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Paul Stewart discusses how he handled making calls and interacting with players (Part 4)

Jun 16, 2013|

Paul and John examine how referees and players interact on the ice during games. In addition, Paul breaks down the working relationship with the referees and linesmen.

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John Ryder that with Paul Stewart. Former NHL player and an end official honoring rooting for Phil Mickelson isn't right the US open as would like odds of that and talking about it yet. In the Eastern Europe. All. Yes I -- yarder to address when they did a fashion show. And he came out and wedding dress and what is it was a spoof but then I said to one eye on the ice. Geez you acrylic and address he said. You should come Prague and he's from brought Islam. Dwellers from snow insisted it is just only like two good looking women over in and it in the -- they move around a lot. There are always like it runs over there at every train I get on a car. -- just I'd take your call 61777979370. Text this AT&T takes -- at 37. 937. Retired we're gonna touch on as well the the difference in officiating -- games in October when you get. Into the playoffs and of course this point as well. Well the officials quoted training camp and they are all on the same Romans they get pulled by the head -- -- you referring to you Greg's and then. And then Colin Campbell gets involved and did they get. Sold. Indoctrinated in this is how we have to do that and all the pressure's on and it's a level playing field and in all the teams in the NHL have their parade wrote marked notice how they're gonna take the Stanley Cup through their city and and such so everybody's all. Psyched about what we need to have in -- Really strong. Officiating what happens this. It migrates as the year goes on because the degree of acceptability with the players. Changes and the things as I said before the the impact in the result of the played doesn't necessarily always constituted apparently. We used to laugh and Wes McCauley stat. John McCauley who hired me and name my son after him apology on an all happy father's yes yes -- -- my son Max drawn McAuliffe took the driver and it's like perfect spot for -- absolutely I watched them have a lot more balls as. Tomorrow -- go to the Baptist from my hip. Felt bad -- and thanks. Certainly. And I'll put a little twist back in my Chubby Checker but the fact remains that. Officiating is subjective. In its judgment in its field. And yet. My conversations with the officials. Always come from that point where was sent you set the bar. Stay with that you don't confuse these guys if you caught in the first unit called the third. In some penalty in the first if it's apparently in the third and vice Versa Harrison and I actually agree on that aspect. That if you -- caught the third period you're gonna call first if you're not calling in the third on call first don't set the bar too high you've got to have a field. Plus the other thing is and -- never never ever. Except this appreciated these coaches are Smart. And the coach. And they teach their players and him nearly once said if you ain't cheap. You ain't trying. And I used to say back atom. And if you ain't cheap and I don't have a job so you know do what you have to do put a -- gets to deport -- I think you're embarrassing the game paralyzing. -- -- Nice to -- it to some of these guys. Stain your feet. If you don't a mosquito -- face I said the -- one night about what you believe the U coach rice or more over the other side you decide. Coach him or I'd dump you decide and there are couple Bruins that -- stuff. Of gravity I scored gravity of -- you can you guys always you do you know these players because you guys IQ knows divers Cicero it was one yet has always face all the time -- question here in the doctrinal vocal cutters. You know the reason why they -- score more goals now the Kris is bigger. At least equipment and not just equipment and the decrease is bigger what did you do have an NHL board of government -- talked about it win recently as a media. The equipment for the goalies. Well. Then of course that the players association gets involved in the fact is that the becomes a safety issue and all this at all gotten for a primarily what are becomes comes down to the guys that you wanna blame for all this is a guy for rent them. Names Garth snow GM former oh yeah got used to look like the creature from the black lagoon in commodity of ripples and and also I I used to -- him to -- his family owns a building supply business to rent. Crisis it did they know they're missing a sheet of plywood because it's obviously underneath your sweater. But he stated that now we would laugh now about a lot of people wonder what I would say that the players and at the. Aren't would that would this match of this -- black hawks matchup which it seems like there's so evenly matched what are what are your thoughts on the series so part also up. Close Julian and then furthermore I've got to decide this for talking during a commercial break you're talking about down its interest in the calls. You know these are cross check that -- I gave Crosby Crosby gave the bag please -- ago. Well. The fact is and people don't appreciate it because they say -- cross Texaco roster well above the numbers it's not. -- the numbers it's injurious. The chance that you're gonna hurt the guy. But below that number is it's just to tackle him and you know that's where fuel comes in and my attitude and my rule of thumb when our free if you did it to me and I'd be pissed off. It's telling you did it to my team and I wanna jump over the boards and beat the hell audience that's how. If you did it you were on my team and did it to another guy and I put in over my face and certainly had. That's -- -- that was my rule of -- I used to feel the game out a lot of times I would skate by a player it's a how do you feel you just slash -- I feel good. He says well he does -- I said yeah I know what he did -- you you slash answered if you better. Up -- case so he got one got one. Like it was shell Sampras and authorities to what would you tell it and then I'd say that he's -- you're gonna Colorado come all the -- -- anymore. Five to conduct over deal with you to a Marisa Joseph on the far side. I was like the -- to deal there -- usage here consider this nice nice -- -- here's a couple calls appear Bob in Milford to Bob. I love Milford I love Bob whose act in Milford he's got a cargo -- out -- They've TO and it's right across from paint ball in my son's -- to paint ball. -- coached my oldest boy. And you know not enough to -- about the volunteer coaches that. Give of their time in an actual hours enough -- know what they actually think coach. I -- played last night blob where the team. That McCauley was playing. Four was winning easily 52 with a book four minutes to go in the it was a player on the other team. And he had caught the puck up to three times and he was the reason that they are losing five to two. So he decided he's gonna take a pound sand out of everybody on the ice and he's I'll run and guess. So you blame the refs -- everybody's reaction -- her freeze did not call you know what the referee's call one boarding minor in the couldn't call to war. And you know what. That's fine. What coach behind the bench doesn't have a degree your responsibility to grab that -- by the sweater NC he -- out if you act and play it right. But I would say that the blob and and Tim -- -- a great job this year with the in the H Bruins my son was. The -- so -- not have mostly as early -- -- because. I'm. It was a good -- -- followed. Really what are when called -- all I don't its opinion on win. When you have true referees into linesman. On the ice storm Stanley Cup play out. But he's been obviously a more crowded out there with Dexter with their essential. Does. Is a jurisdiction that the -- it's a warrant and see something that's a that's apparent in the sense. Can we call it calculated to ever host a chat directly culprit open. 00 that's good question and it's pretty well spelled out rep for east. Have certain areas that they're responsible for but the we describe our book our one as the guy down in the zone closest to the net and remember this. I tell my officials -- the games are won or lost in the corners for players but the money is that the net for the -- three get the net -- schools you remember like last night's wall that that McCall disallowed but the fact. The fact is that sometimes like we got to play this year Yale player at Harvard and that was a hit from behind. Don't go lower F three. Was in the corner and he turned his back and now -- two was so far out he can't see. -- I'm looking at the two -- after the game and I said to them both -- that's major pal you guys are authorized to call major Alex. I can hire potted plant to stand on the lines and waved his arms I you know why I I need people that are willing to step up. And the fact is that you need to have. Concept in officiating and understanding officiating that it's the third team on the ice and as I've told he's CAC coaches and athletic directors. For the men's and the women's or twelve teams in the league but there -- thirteen and -- league as the ref for a reason and they if and the linesman. And you need to understand that I'm the coach of that group and I'm responsible and soul when they don't do what they need to do which is step up and make the right call that I've got a five people who are willing to do it. But it. -- and I see it and I see a quality you know hundreds and beat down it will go back to news sports and and and the agency how it has earned -- in our solar. It's great in the no excuses are for losers blob there but that's right. That's right quality time with is more entertaining and the next thanks very much in that I appreciate -- it -- Same here that sincere well thanks for the call Bob appreciate here's John in the story John. No texting like you're driving that's it and got a lot of friends capitalists so. That's right and I have a lot of friends I have I have many. Officials and in many of the leagues that run that are that are all on various police forces and whenever IC. You know. I get stopped once and been aware of way. He does got maybe he's at at and it's where I'm middle room. Missed its rate nearly Phil yeah I know who worked for them yeah. All the Q -- you what your your single we're really all I was the first draft free with Kerry Fraser. Moderate well I think that you'd have to understand that the necessity of getting the right call and getting to the Nat is the most important part of the game. When the NHL started to migrate away from the Red Line and changed the way the game is played. That. The fact is that unless you could -- have warp speed you couldn't get from one goal line to the other. And the Red Line actually was a built in Berlin Wall war officials could you know could catch up. In Seoul. Korea -- and the fact is in 95. Ronald played New York Rangers at Madison square and Fraser I did the two -- re system and people. And the linesman were packed the result and my friend. Kevin columns from Springfield so we gotta we -- good -- the only real fight that happened that night was in the dress from between Fraser and myself for thirteen dollars per call. And he called like twelfth or thirteen of them and -- in the press said afterwards in all the because Jesus senior guy did you dominate -- said -- he had his arm up I had my arm up on a few are you know he had the call and he was closest to the boxing what their first of of the thirteen pellets called I think I had nine of the thirteen. -- I mean you know it's all part and parcel of Woodard solve all the people understand the worst fight that happened that night was in the dress from went Fraser went for the gel and I reached -- -- -- -- comment and then I got one question -- comet. Don't you. The feeling that it is neat and simple. The only what you call apparently in my opinion -- intent to hurt somebody. Or if you take a legitimate scored it away and I'd -- absolutely last night. They missed -- much Marchand slash am and I don't know how they missed that we don't want to say. What -- do. Anything he was apparently shot no but I mean everything. Take a gorgeous to look at it they at least certain slash my second question is this. Now the call but diet and a penalty that can meet somebody. That make you look that much more. And that really what -- -- -- -- The penalty is the dive but see that's a question of what we call nomenclature where where it is in the book and really what it comes down to is on June 20 ninth if you come. To my -- free clinic and I are real law explain all this but primarily quickly what I'll tell you list. I I looked Q. And you were trying to make sure that I've got the call and so I've got my arm up for the block and they and you embellish it. You add to it you throw little cup runner -- little mustered little salt to dress it up for me you know what you've done you've you've embarrassed me. And I don't like that so I'm gonna go to went to now a diving penalty is a separate thing where guy. Gets body checked and protect grabs his face and fall. That's a separate penalties -- now we have three categories not just to so you can have a penalty for legitimate way like out a hooker stripper org or hold a topic and then you have embellishment. And what happens as in this is funny because I was at Dartmouth the issue of the Christmas tournament. And they had a way where the guy. Got clocked and the other guy. Took the dive -- he embellished. He put you what you didn't take it I'd be embellished. Soul of -- free goes over rightly calls the walked in points to the Dartmouth penalty box and puts the guy and for the -- And then on the other side gives the unsportsmanlike signal in gives the diving call. And that's that was wrong and his -- its -- was who went two for penalties but what it came down to is. That the -- for Brees made the wrong. Call and we need to really explain this to the media. Like G back in and gave all of these guys that are New York conduit to the truth and hockey. I guess I did -- I just. I take the diving I really do I realize that. -- -- drop by accident there you didn't thanks for the call -- -- he took a dive yes I don't I was -- and -- that would -- you know what if he comes down I -- on the twenty ninth the date in the morning. Prince Paris gates. We'll teach me everything needs and I'm sure you well hey I want to ask you about a series. We think about -- so -- we need to do is headed and well -- -- don't -- yet. What happened was people don't understand this or at least my thinking is that they don't realize that the Bruins are a team with a lot of chemistry. And really what it comes down to is that they do the walking along. The cliff. There were tiptoeing very close to the I'd say for a -- Toronto Syria right and what they began to realize and in nearly may have done the right thing by saying and all the be changes made. The first guy that was gonna go was Juliet because I'm not sure there's a lot of love lost between him and -- I don't know the right I'm just guessing. So -- the flip side of it I think the team rally. And I think people don't honesty in this -- load and in this is my thought he's got to play and come back can play in Frederick and he played for shocked immerse. He's a guy he's in shocked and -- Couldn't read. It's -- it's an acknowledged fact you couldn't read and he was an accidental coach I put Favre for a couple of years Swanson one year in Cincinnati W which in another year to back in -- itself. But he won a Stanley Cup coach in Montreal in Hawaii. 'cause he could get the most out of his players he had emotion and I think that Julian who maybe bet a more of an external coach. But he certainly got a lot of script Doug Jarvis and other guys assistant coaches and he you know Buddha and all of solace I think I think that. The players have rallied around him. And I think that that's why. They're playing like they are point and to harass -- still well to Rouse he reminds me people could say are you know the big didn't think he was that often. -- -- cats it was a tough guy you. You know what he flipped and flopped and used whatever action had to use -- and some nights refereeing -- gas X game is like -- yards you'd be -- -- a helmet is clubs stick -- there it was all the -- stuff fall and -- does the same thing he uses anything can use less high praise -- -- -- was pretty ambient. -- Tibet non hunting -- -- an additional two years ago I had -- -- -- -- muscular -- idea lead late forties I would figure out I'll leave I don't know what he looks like an address but now let's. 00 Slovakian hopefully don't have to find out either. It -- -- leave there with this ball -- as a -- this has been the best hockey talk over the past ten days. Learned a -- and the stories are great police say thank you DePaul and a happy Father's Day. Thought so a lot of good -- out there -- some disagree some agree but that's what it's all about but done this was fun -- after this again. I look forward to it and get a lot I usually truck whenever I -- -- -- -- -- never -- -- I've never that you never have -- -- the first time yeah first time first time for a guy I enjoyed coming over here and the fact is that well. -- it was a -- Boston guy and just because I'm not a proven. So what. I don't worry about it you know what I regenerative I grew up in Dorchester and for didn't do it -- that was born in 1953. To say amateur player in the NHL. And a lot of brought -- -- of Primedia and it's not once and not twice but I've made it three times animated what does. When it made it realize my dream as a player. Realized my dream to come back. As a refereeing then I've made my dream come true again when I came back from my illness -- the fact is that. He win lose or draw I loved the game hockey life I think dead. Whether people agree with you disagree with -- -- could tell that I mean anyone it. Can't tell that as is completely mistaken but really appreciate your time Paul this -- spot. He is Sandra all right Paul Stewart former NHL player in a referee -- would you for another half hour here. And will be back after this break.

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