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Former NHL player and referee Paul Stewart in studio with John Ryder (Part 1)

Jun 16, 2013|

Stewart joins Ryder to talk about his experience within the game of hockey. He breaks down the hockey culture overseas, life as an official and the Bruins’ Stanley Cup quest.

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John right back with the happy to be joined by again it's not at all and professional hockey Paul Stewart. Boston native who and played the NHL. Play in the WH a raft in the NHL for a lifetime. And continues to work and professional hockey right Paul. I'm the chairman of officiating for continental hockey league which was. The spot for all refugee additional players this year during the lockout but we've got to. Quite a league in Russia and Eastern Europe which was the former Soviet Communist bloc. And there's quite a bit of interest people wrong appreciated on this side of the pond exactly how much. The interest is an -- on the outside right you know it's funny is earlier were joking around about this Vladimir Putin's Bob Kraft story would via. With a Super Bowl ring but in we have people who. Asking if there was any Bruins. Now Russian -- like that of his it's on -- -- -- buds usually travel over there quite a bit right for the continental luckily it was. I was over I still have my responsibilities with EC AC argue for -- one women and men and it also him via -- commissioner of the private school week here. So I have a lot of games -- guys sign then we monitor of supervisors stuff here but. I've been to just about every city the only city in the cage all that I did not get to this year was Rica. Which is an animal -- Team but I was at the playoffs then had a chance to go to a virus can assure -- they've. Establish a team in Vladivostok and to give you an idea how big Russia is by is huge it's. Ten hours by air from Moscow. A lot of lost. Vladivostok as an hour from Tokyo I believe it out and -- I notice at such big land as the year. How different is the cage yell from the NHL. It's depth it's the depth injured while there -- a number of factors first the obvious factors that ranks. Are much smaller of some of them are plush. But as you mentioned Putin's wooten has really established. Himself as a person who it is putting pride in Russia and he's. Tapped into all of the people who are making it's the second. Greatest economy in the world at this point in time mainly due to their oil and gas. Deposits and all of the -- steel exploration. Four. War for oil and gas in their pipelines and all the things that are happening. Malkin -- from a town called -- needed -- scratches steel town and then. All of the tractors are built in children's which in World War II -- they built to somewhere around 7000 to 34 tanks. Tank town call so. They. Putin and Medvedev were at a game in the playoffs. And leaned over and said to me what do you think of this crowd it was 9500. Their capacity of five year old building. I said it's a great. Crowd very electric for the 9500. But the 101000 that are standing outside. They got a big screen and it was cold and all these people are watching the game and prudent leaned over and said well we'll just build a bigger build. Now isn't it -- EP because you travel over -- quite -- -- but -- -- not to in the whole economic thing but isn't a lot of real rich in real war. Is there much of middle class leader. Well. The fact is that. You see lots of Britain and cars and lots of new construction in the metro system if you'd have never written on the mattresses to Moscow. It's I believe the government unbelievable. It's unbelievable. And it's a vestige of oats down but the fact is the stations are beautiful and -- just expanding out I'd live to. Mare had a an apartment in a very nice area held by the university would be equivalent of living. Somewhere sale little west of of Boston college and taking the train in every day but to -- -- every three minutes. So while on him it's well right it's very organized their five. City's five franchises in Moscow other eighteen million people. In Moscow. So it's it's quite a place and then of course -- has a team which chair played and and think I played well in Switzerland yeah -- But -- they're going to put teams in Poland and eventually Medvedev it's poignant as president Medvedev planners to to try to. Emma I European and -- and while on jury can probably get done speaking of the current and HO what do you think about the Stanley Cup finals so well this is an exciting time for anyone who's a real Bostonians to. To be able to see what the Red Sox are doing and of course the patriots. You know signing Tebow and and although somewhat weak in it's been quite a week in of course. Who would've thought you think back to 67 on the cardiac kids in the Red Sox and then you think about what it's Bruins have done. Where their honest downer note and -- really. I'm happy for all the folks who I know well who work at TD garden and as far as I'm concerned. You know I really don't care who wins -- I am happy that my friends are working. Yeah Nokia and did your NHL referenced to as well what you think about be over tiger out of flaunt. Yeah see and hear. You're you're Thomas majors and stuff in terms of some of the current rules -- in the NHL too many men on the guys rule its image -- putts on man's mother things as well. Well I think it's so subjective and you know did. The real appreciation of the National Hockey League is that you. Really wouldn't give in to a position of authority such as an official or coach you should know the history of the league in it was a favorite player of -- at all. When the team would be change on the fly playing against Toronto that they would actually pushed the puck into the feed of the players who were leaving more coming onto the -- haven't hit the man. The rules some at that time was it would be too many men of if the pocket the more -- it was played by the and it's a natural reaction player jumps over the board secede apart to take it in golf. I'm I'm in favor I've. Actually been in the midst of rewriting the KHL rule book. And my feeling is that there should be a two meter which is a little bit over six feet. -- line around the benches and if your outside of that line you have six players that's too many -- But if you're inside your fifth and sixth player one exiting one. One entering one going in the soft or other come into the north door or vice Versa. You can let that -- and I think it because of it. It becomes such bogus penalty you know to win or lose a Stanley Cup on -- -- cup is is that is in the cage -- -- to lose a championship on what I call. A housekeeping penalties such as last night when they when they get the puck over the over the glass in the -- and talk about it you really wanna lose or win a hockey game or not Yahoo! right and while they were trying to judge well -- deflected or not in the retirement W also tell me as well that you just think it's it's too crowded on the bench is there's too many assistant -- -- -- there. You know it's it even goes down to USA hockey where they allowed so many coaches and so many trainers and so many parents and it's it's it's ridiculous and I can remember back when. Hockey and its golden age got one coach and Harvard had had Cooney while owner Cleary and NBC had stock scallions and and -- you had Jack Kelly and they had their foot up on the dasher and had walked out and -- touch the fell on the dock. Of you know the first person to have a -- coach -- assistant coach in this is an interesting point was in 1972. Was spread cheer. He was the first man to bring an assistant coach and Mike nick one. With the flyers and I think that you know it's now. We Sedin in the -- all so many too many men on the ice penalties. And their benches are longer and their ranks are bigger so it's harder to communicate. With with the players and the players were all filled with with testosterone in their jumping over the boards and some touch the way they go war. Students named Michael and the -- -- name might Michael job go and that's what's -- here's the -- is fast paced gains it is and they've got to. The Bruins have food and I've got Jarvis I've got a course Julian and I've got -- number rather different codes -- -- -- power play yeah I mean you know it's to the point now that. These -- have a coach just to coach the coaches. Now in in what about the puck. Leaving and in going over the boards as well that rule was put in. Initially to combat abroad. Pete Peters and of course just prior to him most Jerry achievers who used to serve up tennis in laden and -- it over the clouds. The problem with the rulers of the glasses and consistent all the way around the -- that's the first sector a ball. The ice is no matter consistent you've colder some cool weather cities such as disorder Edmonton -- preferred class -- in the -- ordered Dallas of some like that. Even Boston prices always a good. And you look at it and now we're into June. And the ice chips then you know. It should be a judgment call and as as pat said you know to Omar Bradley you know you gave me this army and you told me to me and let me command. Boy you gave me the whistle in the gave me this gates and he gave me the sweater and you want me to judge let me judge. I should be able to tell you whether the park was intentionally. Thrown over the last to leave the U Roger you know and I think that that's part of what we call field. And basically for those who don't know what the history of this rule started with. With Pete Peters and Jerry achievers but -- stall. Who's playing what the flyers and 8687. Start of fire in the park all over the place and his defense wasn't that good and he -- shooter over the clouds and that put the rule one and then. Bright Burke who wanted to eliminate the criticism of officials which is ridiculous. Said well -- the defenseman or forward shoots an outage of repellent to but it's only a penalty and two thirds of the wrecks -- a final four coming down. The ice and I Feyerick around the gloss and doesn't hit but was straight out not a penalty. -- offensively it's -- but in the neutral zone or in the defense of band. It's not appeal to me is a curious rule -- it's it's a rule as I've said before. Reactionary. It's it's a rule that doesn't have real strong. Sentiment to -- or. Reason to be it's and then in building it would be a house built to -- it. It's not strong. If you wanna give us call as well as John -- along with Paul stored of course ball played both in the NHL WHA played a lot of different stops and and -- the game for a long time. I know he did -- A Stanley Cup final now many North American revs. I have American -- or American rev -- or not North America there's been Canadian. Plenty of Canadians that it raft but. What playoff games of playoff hockey -- a different. Is it between a regular season game and playing it in -- figured as well. Well of course the so called experts -- Brea and and he Aaron all those guys you know they they sit there and -- like for instance last year in the playoffs from the Elway had -- hit from behind and had the players that are at the side boards -- in the winning ball and all of us you know they don't know the rules and pretty well. Most of the people who are calling the game don't know the rules are local TV announcer. Is so -- brewing that when he Nixon salt shaving them surprises as a black and gold all but he by the sync port. And I just seeing that it's it's something that the stress is never availed himself off and it's interesting because. Don cherry. Who is in all of a national hero in Canada. He's not really that familiar with the rules yet his partner. It is very familiar with rules he -- minor hockey so I think that that's one aspect. That the press is never done and I've never seen them at our training camps and I've never seen them in any -- symposiums and rules sessions and I think it's something that. That. You need to have before you start to try to interpret what's happening in the game caller describe what's up would you think about the goal that was disallowed well you know I know that -- -- the first ball that are free Wes McCauley his father was the fellow who hired me John McCauley. And god god rest his soul he died too too young and too early in 1989. West's. Worked my thousandth game with me. And I I have special affection for him he's he's a good official. As I do all four of the references selected to work in this in this series but I think that the the play that happened he EU is a little deeper in the corner and he lost sight of the park in the rule is if you decide to park you blow the whistle now -- moved. But I understand that his management. Is in fond of of the referees moving behind the net and I I. Wonder why. Because that's something that is more coaching in my estimation I think -- -- who has skates. Should be able to escaped wherever he needs this gate right to be able to see woody needs to seek. And as I've gone over and and tried to change the officiating in Russia. They they talked a ball rolled the IIHF -- -- we can't do this and we -- -- that and it's some federal guy and Switzerland that made this. This protocol up and I sit there and I listen to it or some idiot then. Colorado Springs is telling USA hockey officials don't skate behind them not that and you know what I went wherever I had to go to see what I need to Tennessee. And and it's it's like Star Trek go where no man has gone before let's get to where we need to be and who cares and who really does care. Where the ref -- stand. Because he just needs to be able whose -- appointment get a good I used to bump in the Gretzky all the time. Not just in in his restaurant and try and all but a kind of but in the quarters and ranks and I said to one night -- you hear what he used me for packed. He said no you're my ice you're in my open rice who was and I it was a -- and always -- open -- that wanted to be able report. Myself into position -- angle and seek. The left point and I concede the right front of the net. I tried to you know have my perfect vision sort of seek more of the ice and more of the surface via so. I think all of those things are. Are important and Wes got trapped a little bit in the corner he was little stationary when he did move he did get behind the net new waved and blew the whistle. And it reminds me of 86 I was sitting in the press box. -- got current IQ man and filled in my first game and the NHL Boston Garden Montreal playing and I disallowed. What would have been winning Bruin goal. Because I lost sight of the park the park was trapped. Behind Patrick wives actually free and clear but I couldn't see it and blew the whistle. Ray Bork said to me now put scorer wants to talk to you and I looked over and I saw a butch of these big veins stick out of his neck and I that's at nine and I'll talk to him later. Yeah trying to. Maybe not right now -- it's jarrah I would Paul Steward of former NHL player and rough if you wanna give Paul a call. 61777979. B 370 could text as well it -- 37937. Years ago Walter and Cory Walter. -- Walter how Mario are pretty brutal street yes yes and Walter. Is. Is a great guy I knew his family very well his father was. And rigs are -- official in the American football. And also. A good. College Hockey official worked many games with my -- Bernie and it will. Very nice and and and and quite a guy who's. Caddie master one of our best courses around here and I hope you're still doing that I at a semi settled -- get a working. So what he -- fortunately. Well it's good talking -- you. Won't keep up the good work thanks very much you. Thank you thanks Walter. Exterior says mr. Stewart is absolutely fascinating as a new fan. And as a new -- trying to acclimate themselves to begin another one says that a good dear Paula had a chance to meet him at Fenway it worked with -- sister Dolores in the suites I yes yes. Xia. Was working up from the suites. A while Barack and certainly love Gordon -- park. There are no question I here's Mike in Quincy -- might. Like US. -- Glad you a couple of -- well. -- is quick conversation. Regarding many an enemy and putting. Are -- oh in front of each player bench. And market the independent women and -- what can eat. William Ryan baker in the community what kind of hope that. Yeah I know what you mean but I think you have to. Go back to the aspect that I mentioned which is judgment you know you've got three penalties and and Brian Murphy who. Who a long time -- -- UNH. New Hampshire guy and I'm one of my closest friends in the officiating. World. You know as you said to me the other day we are talking about it. You know why I'm stuck I have to call because the final call what he had 101 time and get one on the other night. I understand what I think it's it's just a penalty that that the referee linesman should be -- field that they did you know there's the rule. Then there's the action but then there's the part that a lot of people don't understand which is what I used to plot was what was the result. What was the result of this action. Was there were certain advantage was there an advantage to date lose. A breakaway or did they gain a breakaway or did they impede the progress and so that's where I would say you know you've got to be able to make a decision based on. You feel your experience and you can't get to the National Hockey League without having refereed a couple of thousand games -- take your -- For me it was couple thousand telling minutes so I took my experience as a player and my experiences an official at a combined it to try to have feel. And understand. You know sometime boys will be boys some you know sometimes it's the new math you know. Yes and I totally -- what you would think he -- He definitely need more -- judgment. Where you might -- where -- putting it into a quick question mid Intel atom. Too many now and then they say they don't really have had children I mean it. No they don't. If -- if you know and I don't know what I'm not privy to what the director of hockey operations is telling. Is his officials and I'm not privy to what the -- -- in chief of the NHL as telling officials no he doesn't like. Officials moving around behind the -- witches. I think. -- -- That's my opinion. It's John Ryder relies side out Paul Stewart former longtime NHL -- four player as well if you have a question for all about Stanley Cup final matchup between these two teams anything any of the rules anything really hockey. Activists call 61777979370. Consensus text messaging AT&T tech slide at 37937. We'll be back after the break.

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