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Paul Stewart talks about his relationship with the Bruins (Part 2)

Jun 16, 2013|

Former player and referee Paul Stewart explains how he was always focused on the quality of the game and calling it like it is. He also shares his opinions on fighting in hockey.

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Maybe we'll wrap around the I know I'm gonna. As time runs tonight that's not what I want to home. Going to be disallowed big big play in a game of course with the -- Going to overtime yet again between the Bruins in the black ice but the Bruins prevailing John that are happy to be joined by Paul Stewart former NHL player and -- foods. A popular as well on the tax board. It -- it -- some people go on -- as well on you and anti Bruins yeah well you know it's funny because I worked. As a special assistant I was the director of the foundation for the Bruins. For 2003 to 2007. And a lot of people would think because I'd left there that. In on anti -- and and that's very contrary to the reality of of my life. I'm not anti Brian and I'm not. Throw Chicago my grandfather. Was a general manager and coach of Chicago in 1938 and wanna -- cup. But his original job in job after he got fired was as a refereeing in the NHL. The fact is that I've played. Played for -- Barack that was with the Rangers organization that was with Hartford play -- Edmonton at play in the American Hockey League and I would naturally be ticked off at any of the clubs that released -- paid me off and send me on their way but. I. Found my whole life I didn't care who won when I was an official who worked for the girls I was happy that they want. Now I don't work for the Bruins did in fact what I was working for the Bruins I was accused of being anti Bruin by Michael Carneal. Ended what actually went on the -- whiner line that I was doing and -- broadcast and job. Carey Fraser called only shot the first 35 seconds of the game with Montreal and I agreed with Fraser and of course. The Harvard grad who does the color for the Bruins close -- -- I think he went to night school there. He. I went to Harvard to I took the train from hash mark. At any rate. O'Connell said he called me up and told me that I could have been a Bruin and I could have jumped on the bandwagon and it could have been and you know the fact is that. -- -- -- Black white shirts and supposedly objective it's right or wrong and when you're doing television and Fred Cusick said this to me it was great friend of mine for years and years he can't liable what's. Being seen. It's seen and you know you can colored anyway you want and that's why the TV announcer for the Bruins. You know I find it amusing because the perfect foil for him of course is Berkeley because Berkeley. Sort of writes the the ship gets gets the facts correct it and Bob -- does the same ones on the radio. But the radio announcer -- but it played as good job and I think you know he had -- years in the minors and you know and he he does a good job so MI anti Bruins know. But I don't care who wins I like to see the game played well I'm a purist. In my life and hockey is like a pizza at once slices a -- At once slices of player at one slices broadcaster. And now I'm in management. And it worked for the game and my whole life and one of the things that Harrison undeniable. I think -- com and is that ultimately whether -- -- black and gold. As he does or we are back -- -- I was. The good of the game as -- -- comes forward and a great guy Tim Taylor who just passed away they they mentioned that his funeral. That he was for the good of the game and I think that anybody that thinks of interbrew and elect. I set up a million to probably upset -- you from here now what you know I don't I watched a walk and I watched gospel. Exporters and -- come here anymore. And he was as much a -- lazy and out of Tampa -- I know but you know there's been of a fallen out with him in the bronze and and you know it's it's just. It's a business when he gets NHL broader stance business telling me it's limiting and they write if you wanna give a called ball above Stanley Cup finals anything and -- I wanted to ask you while a couple things Michigan bank. You think that they should get another NHL team they're talking about him move in one of the teams. Absent that I agree yeah and the reason why they dropped the team there at the time. Was because of the fact that two of the building was small. Which is the same reason why they got out of Hartford the TV market wasn't that great in the economy took a tour. Badly and -- whole socialistic aspect of two back with the French and the English muted so that it -- -- uncomfortable spot for a lot of companies to have their headquarters so they moved out of Montreal moved out of the back. Actually that's why one of the reasons why a lot of what became such a strong and -- for interest. One of the businesses moved all across the river from home. Went from -- -- -- And a bill -- back aren't too two auto law which is in Ontario. And it's part of the reason why AO where the rink is an Ottawa it's expanded out. Cannot as -- vote -- fourteen miles outside of -- -- What do you think about I know you've gotten some flights in your averages to feel what do you think about fighting -- well. I I'm not a big feet and these staged fights where the guy's hoop more off the bench and started the period started the game yeah resume. To be upset with one another nobody's run another team me anything one outline and they just drop the gloves and go. Look at sometimes wonder rule would be warned that fighting. No I fought and people have set a ball realize a wannabe I was wannabe art I've fought him although. I fought a -- the only guy I didn't fight in the heyday of my career ms. Clark -- It wasn't because I was afraid of differences we just didn't end up biting each other but I fought or Reilly Jonathan Secord Cashman. Jack Carlson. -- marine I fought a lot of guys were pretty good fighter who is toughest that butch I'm a kid named LG games. Who Appleby Afro American was from long -- when he played for buffalo played for Toronto when he was tough. It was a tough tough -- Let's get to have few phone calls here here's mark in Providence and mark. Are you going gentlemen thanks for having me no problem. Any of these accusations. That are implications -- all -- being your. Are the ultimate pure -- nonsensical -- see him. We're real weak and unions I grew up or MacBook I would. -- -- -- -- Sort of formal let you know that you are are of great great -- career I saw you. Growing up. I have been means have burned but he -- good. And they all had character to them in the week because -- thinking this could make sense. To not yet or these rules. Implemented -- it at that and writers Rhett Reese and let them get the character of the team and let them at all. Well a lot of people thanks very much for the compliment and you'll -- he and I he was capped at Harvard boxing team. And we -- at a at a place called on the rocks at the cape which was that the Ashby circle and I was sitting in the front row and I used to work out Marvin Hagler and rise to work coach Joseph Frazier and a Mustapha Mohammed and lot of different guys have any -- or -- bill was light. But was he was lightweight ethnic end -- to work all those guys who was a Jimmy Fund night at on the rocks and the fighter that was supposed to fight in OC he. -- out so I'm sitting in the front row and they said that maybe he'll fight. And we ended up fighting and it's ironic because his brother was my roommate Tim she you notes to -- -- where plus alt. And end still holds records at the Beanpot. Now without with only a three year varsity career but because in most is the freshman could it varsity but dobbs. With regard to the the whole all. Aspect of of the officiating. You know they used to say about me -- he's he's colorful and he he wants to be the shell. And you know I was the furthest thing from the truth I wanted to let the players play. And a lot of times I would talk to players and in almost chastise them like older brother -- and I was a benevolent dictator I I had the chance and -- could've thrown out a lot of guys. I remember one night Mike Keenan who's actually -- Russian coach next year he stood there and he he. F balmy for about seven minutes and I finally as skater progress of -- Demetriou a fight -- you well. That I have to be left with Brett Hull and he's worse -- you -- -- you're staying. And just -- Besides I know you wanna get thrown out because. He used to coach in Chicago one and you want to. Probably -- get out to some favors right right at all twenty years of refereeing I gave four bench miners. And I think and and to work Ron Wilson who were not who that we played hockey togethers province guy that was great coach and and he was a great player of the united OCI -- guy in the other guy -- -- -- bench -- two was my roommate and teammate -- for a tour. From Needham and they just knew the right button there were too close to meaning -- -- went to push me off. The other guy I was primary who had a list when he kept seeing him all the -- was in in every time we did he spat -- -- and I skipped a step. -- It text your -- as I always imagine -- two -- early nice to know I was right. No I'm brusque and that's early on brusque. -- -- was -- united laws to hear about these diving penalties would you think about those well I think that you know I handled it. In a different way I had a guy named LeMieux the player from Montreal -- played for jurors Jeannie was famous for. In the elevator actor who's up -- resourceful pretend any earnings. Calls me of yet cloned mule and playing -- it's -- it's you know course reload it's not -- -- see you are -- clothed me. You -- was playing in Worcester. Yeah eyes at night and I was doing what color of growth for the sharks and I would -- sexy not a bad guy in his as Chris -- once that you know he's a guy that you hate. You -- To resign today yeah he was a big play -- probably like -- under the Jones well and at least partial I shop on the black -- knows exactly. Marshall always detailed to -- -- he's got a lot of things go on form including toughness and he's got a face only Monica loves leaking earlier. What went -- years of all looking forward you're seminar to try and work some EC AC games view it's my eleventh year officiating I'm only 22. -- having an open trial on June 20 ninth that I -- anybody that wants to come and go on line to. Officiating by Stewart dot com and you can sign up and basically if you can skate we'll teach at the rest he skate you have to be in shape. And I'd like to think that. What I am bringing to the game as far as officiating is that we're making the officials accountable. Making them physically fit. Were allowing them to use their judgment and their expertise were allowing them to use their personality. And basically when we go win and we talked to them in the same Knoll before I come down after -- game that they made a mistake. What we try to do is -- so that -- not do it twice and 34 times and in pretty well. It's working last year we had. A crew in the women's frozen four when he CAC and we had about two years ago. A crew in the frozen four and taking a book from our from our league and we had three teams in the top ten. So I think that we've taken officiating our commissioner Steve Bagwell will say this we've taken officiating off for the front burner. For EC AC. Made it something that people don't talk of well he's CAC pretty damn good season -- quinnipiac you know get a pretty good season and we're gonna see if you know if the teams can. And Ed to go back to that whole thing about whether -- like the Bruins are not AM a fan of the mall. -- -- -- A -- Europe tourist. Well well well roll on Paul B stick around till well right around 720 breaks if you have a question for him very opinionated always good stuff 6177797937. Because senator text messages tons of those up there at 37937.

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