WEEI>On Demand>>Former referee Paul Stewart talks about his interactions with Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara (Part 3)

Former referee Paul Stewart talks about his interactions with Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara (Part 3)

Jun 16, 2013|

Stewart describes how the game has changed since his days in the NHL, and he shares his thoughts on how Zdeno Chara has developed over the years.

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John Ryder bag with the have to be joined by former NHL player and -- a long time Ralph Paul Stewart you really modern rough. Or or -- a modern -- that played the game in refereed began. Kevin McGuire who played which Ronald came to us. And stayed about two years -- and hand issues in and left the officiating ranks I was the only one lasted. Now on. My books coming out that's called you wanna go up up up up. Well it's the that's the certain invitation that one guide effect rallies that mean you wanna go. With me and it's also something my dad who was refereeing a coach and umpire. He succeeded me as mutes the kitchen it's going to be putts and he -- all. -- up to Dartmouth Mario. And I thought that. If people read my book it's. The invite to take a walk through my life if you would like to do that you can by the book when it comes out and -- I'm just finding this out now and even -- we were yeah I've got about eleven chapters done I'm working with a writer from the the Lawrence eagle Tribune whose name's Chris Smith. And he does baseball and hockey for them and years ago when I was the director of the Bruins foundation he was might in turn. And then he went off to. -- -- work at Saint Louis has baseball writer for a few years and covering hockey and when he came -- -- you know started talking about it than. I just think that there are some things that wanna say -- license held yet. There's sometimes a little bit and the other that that but I also think the -- things that people don't know. They should note my Regis Tony great story about Bobby -- of the year about a car. -- question my guts and he told me he was gonna have my job. I told them that to have my job he needed guts and without shall senseless Gene Kelly needed a lot if you didn't -- upon tomorrow. You have -- it has text -- says Allman brother at a news to cut your lawn and Hyannis Port. Was the autograph photo we gave monologue on his office -- -- that nice young fell let's get some phone calls here here's -- in Charleston on Bobby. I've done all of the well actually let's hear it from a graduation parties and -- -- -- click in. It's I was in the moment out with all in him so that won't happen child under skilled -- -- -- will pedestrian at best. While there were a lot of great hockey scores from child's arm in my -- My my father used to say can get the boy at a child's -- you'll never take Charlestown out now right. And there are no doubt I'll bet and I doubted that I would gladly -- he convert to catholicism in the analyst Silas met. Saint -- He took the certainly is enough on the truck and you reach -- in -- the guy's jacket Okinawa and all of them down on -- Anybody -- side picks or wherever. A lot of kids made talking. And I used to go over there for the Boys and Girls Club. And as well father coin with the CIC -- you know what can read a lot of people don't understand this I grow up and do it system. And and you know when I broke into the lever when I was a young boy in 67 saints might high school teammates on -- play in the NHL and they all laughed at me. Well I knew my ticket. Had to be using my physically out he might toughness and a lot of people used to say you know we've from a sit out for the toughest section -- In actuality you know between just how insulting -- -- system I I got a lot of practice with you guys from -- and operas and never -- you know not currently down not the room where. That's right and I'll take -- one kid who was a great. Where firm from Charlestown. Played from my dad an English guy played a new prep way to Boston College played a -- but would the Bruins was cute and Richie heart. -- wouldn't let him. Let let's hear it right out theory beautiful girl -- -- -- -- -- up -- and he he got me my son graduated from Marvin cap that. And the age it's a lot Joliet but he -- went to West Point to play the best market players that he's in each of them. Let you know well you guys. Such -- from competition in the mark still we're dumb. Come over here tonight I -- by the skating club and ice to play against the fit lose -- we would go to coney wild hockey school in the some. And we -- played out and -- them in the in the in the in the pro women of the -- cup football and hockey night Boston up in stormont. And you know what we know each other book blobby -- plated UNH and and and we were teammates in the summertime and Ronnie Wilson then and -- joining Harwood got a problem. A New -- marketability and Shula got how exactly can it might be -- -- to elaborate but. My friend Johnny all his sons would be you know yeah drives Zamboni he's from Charleston on he's ending a shy kid. Yeah and it's -- Let the stretch yeah I mean yeah the -- throughout the Kodak would yeah the only exit route short putt but it may now you know I. A draft choice -- and 71 Nixon semi -- let -- We'll go to. Iraq wrote a book all right thanks very much as for the called body a couple of blow text messages appear. One view while the -- -- ball. -- what do you think of the time out to clean the ice halfway through the period and it has its advantages and disadvantages what do you think we saw that last night. Well. You know the skater girls in Chicago worth having. And you know it's it's now become. Part of the accepted norm of of the game and especially because of the fact that. They used to museum bull needs and they do everything to monitor the dice and Dan Craig who was. Certainly famous for result -- games he's the ice guru. With with the NHL I think you know they're trying to take out -- Obviously of the game that aspect of bad -- that the park. Bounce and and snow he'll talk about that especially this timely years -- -- united I I don't have a problem that. And I think that necessarily you know it's a lot like the TV time out when they quoted again -- via third that 62 break. You know and they said bullets and it did cause the difference in the game because players liked LeMieux and pork and others got a chance to -- and double and triple shift. So it changed the game a little bit but on the flip side of it. The the weighted these players skate and the size of them in the arsenal that they created on the ice and all the rots in all of those different things. I think if they'd do it as a safety factor I don't have an issue -- what's what was your -- are what was your last year rough. In 2003 -- A different ten years now is it from men or -- always be seated from say the you know. On the state the early ninety's -- did mention the players the size of the players while progress of a kid named Chara. Who yeah ice is ice and off but I I pretty well when I was refereeing a lot of people would think our property do this but I used to help. Out on the ice at cinema you know you've made displayed do that. Did this you know because he built green he was plant from overdone in the -- over -- GO animal gotten in that -- -- they beat on him as yet. Not just. The islanders but he was up -- a lot of alive and he. He didn't develop with a lot of confidence and then all of a sudden he started to sprout and started to play the game as a safety. Way of playing he he he made the safe plays in the long plays and all of a sudden he started to become a lot like Larry Robinson in the way he makes masses. And he protects the puck what does -- NIC lots of development and -- So when you see a guy that big player in the game. Mean that really wasn't something that was normal no when I was playing when I was playing at 61 to ten. I was a big guy in Jack Carlson was 63 or -- was 61. 221 and in all we were big men but now. We're we're average size and yet the way that the games played guys like -- on can play the game. We're only as well anyways I didn't get around his smaller some of those bigger guys out well and and and the way that since October rate changed a bit of the the way the rules -- called. Of -- when you watch the playoffs peeps at -- salute to the old style. In all. That's another topic now. We went into the unknown its final two and after the break grow up against the break here's six point 77797937. John Ryder had to be joined by former. HL player like time refereeing as well Paul sort of feel free to give us a call. Again 6177797937. Plain text messages AT&T -- line 3793. Some back and have.

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