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Is Doc a goner?

Jun 17, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the rumors regarding Doc Rivers being part of a deal between the Celtics and the Clippers.

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You know all -- -- sports stories. That unfolded over the Father's Day weekend that would be be struggling Red Sox India disappearing act of Jon Lester. The Bruins making the Stanley Cup finals a best of five series as to Rask. Literally forces us to forget Tim Thomas. Our Phil certainly sick to his stomach with a lot of second place finish and by the way Jack Nicklaus sitting there are saying. Hey I got no problems tiger never catch and me. For me the most fascinating. Intriguing. Engaging story of the weekend had nothing to do with a gay and -- contest or competitiveness. It has everything to do with the Danny and -- soap -- soap opera which I find off the charts. Fascinating are still many layers. There are so many twists and turns I think I've figured it out this was down to. I don't think Danny dislikes doc I don't think doctors like Danny I don't think dot doesn't wanna be here I don't think Danny doesn't want him to be here. It's a simple as this. Doc wants another kick at the camp with the old guys and Danny wants to listen to -- a red are back from years past when he said. Don't stay too long at the dance adding Danny wants to blow it up and start all over and doctors saying please let me have one more shot. With Kevin and Paul and the old guys and that is the disparity. And he wants to get away from Rondo -- your choices Chris Paul. To me the LA clippers had very little leverage at the beginning of this you know they -- they wanted to doc doc was under contract purely. Garnett could retiree could go back to Boston Paul Pierce to have him under contract if they wanna keep him. There was no leverage with the clip for the clippers until now until it dragged on until they hit the snag until we found out that doc wants out. Now they get leverage one of the Celtics gonna do just say that forget it. We're done here -- come on back for another year. I think they have leverage in this in this regard beyond what you'd just sent I think they look at doc not only as a valuable coached and they're young team. But as a guy who insurers the fact that Chris Paul states. Are now their leverage is now enhanced by the fact that if they don't do the -- deal. They can make a deal with the lakers and you know for Blake. And yet Chris Paul to stay because Dwight Howard's coming that way yes so now they've got two ways to keep crisp ball doc. Or Dwight how -- correct so I think they have all the leverage in the world and nobody is looking at this and saying how awkward will this be how how effective. Could doc be if he now returns after all these flirtations with the West Coast yeah I. I still can't figure out doc on this that he someone asked to explain it to me when he signed this deal the couple years ago with prospective. Paid him 35 million dollars to coach this team I'm pretty sure he was aware this day was coming. And coming fast right he just doesn't wanna this year to the year after he picked this team's gonna win the championship. He delude himself and what they want my team. Does -- -- you know what it's got to help a lot bigger chance yet as opposed to them Blair have zeroed in all of this but I mean again as I understood any 46. Right they have no chance either way right he knows it it's a great question. Did you know Tuesday was common when you signed the -- I think. He did but it was like he blocked it was mine and saw 35 million dollars they overpaid him overwhelmed him. He was that -- boast a step away for years they can vote. Would TV maybe signing another one year deal. They said listen what your number and he wrote 35 million piece of paper -- said it done anyway. He told his wife -- 35 million will be got to do that got to do. Now two years and he said and -- five more years at a five years of rebuilding five years of wondering around in the wilderness that at best -- mediocrity here in Boston youth and the in this opportunity comes along and east you think about it. -- but -- -- days ago that -- thank and Chris Paul maybe Dwight Howard maybe Kevin -- -- -- Blake Griffin. Hey you're saying that it could work that could work in the where you think about it too -- the more excited you get about the deal. The question I have been and by all accounts the talks have broken down correct yes toxic Beaufort Adam. Does he come back in cell number and say hey guys. Let's all commit. That's can be loyal and lets artists -- initiation were acting like it's it's over but he's the coach clippers next year. He's gonna coast they're gonna find right now -- office says it'll get Eric Bledsoe does -- Eric Bledsoe as the guy he wants one guy's game once does he get him because. That apparently is the snag. But as it is fascinating you're right you know tiger is fascinating Chris Forsberg writes this morning and is began. He says. Rivers -- such a powerful speaker can save face publicly. A fan base that's been left squeamish but the idea of rebuilding with a new coach would eventually forgive and forget the players. Court Heatley and Jason Terry Cain and came to Boston. In large part because of -- recruitment. Jeff Green -- on what rivers. As the reason he signed -- long term deal. Will be tough for rivers to regain his trust and how do Rondo and pierce feel about this. It is a lot of guys there and it came here stayed here tonight here because of rivers. The sense that KG and Paul and doc or sort of like one entity it's like a package deal they're all thinking on the same same wave length. They want the same thing -- -- not and and I would be fascinated to will be answered this question doc. I know you are looking for a three year re -- But would you be OK with two of -- acquiesced and said okay dot. You win will keep the old gang together one more kick the can because I think that's that's -- that's the parting shot that's that's the divide that's -- daddy and and not go their separate ways. Danny wants to move on. Anyone to take reds advice and not stay an extra year -- Gary passed at the dance and doc wants to stay one more year with Kevin and Paul. So my question would be Iraq. If -- acquiescence and says we won't blow up will bring the same cast of characters back you coached him and then. Will do a two year rebuilt would you be OK with that I have no idea what the answer to that question would be. Why wouldn't trust stocks answer I -- -- not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Amanda so what happens in the end -- I'm Doug wants to go find the next you're correct I think -- Oh you just doesn't record three bode well but he eventually this team is going to rebuild -- -- -- wanna be here the best move is probably eleven go. Make a deal by the guy -- it and you know it. You can do that you can do that you could sell this because. Everyone loves -- one knows that doc doesn't have the patience for this and if you could face reality. You know -- from contending team to target young rebuilding team. He could bring any -- and other coach who would hopefully excite. The fan -- to some extent it it's it depends on what the next. The next guy is and -- the team looks like when when all's said and done. And initially when we talk with the of the day it was Bledsoe. And the Andre Jordan and possibly. Like him to send troopers front after a first round picks up just 11 right gentlemen Gundy -- -- consider if you're clippers manner clippers' season ticket holder of some but. If they have those they have France. -- they do now. Was Billy Billy Crystal and believes Bill Simmons. Right. -- since the Celtics but don't you just season ticket holder for the crisis is the biggest Celtics in the season ticket -- the clippers. Would never do that he's a well at Celtic fan isn't -- clippers and that's anyway. -- -- -- You don't have coach bill microscope on you know coach. You can put in place Doc Rivers and you have welcomed you make crisp welcome back that you make that trade. For a Dwight Howard which would be Blake Griffin. You trade -- right Dwight Howard of Dwight Howard Chris Paul Kevin Garnett. All else -- and dark rivers. And and the lakers suck right now that is a pretty exciting. Possibility for Italy. I think this is going to get done in this whole thing is going to be reconfigured because there are so many moving parts here it's not like I'll give you pay for B and you give me -- for eight. They're just so many. Permutations. If that's the correct word that can make this happen but I think history shows that ultimately. What the clippers do something stupid. Opens to Donald sterling and the clippers do something about this it if you don't. They don't get Dwight Howard but -- comes over and brings Kevin and Paul and and Paul Pierce with him and Chris Paul they'll stay. You talked about immediate and short term gratification. Right with a window of opportunity that is about as big as I hold my thumb or finger. Closely together. Are you happy about this if you're if you're clippers' season ticket holder are you happy about this and if if you wore the clippers look perceive me Paul and Kevin which is essentially saying he has. Let's bring the Celtics west and take another kick at the camp that doc wants to do with Boston but do it in LA and it's a one year. You know. Shot in the dark at best. Well yeah BF Paul you might have Dwight Howard and the differences -- supporting cast is better -- which exists here you agree that. How well you're right I mean it's not for your thing double what they don't get what our right as Chris Paul and the old guy actually pulled off pollen -- data teams are going -- -- -- -- I'll give you hang up on a day stumbling block on this make it to the deals all in place -- -- and -- -- -- is the only under the agreement. And then -- sterling finds out how much doc makes. That's a lot for coach yet he's won seven million of that for coach rush -- and that. And then that then they say -- you have to take a panic and he got to go from 754. And a half. Would you do that -- -- Just for the chance to maybe win. Another championship with the with the old guys that my idea. An issue if they get all the parameters in place. The the -- sterling realizes he has to pay. Yeah well I somewhere the week in this that he may not go to seven million but he might come close so right if they gave -- the four year contract. At six million dollars it as opposed to three years left at. 117 sure we do -- I'm sure -- don't want Saudi I think you know. Everybody -- stock I understand that but you know when Bill Parcells to kinda the same thing. A barbecue around here I mean doc is getting a pretty good free pass around here well it's not over yet why don't you think -- a reputation building -- images has taken a hit a little bit a little -- people like -- he's -- his dialect any -- west. He could talk his way out of it like that he's the greatest. Harper he's a real good to talk -- fancy -- he talks wicked good and don't you think. One interview with with us and that won't be charmed. I guess back he'd be back in their good graces I guess but when the team's not that good next year also add that that's not an. Yeah but he'll be working his ass -- to -- to get him good you know that he'll be put in the time put in the FW thing. -- it all he's doing is -- it will come to light that what I said at the beginning of the program. Doc wants to stay with the old gang Danny wants to change and if for some reason some way they deal with the awkwardness. Of dot coming back and Danny acquiescence and Kevin and Paul remain the centerpieces of this team. And they fail miserably when Paul gets hurt or Paul continues to age not so gracefully and Kevin gets hurt. That's I think he gets -- that's I think people look at Dawkins at. You forced this upon us you are the reason we are stuck in this no man's land with old guys -- were gone nowhere. Steve -- pat writes. Voluminous. In The Herald today and I go almost to begin with a piece I wanna ask you about this. Following paragraph. If the Celtics cannot get what they believe is proper -- And station for -- they would have no problem welcoming rivers back for his tenth season here. You think that's stroke -- any. Has no problem welcoming him back. If the clippers say that's too much at crisis -- yeah what what he -- the fire him on a regular fire but I will be no problem I think. Danny and doc realized it would be uncomfortable at best you haven't they probably figure would be disingenuous. Past that he would get past the doc was just loyal to Garnett pierce and just want to. Have one more run with those guys that's all they capsule could talk their way back in the people's good graces I think we're also a culture for dumped two years into a huge deals again I wanna go with one my players he goes so morals don't wanna move somewhere else. What do you -- -- again I think what he's saying is Danny don't change anything give me one opportunity. To win with my guys and Danny said -- Read our back hot you can't stay too long at the dance and I think we stayed too long at the dance last year and we got eliminated by the knicks in May. We're not gonna do it again. Boxes you -- one more shot with the old guys and -- says well I think that's that's loggerheads here like I -- right I go back to the question asked the beginnings Doc Rivers think Rondo back healthy. Jeff Green Garnett. Here's. -- -- team win the Eastern Conference that it Doc Rivers things that you beat Miami. I think you know I know he thinks they have a much better chance or should say a better chance. And of Danny blows it up surely the answer is no actually not that that's not that that's not even a question recent series hang on here for the hoped ago. 4834. And lose in the second year as opposed to going on the 854. Right yes right boy at that -- again. Don't sign the deal -- And I anything he wants out and wants out but I mean the idea of coming bat a ball Garnett -- come back to stick around that event except him -- you're -- -- -- you win you win -- -- make it do the clippers. You state Kevin stays we'll put up Paul's option. Go to -- to the very same team as he -- giving thought to be happy now I would you know I want it now right. It did come back -- choice -- -- would not be -- here's what -- -- the Celtics -- -- it's not just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- if six doc he's a very charming persuasive guy irate you seem to recruit players feared. Get players to come out of retirement and seemed to things like no other coach. He could sit -- Garnett. And and -- that could say I'm retired and on down. 00 you can trim the clippers can help end of the year. Sit down or appears in peers obviously doesn't have the same leverage they have a five million dollar buyout. Like a part of the fifteen million not a fifteen million dollar player you don't want that if the Celtics. So -- you could have. All of those guys pressuring. Arranged to get this deal done to its came out of nowhere this deal. Will not know what the doctor. Electorate and the clippers in the in the offseason but the -- part of it came out of nowhere. And initially dissent boy Danny -- pretty -- Would take them back gaining. Hold all the cards he's not hold the cards anymore if he I think he has to make his best deal would you guys agree I think it's time I think it's. A couple years now it's time it's time is completely start over what -- make a deal for Garnett -- abide appears in just start over we have arrived at that moment. Questions as we go to break. Who is more uncomfortable this morning with the current situation doc or do you think about that for couple. The second question is and this is one that Donald Sterling. And the Los Angeles Clippers have to ask themselves. -- asked themselves. Again and again and again is -- really that good is doc really that valuable. Was -- a great great coach until Ray Allen now Kevin Garnett showed up to team to Paul Pierce absolutely and what did -- accomplished before he got great players around him. Now I understand the clippers would like to have great players around dollar in Dwight Howard and Chris Paul and anybody else that can salvage out of the steel. But his -- In an -- himself an entity. It is sold remarkably valuables so worth and 1520 extra wins so worth going into the second of the third round of the NBA playoffs. That you would do this. Yes yeah yes I mean if I don't think so no way I shot the world. -- do you think he can recruit music and recruit maybe can he sell. Sell maybe he can. It's not just about x.s and those which he's pretty good that I think it's about so much more than that's been shot at Dwight Howard -- -- the clippers. Chris Paul is going to bring white Howard to right and who keeps Chris Paul that would be -- Why did he -- why our Chris balls to. Correct did you stay right there are two ways the clippers can get all the strike the power -- -- side Doc Rivers what they requires a bullet if rivers is doctor Paul and I. And they all and a -- there you know I mean. Like the Miami thank you all get together that we do that that's illegal. Yeah. If Chris Paul is Alan. Sterling sacks and I will stay I will sign in the Indy race strategist. They take it off from the -- that wanna wait for five years yet and he. -- all leverage he is you know. Messing with them and and -- god -- fire weaken them. He's -- up from twenty whatever seven million a year. Automatic did -- given when he says many years and he -- I'll think about it right I'll think about it now -- for more than anyone else he's a restricted July 1. So you go elsewhere but they can from the march. As the clippers which he chose to go there. Which -- way at a local and just get there always Italy's king of acting in Los angeles' via. As the lakers circled the drain and yet. He's still not war I'll think about all the John's earlier point though I mean you know when Garnett came here and Ray Allen came here did anybody say while this -- get these great talent and have a great coach in doc river's no it's not Campbell as Reza -- he was part of the recruiting process. He want to grab -- that recruiting. Five or six years before that I mean that's fine he's a good -- that's wonderful night. You know change my franchise to bring in the. I would not vote in the NBA I would not I would. -- at 61777. Point 7937. The come. As the clippers the lakers. Clippers of the Celtics have I don't know. -- magic -- tell me the spurs now have the advantage yeah in the NBA playoffs he -- I -- it's because it's because it's because every other word -- -- -- because because all five spurs starters scored double figure because because some magic tells us the spurs have the advantage. My eyeballs tell me the Bruins have the advantage Justin Rose certainly had the advantage over -- all the fault lines and talk -- Don cherry will join us at 805 Sean born later in that hour. And Stephen A Smith will weigh in on this -- stuff in the 9 o'clock hour period.

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