has an impact on the guys that this guy's lane and on the line and I I think David Krejci was interview with Jack pushed gave the first words out of his mouth with. Nathan -- yeah he's a warrior. Mike on Twitter says they -- the Bruins don't seem to be trying to get under the skin of the Blackhawks is this on purpose and he'll seize the hash tag there in quote. We trust low shot up for Claude -- As part of that. I don't think it's part of it deeply to get under their skin and they wanna be physical. In order to be physically got a skeet. You don't want Chicago and have the puck position that they had to the degree that they've added at certain times in this series. On it and if in the course of that kind of game planning you do get under the your skin also be at. You know I don't see anybody intimidating over that Chicago's side of the ice that if the under the scheme that they be a problem. Maybe take a couple of key guys off their game as you -- in the Detroit series but. This time a year so much on the line the desire to be a champion discipline is the word of the date football teams Louisville match Steve I don't expected to be any different tonight. But I do expect Boston not to have -- that they had gave to. I expect them to use the home crowd be much better actually be the better team earlier this hockey game. And and and played this -- if they don't do that then the gonna have to have some kind of resilient performance again like -- it's our game to. -- talk to my keys and Amherst -- up with much -- Andy Berkeley today Mike what do you have. That's only done that cement. I'm glad I got it our bit and I talked about certain possibly bring him back at the end and and it's one that they now I'm not game. -- and I admit -- -- -- -- -- pentagon where is my opinion but don't let the Blackhawks went into. What do you guys that they indeed excited -- about -- Like I I guess my follow open Mike was crew on the ice for the goals if they -- win game two and it was difference more than 21. Was crude on the ice. And it and I assuming I shake -- he did but I I was assuming that you're taking crew go to -- by koskie enemy of the caller may want it takes some other defensemen out I don't know what his point is but. If it's four crew one point one. Right but you gotta take a look at -- before you know it. People talking a mobile -- would have the game wanted Pittsburgh. It on that's what you have to look at whether it's a goal to defenseman afford no matter what it is you look at that player. You analyze his performance in and do we need to make it change in order to get a better match up with a different player in that player's role there will be one lot of change tonight like we know for sure coach Quenneville has said Victor -- -- in. Bowling ball -- so they have made that move on the outlines -- could be. It's more speed from that back cap the black and manicure and said I mean if they -- ruled that no goal and turn in to a goal. Will go back reliance on this thing happen and news crew -- through the zone and a bad turnover that led to a it's just that. That's -- it's it's the nature of the -- and it happens so no big deal yesterday gives up in it. And you show you Google went away make it three to change the game a little bit this one here red -- tuna and changing to game it didn't happen to -- little break there I can call from the cape this afternoon -- -- A sixty year old a sixteen year old -- yeah. And the call basically. On capitol -- got a doughnut -- it will get to go and get tickets. The fabulous. Fifty cents hot dogs -- quarter was a great only about 500 bucks tonight for the and half. Yeah. What remember those days I think -- -- -- want goalie. Betty Ford defensemen maybe eight or nine forward that was that. And I goalie. Made to show -- cannot remember what happened -- -- but he get right in the face in the pocket because a lot less. They kept a lot stitched him up. -- came out -- period it right in the face of the pocket get. And the economic that you Capcom backs impossible is a goalie in the crowd. Welcome play an icicle goalie came down -- -- them up. And of course I think they don't want shop on. Get a Gemma thought on this -- game tonight game three Bruins Blackhawks. I want my question. One and there but legal -- become boarding. In the -- if it is a couple outings and some of those things. I knew how to try to go back and he he laid the wood in that second period they changed the game and no point gonna say he's. He's on the verge of penalty for at least from what I saw in that second period. -- I guess boarding is considered when you come from you know too far distance and unity Unita even targeting in the pocket all you know and and you get a guy and its in a vulnerable position aren't bitter inability to protect himself. Not from behind bar. It used to be distance used to be if you left you feed you launched. And I don't see any of that from which each you know his hits a powerful because of his size. Both players if you both go to play the pot that's not a boarding penalty. You know you both skate -- you have to assume that Lucic is going into play the puck you know that if he doesn't get -- -- to take the body that is not a boy you know. Boarding -- something different where it's you know he's totally targeting guide you come from a great distance and and there's been none of that Lucic is 617 -- And 7979837. There -- some developing information they Doc Rivers story for major ports around ski. Are we getting closer to having doc and Kevin Garnett traded to the clippers will talk about that at 1 o'clock we'll continue and -- Berkeley. His thoughts on game three tonight in your calls next. Butler and ID 37 WEEI the great Andy Berkeley in the house to be part of the -- coverage tonight beginning at 630 on NASA and a Red Sox -- -- -- to. Tomorrow but -- that major pregame coverage on NASA begins at 630 and -- and immediately after the game as well the tire cast the characters. -- in this thing down and try to find breaking -- sit next to each other up on that. Up there somewhere brick in the scheme does an idea detained unplugged -- Now I am gonna fighter opt for those -- just tuned in one lot of change tonight not the Bruins but for the Blackhawks it will be installed -- in. It will be ball leaked out in your mind brick is that a major move for them has it changed drastically Howell the Blackhawks look by adding his speed for game three. I think they're better team -- stalwart ally of the bowl and is that simple yet. Coach Alford -- gives you more versatility more off expects more skill he's got good size big kid. You know he doesn't bring that nastiness let's say that -- it is but I was asked in ST get at this time. Can't get people are trying to avoid those penalties. David's in New Hampshire on -- charts and hi Dave. -- -- -- They effort -- all I'm glad that -- art opera house. The -- what I really I would not talk about the reps okay. Creek park or at a period. Pro Tibetan own -- -- on the order or hawks hawks try to teach him in the long term -- I thought that was pretty much telling you what our values are certain. -- -- -- on a portrait or game you're sort of an art market under the market. Early and by. I -- I like the prediction I'd like to see when it home but. But -- your viewpoint about wearing teams down where in the hawks down as it is a valid one. And I know we've Marty referenced Jonathan Toews and in Chicago's. Feeling -- You know they don't feel that the Boston wore them down in game two they just stopped skating in and gave Boston opportunities in and -- what Boston did it was what they did as a team that'd mean team what they had done in the first period. But that being said it's that's always fun Boston's game plan and as something that we've touched on a number of time generated how they weighed down the way to go about it. All part of the game plan. But part of that too is you can't allow Chicago to continually have the puck to the degree that they had the puck in this series -- you're you're messing with fire there. If you allow Chicago to do that. You know it's not gonna go to overtime. I understand the need when that -- comes out as an athlete -- -- -- the guys and a team look at that way but it that the case they gave the Bruins. You know later in the game they gave it to them -- the need of Libre through the Bruins gave you the first in order means so which is that you were great in the first. For the Brooks give it to you what you know the rest of the game it's that let let us talk about that stopping just say we were great at first we stop skate later on they beat us yeah. -- of the rationale is that they were so dominant period one did you know that bit that they had the better team it's obvious that they're the better team because they can play of that level. You know when you don't bring your a game and that wasn't the case in game one Boston even though they had 22 goal leads they devil with Bob and now only Chicago was so that affects the way you -- rationalize. With a series does that rate. Dexter wanted to know is -- keeping that say in Kelly pie line intact for game three as far as we know at the morning skate today. They put those three guys together again they were the third line and they were. Work together as a group and we expect I think all of us do that line together again certainly a start that game. I game three tonight -- -- keep -- -- La Lucci Brian what's going up. There are these India I -- the -- I went yeah. Or I. Don't. -- The game or talent and mark are all good Lockhart talk a dog get caught -- tactic. Our current pop up that you -- I am Arabic characters are up early and not get the -- -- Yeah and and that defensive pair especially that you're talking about that the match up the Chicago wants and that's you know -- and jobless and against that line so. You know you keep pounded away on those two guys -- already seen idea if you thought there was a turn over it -- lately team. By terms of memory you right back and -- it he drew little tacky ads he's got his his lewd teachers -- dot. It's just a little deck -- right up front hop over the stick of I guess it was great -- -- ready to elect a whole what did jumped over just better if you guys remember that it ended up not being a scoring chance. But Thomas it was just you know we heard the footsteps and he just that little back to feed out in his own national -- the middle of his own zone. In that's the fact that it can have -- little of that through the desert that where we are right now background Jews and kind of warms in effect in the ice. -- the -- jump and a little bit more. Well at all other better idea and Ike is -- be in the building -- yeah this time yet traditionally because of the of the weather and you know there's no empty seats in the building and you know -- from -- over capacity in some cases. But you're right it's the ice conditions can be a little bit difficult I know that back in the day you know -- get your stick. You know dimensions you know when you talk to stick companies -- that is the way I want my stick you know -- is the -- I want that doesn't change throughout the course of the year but I know that. When the stick companies would -- by surely come by in February. Our grabbed the stick guys Eric one week next -- sticks that you bring -- sent to me. I want my blade to be. Is wide as I could possibly get it you know I liked it a little thin. There than during the regular season and ice conditions are better I get a little warmer areas the pucks on a little bit more bounce is little one I wanted to maximum amount of my bullied. To change going into the post season you know down the stretch and in the post season. Just for that reason because the popular videos it seemed it was in New York -- wash your team you know why you know it's in tough shape it. The other game yesterday on Saturday night Tuesday. There's a lot of times you -- controlled -- you know to skip over stick did it in some buildings tougher than others you know depending on how busy the -- -- other different events that are non hockey related. With talked to John is north Providence on the Bruins and Blackhawks a job. Hey guys say they are good job. The question. I -- an embryo mentioned may be a whole crazy I don't know orbital. Any. The first period the wage guy came -- where that yeah. I'm wondering if it was one of the matter you know bought some local -- ordered -- -- caught off guard. Then maybe eight Chicago Ken Miller the attitude you know all of stride somebody -- -- weakened and that right now before you get started. I mean just. Trying to account for how you look at the next period to play out towards how many shots on goal they get roughed up a bit more bought some looks stronger commodity in the election periods. I mean -- it is it's no stranger that possibility that -- not trying to. Us Chicago looked absolutely awesome because that they were ready to play in Boston wasn't an end. I don't care. You know if you're double Latino leaders of those 678910. Team in the league. You play against the Bruins team that was a total non skating show in that first period -- at W you know you don't have to be the best team in the league to look that good. But then you combine it with a team that's really good like Chicago now it's amplified and that's exactly what happened in that first heard it wasn't till Boston finally decided it's eight. In the second period that thinks that change at the beastie teams so. Evenly matched it when you see a period like that it's because one didn't show -- -- of the Bruins dominate the first period in a -- Chicago what the hell you do -- I don't think one team. Is that much better than the other. It will dominate a period where they have when he did that one -- yeah and that's why I think the anticipation coming into this series and -- -- lived up to the first two games that this is going to be a victim got a series. Anything changing your mighty -- chance to watch Chicago up close for for two games for anything you thought coming in either. Doesn't exist or something maybe didn't think you've seen from. The Blackhawks are individually their players in these first two games my response is gonna be similar to lie and describe someone -- -- an eagle -- of the Pittsburgh there's what are we allowed about Sidney Crosby. -- what are my learning about Chicago is that my expectations is that understanding how difficult challenges for two days ago against that deep fear that and the Bruins smothering defense. And -- is well in different personnel you know in the match ups but. I expect to hear from these guys I expect to hear from them whether it's tonight during game four game five if they can't beat it. Happy Crosby mall in performance as far as production. It's just not possible is that I think but maybe that'll prove -- -- -- -- can be held. Should just let them go about their business and and three small wings we can talk while it didn't show up again. I'll I'll sneak in -- Waltham wants talk about an -- chart today here rich. A mutt a little a little -- Dave -- a unity -- possibility of me get my eighty prickly New Jersey Devils. -- Jersey autographed. -- -- -- Any time there's and glad I don't act on back to run a pat -- -- all boy did we have a group there until they have put that thing home and abroad would never made it to the cup final you know that I read the book -- -- That I Greg -- and a steal it Kenny D'Amico that's etched in my mind to. And a nice but they can't get a good side -- yes yes on that lucky me. Nice eight -- question play dumb can they move much -- in the front on the power play. Don't like it. Don't like it I don't you know I'm maybe maybe pull the goalie situation in an offensive zone draw Aurilia to go from the hash marks to the front of the net then OK I like that. But it's a net front guys' responsibilities not just to be in front of the national -- it deflate the big go to the -- she got to go retrieve them. You know he doesn't have that -- -- Byron his body to be able to do that cover that ground get to the court to get back to the front of the net. Personally I don't like it certain situations OK but on a consistent basis no way my preferences that he's on he's not in the middle. Of the umbrella but he's on that offside on the embroil the threat -- -- one time where I want that they are on my power play I don't want carrying the puck up through the neutral zone. On the man advantage he could start with a but hit a guy late coming with speed. Have the threat of the stretch pass in order to open up and allow that late in the coming get possession. That's what I wanna see with him on the man advantage not in front of the net although at times but they're very very specific times to I want -- -- Google. Expectation is the place will be absolutely. On tilt tonight the guard game three -- last time they came home. They were down two zip and and went right to Longo 81 I don't know it's going to be a similar game tonight and Elvis the -- pregame starts at 630 on NASA ninety minutes than following. The game right after the game cracked. As soon as -- BC signs up will be live project and I ran outside the bruins' locker room will have dale and Berrian now also -- full coverage somewhere in the building. And and we'll have a coverage for you but it is 630 on Essen and ninety minutes right up -- puck -- We'll find out of bricks can share sandwich with Jack -- at. At big daddies and Rick thank you so much -- their ceiling as we any brick we have NASA joining us here in studio we have been. Three hours of the NHL Stanley Cup final which resumes again tonight game three at the garden. We come back we change gears and talk about the the team they showed a building with the Bruins gets the Celtics who. In these last three hours more and more started to come out that makes it look like Doc Rivers. If he's not one of the clippers he's not come back to the Boston Celtics we'll talk about that next.

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