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Sports Sunday with Dale Arnold and DJ Bean -- Reaction and Analysis to Game 2 of the Bruins/Blackhawks (Hour 3)

Jun 16, 2013|

Dale and DJ - live from Chicago - break down the B's win Saturday night in Chicago. In hour 3, the guys discuss Claude's overall approach and strategy as well as how his legacy holds up amongst a group of great coaches in the history of Boston sports.

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Our number three sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI rob Bradford is not here today. He made DJ being stay in Chicago longer than he ever wanted to so that rob could go Gallup bent around the city of Baltimore. Sampling crab cakes and stuff like that but BJP as -- -- he says studio in Chicago stuck around. Took a little little later flight we'll get back here sometime tonight. And we're talking about needless to say a whole lot of Boston Bruins in Stanley Cup finals Bruins are now three games away. From a Stanley Cup championship or the ratio that I always like to talk about is thirteen and 313. Wins three to go. It is that sprint to the sixteen wins this Stanley Cup finals series is now best three out of five. And the Bruins have three of those five games on home ice starting tomorrow night. And by all you really realistically wanted to do DJ was take one of the two. There about a bounce away from heaven to -- it to you think of that Zdeno Chara shot in game one that got tipped by you our mayor Yarborough went off the inside of the post. And by the way I understand that you know it could have been the other way in the could be down 02. But the Bruins are remarkably close from coming out of Chicago with a two nothing -- Right -- I think the vote. When -- hosts after that that Toews wraparound. The myriad hosts. Knocked two I actually think yet to touch the puck but. He but he viewed rests pad that forced the puck to go in after the play who is was dead or whatever was it's it's based his. On the replays we didn't have audio so we -- note that we situation was at I I could sawed in and the -- did blah OK but when that. When the Blackhawks -- when the Bruins. Escaped one there. You have to think well with the scheme be. Had the Blackhawks taken a two nothing lead at that point because honestly dale I thought that game was over in the first period anyway when it was one -- nothing. Thought they were gonna an -- and back brick made the point last night he said you know how close we were missing Anton who'd opened last night. If Tuukka Rask doesn't make you know three or 45 remarkable saves in the first period. -- -- been thinking about wildwood down three nothing for an up and in the first let's get to got there and get who dove and. Right tries to to change and he it's anything that that they could. And yeah so. The Bruins could have been up two nothing. Have cleanup loan that bleed and I know we -- talking what the turn over which. We both agree is bad do you think you knew it was the it was worse than that I do. But I do think that was a turning point in that game because you -- that turned over doesn't become one goal game -- to one goal game anything can happen. You saw what happened last night where the Bruins who. By and large were the worst team. At least it in at least in regulation. End up winning that game so both teams come -- this. Happy to be split I guess the Bruins from them better -- memo because -- -- -- the more recent game but both teams. Can if they want to look at this the first two games at Chicago and say. Dammit we should -- both of them. Well the other part of this to be honest you think about you know Chicago the home team last line change all that stuff. Claude did a great job getting the match -- he wanted even on the road it's gonna be even easier for close to get the matchups that he wants now that they've got the next two games on home. It's right to and that's where you talked with -- and it does Zdeno -- factor again because. Look as far as matchups go. It's easy third for Julian to to get -- Chara out there against who who wants -- matter where he is because. -- is gonna play pretty much after the game so he's gonna be on the as one way here there the other. The Bruins now have the advantage of last changed. Interest you look at the series coming back to Boston. I highly doubt in cracked me if I'm wrong. -- we're gonna see it happened two years ago I don't think we're seeing 821 game tomorrow I don't think we're gonna see if for nothing game on Wednesday. This is gonna remain tight the whole way I honestly think that and look last night shouldn't have been as close is it was. It should have been 345. Nothing. Early on for Chicago but the Bruins found a way to keep a tight. Into you have Zdeno char and Tuukka Rask to to think for a lot of that. But I think it's gonna remain down a wire going forward I think Chicago is a very very good team certainly mentally stronger than Pittsburgh Penguins were. Bye -- I think I think by far the the toughest challenge the Bruins have been presented with. In this -- off here it's yet honestly and he reminded me game one reminded me of game one against the conduct because. Yet they play the conducts in the regular season that year in the beaten them into yacht did the Bruins played the penguins. In played a bunch of close games with them this year they hadn't seen the Blackhawks before in this was the challenge. Unlike any they had seen. And it's going back two years ago when they played that first game. Against conducts like I said they'd see them before the regular season they're one meeting and I wanna seats February late January some like that. And it's. Is seeing them in the playoffs in the -- the Stanley Cup finals. You can tell maybe it's just from the from it being that the cup finals and teams reason their games. But that was the toughest challenge they've faced and he knew that was gonna be their toughest opponent is really take a -- them to overcome that. I see the same thing with the Blackhawks. What will be the legacy for Claude Julian if the Bruins come up with three more wins he will of 12 Stanley Cup championship even though -- territory. And -- but having said all that I was. Repeatedly and I was amazed at how even after two World Series titles. Terry Francona in some quarters did not get the respect and love that I thought he desire. I would think that right now in -- You have to wait for Julian to win the second one if he's gonna win the second one if he does. I think. That in this modern era of of great Boston coaches. You have to go bella check Ben code. Then rivers in Francona you can decide from there but. Clouds ahead of both of them. Rivers obviously had some losing seasons because he was the guy -- there was there when they were in their rebuilding process and they heard they're kind of stock piling high draft picks and hoping to to make something of them in its. I mean. -- like I said two and three years that's Belichick territory. That gets him in to end the other seasons and that's the difference between Francona. There are between quote in Francona. And done into rivers. Is the other seasons clothes still been winning he's been getting into the playoffs he's gotten them to the what what is the -- six years he's been here. He's done them them to the playoffs every year. Francona couldn't say that rivers can't say that end if he is to get a second championship in three years he is clearly ahead of those two. And of course the the -- story in this for the side story this has worked as we're sitting here. Is the story that at the Boston Celtics in the -- peppers may in fact be working on a deal there arm. Conflicting reports here -- some say the deal is not dead and buried. There are others who think that that's all posturing. And that ultimately. Doc Rivers could be part of a trade which technically will be a trade for players. You know it will be -- Kevin Garnett for Eric Bledsoe and 21 round picks that sort of thing but part of the deal will allow Doc Rivers. To sign to be released from his contract here and signed with the LA clippers as their new head coach. And I think Doc Rivers has done a remarkable job as head coach here and yet all I've heard over the last a couple of days his act -- -- problems -- -- Gaveled this share. Boy those first round picks you'd be pretty sweet. With -- Doc Rivers coaching a team with Kevin Garnett and Chris Paul and whoever else he's gonna recruit because he's gonna get those guys just like he did. Once the once the the Celtics in in 2007. Once they got -- -- once they got Kevin Garnett you saw that they became that destination. Team where guys who were fringe starters in one to a championship. -- hosts. And and I'm sure there there's another guy were missing. Eddie House and since somebody else forgive me being in a 1000% hockey mode but this is where they want it to be. And it's. That's what's gonna happen in LA depending on what their cap situation looks like. So -- -- be some really awesome just super high first round picks that the Celtics will be dealing with so yeah abide by all means get those first round picks from from the clippers. I I will say this tonight we edited out a couple of days ago and I love Doc Rivers I I think he's done a great job here. I think he's the best interview all the coaches slash managers. Were on the radio he's must listen for me having said all that. This whole -- totally exhausted and has to go home and think about his future act at the end of every season. Why is he more exhausted in more tapped out. Then Claude Julian at the end of the bruins' season or Terry Francona at the end of the Red Sox season or Bill Belichick at the end of the patriots season. Or any other coach in any other league why why expert Doc Rivers does he put that much more into it. That he he just getting simple one foot in front of the other -- he sits at home by the pool for a month after the. Season ends I think realistically dale and I I sense some sarcasm -- odds on your part. I think realistically rivers just wants to assess what he has going forward in its. If this is the best situation form because he knows that if this is the best situation for him a better situation will present itself. He's the type of coach that if he's available. Teams will make room for Jimmy to -- though from from CSN had a great tweet last night who -- to a news. I can't wait to hear. I Jerry Kill week. To hear. Doc Rivers charm his way note of of like beat the awkward PR nightmare that this is going to be if he ends up staying here so something to that effect. Because at any -- -- that because he's got to be able to pull it off he keeps you will find a way to do that. And and I you know texture says the deal is dead well. I'll believe that when it finally is that I I think a lot of the stuff you get to the point where it's posturing. Where you know the LA clippers just don't want to give up Bledsoe or whoever. And and they say OK the deals that were out and then the next thing and other back the table I think it's going to be practically impossible for the clippers -- not land -- at this point. And I think it's going to be practically impossible for the Celtics to bring -- back at this point. Right I mean wool -- In getting back to a -- is talking about. Once this is kind of all out there in you know that's. I mean. Hell you know let me move what am I talking -- Matt -- To be a -- contributor this post season when it was known that the Bruins have all the treated him a total trade him they did a great deal was done. Yeah exactly and it's you know people can bounce back from that. This will be awkward but. Hell if if there's anyone with the personality. Who can who can be classy voted in and find a way to to get through it. It's Doc Rivers 6177797937. Kevin is in -- hey Kevin I don't. Doing great. Obviously very excited about the -- just -- great to get out there and as open -- Palmer course -- -- they're like hasn't become an argument about being up two nothing in the series. Just given it would be abysmal first -- replay about China Butler just. Domination -- with respect and on which is great on her leg I think quoted a great job. Just had a question -- and a couple comments I definitely I think it may slow the world -- quote automatically above Francona I think. Well Francona was very they're perhaps he had with her reps are the round was harder than what quote bearded and also. He was more complex if you have -- -- the second. I disagree the Red Sox in the ALCS a bright -- got -- got here. Ended they're playing they're playing in the league with no salary cap where they were able to go vote in at to a team that already had. Pedro Martinez David Ortiz who surprised everybody many -- Muir -- Jason Varitek. All these these unbelievable players like perennial all stars they were able to add to that Curt Schilling Keith folk without thinking twice about it. I I'm aware of you know what the Red Sox who -- on the team -- -- -- -- the -- are also I think that. You know a lot of -- you know it's a credit when you're in jail he has the year before. And you're absolutely blow it in that fashion and to have the guy you know rally. And come back in the next year overcome it probably the biggest. The biggest. In -- -- -- in sports history coming back 30 against the Yankees. And then turning it around and come back in 2007 not to mention comparison -- what we did so we dominated the World Series under Francona. And there you it would get something bit. It would. It wasn't we haven't won a cup since 1979. It was we have won championships in 1918 it would just. Such a bigger and it's so much more meaningful ND legends ball sports interactive don't think. There's favorite quote should he wandered back and wonder just automatically about frankly I think that speaks volumes to -- recorder didn't get the respect it and -- out. Well also it into this is to your point Francona also we we just named all the names are just a few of the names the those great Red Sox teams had a that's. Almost than a bigger challenges as a coach or manager is when you have that type of talent and you have those personalities and you have guys that are making that much money. To make it work. You saw it took a year two fer for the heat to figure it out. And it's -- -- that the penguins obviously have been done in the past but. Right now you look at bin -- -- yeah he was extended but he's got all the tell the world over there and they get swept in the Eastern Conference finals so. It's. Obviously you'd rather have the best players in the world on your team but. It's not necessarily a sure thing. So we give Francona credit there but still at the end of the day this is a league that has far more parity than Major League Baseball does there's a salary cap. And you give more credit to guys like Peter surely include Julian. Did you do to Theo Epstein and Terry Francona because. They're spending money in ways that they're forced to manage it creatively and be Smart in their old thinking other teams whereas. In baseball. It's just the different it's just that a different setup. 6177797937. Mics in Connecticut -- A good morning -- -- -- you got -- him. Thanks Alicia I absolutely despise this clippers deal. I don't think they were giving back anything. Worthy of AG all -- and got in return while I don't and I says I don't think you are right now and especially the younger one the new one that water on the seat burden on the other glory days. And they're worried about what happened in the nineties with the -- -- and going through that wall stretched. She'll -- that basketball but the only way it should happen in this game again it is -- -- Rondo. And just Jeff Green -- You know because people a lot of people -- -- not only did when he. There Reggie Lewis and that took out the eight. Chuckle a talent away from the Celtics transition from the eighty's and ninety's. About two guys that were potential all the papers base stopped what we on the court and they play. That's not gonna happen initial BC is going to be able bigotry. To get -- -- jordin -- fiction they're -- -- indeed and not. Quorum or rebuild we're not gonna change to get into waiting in the 2014. Draft. I'm sorry people -- not gonna happen we're still play -- without Kevin Garnett and Paul -- because of the four young how big guys we have to build around. It's just ridiculous rate -- And then after that -- forcing a lot of salary cap flexibility. And you start building and again because it -- it last year we got cheated. Of not having Rajon Rondo on the court and I happened here ultra in court it's -- all those guys were and each child in my need to make -- I guarantee. I know it's tough to move salary in this league and I don't think is the point your making but there is ways that they can get rid of brush our Rondo and -- Jeff -- without them having to die. But that -- sure that that's -- that's -- can avert another point to make but I do agree it. And I think that's what you're getting at that that did the directing this kind of threw me for a loop. Is that the UN in this league with superstars right so if you unload. Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers who's -- to see that the glue of this whole operation and KG mean it's the scene is this such a vocal leader vineyard down kind of you lose a lot of that's star power that you had -- unless you think that in Jordan in blood so you're getting back legitimate superstars. Then. You're not becoming a better team and I do agree that. Maybe the solution might be more to blow it up then to try to of keep mixing and matching and trying to it to do patchwork jobs to two win with this team right now. Techsters says. It's much more difficult to make the playoffs in baseball sub 500 teams make hockey playoffs both sub 500 teams don't make occupied house very often. I would agree with you that it's easier to make the playoffs in hockey. I would suggest it's much harder to win a championship in hockey than it is in baseball. Right I don't think that the told a Stanley Cup playoff run the -- are kind of the -- -- seven game series and all that stuff I think it's harder to win. Right that the kings are kind of the the exception of the the rule that yeah you can get into the playoffs easier than you can in other sports but if you're an eight seeds don't expect to go too far. The kings like like I said -- change that last year by doing what they were able to do but. Still at the end of the day I look at the jobs that -- Julian. In its Terry Francona had. And yeah I'm sure that a lot of it was mental and it's tough to overcome the fact that. You're coaching it you're managing a team that hasn't won since 1918 by the way and I thought he did a remarkable job right and he did in like I said and he's also deal with the fact that. He's dealing with this superstar club that Grady Little wasn't able -- to win with there wasn't able to win. As much as the city wanted to to. But at the end of the day. I feel like there's so much more parity in the NHL and it's so much tougher. If Claude Julien wins the Stanley Cup this year to be the first coach to win twice in the salary cap era. So. I mean. Yet of the premise we put forth here was if the Bruins want to win three more games if they win the Stanley Cup championship. How does where does that place loads legacy. And and I thought your point was valid that if he wins two championships and a three year span. It puts him at least where Francona is in your mind might push him past Francona in that regard. And and I thought that the greatest point you made in that regard was that baseball but the luxury tax implications and all that is still late non salary caps for. And the and the Red Sox were always one of the top 234. Payroll teams in all of. -- when they when they won that the most of Stanley Cup when they won the World Series in 2004. They were the highest salaried or whatever they had the highest payroll but any World Series team. Ever. That changed in 2007 when another team did it which was the Boston Red Sox both times the they won the World Series they had the highest. Payroll of any team. To ever win the World Series so I know that salary. Isn't everything but look they were paying for those for those World Series. 6177797937. -- telephone number eighteen -- text line -- 37937. By now you've heard of my -- dot com. My seat as the must have app for any sports fan whether -- park listening on the radio or watching from home get into the game with -- seat. When you download the free my -- -- you can pinpoint your seat location and out of your friends you can take photos and store those memories for life. You can even explore all the happenings around the park -- for the WEEI water boys and girls of the ball park this season and download the free my seat app. -- showing all the cool features you'll love it. Well we definitely. No oh era not survival mode there for a bit. We good looks like there more guys out there and we didn't know there -- -- Irish signal processing that and southern that. How a lot of jazz season you know we know we've just -- played. -- -- -- -- No there was news Canberra on down I -- -- great crew -- That's. All -- twice this week took -- has. Taken shots. Wolf first that was at port -- -- last night it was in his entire team I'm glad you're. -- I'm -- do you bring this up because. I don't know how you feel I have absolutely no issue whatsoever. With us too could taking shots at the Bruins in pointing note. If this bad thing happened it was not my fault everyone please know that years why I think it's okay. For the last however many years this guy's been sitting there and every time the Bruins have won a game Keisel since the -- Heard -- -- he got along very well with Tim Thomas there'd be big big along great but every time the Bruins did anything. He just like the rest of us because we are talking and we we heard everything. All we heard a vote was held Tim Thomas was standing on his head. And he was getting all the credit for everything and everything was Tim was because the Tim Thomas which. Tim Thomas was a great goaltender had he kept playing he maybe would have been a hall fame goaltender but when the Bruins win Neumann two good does good things. You're always hear about it because he doesn't pass the eye test given that like we said before. He isn't jumping around all over the place so. If he's always gonna get the credit he deserves. I don't have a problem with when they lose or when things that don't go right. That too could kind of puts it out there that you know just -- all the same page this was not my fault. -- -- -- 603 says c'mon admit you're wrong -- big boys. You went down the wrong that wrote in Red Sox Nation do what you we get back on the right road. Sorry. And I'm there is no bigger Terry Francona fan in these parts than die and and I am an unabashed Terry Francona -- The point that Vijay made and I'm gonna back him up on this one if Claude Julian. Wins the Stanley Cup this year if he wins two Stanley Cup championships in a three year period. BJ's point was that might go ahead Terry Francona in the rankings in these parts. My point would be the age you may be right on this but at the very least he'd be right there with him. If you even if your point is DT may be right on anything I don't know I should just go there then right now yeah than just to come come with a dark side. It is the crux of it is -- -- at 6177797937. Dogs in South Boston paid out. Asia that they don't -- your IQ and that. I'd just talk on media Doc Rivers being put it on the ice hockey go to -- -- -- It's. Not our eyes toward the ball out. -- a great luck with. Well fortunately today and I would -- game would he do that back out that's it. But Britain or. -- -- It's huge huge money at them because the thought that playoffs a -- but yet be. Full and -- torture. You don't capital Port Charlotte quite well. I don't really watch them which option play a part here is that that it that it appeared -- -- to. -- that. It is a lot harder to. Be able to beat people -- we beat ball. I was gonna say in I didn't want -- to get into it to that conversation but. Wouldn't she thinks that hockey coaches are more involved with the actual commission of a game then and a mayor enter. There are some. -- -- I don't hurt my little. I don't -- our. Politic the ball on the popular but -- says. But the -- and make. You know it's sort of a deal you know we're talking about a deal in air and from my point is -- state that basically. You know complete decision with doc that there could hate a guy got a million dollars. A year competent in OT. I mean -- looked at that might be all being stirred -- their weight. At all. But the -- -- the highest peak time he'd -- -- -- -- -- credentials who looked out something we should plot. But they're weak area technical but are not in Iraq I hope people that they're real patient practical art. Will not about the problem is -- signed -- -- the contract. -- you know who I'm. -- Don't know that year contract to go. If you take on the borrower manipulate. It. Celtic can benefit from it what you want at wildwood 88 -- -- routine out with a seven million dollar per game coaching the team it would. And I don't misunderstand my point I have no problem pursuing this deal and in fact if I looked at it as dispassionately as I could. This is probably a good move for Danny change although I'm not quite sure. I you've played both Bledsoe and Rajon Rondo with same time that's another discussion for another day at the right side right oracle and. And let me let me also ask you this if this team is rebuilding enemy draft picks are going to be a big part of that they be getting cold that from the clippers. Do you think that grow as -- right now I mean I'm sorry if there and Soria obviously they would get picks they don't get rid of rivers but. As they rebuild should they keep rivers drafted picks are gonna be part of that and guys who are in on this team yet. Are gonna be a part of that do you see him as still being in Boston -- six years from now when these guys are potentially entering their primes and I don't think any of us do right. So so I -- I would agree to your point then that. What what's that the value unless you're gonna keep trying to compete with this team. And keep KG keep Paul Pierce and keep all these guys can go forward one more time like they keep doing it's it's always that one last year of of making run -- I feel like that's the circumstances under which. You keep Doc Rivers it's not as big a loss if you're gonna be team that's rebuilding. Because when the Celtics were rebuilding before they move all those parts -- the ones they had stored up the -- they west's the Al Jefferson's. All those guys before they turn that into a veteran team. They were a bad team with the young guys with Doc Rivers do you wanna go back to being that because on the other side that you might be competitive but who's to say the definitely will be. You've got an injury do you need to put that in perspective. Which. And that kind of backed up earlier argument. I don't look we got -- that you know what might Bieber personality. I don't know all that well what I reject. I'll bet on the behind it out. Note that at the bottom up person out. But I I I like about what coaching wise that you quality the at the bottom you know -- championship. Not up here in the playoffs. Yeah I mean. I don't really hear much about personality aspect of it because let's be honest -- Julian is certainly probably a little a little better personalities and Belichick but isn't exactly. A light up the room kind of personality to begin with well I was gonna say if -- over -- those then -- -- when we go. -- -- -- -- So Isabella check so and and and Francona is gone anyways he adept with Caroline there but right the the bed but I mean out of those four because. I feel like years from now on we look back on these. On on the east teams. They'll be the four coaches unless I mean I'm not I'm not saying that John Ferrell can't win World Series with this this team but. I think when we look back on this kind of error of greatness those will be -- the names that we associate with with those titles bill bill checked. Claude -- Terry Francona and Doc Rivers didn't Claude -- actually. I I don't know what the perception of him personality wise is outside that. He's actually really funny guy and too much I wanted to get credit for I I think that everyone at some point in their life deserves. To witness an exchange between that include Julian and Kevin Walsh of Comcast sports net. Because they have maybe the funniest reporter of and he coached in a reporter I've ever seen it's hilarious. Yet is pretty funny actually -- and again I sort of set the personality stuff aside because I -- I understand that. You have to have the right personality for your team not necessarily the right personality for the fans -- the right personality or. For the media I mean Bill Belichick is not exactly that you know the greatest personality although people who know him. President personally dummies a wonderfully funny guy and also. Thing is his thing is he has no use for the media rate he sees no benefit in. Being helpful to the media at all. As a media member I think that kind of sucks but you understand why you know it's like I. I don't think that Bill Belichick is a bad person because he's not interested in helping the media they're plenty of other people who can. Yeah that doesn't really matter a text -- from the 50 wait says such sorry. It's a lot easier to win a Stanley Cup and World Series and I disagree with that by you'd think the physical pole winning a Stanley Cup championship. Maybe unmatched in any sport. Right into it mean in getting there is is so hard how many great coaches and great teams to do we see. Just just not even get there so getting there it is is tough enough. I I wrote a story before that the cup finals started where just talking to guys like Sagan. A vote the idea of when you make it to the Stanley Cup finals legitimately you have to think it's gonna be your last time there which is crazy because Sagan is 21 years old it's the second time being there. But look at how long younger -- without being. In the Stanley Cup finals -- years on some very good teams in its. Getting there is is just hard enough for Julian to potentially win two. In three years which again is a big gift because the series is tied to play against the best team in the NHL. That that would that would be highly impressive and unlike anything we've seen in the salary cap era of the NHL. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. This Saturday night the fight for the cup continues no matter what happens these next two games we know there is a game five. You can watch it no way -- never experienced before WEEI and WA AF present attack of the killer bees on a massive HD movie screen. It's this coming Saturday night supersize that the historic Wilbur theatre in Boston. Can be a part of the big loud fanatical crowd and a party spray with personalities. From ball WEEI and WA AF we'll have toppled bar. And a mammoth screen that approach every play right upping your face it's free to get in but to guarantee your admission you got a reserve your seats now WEEI dot com slash party. Or WA AF dot com slash party game five Boston Chicago see it's Saturday night. Super sized at the Wilbur theatre eighteen plus to get in doors open at seven. More info and your free tickets now at WEEI or WAA -- dot com. 6177797937. AT&T tax minus 37937. Dale Arnold here. BJP it is in Chicago headed back this afternoon Bruins and Blackhawks tied one win apiece. Game it's three and four at the TD garden tomorrow and Wednesday night both 8 o'clock starts by the way well. Technically I wanna hear something -- Theoretically it clock starts let's go back to call do you guys John it's on the truck funny John I don't. Good morning did not responded date DJ I don't know much about you -- up until it's you have to vote did you -- at the in a bulletin the last couple weeks and do a great job or you don't. Am not the father but thank you. Pick up until. Now -- -- ZJ don't worry about it better as the world is wont to do. And yeah you're very feasible or not that that's good so I consider. So it's all my knee out or is on I think the joke broken stick in in hockey are becoming a problem. I knew would you Jack. I can tell act -- I could tell it was Jack pop up going to check. But yeah Seattle -- -- role that you look at look at the opportunities that come from some these broken sticks the but was it the I wanna say whiz by tasted tasted it to host. That the -- broke up on a two on one that the the only reason that play was going that way it was because Seidenberg stick breaks as he's taking. I was like a real shot or something you just -- situations in which sticks should not break the break. A world of composite sticks. He was likely fight -- inside the Blue Line he just cranked down on the right snapping off. And that stick broke right -- a little -- -- would have been a -- -- not -- that whatever is an opportunity was was taken away just premier. Such that the rights point of that double that -- -- -- you know he did or automatically creates -- -- for a slash. You know I just think it's you know and -- the two pizzas -- I think the players themselves should look into you know. Well look it's a relief to make rules -- and like I just think it's becoming a problem with the game and that that would -- on the -- -- Like you know I think which should be able to do something about I don't know what you guys. Well here's thing it's tough because. It did this kind of a chicken egg situation as far as this the size of goalie pads and the U velocity with which players can now shoot the -- Thanks to -- the -- It right -- all the technology and no. One piece composite sticks being there I mean. It would be fun to. It goes the the L Maginnis -- -- of players start. Playing with just would stakes again but. You know you'd need the goalie pads to be smaller and -- needs to because it's. It's an advantage on one and it's an advantage on the other and goalies and players are kind of trying to one up one another so like I say it's the chicken egg situation. Information for John on the truck phone from a techsters pieces DJ is not a father. But he is close on six itself. 797937. -- -- up in Maine hate him I don't. Paid gentlemen I donated a great. All right you don't -- back to the discussions about coaches and everything. Something that -- is going in my head is that. Those are Doc Rivers goes and we played these were doing and or or two ago web. Apparently it was one blow me away with -- -- there. From winning another title and it Perkins didn't blow that money will be -- have been traded it would they be looking forward to. Well and you never know how -- -- played out but I'm with you on this when Tim I think that if Perkins had not gotten hit hurt that I think they would have won that title. Right into that I don't I don't know Danny age at all but I think one thing that we can say about him is he's very good at taking it. Kind of the nostalgia and the emotional part away from its so if you felt that. Was it the next season that. That they moved Perkins -- it if he felt that that was a great deal to make regardless of whether they are multiple time picture a two time champions are not -- or at least in that that new Big Three era. I'm sure you would have made the deal with -- that he thought it was the right one I don't think that. Having won with him would have changed his willingness to to make a deal with them. They are good at it one one those votes that a black are you talked about song you'll leading into you and what they are on the right. When Blackhawks come out they are playing huge it's. Stranglehold. Yeah greatest -- in my pocket all the history so I got to give credit for active that is. -- -- -- -- They got the the music in in Chicago is generally. Been good to be honest. I could yeah I could use a little more Chicago they'll play any Chicago with the games which. There it is. And can help out the I mean I could use more Chicago I could use more -- terror I could use more Terry Kath. More Robert -- Yet nothing gets you more pumped up and a great porn section almighty god the market analyst at the tower of power horn section -- am I'm sorry just than to a form. And all that he. Bullets I don't want them to play like if you leave me now over and finally got. I don't I don't want to play wishing you were here I want -- but that means feel stronger every day something like that even. Even the end of the end of what is it. What are there eighty songs with David Foster. If -- for oh and hard -- sorry at the end of that there's like a little minute of some other song fits that really rocks then they could play that. And now not to push it but let's fix what you would rather zulus in the news I know -- we have been a musical loggerheads today. 6177797937. -- in California. And -- Hey are you -- -- Gregory. And guys love here you know in Europe -- that's really basic and I have to have to figure out about it on air and -- I think even acutely and wind. I think our economy is just models I don't think close. Ahead in terms of comic figure but the -- because. -- -- to talk about the salary and everything back. Who they can't prevent yank. The -- -- who have won already I championship and spend some in the last chance. And it perpetually beaten down Red Sox are like eighty years great they had there's there's no. Sorry I mean if you put them clintons in the air with the Canadians. Canadian repeating down Europe here a year eight. Right but here's the thing in those years. It obviously 2004 far far more than 2007. The Red Sox is obstacle word was the Yankees as you said it there is that there's this other team. That's spending as much money as they are the Yankees were spending more. And that was the challenge rate the you're dealing with this team that has this huge salary. Like you are this huge payroll like Q and that's what they're doing. In the NHL business there in the NHL there's a cap floor. You have to spend -- pretty much the same amount that all these teams are playing so the Bruins are dealing with. Other teams every team in the NHL is at least spending something significant. So they're somewhat all on the same level money wise whereas that obviously isn't the case and it's good baseball. That the downside to that argument is that number of games to pick up my right 'cause yet opened here back -- -- If you have a blocked uncle you have an amazing goaltender. You -- chop them up because it -- back I have a lot and like Billy it's where. I'm like god and my job well -- and that was you can say Sheen that's just got -- followed by. So about an -- ball if you have one great -- like a favorite Martina you can only pitch once every three day. Right but I mean you can look at the -- consider that with anything though you could say if you have a slugger like many mayors or I mean two dozen or more properly you can say. If you have a closer you can close the door like -- -- did and obviously and in 2007 it was Jonathan Papelbon. You can make that argument that I know that goaltenders play a bigger role than than those guys do but. You deal with what you have in its. Terry Francona I would say it had a much stronger roster. In his championship years then the Bruins have in there. Stanley Cup run years not take anything away from the work of Peter surely is done because like I said he's dealing with the salary cap and -- to be creative. But the -- those Red Sox teams were absolutely loaded I will say this. Terry Francona had a much harder job a much taller task dealing with the the disparate personalities in the Red Sox clubhouse and and this is a generalization they're certainly good guys in the Red Sox clubhouse when they were winning. World Series championships but it's safe to say that the personalities -- deals with on a daily basis are easier to deal with -- in the people Francona had to had to work with -- every day. Right their their hockey players and that they're generally old very humble people. I look at Daniel -- a you -- the story with him could be that she was a first round pick who never became a superstar and I and all these things. And he is is happy. When he is to be contributing to that fourth line and dumber low lying whatever you wanna call it ends. It in baseball I mean. Does that does a first round pick that guy he's picked in the twenties. Is he no not necessarily content. But satisfied knowing that yeah I'm not gonna be getting all the -- I'm not gonna be getting all the credits people are can be buying my jerseys. But I know that the work that I'm putting into this team matters and it's gonna pay off for them. 6177797937. As telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. BJP is in Chicago -- our studios in Brighton will be here till about. 12451250. -- Sosa still -- time to get more of your calls and Iran Sports Radio WE yeah.

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