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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Dave O'Brien

Jun 16, 2013|

Dave O'Brien talked to John Farrell before the last game of the Baltimore series. The skipper said that the Sox have played tough through this stretch of long games.

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John thank you very much with the skipper John Ferrell the long week John nobody has to tell you though the extra inning games fourteen innings thirteen innings. Grinding games all through are you really looking for your group looking for to get home. I think we're looking forward to get on the field today and finishing up this road trip we've got a chance to go home the winning record against two teams that are chasing us. And this has been it's a tough week as you could describe with a number of extra inning games that the intensity the emotion. The competitiveness that has been played within each game and I think I couldn't be more problems -- with the way guys have. As you mentioned grinding through some things were were beat up a little bit physically obviously Mike Napoli is back in Boston giving me examined. Pete he's got a down day today he's the only guy in the big leagues and has played every single game this year. Part of the progression for Shane Victorino coming back in his. You know -- we've got a game day off two games they office in three and now a day off and then he should be ready to go for the double -- on Tuesday. Both guys -- you know that they fight not being in the lineup but still we we've got to a whole year to manage and keep guys through but. It's a testament to our bench Dave you look at what my car present and Jonny -- steps in yesterday a big -- a home run two hits and two runs scored so. I think it just speaks to the overall depth and talent we have on this club. Been a fun week a lot of -- think things have happened but have you seen a game end of that you have but there are many in like yesterday's game did. Well you've seen before you EC guy get thrown out trying to steal and a gamer or double off on the line drive but you know whether or not you know he you know it Casilla. Saw that ball and finding its way into the corner trying to score from first base but. It ended up being kind of routine fly ball out so makes -- wanted to lose track of the outs. And the way that game was unfolding you know him much credit to the Orioles they don't they don't give up they don't roll over -- they come back strong which they were doing yesterday but we get that. Game ending double play within half nine and a throwback to the first base so. A much needed win -- -- good -- for us teams they both of those teams that the Sox have played on this road swing Tampa Bay and Baltimore kind of mirror the Red Sox. And that when you're fighting over the game it's like two dogs over piece of meat nobody's gonna let go and now. And you know what everyone you know just kind of pays attention to what's going on their own clubhouse and and were. Were extremely pleased with the the character in the intensity in which we play with and the completeness to each game that we'll go through. Program two nights ago we were we were were tired and and it showed up only bounce back. With some good energy yesterday I thought the first inning might have been the key to the game with John Lackey shutting off that inning with only two runs allowed. And then my -- home run to tie it and we start to tack on some runs after that so. Just a good comeback win in yesterday's Morgan and the legend of Koji you we are continues to grow three punch outs another perfect inning for him he's amazing. Well he is he's got good stuff you know he trusts his stuff he can locate his fastball extremely well is a very good deception. We've seen he's been very good against left handed hitters and and much needed yesterday and really he was our most rested reliever he and Andrew Bailey to finish up that ball game but. You know the seven innings of John Lackey really set things up. He got better as the game went along but. You know -- been huge contributor of the bullpen and in most leverage spots tonight's -- comes in with a bases loaded and it only comes in and out of almost apologetic tone because likes our coach Jim put in a tight spot here and he throws threes but fingers to hardy. And you know gets out of the inning so he's been our outstanding forcible. Dustin Pedroia has been outstanding for you he's having an MVP caliber season but he's not a lineup today for the first time this season. He doesn't start he talk about the process that led to sitting PD today and Iglesias getting -- start its second. Well you know we -- dollars in and be the you know you can see in the in the look on his face the treatment he's getting daily to get prepared to play every day and he never wants to -- lineup but. We are getting that point that you know three or four days goes I peavy and we might be looking at something here to take advantage of tomorrow's off day. To give you two day listed to rest up a little bit only missing the one day he's the only player in the big leagues that has played every single game this year. And as much as we wanted to keep be in the flow of things this gets in three consecutive days. His first pro start at second base so we feel through all the early work that he's prepared ready to go second. Anything new on Mike Napoli back in Boston John. I know the he still undergoing further tests today so you know it it's a general illness situation that -- we're dealing with. Or that he's doing what. But until we get a more complete battery of tests and then hopefully we'll get some answers to you know what he's deal with and like -- said it's more general fatigue it's been. Some dizziness that he's been dealing with but there's not one thing specifically that. You know points and I think he did get hit in the head with a baseball a couple of days ago or you know about a five days ago but there's no symptoms of concussion with consultant doctor Collins -- in Pittsburgh. That's been ruled out so we're just trying to get to more. More specific and and maybe advanced information on the whole situation the off they'll -- -- time because obviously get a double header on Tuesday against Tampa Bay how much thought have you given to how your pitching is gonna look like obviously given a lot to that on Tuesday and then Wednesday. Well we've got to. Do brought will pitch one of the games on Tuesday Ryan Dempster will come back original fifth day and pitch on Wednesday Clay Buchholz and unavailable because of his inability to throw bullpen today in advance of the potential and starting on Tuesday. We've kind of -- you know in talking with -- and others internally do we have to get to Tuesday to understand work clay is. If he's unable to get to the mound it and throw bullpen by then were probably looking at the deal. I had to make another move so. The off day is needed and it in a number of ways position player wise bullpen wise starving you know rotation thing to regroup and gives a chance to catch your breath a little bit. But we're still with some moving parts here with the you know that the tentative situations with a number organize. Finally a Mercedes-Benz question of the day for John Ferrell and John and your big baseball fan aside from managing the Red Sox. And I'm sure you aside many times the Alex -- situation yesterday it. A wanna get your thoughts that as a guy who pitched as well it all your life. Is there any way to protect a Major League pitcher on the mound Spurs headwear or anything else that can protect that kind of thing from happening in its severity. You know they've I don't wanna be insensitive because Huey we've looked down in the Tampa twice this year weather's been JA happ. We're now Alex -- on that same mound and you know the first thoughts do come to months ago you had a better protect the guy but. You know -- certain things in sports I think are inherent. To the position and we'll be only sixty feet away you know you're you know you're a flash of and I hate to. To have a line drive come back -- have been hit a couple of times myself. You know I've seen some of the headgear that they've got already out of some of the prototypes they're cumbersome and their heavy. And Alitalia it would be. It would be it would take an awful lot to get used to if guys can get used to at all and person I'm not a fan of it. And maybe it's a little bit old school and not changing with the times but I just think that as you again there's some certain things that are inherent in this game and and that's one of them. Can be very dangerous game when you're that close John good like today here in Baltimore -- -- have a Father's Day is everybody. Our question with the manager was brought to you by Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz summer event his back. Visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealers for limited time lease and financing offers. On select Mercedes-Benz models on the web at MB USA dot com but hurry because just like summer these offers. Won't last John.

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