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Minor Details Ep. 55: Xander Bogaerts and Anthony Ranaudo

Jun 17, 2013|

Both Xander Bogaerts and Anthony Ranaudo punctuated their strong 2013 seasons with head-turning events on June 13. On that day, Bogaerts, the Red Sox' top prospect, was promoted from Double-A Portland Pawtucket, with the 20-year-old becoming one of the youngest position players in the affiliate's history. On that same day, right-hander Anthony Ranaudo punched out 13 batters for Double-A Portland, the most strikeouts by a Red Sox minor leaguer since Jon Lester in 2005. They joined Minor Details to discuss both those accomplishments and their seasons to date.

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Welcome back to another edition of down on the farm. This is the midyear both edition of the show and the timing couldn't be much better since our two guests this week are creating plenty to talk about. -- you're not a struck out thirteen batters for Portland on Thursday and will discusses dominance in that outing in threat to hear a little bit later in the show. But first we check in with short sub commander Bogart's who just became the youngest paw Sox position player ever but getting moved from double A Portland. To AAA Pawtucket on Thursday. That followed when the best performances ever seen by a twenty year old or at least in the last fifteen years or so in the Eastern League this season when. Bogart became the first guy -- -- John in 1999. With the batting average of at least 300. And on base percentage of 400 the second -- 500. I like Joe Mauer can't make that claim guy like Adrian Gonzales didn't do that at age twenty Jimmy Rollins. That -- there is a claim on the guys who failed to. To meet the standard the Bogart's kept so it's worth asking what is it like to be hinder -- what's it like to be making. This kind of a meteoric rise of the minor league letter. Such young -- Are retrograde our -- is to be utter tribute sorted sorted on the agent and being. Successful right now so rarely have been reports -- your. I'm pretty sure that you've been the youngest player on your team everywhere that you've gone as a professional at least he got to the state of the plane Greeneville. Are you mindful of that does it doesn't always feel like to the young kid on a team or or does it not really feel like that. I didn't cure all you know guys guys remind me of that book I -- probably -- -- to compete -- goes like of the younger than he does not figure out what. -- idol -- act like the younger so that I probably regarded doesn't really bother. Is that is that important to you to know that you're carrying herself in a way that you're not acting as if you're the youngest guy around. Yeah that should -- you know you shorten shorter period in -- a bit much or -- or your age. That's reporter -- not just this this try to be a good humor and our pentagon direct real. Is that something that you know that you learned about -- you know even before baseball outside of baseball the idea of carrying your ultimate. You have absolutely no contract agreement -- alternate. Went out on this potential. That discipline and respect or go our way of life you know not just abysmal low quality of life in general Google. Did discharge respectful manner and pick -- every opportunity. One thing that that strikes me that they kind of make and it kind of draws makes it interesting to think about you. Moving up so quickly and minor league system are you graduated from high school when you were sixteen didn't you. -- -- -- -- -- Was was that something that you would always been planning on doing there was only when -- when the professional baseball opportunity became clear that you sort of thinking OK let let me let me get through than many. You know let me take this the process of graduating and push it that I get it done rather than leaving it in complete. -- always -- stressed education and personal best bet you didn't let me first or China are being -- but probably ought to -- bigger hurdle a larger network. So but I like schools like schools or what habitable. So. -- like law. Yeah I mean you you pick up you pick up various languages you know very quickly so I -- that from met -- point you know figuring out things do on the baseball diamond probably. Probably a similar learning curve that you have. Yet united interpret the likes to -- Particularly you know you'll get changed -- -- -- -- IRL regular week of school or we're going to be welcome at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now you are friends with jerks in -- -- obviously based on in you know we've we've discussed a little bit in the past. You know you -- Played against him at least in the two if you were I think nine years old. Sir our new Buick the -- Ruben in international deadly competition. And so from from his vantage point -- you just moving slowly through the red sexism or what. -- -- -- -- Already we're already at ninety or. I don't exploit were going to be are really respects result they also -- neutral. Additional smaller AD your editor at you know you do this beautiful and so it that this that are original and you -- -- -- volume over there so. -- -- -- -- I would out of that look -- agreement. Well you know it's interesting -- to think about the to a viewers as guys who have known each other for a long time because. By virtue of the fact that he moved so quickly you've you've seen someone who you were kind of competing on the same field as. Taking -- you know -- this rocket through the through the minor leagues and -- hit the big leagues at a very young age so I went when you're going through a mean. You know again this is not a typical development path. Does it feel like it is a fast player development process as you're looking at -- kind of like taking stock. Of the guys to your playing with you know and the fact that they're -- to -- typically been pros for longer than you have. I drink it drink -- -- -- you probably get ready to prepare me to get a trade because it's our goal that you. What a gorgeous ball all agreed to aggregate or regards goal. Bad a couple of critical period try to Peter Mueller and trying to. Charlie Batch of them they wouldn't be on. Talk not a fair trader that it wants so I guess that such -- bill. Are you a patient or an impatient person by nature. -- yeah yeah -- just in life for you patient or impatient. A lot of vote. Vote vote because. Yeah triple. What what does that mean -- Well. Well what do what -- question knows there are. Albeit all I don't know -- person. Yeah. Until aggregated I don't get over water aggregate preachers or Barry is that they attribute that to -- Oh. As -- that that's probably you know maybe maybe that's because you were twins it's if you're getting hit you are telling. Or go out there don't get a you know he got. Award change. Yeah because it on out there you know let's go to that. As a professional. What the was there one assignment that that was most surprising you you know where where the Red Sox said okay we're gonna put you at this level where you know because. As you said this when you were -- are expecting -- but it wasn't shocking based on. How we're performing on the Eastern League him in now your familiarity with when guys get promoted. What was well with Terry most surprising assignment that you've had. X. Oh yeah I -- it will. All I can -- these together and their Google it and and went straight into. Ameritrade Breivik spring trainer a complete better and are in an expanded. But can expect a would have gotten to you but I will probably -- look at the shot though it's a good. Well they were littered Gretchen her and called up about you know for now we get out of the summit Florida. We'll. What was that first experience like of competing against older guys and a professional level. I'll have to get married at the -- the big difference technology younger expanded nutrient they may do so it's our -- They ignited interest lowered stop you know a lot more and also because -- Are ready for a while in so. It'll it will record especially from -- at a young -- And relegate a lot. Now this year you you -- you obviously put up tremendous numbers in Portland but you got off to a slow start at the beginning of this year. Obviously you would had a weird spring training because of the you know in part WBZ. Or what was was that part of why you got off to a little bit of a slow start and in Portland. Oh definitely that you aren't yoga wearing -- WB show inability to get the timing also like -- -- -- So much spring training. It'll out well in college that would which accounts for her what are Culpepper real -- and even while it -- me a bit so. -- a really bad and our. I left a trainer got its audits are pretty competent. But -- already got two or allegedly -- treated also. It back in and I mean we're kind of back off so that's what I was very -- I council much. We're article group rather the beginning of -- so afterwards but I got I got more about art in the -- -- going on in the -- while wearing. It couldn't have been easy because the Eastern League you know -- -- as you're well aware the weather stay in him to offer. It -- Australia and new experience for you and. Barely look like W dot I try to -- -- employ a school where it's I don't bode well. Fifth. -- Oh double trouble in your timing is off and all of a sudden I imagine that you're seeing a lot more breaking balls figure you've seen I mean maybe you got a little bit of exposure to a last year in Portland but I. Good neutral -- already tripled. I got Walt -- because go to emerge. Try to launch or to a dollar hole and also that's why are -- not gradual a different this spirited give and -- virtual it's already almost beat. Earlier on an area largely -- -- -- -- unfortunately the spiritual bodyguards or all white arrogantly -- and so. Sort of Serbia more patient and that most Americans you know. In your account which only curve ball change also are older parishioners are kind of better so. Yeah Amendola the big questions this -- -- lost. Talking to Zander Bogart's Red Sox shortstop who's now been promoted to triple a Pawtucket. That that is one thing that a lot of people who -- senior does -- say to stands out your ability to work the count too late to you know to kind of spit on breaking balls that are just outside of the zone. Take your walks when they're not going to attack you and then be ready and on time when they are attacking you went to that Clinton for you. -- Articulate a bigger ego because of all the cheers and let's also -- book I guess so are. And organize -- -- and again Richard Autry gave an era in all look at given it its long run but it all -- slider and -- -- to change also. That's and he -- regarding you know edit what you started it all cute and have to sort out but -- lit up. -- -- -- -- That too homer and games started -- great stretched it ended up with UN protected obviously but it about the last two weeks I mean you've been you've been hit a pretty impressive zone. Have you have you gone through -- -- like this before is a professional. I can't remember you are well I'll probably see yeah. -- many Julia you're I think it's created you because and so are probably trio -- and to regulate. We'll bring it on London in June so. Any actual or a really -- we are here. Do you feel it. When year when you're in that that place that leads to those results and what -- feels different about what you're doing in the batter's box. Aren't bigger and you won't look good when you elect her speech all shall -- Earned -- -- -- -- very district and I think everything. Leading off all the all speech and her book and number cannot get you -- Such privilege. Admit you're now obviously in Pawtucket have they have they had conversations with you about the idea that the US and every -- shore it up by. Because they wanna protect themselves. And it potentially other positions that you might do a little bit of moving around the infield in in -- now. God don't know yet you know what. -- -- Qaeda probably tell me in the in the coming days and also. The reason why I ask is because -- just John Ferrell was talking about how he thought you know you're getting kind of to the point where. You know where the Red Sox in terms of the Major League team we're viewing you as a as an insurance option for them you know as as someone who you know who's kind of entered onto the radar. As some who Kim you know who can contribute. Whether you know whether or -- that's because an injury creates an opportunity or because your performance forces it. What does that mean just to note that you're now you're now the highest level for minor leagues you are one step away from the big leagues is twenty year old. In that your your kind of continuing to push the envelope. Chip -- throughout taiba and it's already let Larry my outlook both big notebook. If it's on the pressure ulcers. Whatever it needed -- -- -- bit -- schedule the rigid it's it's. It's fired me at all since well you guys did a good thing and had to circle -- short of what. It immediately needed because an -- -- oh org you know. You are up right now. -- -- -- Me and I -- so -- do so so go to myself. It has been so good now but does this period delegate shall I admire arrogant in a throwing error so. Most immoral right despite soaring as well. The -- to bear of a better so we're gonna let a couple of days in order and there's been this sort out so. How how do you feel about your range in your in your read at this point you know I mean obviously exposure to fresh on game changes the way in which you see the ball off the bat. -- -- How old -- old girl followed our our potential is that aren't transit via -- WW rounds into the arms. Seems like it's really continuation of some of the strides that you made last year where. Definitely -- Two years Dominican men have been a lot of strides on the do you have damage you know. It must be cool in that and be back with Jerry -- -- have seen who argue back tenure you know back when you're ensured that the managed. In -- good but does pretty all -- -- the world golf. All over the -- of the -- -- -- coordinator and our reporter there. Sports -- -- signal to our Premier League that are popular of these -- yeah. And these relative shortage on that it had you know he's seen irreverent and I don't really bad Julian and -- probably feeling now it's probably it is the change you know. It's -- to talk to Andy fox about you because I know you knew that he was a teammate of Derek Jeter's when in the I don't -- I Akron Jeter was twenty and so. You know and so he said that he -- the way in which he remembered Jeter. You're kind of ahead of of Jeter in terms of just the efficiency of your movements in the field but when Jeter was the -- that's nice that's nice compliment to where. Yeah yeah. It you know and to somehow you've got to keep getting better so he can speedily or you can. Want to go back we struggle forward try to get buried at a -- you bullets. Amanda could gust of all. I don't have a follow -- better -- -- error a little bit you know. All the murders also are really I'm really radical but it about. I get over you know thinking about going for thinking about going forward where you he's the most important aspect areas for potential improvement in your game. It will help to get you to the major leagues and eventually to keep you in the major -- More -- American literature though they are laying off -- -- I was doing -- great -- on this formerly used cola. Being aggressive with my original not to -- so. Hopefully that transparent bit about the man and because -- importance -- -- -- -- That's questions -- -- just overall how exciting you know it is this is the promotion does this one feel different then when you were. Thrown into turn to Greeneville at a very image. When you were -- to -- and young age when when your moved up to Portland last year to this promotion feel different than than the other ones that you patent how exciting is it. There I don't know yet. And that will probably be able to answer question you know what -- it's occurred yesterday you know. -- -- this -- Steelers beat the and so that that sort of broad thinking you know. You've heard from Zander Bogart's -- unbelievably can and performance in his minority career. Has him rocketing through the Red Sox system at a faster pace really -- just about any position player in recent Red Sox memory. That path though isn't a common one most guys experience a lot of up and down something that if he were not a knows perhaps better than anyone in the red sexism. He had the most challenging year of his baseball life in 2012 struggling both with with injuries and as a result with his performance when he was able to take the mound to stop was reduced his results were not -- but on Thursday. He had a signature event in what has been a dominant 2013. Rebounds -- who's back in double -- Portland this year -- up thirteen -- the most by any Red Sox starter in the minor leagues and Jon -- likewise had thirteen strikeouts for Portland in 2005. But this wasn't just a bolt from the -- -- continued a dominant season for a -- this year he's seven and one with a two point 15 ERA -- -- striking out more than a batter an -- in Portland I talked to -- one day after that thirteen strikeout -- what was -- doing in -- enjoy that sort of dominant. Are below on the onion virtually the beginning area -- -- -- pitches. Struck a lot there's opens on -- -- -- -- changed for you how you consider yourself in terms of being a strikeout pitcher or is this. Or or perhaps just a more extreme version of of the kind of pitcher you always knew you war. I think just set it in the in the latter party statement -- you know. Let's hear you know what first euros. Injured to -- ball as -- dispute session you know. Been out shortly in the game not where's ours -- establish that -- -- that are saying but I also worked quickly or at all monster there's one that started a strikeout. Urged Russia arms sales hurt but this year are a -- currently. About Smart. Mark Edberg except waltzes which is huge crop there's former army and while there they got the support and be able -- -- a changeup pretty consistently strikes in the -- are all now that she's you know you know last he's pretty much or herbal combo. But I think just being able -- -- they're more relaxed on a little bit more urgent. Allows -- to be more reps are -- just ultimately translated the works so. Can you describe your staff has been like throughout the here you alluded to a mid ninety's fastball where you've been sitting where you've been topping out. Well other pretty consistently college city argues need to -- are somewhere around there. That's good about where where else sit that are pretty much opt out 9600 yen a opt out of -- December if you are that it and you want most durable orders Eritrean. What what it was was pretty warm and still haven't released it it that warm weather area or volatility republic which has been. These greens are operating but well Leo and it warms up all get a little bit more. Consistent in the in the mid ninety's that but that's -- or. Yes hilarious you're probably used to this stuff from -- February when you're pitching at LSU -- it's now June in -- is punched out thirteen guy as well as miserable outside. He -- you know it and announcer less stringent new beautiful. My guess it's simulator it's what pitchers but according. Are going to be our stick. But it's been answered pretty bird pretty wild and what -- -- that either. Conditions are easier in February and in the water problem world brought down in the divers in the pretty treaty. -- cold weather in order so so really warm weather spring training in the old backup all of their current. I guess some that you have to get used to if you throw a pitch in Boston. Absolutely and you know I mean and the way weather works for an older country when when -- visually so. And then hopefully you'll keep it well and then in September and October. And and it gets colder and those that are most distorted -- on the news release uses a big deal of an art you know Alford used that one now so it looked at. Talking to Anthony -- Red Sox pitcher. In terms of your fastball but a lot of people have that it has been and dominant overpowering pitch for you to hear. How how do you feel about what what's been different what's allowed you to not only have velocity this year. But also to really command it to be able to use it seemingly as a number of different kinds of pitches based on the ability to. Leverage it down in the zone are elevated me get a pass bats or work in and out. Yeah I think what -- the first thing is I don't know how to lecture you know I would it's an injury and you know under real vocal aboard -- -- reps sort -- Lycos search and all year chart on a mechanic but like -- and honestly -- without an amount that well more like. Are what do I have to do in this discipline your you know and and this year it's more art so often -- that help you in the south where about that out all the army. And now -- just mentally focused on what I need both arms or. Seeing -- -- -- -- throwing an excuse -- -- you know everything I've worked together out to worry about. What body part there hurt today or whatever like Ottawa last year. And that just -- out of here which is despite the biggest thing for this year and like I said but not that it was about but are being stronger and and all that helps the mental state of actors out there -- offered -- what. When did that arrive in when was it was a -- at a certain point a certain outing in spring training when you knew that a you're healthy indeed that you're in -- in a place where you could just do that compete in and execute you know him you know kind of execute a game plan. Rather than just kind of hoping that you're going to reach back and find a lot me. Exactly. You know leader wants to sit regarding mergers news there are human expert turning you know. 240 our power to those 1015 pounds heavier than it was you're -- They're those are content spring training and knowing that in our category straight edition program all went through -- such unions and -- you. Hospitals -- that I did you know work with the traders there. And Google search system in diapers you know stop me armor at thirteen mark or routine as. It allowed me to block they're just know that you know are done everything but I -- Do you'll read about it and are popular and art and just let this all deep based about it and a lot on North Carolina and your -- individual. After this is the degree are organized and against returning guard -- there's an art art for personal training are as. LY is -- flawed there in that aren't just -- that he's and so far in that. But reform this year and our -- and our own. For a guy like you refuse future six foot seven you know you that you there's there's a lot of there are a lot of parks involved in in your delivery because of that you know if you're not Pedro Martinez. Who has -- naturally compact delivery. How important was it to just how important if you've been finding it different to be able to have a consistent delivery now that you do have that additional weight and strength. It's huge that that's you said he a lot of -- espionage six out of -- our currency. You know 67 -- all or whatever a lot of control all of it. But it's utilities under later on their -- because that they are that we agree. On the builders they're ever signaled -- and -- obviously that big is this should be eat the stuff. -- Integrated about a block long armed and in and being that despite -- -- is huge or is it. It's hard luck. Actual problems have been a lot -- It's in that -- in the slow and nazism -- -- -- -- -- fault of the war on all of our. In indulge my delivery. Mr. Britain's army. They -- it all -- -- sitting -- and who wouldn't back down. In its. Has this been the best you've ever turning your life. -- -- so yeah I think this is the best combination of stopped in mid -- that are out of long armed and I'll figure I don't know an art and I'll let you know -- it just eating which is now not nineteen years old. I've learned a lot obviously onto a logical. -- -- In the last eight years old are so I think is -- that's that's around them -- -- assault as we've said it Syria on them which outsiders and it will you know. And almost year and obviously you are at our level of the there's. I think. About such -- You were viewed as the Red Sox top pitching prospect from the time that you're drafted through your first full professional season. Last year not only did not only did you struggle with injuries and Foreman. But there were also a number of guys in the system who were tremendous. And as a result you know as a result you. Your quote unquote prospect stock for whatever it's worth right slipped in the eyes of some in the industry relative to where other people were. Now you're kind of reestablishing it. Does it mean more to establish yourself to -- quote unquote reestablish itself. Reestablished that prospect that a minute did tickling at the first time given given what you referred to with with. What you did go through. You know -- statute says it is it's still it's what it's worsening. I guess that's great but it. As a player you know now -- older maybe mental. Torture program where they -- But as far as Serbia now this is there's about being you and I felt. You know I don't worry about what people -- out yeah whatever on the whatever that all -- On this -- while they're sold its option though there aren't that aren't they aren't that they are you sure about that statement to argue. Go out there. Give us operated kitchens and level capabilities should you whenever that is never asked in that we need to do. And and -- -- and let urging helped secure itself but -- it's it's straight but I. Successes here and where I want all of you. Prospect again we're or reestablishing itself but a -- -- more arms as well not their child assault that. Everyone else you know ultimately. Not only -- unit which -- these -- -- Well all all the news. It obviously you're still in -- I saw a couple of miles away but have you reached the point where you already where where it's kind of clicked to where you say. Look if I keep doing this I can compete at any level. Yeah absolutely and you know I think. Not only improve let's let's also think he -- what you certain that there obviously. I'm a couple -- let it. I think the web it's less by word it's pretty much disputed. I'm pretty confident that that I can you have -- illegal -- but. I mean that's not where I am right now that lives in the in the present in Arctic patrol are out of all the goal. What I can and all that spot there a recent day in and try to keep getting better each and every day you'd like -- -- Not eat up you just you know on their you know just keep learning and an at -- to basically keep learning in the evening progress the lower the bar where. Talking to Red Sox starting pitching prospect Anthony Varnado you say that you can control things like the level that Iraq but. You're good friends who I saw you with all the time in spring training and even interviewed the two of you together Brandon Workman got the -- to touch it before you do it. How you know how he could given given the dynamic between the two -- you. The fact that you do admittedly like competing against each other how much you like I am not -- it doesn't get too far away from me for -- forced my way up. -- -- It actually control -- orchard can control as well out there and and do what I what I've been doing you know and a -- on his program that -- Dessert there's not well that. That deserves it more you -- there -- a mile to the and a he went out there that so that the golden -- mean as much of I wanna either it was sudden and due to very very I'm very up before he deserves. -- a great pitcher. But like to keep on turning to their children and it is yet -- pops up on -- about -- it's all it's all poppycock but there's everything and -- -- Ellsberg -- there's not been. But they're between us and I know that level street oral form -- record -- correct. Bill what are doing. Been doing -- and all is consistency model available would sort of out there and -- -- It's a really existing group of starters that you guys have had in Portland throughout -- here between you and Workman Matt Barnes Terry Britton. It's you know that's that's a pretty talented group of guys in pretty outrageous stuff across the board. How much have you guys benefited as a group by the opportunity to to work with each other and perhaps to compete with each other. I think it's been this in the most well I've ever uploaded baseball. Even and even though worked in the dark when he was here we all are all four books. Were all young you know -- on the same agent and we all but it it was college shall we are covered by. Church or are one of our -- you know nobody got out of that bumper year you know. But it seriously and awesome and there are all real votes order are all are impossible for -- out of it's such an army. Boards and had his ups and downs they're dispersed or double -- that's that's pretty normal but he is also a really good -- -- did you just about super power in our -- You know we don't we all root for each other as much execute each other reporters these you have your mom you'll off the -- You have on the but -- shirt it's very very competition I think it makes better -- Operating are all about them and streets are -- great -- an article regarding like each -- we go out there which -- The -- wouldn't try to one up each other you know -- and it's been a lot -- response so far but there's no jealousy here. Or or were actually sort restore order so offer bomb on and off you'll Wichita -- It brings bring a lot on to the older started. You are pitcher who is often so who self aware you know who to who takes the time to think about. Areas for potential improvement in your game to your mind what is the most critical development that you have in front of you. What what's where's the biggest area for your improvement it's going to be the most important thing too as you said. Get the big leagues and prove that you can be as successful pitcher their for the long. -- I think probably. For the -- is alerting -- are wearing what -- -- what counts but I think. Throwing strikes you know polish rights and then putting guys away when our out in the stroke or aren't here there's there's been -- -- our guys though who wants you and and like -- -- -- you don't just aren't that. You much is that a story out of the way it's. And I think that's going to be. He's from the you know it's out there are being more visionary thing I think that's what they what -- does really Welker work mean. Egypt I don't -- and he will want to finish but he doesn't know those are what are did you perhaps. On the current harder edged out that's what allows -- to -- deepening diesel that record that you. Not I think that's our biggest traders aren't what aren't aware what were -- early at this hour and a little more fall short. The last Chris Shaw asked is kind of a bigger picture when namely that we talked last year for instance about the fact that. You were -- you were committed to being able to benefit from adversity but that's not an easy thing to do it's easy to say that you're going to do it but man it's so easy to do. How much has your perspective on your success this year been kind of formed or how much does last year's -- inform. Inform your success of this year and and perhaps the perspective you're able to maintain it. You know it's. It as much as -- that you don't all our India and realize you know. Obviously the worst that the it's been organ actually to mark in my career. It's also bigotry. Pretty unique structure you know my first start this year I was kind of warming up on the field and in just that in the ourselves is a bit I was. Want to know about it that I won't last mile orbit up well enough to open July 3 street no. I -- the problem and thrown 86 to mediate you know that it is pretty treaty. And allow it to appreciate you this year how much all of problem this year in and XP while this stay healthy. -- -- notes due to success because this on the jump out of right now obviously. -- -- last year each there -- out. It's huge respect it's what it's all artists aren't going to stop that trail but it also. He's gone -- as you know little bit. Keep on its huge stay hungry it -- -- get better and to -- in this apartment where there. Anthony thank you so much for joining great to catch up with you very much appreciate it. About. My thanks to Anthony -- -- -- -- for joining down on the farm sponsored by being one advantage tire and service Steelers find a dealer near you at the one advantage dot com banks also its producer had a -- if you'd like to hear the completed interviews with both for -- -- and -- visit WTI dot com slash podcast thanks for listening and have a great week.

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