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Andy Brickley, NESN, talks Stanley Cup Finals

Jun 17, 2013|

Hour 1 of Brickley in studio with Mut and Merloni have the three taking phone calls, recapping Game 2, and discussing Mike Milbury's comments on Jagr.

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Our -- Butler and ID 37 WEEI. Should all just all these text messages tweets at at once we're keeping -- here on our friends in Chicago. Trying to see what they have to say there are buddies from. Chicago sports talk radio that we talked to on Friday show grudgingly talked to one point -- hole -- at the -- later on the show keep track of their feelings after 11 maybe some -- listeners will put out -- check about analog broadcast. At the heart the next 23 days. With the Blackhawks amber -- -- -- for game three in game four game to get any Julie from Medford calls and I hope so. I can't wait get my joy from Medford teacher and that will happen I can't wait to -- that in around the garden next couple days. I game three tonight that means you have great coverage on -- and ninety minutes prior to the game. And then afterwards and I believe tonight in Ebert joins us here in studio and a Red Sox games and mrs. All on nest right I mean that night we love nest applause this is on the big dog NASA tonight not -- -- for the absolutely -- -- logical locked in 11 we got a series here brick after I thought. Hell of an effort from Tuukka Rask in the first period and held an effort by the Bruins on new third line to get them back in the series 11. Got it was. I guess close call that a hunch to put those three guys together but. Whatever that led up to that decision paid off obviously had both goals include the game winner say and as best game of the playoffs. But even that line could not save the day the -- -- look at the first twenty minutes I mean he was unbelievable. It -- -- had a great first period in game one against Pittsburgh down in Pittsburgh. But this was a totally different level and he needed to be there and I got a kick a little bit -- -- comments -- they you know they were talking about why I was -- -- flatly just said Chicago recovered better than we did you know analysis that was his approach -- was opinion they already deployed and we -- And what's the girl's side is that skating because you can talk about all the x.s and knows you want all the neutral zone coverage double layers defensively the penalty kill whatever it might be that -- better especially that second period. You can't do it let's just escaped. Needed skate that first period and it was obvious Chicago totally took advantage of them men -- you know I know the Bruins had 22 goal leads in game one then. But I Chicago had a two goal lead. That would have been a different two goal lead given the way the game was going in that first. I agree with tonight I mean optional government take away you're promised it two years ago and but I remember after it says yeah. And everybody I think historic write what he did was restore what needed was you probably never see it again. Any area and I feel like it's the same level it's it's. Same plane and the other is old compared to gonna Tim Thomas it's not fair you get what he did was historic it was it was up here. Can get it from the guy. You know what what those two goalies have in common is that they were both on the 2011 team they both one that Stanley Cup even though Thomas was the story. But they had a good relationship took understood his place I was double role players and accepting -- rule. And executing roll -- to control that year was to support. -- back up during the regular season whatever games he god and his team a chance to win an improved and keep pressure on Tim Thomas to to. To -- And that blasting me and common because there's such a contrast in styles. Is the foundation. Of the belief of the position and that is to stop the puck plain and simple that's there reproach you know it. Everybody jokes and a has some fun with conversations about how. Normal -- is relative to a guy like Tim Thomas. And the differences are stark their total total different kinds of guys totally different kinds of goalies hybrid vs a -- that scored an apocalypse I'm technically sound conservation of motion and and demeanor as. You know do we had a little bit that Billy Smith -- when you get in -- -- the blue paint it otsuka is a little bit more understanding Italy relies on the outside marriage tired Ference and -- judge can McQuay those guys guys to handle it actually goes on in front of about that he's not a tough guy in his own net but just a totally different. Demeanor and I think it works well for this group. At this point of whom they are having been together I think -- Style and personality was good for the first time they were there. And I think took his personality is probably better for the second time. No I think I look at that city that he had Bouchard. Point blank right any just slid across decrees and made the save unbelievable. But boring but right at saint nick that's that's -- -- it that -- he slid across decrease athletic ability to get in position square at the shot. And stop it. It was an unbelievable save but it just and that's the difference does it it didn't have the flare what. When a goalie makes it look daddy's via yields some that's the reason he's not a top treat -- as a finalist. Along with -- ridiculous lists threats particularly had a strong push the second half and I know he gets credit for that one -- but. Maybe because of took his demeanor the way he plays the position and how he makes it look almost effortless at times sometimes like to work against it when you make it look that -- well is have. Is it oversimplifying it. To say what I said the first hour brick which I feel like Tim Thomas may be freestyle with a bit more in the Tuukka. It's more fundamental but it seems like there's more structure to where he is -- going to be here I'm going to be in the right spot I'm gonna go over a certain way. Freestyle vs fundamental is that make any sense when you compare these are brought yesterday Thomas should tell you that he was pretty fundamental to in his own mind is -- in his own view of how he played the position and day and he would argue with you would you say that you know he was all over the place he would disagree although. Some might watch it was all over the place but. Again the foundation for him was stop the puck but it doesn't matter really when you come down to analyzing the position. -- looks -- his old skill set what do wide need to do to keep the puck out of that a Timmy looked at his skill sets at laurel I have to do to keep the puck out of net and that's where it's all about. When you watched that when he watched the second gold and -- -- gets a -- immature to nothing the goal we talked about earlier about the Bruins called a little bit of break Wes McCauley said he blew it dead. They went reviewed it clearly goes over the line. Hot issue that play and real time when he saw the replay to think OK this is a goal or did you think they map the call this thing in -- on the -- -- in -- -- when I first saw it I never saw the -- crossed the goal line for many of the angles that they showed it was until that third or fourth thing you know we actually saw the buckle. Underneath the -- crossed the line just inside the post now the question becomes when was the plate deemed dead. And it's a rule that I don't like because I would rather be a little bit black and white to to go across the line before the whistle. Or difficult cross -- line after the whistle plain and simple but. That gray area it that was will be able to make the call when new deem this -- did they call it dead in the -- -- the phrase of the NHL uses and that's the ruling that they made that whether that popular across the goal wide three upright whistle or after the whistle. In the referee's mind the play was dead noble works against Chicago I've seen so many times in regular season games and post season games I don't like it. I wish it was little -- cut drag but. That's what we got to live with that you placed postings and that's which cart has to do. Now that game and that goal if they allow -- said -- it changed would have might change completely right in the way the Bruins came -- fall back to -- -- one ethnic -- catch your -- -- were lucky. They changed the game and nothing to change to zone Egypt doesn't affect it -- sticks with with group. If that goals allowed we're talking about crude again because it was that play we -- up ice. That turn over let's that a rush port rush is on the line change kind of led to the whole thing. What you think of crew here in game -- of. Well let's go back to after game one when we discussed. Troop personnel decisions one obviously not a decision it was if what they that would -- in the police gonna play. I was of the united teams definitely be -- -- -- -- because he didn't come back of that third you know by the third overtime but editors producer. That being said he's in the line ups and now we don't have to discuss whether Sagan played wearing. -- Okay our younger players almost amid its recent bad break -- break that out last week and it's great that we don't have to re cash strapped as towards in the lineup that that's how critical it is to the Bruins forward group and team general. That being said the question with crew was that this is what we discussed last -- and he take a look at his performance in game one. You know that he had a great matchup against a range is pretty good matchup against Pittsburgh what's his matchup like against Chicago game one difference in the hockey game. The role players you know with the third fourth line guys for Chicago do you need a better matchup because if you play that third -- -- thirds of the he got to play that third deep -- you know somewhere between ten in eighteen minutes of regulation game do we need a better match up. Will we take crude output may be a bigger guy in this league maybe just not as fast but still has good skating ability that was the that was brought up in discussion. Whether you want to keep -- and that was the coaching staff decide. You didn't worry about its future it is a mentality of how fragile it might be if you take the bottom line up you know concerns that. It's all about is this the best chance to win that particular night in game two and they opted to go with growth. After the first period you had questions about every throughout I don't delivery went up on -- abuse could have gone off just about any situation it was so bad as the worst period. I've seen the played a post season game ever I think certainly it is in recent history. It's -- -- moved it in past didn't execute they stood around watched -- just put an unbelievable points. To that being said surety and the first period is saying. Wow these guys are in trouble and maybe they should have made some personal changes maybe on the back yet but as it turns out like this team is Jonas. You know we shouldn't doubt should never -- them in the resilience and the ability to come -- not just from game one. But from period one in game two would be to be out back like they did it turn that team around. I can imagine being in -- that was you know coach to player conversation. I think -- were trapped. With a lot of guys when it was a lot of the players from what we understand -- we will get the the true story it's that's the -- that's their domain and that's the week should be. And oppressed in -- as it is you know on and on a situation. But it's it's a beautiful thing when a team has that kind of honesty brutal honesty with one another that they can address one another you know at NC. I'm getting here. The personal change that you make is that third line which is high eight Kelly in saying and did you. You would call three hi Kelly in Chiron forgot to that Sega and moved up you want something similar they put Sagan together and and when I talked about earlier. They'll line obviously produce in the goals are part of it by about Sagan. I thought he played a different game I don't know what it was about that -- brick but he seemed to. Four checkers -- back check fight for did. Did you see that same sort of play for men did ignite. Playing with that line in your mind absolutely that was his best game -- the player option for those reasons when every -- -- compete actor you know battle will to win whenever you you know and I. And -- and I'll get to the reason why I think he played his best game but first you know and I heard guys talk about the right in you know the Kelly goal itself -- Chicago wins a face off on the defensive. Lady goes and gets the puck gets a hand -- from the goal in the face of a typical in property hints about the lady ladies -- around the net. It -- and pick -- -- right from the hash mark attack -- a fight get -- make body contact I will but -- he's gonna try to move the puck quick stick in the actively. Deflects it now the -- up for grabs alarm while he's got to chase it out parents with -- reed -- could only pitched near -- rotates back a couple of bluelight. Kelly does that all the time I even though the numbers are horrible far he's at a brutal years ago eight. Whether it was the locked out not playing and and the bad leg injury just -- finding his game and and it and an even though he has moments in the post season. Such a trust him from -- that he knows that he can get this guy plays good defense army in -- and pretty much hold his home you know defensively and in when the goals on -- I think -- explain that to unity on the -- one of the guys were to all of a -- -- -- -- -- -- not score. Some pluses right -- so -- rotates back allows -- the pit stop that's taken attacks again. In order to force the journal but hide behind the net that I tactical. That's the way that ship that was emblematic. Say its commitment to winning in. And the reason I think he played as well as he did -- and that there was an uptick in that part of his game. Was because of the Horton injury in the -- play it would preaching and teaching game one. And even though he's not rewarded with -- you know tremendous amount off TI had to assist on the top legal by Bergeron. But it it seemed to renew confidence level with him that you know -- doesn't matter who like it was I have such good skills. -- talented guy if I just played my strength within the system doesn't matter promptly with cal in the middle -- Shia version but it does it matter I can be a better player. You know it sounds simple sounds fundamental but I think that's exactly what happened he got a one game one -- -- 384. Chances to win it. Yet great legs jump in in the holes and that makes you wanna do more things that makes you wanna compete a little bit hotter. And that and of course he's here -- from the fans a little bit them on the criticisms but he's hearing it. In a positive fashion from his coaching staff and his teammates say you know you can compete you can make better plays you can take decades segments of the outside route. And finally you know it comes time when you say I can do morning I think it was buoyed by the fact that he played those other guys in game one game and new sense of of purpose and and and why he should be better. -- they made a switch for that that third line but that first line there was no switch and accepted Tommy La -- just in everything and building that. I don't know he was maybe the one lead to charges some look at his face between emissions. But you know we met him before that that they got that first period game one lot of people raised some eyebrows though John Wilson Johnson and and do the up against a great she -- -- -- a pretty good match for the Bruins at the may make a switch they don't. He was actually physically abuse in these guys -- -- and force them to maybe look over the shoulder makes quick decision. As the game went are not made is about absolutely. Absolutely. -- -- on the front end it was Lucic on the back in it was boy chuck those two guys batted -- physically especially that second period. It always seen that -- -- it just makes up his mind he's gonna be a difference make is gonna be game changer whether it's on the score -- -- not it doesn't matter at all stuck with his foundation. And that's an intimidating physical locomotive you know runaway truck come and -- annual work. And -- -- guys get scared whether there whether their forwards in the neutral zone but defenseman in particular he can't hold -- guys like that anymore back in the -- could run a little interference on a guy like that he doesn't get away with as much contact but -- -- -- just such a fourth straight -- speed and -- just. You know he whenever I was sitting between periods he took it upon himself to be game changer in the physical department that's the way they need to play. In this series against Chicago against any team for that matter that's the way they need to plated and how to finesse team that's gonna even though they can score goals in their talented bunch. That's the foundation of their game as a team you know that's what they have to play like him that when Lucci just do it and boy -- door on the bag getting it Sharon Sandberg back there in those two guys so hard to play against. Again keep it -- off the board with -- huge. You've got a real good chance to win and I don't think Dellucci subjective. And maybe I just wasn't paying attention enough but I I don't think that they got the credit they deserve -- for being part of -- that victory over and out on the score sheet. But they changed the tenor of the game and secondary guarantee they went from nineteen shots and -- sixteen scoring opportunities in the first appeared paid for shots in the second on a part of that there are frustrated to -- Rask. Frustration factor in apart. The Bruins were so physical that second period they changed the way the game felt to me and yet I I get that they don't show opened the score sheet but. When you talk about physical players come and impact on the game. Meanwhile Lucci each had guys playing differently for Chicago that's a major impact brick when players are now worried and they might be. Treat things a little bit differently and I edit -- and that's again -- skating YouTube ya can't -- that way. At least you skate in especially the bigger guys he got to get movement I know they can't -- -- I just -- ski that's what I was not to call grownup you know it. Skate bring your skating game allows you to do so much. And one other aspect and I don't know -- -- on first Albert. The Bruins had a little bit more active defense in terms of contributing to the office where he talked apparent -- down along quite make -- great -- -- game winner if you -- good gap right up to the blue -- bully can't make the play on a hot wraparound. But he's there if -- the neutral zone you know they might still be playing -- 6177797937. The phone number any Berkeley in studio until 1 o'clock taking your calls at 617779. 793 setter seven on Twitter use the hash tag -- brick it was many of those as possible. -- and -- field waiting patiently on the Bruins today -- camp. All right good and how -- you. Regret it. That there area. Or Red -- off. -- -- -- and we -- seeing it. Hate it cuts are. He. Carried it quite the girl had not -- on that note that an incompetent like. It anymore. I'm out there -- a lot of spec inflate this which is understandable why. They need to. And that in. Big boy and that -- counties. And that. Haven't they want. That -- that they -- and there is Abigail -- golf. Are much. -- at a gold for your game winning goal but I. Out of that you know it seems on the back of the net -- to see that when an overtime obviously like last night time I was rocket. Just luckily -- because -- teams don't move you know just they rate with -- -- position whether he's handling the puck past in the puck shoot the puck is -- give away that that pucks coming in when it's come that quick that aren't that backs that accurate. You know it's no wonder these first ballot hall of Famer but. You know. We would -- -- seems more and when the Stanley Cup and with remote it without him getting old -- -- Could make a lot easier though these that it in the back of the net but. As far as the physical play I don't mind the level of physical play from Boston to this point I'd like to see it BB. While a little bit here in the first home game but maintain a disciplined you know pavement just out of the penalty box and that's all part of the disappointment. The problem is that Chicago as the puck position team that they -- moving quickly skating quickly you know leaders have already opportunities -- yet you is that clock you know you can't hit guys lead it. Back in the day could it guys very late that was okay. That's not allowed and analysts of the Bruins need to. Have a little bit it will blend in their game a little bit more balanced puck possession when they have as much puck possession if not more than Chicago. When you don't have the putt now you're better rhythm in your lot more physical because at that skating game and you're getting the transition back and forth. Is more fore check his or offensive zone time I'll talk to both teams ebb and flow. If we vote if we think these teams to bowl evenly matched you gonna get that through the course of the game he expected to be one goal games he's gonna get that the course of the game. And I think you have a better feel the actual physical aspect of the Bruins game. It's a broad physical play is subtle they -- -- puck battles along the wall -- lost face offs. That's a heavy game that's part of all wearing down your opponent it's not that huge open ice is it's not death -- running through the boys although that's all good. But it's more that subtle stuff where your physical team we knew we guys got in those areas your calls then he Berkeley till 1 o'clock at 61777979. B 37 on Twitter hash -- -- brick and get to as many as we can. As you look back -- game two and take a look at game three at the garden tonight Sports Radio W media. Well I think it was just mostly looked -- -- finding a spark somewhere. The one nothing game -- that we just didn't seem to generate much offense and -- point Gregory Campbell. Out. Our fourth line kind of lost its identity the so called -- -- -- weren't trying to find something here that it. We'll give us some spark and when -- put those three guys together he seemed to blend in well and thankfully for that because they they scored both goals to help us when hockey. Well -- well as some understatement from Claude Julien understated coach himself their second shift together. Sagan Kelly. I -- they scored a goal as a second shift this group there in the second period they make it 11 and when it. In overtime but lo and any Berkeley 937 WEEI your calls stick 17779. 7937. -- your momentum -- brick and a one aligned it's put together like that and they immediately have an impact on the game is that something that can. Carry over new game three tonight at the garbage in those three. Not a lot of momentum guy you from game to game and -- -- in the game sure. But I think just the fact that they had a had a real good game -- productive for difference makers and the puts him in the right it might for game three but you know each game's total separate entity unto itself and you'd never know -- -- be like are you gonna feel what it's gonna go like. In terms of the competition because I expect Chicago to be a little closer to the way they played the first period and they did in the third period the overtime. You're almost like a box that the guy on the ropes the first you know first round -- could not amount could not above it's like they expend a lot of energy in their I was -- by the sides those in the game. Well I think of beach and we can all look at some of the some of the splits in the Bruins home and road -- -- she's been it's been amazing I mean six and three and wrote seven to a home. Goals for goals against a pretty identical nine era in nine games both can't -- -- Chicago I don't fall at home attendant two point seven year old pit three and four. The the goals differentials completely different I know the Bruins. Play in a -- they've shown the first two games. Will about the -- that -- Chicago -- I think the the Bruins complex suggests a couple of things double one that the criticism that they took and rightfully so that Jekyll and Hyde personality they had during the regular season. They've moved beyond that the understand what the playoffs are all about they understand the need for consistency. And they need and they understand the need for that professional attitude that no matter what happens they'll play through it will be prepared to be ready to go even though they had our rent -- start. And I kind of flies in the face of one of saying but what happened after the first period supports what I'm saying that they have very professional in their attitude. That's reflected a guy like Chris Kelly you know the minus three in game one of the top -- these dad. And then he's a huge difference maker in game two that's the way the Bruins approach and I think that suggests the numbers that you talk about as far as the sports -- 6177797937. Is the phone can be your calls the brick until 1 o'clock Steve is in Weymouth this morning we have Steve. We got great children want to talk on this one or not -- a kind note that the number one I'd get the puck on their own zone as quickly as unofficially as they work against Pittsburgh. A lot of profit for the Chicago's playbook. You know pinpoint and know what the one to pass numbers on them. But it that would give it to dump it out. Yeah I think Chicago's. And a totally different animal when you talk about afford chicken team or speed team or physical team than Pittsburgh Pittsburgh was kind of that. In Niles and wanted to play the easy way but they wanted to play with low and they weren't really all committed to getting -- -- on the fore check outside of maybe you know three of four forwards that are in the bottom six. Dated back check is tied to Chicago they did have the puck as much as Chicago even though they're puck possession team like flow. It at the puck as much -- Chicago's after the first two games and maybe that's a difference and it's created problems from Boston so. If you don't have the puck in -- in the neutral so a lot all of a sudden you're on you're heels you're backpedaling. It not gonna clean break out plain and simple Lotta time to get it off the glass and out of the puck into an area in sunrise or in Europe into defense to zone we think you can get it. It doesn't have -- precision it doesn't have first pass second passed they're passed between some -- It's difficult to play against a team like Chicago -- they're quick they're fast they're well coached they they're deep they're balanced all that stuff. And that's why it's going to be a real challenge to win a cup against these guys and that's why I think it's such an even matchup because as similar as they are. The Bruins also have strength that Chicago doesn't -- we've already talked about it they're heavier team to win those battles along the wall to better in the faceoff circle. They control the front of the net better than Chicago doesn't those of the year is Boston needs to get. The advantage in the pox and those theories in order to be the better team so. I'm I think it's a long winded way of saying that that's why you don't see a lot of clean break outs does the game doesn't lend itself to that. And certainly not from the Boston things that he does that does that not mean they can be better that there absolutely they can't be but it's it's a lot more difficult integrated champ. -- -- back to Pittsburgh hears it seemed. It just it seemed he -- Rangers again it was speed kind of out of the zone but Pittsburgh news. Along the ports by the -- at epic support comet broke eye Dominic medical neutral zone. Here. That neutral zone -- clocked up because that's throw out all right so nineteen shots given up the first period only four in the second and and when the Bruins did a better job in center writes. The one thing I think they could really add to their game of those quick ups in the neutral zone when pucks get turned over by Chicago somewhere between you know only the we'll see the Red Line and the populace circles for the Bruins in the -- events of zone. That's where I don't wanna see that methodical DDD back to the idea -- grab -- -- quick up if I could get it you know. If this play to be made. Get that puck going in the north direction get a -- and offensive manner a little bit more frequently than we've seen -- boss is it easier to have that transition game you're talking about against the Pittsburgh it doesn't back check is much the -- -- committed mentally Chicago. Sees more conservative that the -- did you know allowing that transition -- and their defense is better so that that means they're gap's going to be better which b.s are gonna be up by -- those quick -- as wide open as they were against a team like Pittsburgh but they -- there to be may -- on Twitter was says -- break big -- Look like he was Walking Dead all Saturday night. Willie BOK tonight and going forward that's Bryan on twenty's and hash tag Avery I'll tell you Walken dead for 31 minute to keep -- -- that most of pretty much off the board I'll take it. You know I'll take it I agree wasn't vintage. You know -- it wasn't vintage. Dennis Seidenberg but it was still highly effective a couple of horses -- did it just. It's so hard to play against an -- to phrase that's used a lot but it's so accurate you know. Even in there even if they got to beat -- they're still -- and it together and and that night at Rask you know and and he got a committed flawed group that back -- I mean it's. It's a beautiful thing if you like defense of hockey and smothering talking shut down hockey and -- -- if you call that -- -- that I'll take it every night against top down. I Johns and all -- talking about this year today and he Berkeley to. On how are you able happy father's very little to you. A yacht you guy's spot model that we are finally ready to side with me and stated -- -- -- -- in the world. That's on the world. Right now he -- right now today is the best goaltender in the world and reducing the agreed this when you say social. Agree with -- I've called it like hundred times instead -- like the past three months and you got to prove it got to do it a little guy -- deal I mean anybody that. Money comes a point John we'd you have -- -- do I have to prove correct me if I if I told you that that Tim Thomas -- going to world -- -- and he goes on does -- does the post seasons say. Are -- proved that yes years. Apparently he doesn't look obvious point that I meet two guys and has an an -- like I mean that definitely put him in their discussions. But. I called Bob Beckel and all the time masters so sitting. The Bruins were just finishing every check on its bartender took part in pretty -- entire. -- after the game. You could almost see that earned -- -- Brooke picked it up. I aegis keel mostly wraps it on the boards you want to get hit again. Bruins. And that happens when you just in the body is brewing in -- in Chicago to. -- Again -- Happened with smaller did did what can we CD get ducked it by aliens. That's a spaceship in up that Spiegel McNeal trying to break up our broadcast of the regular phone calls there. Not we got the gist of that though in terms of -- look at the best goalie in the world but I don't know what world he called I. And I am I being overly sensitive here when I say when that we really question. Tuukka Rask on this show it is I -- on the clear cut number one yet no rights. I'm senator's time you have to go prove it though right I said Lundqvist is better one point idea especially I was there was this other families -- my dad you know Qwikster whoever you know I mean bar rusty when the business -- hear me. The -- had a great years you know it's I'm sure there was that kind of conversation at some point one of the days you know write it talks for liberty to discuss on the -- and reasonable goal you can move forward with them to question how much money he's gonna make there's no question about it. He's got an opportunity right now to put him at a different level this is what we're seeing going in the post season with every. Single -- he put himself at a different level. When the Pittsburgh series was over it was forget about it lights out each year. And now he's gonna keep these three wins away from. If it was an extreme corn crop -- Tabasco. They -- Chicago Robert -- is still not that you prove its goal -- for mighty ducks' Joey he's number one in the world and he was -- number two my old position to dictate the -- -- -- -- -- -- finally got broke through that fear getting hit by a part of the college. The caller talked about the goal over time you think about the play of the Bruins. In overtime. This entire playoffs the attitude is just tremendous -- Just their confidence and and how they you know that big gold for a big gold for the wind is nothing conservative about the way they play Yemeni stay within their game plan. But boy did they get hungry and all the -- love the attitude that Boston has had and I think that's why they erected in OT this playoff has been outstanding. Well I think that first overtime in the triple overtime game and it's so many chances there at the and I thought they completely outplayed. Chicago in the overtime the other night in -- of follow up to the goal accomplished is revving -- on Twitter says they -- Tuukka or Crawford so far in the series so far was plain better. I live in Chicago -- says everyone screaming it's been Corey Crawford. Well the only way I can really -- that is if the Bruins give me a period. Of play. With such and attack -- put Corey Crawford under seasonally Tuukka Rask was it period number one. And I'd be able to give your full complete answer on who I think is the better goaltenders the Illinois. There's nothing wrong with him both an outstanding. I think coming in meant when I look at to Google app in the look at eight. You know there's been three goals -- on a -- ricochet -- it is the it really doubles -- -- the one got it to beat him straight up the first goal this year and and that it's been some. Positioning there and it's acting goalie maybe -- a goal for Chicago maybe -- in the almost got that -- that was always. -- what bush left or right a look at that right out a little bit of rider Colin but on the other two of the -- the collections one off -- off -- the other double deflection for the game we continue. Talking about game two preview game three -- its entire Stanley Cup final would view -- 617779798378. GT text line. 37937. Course on twenty's the hash tag a brick. I negate your questions in there as well more with dandy brick we also wanna play for him while Mike Milbury had to say about younger younger was he. Being fair or overly critical technicals you appear. It I can't stay in this series they gotta get a office life. Do something we've got some pucks Linux. Still fine. The play in this final. That's a guy that's been replaced I -- Sega has its problems. But you gotta go to worst fears of speed game yarder yarder doesn't have. Shredded. Shredded them with videotape evidence after period one lot -- 937. WEEI. Fair while Mike had to say about younger -- in the first period -- absolutely. Absolutely accurate dead on. EU could -- any player and and and broken down their game had been highly critical and a it. You're coaching the Boston Bruins -- -- aware of that -- and you wanted to pull yeah -- in your office and not say a word he could run that tape in between first it appeared that I was -- -- any chance they did that now. -- -- as in my fantasy world they get a -- a minute ago watches video -- this has -- you know suspicious when -- has been really good in is speed on -- -- exactly does -- that bad example rate the -- he's not a guy that Boston over the bench and he never hatches and -- -- about those guys -- the other things get in on the fortunate not being on the back Jack you know how committed IU where you're playing old man. All that stuff that might get that. Was all accurate and it needed to change. I understand calling for -- any mention the speed the speed that pay enough but with a different combination with Kelly apply the in the symmetry that the speed on the outside in the responsible guy in the middle worked great. But jogger is still you know year your best choice of the personally have. In the lineup playing with the players that he just needed to be a heck of a lot better in the second third period and overtime. In order to be you know what he needed to be -- the I felt like he got better as the game went on and has been a couple of games in the playoffs where -- feel like he maybe it's the conditioning brick and him did the extra hours he spends but. He seems less low. As the game's gone now Mets condition or other people are now slowing down to him because the speaks to -- players but. He gets some good opportunities he set up some good opportunities that -- and that great reaction from him looking at the sky to the heavens and why can I get one to go. I thought it was a factor after that for spears as. I think people are realizing now exactly what he isn't who he is at this point his career when he first came I think everybody had these visions of you know. Maybe not been TGI -- bring you back a little bit better than that actually what he has at this point his career. You know that you people would take the 123. You know maybe for good police he made in the entire sixty minutes of hockey -- that's what you remember that what stands out. You don't remember you know him running into line major turning the puck over real for a -- I don't want ship because he was one. When he first got here he wasn't the player that everybody wanted to would be Indies defeated he -- it. Understand the system yet again culpable of people play with a of people play and had to make major adjustments in the game to accommodate him. And it took some time. He was he's been a factor he's been a good player for Boston. We need him to score some goals of the Bruins need him to score some goals there or get on the board. Not be a liability defensively that's -- -- Bergeron. And and and and if you heard do some criticism for the way you're playing and you feel that the commitment Nate is in there and you're the analyst you'd have to say -- -- and I I had no problem with what Mike did it. And and how we did it because that's Mike's personality right there. Hollis talked to Eric whose in Windsor weapon Ani Britney next here on Sports Radio WEP what's up Eric. I think it's going good. You know I'm watching -- here and I think I haven't heard much talk about it and I think people are. Enamored with overtime game but it just seems to me -- that -- really bad officiating aren't in this game I mean. That first goal against two in the last seen. I mean shouldn't have been goalie interference in the crew kernel or it was close but it quickly came out the Blue Line. That should have been outside bet against them too many men on the I call them artists looking at this through a blue collar class wrecked cars this issue hitting -- bad that the. Well it's examples you used and I'll style with the second one now obviously that's on the -- but that was on site that was okay -- the title on the shot knocked -- from -- The other actually -- get across the you know the Blue Line guys are in the operatives don't get out you know there's a -- change going on and there's that little delay with shock. -- across the line that's that was definitely an on side played good goal. As far as the hands Xoom speed on top I don't closed the show include doing gone crazy he wanted to some kind of if not a penalty certainly no goal is Michael editing an opportunity to make it safe but when you really look at the replay. And Jews gays and on top of them when the puck being shot beat. You know when he does get on top brass it's with a little help from -- so. If it was just the parents helping -- -- -- on the goalie yeah you can take out a way you'd you don't call penalty but he can take it away. But I thought they got those two calls a particular right that being said. Do I think there's a lot of room for improvement in consistency. And feel for the game from the officiating absolutely yeah. Not a subject I like to talk about because I'm a pretty critical when -- to. Yeah I think if you can be critical of thanks there rafts that expose more of a Chicago fan base about that second goal you know let this thing play -- a little bit although. Secret it is very nice lash -- on the track -- That's I think call the allied it is just so many things you know I mean it's about calls to demean other calls that aren't made you just want consistency you want the officials to have a feel for the game and if they have that then you know you can't argue and as players on the ice sheet here at the end bogged down in what's apparently Watson not you hope yet. You know a group of officials this for a while there in two refereed she just hope yet that consistency. That you know right from period one. What's apparently what's not a penalty. So that you -- the third period you know what the parameters yet -- says how about the disallowed goal by Chicago good call there not that we all agree. Bruins got a break on that. Bruins got a break on that call it's not like has been one side that's for sure I don't think we feel that it's a break that's right call it in the NHL today it is if it's dead in -- head it's mogul by -- -- a Canadian bail out the media during that game exploited their body as their rules yeah it is a credit ahead as the phrase right -- and it's it's a -- lips when he decides right blow at any list that was a lot. Who plays all that's dead and has -- but it done. Some people would say at four hours a day I'm dead and had an enzyme for the first time it happened we would you know Jack -- duty were the political home gave up on nine and I'd say you can get the whistle in the whistle is well after the puck crossed the goal line. And we got the explanation you know from the war and I was like. I know I don't know every rule exactly right but didn't ahead with the phrase it that was -- to make. Yeah but they'd be consistent with it all on that is that is part of the rules are talked to Dan in a car and the Bruins in the short -- spotted -- It does I don't go to many in hours. Jack Edwards. Secretly and you -- Welcome. You have thousands of other people then it's on your mind today. It. Portrait to meet. You what -- sure that. It. Well a bit and I'm I'm I'm not I'm not sure I. Know I could feel your you sentiment definitely. And I think it might come down effort level and a little bit of sense of entitlement for those guys that you know step -- on the ice for the power play you still have to bring lunch pail attitude when you have a five on -- -- some of the best -- power plays in the history of the game really were based on tremendous amount of skill. Even though each team's top skill guys for the most part are on the man advantage. It's the effort they -- that you bring with that man advantage he can still take the body when -- on the power play can still fore check what you have to chip and chase if they go for cross. It you know -- effort and there's no shortage of us that when the Bruins kill penalties they know how critical is to big game. They know how strong they are defensively that's a big part of their defense is the equality penalty killing -- can use that to win hockey games change momentum of games. And I don't think they bring that same kind of work attitude when they have the five on four I think that is really. The very core of the difference between the two aspects of the team for the PK has been really been -- believe I think was 22 straight we -- in that category again when he won twenty straight. Cherry hills and not talking about the talent in the last two series in -- those skills have come about right the Pittsburgh talent and what Chicago -- -- count wise and on the panel on the power plays its. The PK is that we terrible special teams being a key and very quietly. And maybe the Michigan more respected talked about it more it became an outstanding. Dot analysts think that if Chicago's it was. Our power play -- or when they score top legal analyst -- come from a show off you know -- bowl and you know or it'll. A glue guy should well it's. Just you know just not one of the high end guys because he -- it it kinda ties into what I'm talking about when you struggle with your power play. You know you can Chicago roll out five of the best players in the league if they wanna do on one particular man advantage. Or they could blend in some of that sandpaper kind of guy here you know got the works the front of the net with a -- up for grabs in the -- -- get a power plays are all ball possession. Whether you could have she Brooke on the point get a shot rule and all of a sudden get a deflection or rebound chance you know. They did of pickles in front of the net is a big body you know because he's not a speed guy he's gonna plants operate toppled and -- now with the rules today got a front dimensional block the shot he's gonna have a chance of if they got to score pop legal I could see one of those first before rice sorry you know hopes that it pays to detain one timer. Thought our minds of the fight for the cup continues games three and four at the garden Monday Wednesday game five. Is Saturday night be part of a historic event Wilbur theatre as WE EIW -- AAF give you game five on their massive. HD movie screen there at the world -- and join us for killer bees bashing mamet movie screen. Full -- personalities from ball WEEI and WA yep it's a free event. But if you want -- guarantee you get in reserve your tickets now would WEEI dot com slash party the party WEEI dot com. Slash party it's game five C -- supersize Saturday night at the Wilbur theatre. Get your tickets now at WE EDI -- dot com slash party it's a party with any -- he's here until 1 o'clock your calls texts and tweets on one --

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