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Shawn Thornton on the game 2 win

Jun 17, 2013|

Shawn joined the show to discuss the teams OT win in Chicago. Shawn said that there was a heated discussion during the first intermission Saturday night in Chicago after the teams poor first period.

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Game three tonight in Boston Shawn Thornton joins us on the AT&T outlined AT&T forgy LTE morning -- on how aria. There aren't great if not for Tuukka Rask what do you think the score with a -- after one period when the Blackhawks outshot the Bruins nineteen to four. There there're there are also were. It. Auto and -- these -- I'll get -- -- -- alcohol or street or I'll probably have a Islamic. Yes it like that -- how heated. Were the words spoken in the first intermission in the dressing room and -- load. Spoke with the most let me -- -- right word here who spoke at the most energy. I want out of pocket. I don't believe that up in the -- yeah -- -- get. Yeah. But. We we knew we are not enough. But we also brought up the fact that. You know we were terrible -- I was probably -- -- -- they're going to be and it has about it we're going to be. Note to pick here to chat or would you don't want nothing to regroup and not. -- -- Do you have any theories as to why you thought you personally but -- the Bruins as a team. Started so slowly I mean you were second to the puck almost on every single occasion. It was almost as well as as as Claude said you know -- wake up call didn't come until the second period. Yeah I don't I arteries or. -- -- reality they'll look Good -- can't let it out again. Give them credit so they can vote itself -- and they -- they are ready mature outlook pocket. They really pushed the pace they. Like if there were forces have. -- -- stopping it. What -- everywhere a lot of yeah. Hey do we saw a little bit of clone them between -- over before game and -- wasn't all that inspiration inspirational but it would didn't remind you of Kirk Russell as herb Brooks in miracle. Do you listen to the coach between periods everytime and doesn't matter Sean does it does it inspire you. I let -- or. Respiration. But you know some sometimes you don't often. As far as what you don't and the speech. Are well. You do that that I'm here and it's gonna lose the lord Texas ought to what yes it was going -- I consider it probably knock out one of the camera on either. Right. And and I mean it's the Stanley Cup finals and people say. No they came out flat they just weren't engaged they weren't content how are even possible that you could take the ice in that crazy arena on the road. In the second game of the Stanley Cup finals and your flat and you're not. -- -- smooth skating hard and how was it impossible. I I agree wholeheartedly I have no idea. Am. My only thought as it is. You know when -- guys like -- about the long the united but. But I don't want solid excuse that I could there hasn't I have no idea why apple won't be ready -- -- -- the -- -- -- this. Or so are you convinced tonight is different. In terms of. -- -- Everywhere are right where all we should be a bit off off our crowd and be ready built the drop off. It is as an 8 o'clock PM so luck and it is sort order. And the end of the first period the other night -- Milbury was on NBC in between peers he blasts the younger said he was giving any effort to have some video -- sort of you know -- off slow and tired old slow and tired taking his time he got the -- play with a -- for awhile do you get the impression this is a guy not giving one or 100% all the time. I'll dot and their player in those. Those guys that are. Partners that export them that much skill that there might try to I guess. But the game differently. Offensively in these -- in those places. A group that organized. That's because -- -- -- -- going -- whereas I probably wouldn't so. Look at -- you mean because. You know step back and not me early. Although -- -- -- subsidies or air. -- in the second period it it seems that the bruins' effort and energy turned on the desire to go ahead and hit take the body Lou teach you everything in sight boy chuck as well. Is that something that is spoken. Or implied or does it just happened organically win. Lou which it's one guy in the boy -- as we hit some how how that whole dynamic work work guys start taking the bodies to spoke -- a replied. But we had all these other that way at all that. I think Johnny. That he didn't get enough credit probably for helping. Establish their physical as -- neither can he -- a few huge hit in the neutral on the they're really got -- going. Which is an elusive solution always physical one. When he's going to sort out between the tour. I think the rest -- it set off patent that that it is to play a lot of these subtle enough to be. On Pol -- players with autism and trying to treat it well. -- he's certainly dominated the overtime as a watch in this thing and I'm wondering if there is this theory among professional hockey players went. You ought targets the post the Bruins apply the pressure Sagan escaped disaster off by -- flying around -- is doing well the Bruins are dominating and you're saying yourself. Boy we can't put it past Crawford may -- they're gonna go go down and get a GP while we're dominating the play does that undermine. Well I. Short side that they I'm -- by MIT what. You gotta cross are figures that don't happen but it -- -- yeah in it and not pocket and everything like that you know. Bureau open it's not -- out and -- again. When we CIA would say again everyone got very excited that there's a lot of speed there. I mean you've seen that before right in practice the played together today. Was this just in the first time we've seen that kind of chemistry -- you've seen that kind of chemistry or be seated before. While the others -- stepped up and please there's -- scandal or else -- listen. I don't know when -- -- -- and fight it before I was sick of them but they're about ourselves. You'll be -- -- the -- human and bakery they invited -- -- he's. Fat guys I've played aggressively extreme lines and record. They are afraid you are. Go to the net and get under their careers I think. That would help -- -- Finally -- -- chip and I was then wanted to help those last four hole playoff or sudden noise and -- -- but it shouldn't do it. Oh -- what people are now. Yes numbers have been great for the other nine -- Sagan. Was talk on after that first period he said Kelly is one of the more. Vocal -- the guys who lose him whether real leaders -- that an address -- Yeah he's is what a group of guys that and -- afraid to speak their mind. -- effort to convert -- like. Is the vagaries and we want to. Here's -- leadership came through. I'm out vital. -- -- involvement and game to surprise you because -- surprise a lot of people's public station or separation or is clone would say upper body injury a lot of people most people thought he wouldn't be available for game two. I didn't. -- it but nobody's giving -- Let's talk on the ice the -- for a -- -- -- -- pretty good -- excellent news. Not that -- up -- like nobody's business. I wasn't surprised at the scene thing how well it was during practice in Florida. And we we just doctor Don cherry -- on he said that we asked about a -- -- any Milken's new contract. And he said he wouldn't given them to him because he's a loser and a dog he is I wouldn't want Obama. To agree or disagree -- -- happen. I think -- -- played about as other players. They also say that but that has a lot of money I got. I'll wait and inspirational. It's yet it doesn't -- so there but I would almost be -- -- now that he's owed about where the world that. Biggest goat -- are artificially more about you know. Curiouser don't. -- we -- we we get with this what your day to day routines are you superstitious do you have certain routines that you have to go through to make yourself. -- ready to go tonight. Got superstitious. About that -- for a long long time. -- in the I try to stick itself accompanied at breakfast just wondering now well practiced. Launcher the rank all think that -- Little walk with them. By now from like it is so well at 8 o'clock it was Google street support industry -- Got the start strictly profit. They're go all right. Good luck that I will you watch obviously we'll talk to down the road thanks for the time John as always. John doesn't Callahan AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T -- a loss on the. In the wake wake up call I have the exact same routine on the -- every day now. Try to you know some days some days you don't have time -- don't and things to do right. Tried to and they get up and describe drinking coffee sugar -- take the dog out I have a dual -- don't and I would like. Some -- -- calico the clintons are back at TD garden tonight for game number three of the Stanley Cup finals against the Blackhawks NASA and all of the Bruins has you covered with ninety minutes of pre and post game coverage of all starts at 630 with Nelson sports today's games special and Bruins face off live. Only on -- said. Take a break our number four DNC. Will say good -- to our friends at NASA invite you to join us on the FM site 937. Stephen A Smith will join us in the 9 o'clock hour.

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