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Sports Sunday with Dale Arnold and DJ Bean -- It's Deadlocked at 1 Game a Piece, Breaking Down Game Two of the Stanley Cup Finals

Jun 16, 2013|

Dale is in Brighton while DJ is live from Chicago and the boys get the Fathers' Day edition of Sports Sunday rolling. It took another extra period of course, but the B's got the job done and achieved what they wanted to - a split in Chicago. Dale and DJ break it all down including how well the role players and 3rd line was, Claude's confidence in Seguin and Paille and the excellent play of Tuukka.

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All I can think of as I got up this morning. Operate very shortly. And headed into work with that dot Bradford isn't your way this thing down. I -- thank god we could just you know sit around and talk a little hockey and throwing some other stuff as the day goes on I have to admit -- -- Doc Rivers to the clippers thing fascinates me but. I have a feeling most of the folks are listening audience probably won't talk about one thing and that's the fact your Boston Bruins are now three wins away from Stanley Cup championship. BJ being who probably got even less sleep than I did is live in Chicago good morning DJ -- dale -- I may OK all things considered you know it's the sleeping whatever it's it's the playoffs was thought last night to watch our and I'll say this. I I sat on the post game show on -- and battling an hour and 45 minute post game show on -- last night. I said it at the end of the first period I would bet the mortgage I would never see overtime. And there we were -- -- tied 11 at the at the end of sixty minutes you know ice -- that. Next to. Match Helmand. On the on the road sometimes and I said to -- in in the first period it was just one nothing. -- -- talking about how how unpredictable things have been his policies as are not the brutal in this game. And there when the brewers are dominating in overtime was like god that the Blackhawks -- in this game after the Bruins stormed back and will learned no lessons throughout this whole thing. The brewers are very lucky to have gotten on that first period down one nothing in that. There are a lot of things that we're difference makers in that game obviously won't talk about the of the Kelly -- -- in line that was the difference maker but. I mean it at the end of the day you look at that first period in. How much the Blackhawks dominated the Bruins in the Bruins just absolutely. Came out dead they were lifeless and I ninety to Ford doesn't quite encapsulated doesn't in -- the attempted child it's not even shots on goal in a lot of times people. Look at teams and they say oh this team doesn't shoot enough that some necessarily true maybe did -- good shooting to taking a lot of shots but they're getting blocked or they're they're going wider whatever. The Blackhawks attempted. Policy 26. Of the first thirty shots of the game. That's that that's not a good look for the base side and looked him. -- the fact of the matter is to -- keep his team and opportunity act a kind of joked on the post game show last night. What exactly does Tuukka Rask have to do to get the army Jack. Right right. I think it's good -- -- that the dead -- Chris Kelly got it because lord knows he could use any sort of encouragement boost of -- and I hate and I love Chris Kelly and and I'm sure you do too. It if I picked a guy not named Rask I would pick -- who assists but on the first gold scored the game winner. You know what this going to be crazy coming for me you also consider that was that. One number in nineteen teller Sagan played great last busted his ass slot yes he and -- I mean that when you look at. You look at the first goal obviously he had the the primary helper on the on the game winner. But the first goal that whole that whole place starts with -- gone behind the net lifting guys stick there was there was sharp. To force -- turnover. However many shifts later he's making a creative play to try to force to turn over her try to steal the puck from Corey Crawford. He was as aggressive as we've seen in the NHL. Which to be fair isn't really saying much because he's non aggressive player. But that was the most aggressive we've seen him. In its man I think back tilted two years ago and at Tampa series. He scored in game one he had that crazy second period in game two. Kind of fell sleep later on the series and ended up being healthy scratch for game three of the that of the cup finals. But game three is making you could just tell he was so much more confident he was keeping the puck on his stick he's strong guys on of them. He was even taken some contact which we know is that is the last thing you wants to do so. As he performs better the confidence gets there you seem willing to do more than than he normally is. It's what he's not producing and when he's toward those -- that mean. He's capsule and lifeless so. That was very encouraging because. Throughout this post season I mean it. We had to start thinking that the chances of say you're making a big contribution. Or -- having a big impact on his policies and run we're small but I mean that's not the case. Let me do my -- to -- right off the bat and get it over with awesome my here's here's the bottom line at the end of the first period. Brick and -- sitting in the green room at NASA watching the game and I'm begging -- To please put Tyler Sagan in the army Yonkers spot along side crate -- -- -- there was nothing going on offensively. Switch it up made it looks like -- army doctor can't keep bop you've got to make the move now he did make the move wasn't the one that I called for. But it was the one that helped his team win the game. Right but he also made Yeltsin Mitterrand who first which was. Hit that that third line and was his third attempt at a third line last night obviously EU started. With the dog events have really Sagan line and then we tried was. First shifty he did what was it was Kelly. However lead and in high eight. And that's -- with -- really wanna faceoff opportunities for for the Blackhawks north is against the came lines so mean solid they had the easiest job in the world but. That but then from there -- he didn't go back to to the dog -- line. He he switched it up and went to -- to -- a Kelly and say yen and eight you can see why the -- to. Would make sense on paper I know some people called for him. I thought the -- had bigger fish to fry huts but the speed of high a and and say get together. It is big and like I said if there as aggressive as they were last night they can make things happen. There's no doubt that they're gonna keep that combination together for tomorrow night's game three and and the way they played why wouldn't you the thing that that makes it work and you know -- know so much more hockey than I do but he talked about this. While Kelly is not a a particularly fast guy he's great on defensive zone coverage terrific on face offs. And the speed of Sagan and high on his wings. Makes that a formidable line for Joel Quenneville to have to worry about and while the third line match up was dominated by the Blackhawks in game one. The reconfigured third line matchup for the Bruins ended up dominating the game the other direction for Boston last night. Right into it. If if they're opportunistic dad that's what's gonna happen. And in -- I mean you look at both of those goals too good plays were also made by the Blue Line and mean you look at how this series is his shaken out thus far. The Blackhawks who scored what five goals. Four of them have come with a bottom six line are of a bottom. Yeah about six line. On. On the ice. The -- do you and was also scored with with one of the Blackhawks bottom two lines out there. Contributions need to be made as far as secondary scoring goes by the Bruins to kind of counter with the Blackhawks have been able to do because for all this talk of of the Blackhawks are scoring more now than did the penguins did. We were talking all about how the Bruins shut down Sidney Crosby and of -- mall -- and -- again line all these top six guys. How many Eagles the Blackhawks after their top 61. Yes so this. Secondary scoring is a more important part of this series the may be timid we thought I was saying earlier people were calling for -- blinded to limo with I figured the -- that bigger fish to -- bit. Between secondary story to be import in the series not just it's not just scoring but preventing it so -- governments can break even against those guys -- the Milliken pretty good because you're not gonna keep that -- to unquiet. Occasionally -- Shots on goal did not tell you in the overtime how dominant the Bruins -- I think they ended up outshooting Chicago eight to five in the overtime. That doesn't mean begin to tell you how one sided overtime was in favor of the Bruins. Read -- news pretty much it was pretty much. The the opposite of what we'd seen in the first period which was. One team was spending a lot of time down the other. Teams and in the other team really just didn't have the puck much didn't get too much time in India offensive zone didn't get -- quality looks. Did the the Blackhawks they at least were able to get some some shots on net. But but they weren't they weren't greedy chances voice which you're seeing from the Bruins. I thought that the Bruins again where the physical aggressors and it's funny because early on they were hitting everything that moved in your thinking well they don't have the pox that grass is hit -- and you think it's kind of it -- it's kind of fools gold. And yet I I truly do believe DJ you saw the physical -- take its call take its toll on the Blackhawks as the game went on. Those hits in the first period where they were doing more chase and then they were anything else I thought added up as the as the evening went on. Yeah I mean may be -- did not my thing my thing is I I will never look at the hits that. I made the mistake appearing added after the first period. And yeah it's what what did that the Bruins have slowly 21 hits and -- as much as I discount that's that because as you were saying. If you have a lot of hits just means he didn't have the puck so the UQ normally you don't come out of a game happy that you. Oh you like drastically noted the other team. But 21 the first period even for a team that didn't have the puck at all is a lot so. I mean they're making the best of a bad situation and I hate to use a cliche like imposing their will but that's -- the Bruins have to do T even keep themselves active as the as they try to where another team down well. And yet and and and while I would generally agree with -- let me also add this though. Milan -- I'm not even chirpy ended up with a shot on goal in the game and he dominated when he was on the ice because of his physical life. Right you'll he had been held early on you -- with the shots on goal. Did the Bruins didn't get -- shots on goal from. From their top guys is that you are very yarder was -- first period and dale I agree with you that that he was sleep walking early on and didn't. I'd I didn't think Sagan down -- play particularly well in the first period but I also thought why not just -- up on the on on the top six in place the -- to. To get somebody you can at least move out there Yahoo! was the only guy in the top six the shot on goal though. He also despite the fact it and robbery just lit him up you were at the arena and probably couldn't hear people I don't have a I was seeing on Twitter and if what whenever I treated some that a vote younger whatever the people who -- say that to Melbourne was killing them. He wisely let him up pretty badly at -- and you know the way Mike is he he wears his heart on his sleeve right at a -- And yet despite the lack of Sweden and we all know that that was part of -- package coming in despite the age. He was a key part of the way the Bruins played and I'll tell you what. He had as good scoring chances anybody else had most top six declined that post in the OT and -- McConnell looked to the heavens and said that words. But -- army yarder was not awful last night. Nellie wasn't. You talked about that that opportunity. He had I don't know if I don't know how I'll plug in the -- that you -- you've been since then dale but. That. That went viral very quickly the animated gifts of of his reaction which which is hilarious and we we talked a vote. We talked about the sky being snake bitten radius no goals this post season poll we say in last week this guy can still contribute even if he isn't scoring. That's that's been kind of the narrative with -- in this post season. But I haven't found that to be the case with them I have found -- to be the case with younger. I like the way he's played even when he hasn't been able to give you that the points that you necessarily would want. And and I got to say this as bad as the power play has been for both teams at least he gives you some semblance of a puck movement on the power play and also say this. I'm OK today in a chart doesn't play the point on the power play in fact. I would my first power play unit wouldn't hazard you know -- on it it would have to recruit gone. As yet and it's been my my thing with with with a power play. Is I know that they tried this couple years ago in the in the Vancouver series. If you have other guys who are capable of making plays from the point because look brought to score a lot of goals from their defenseman this year third this this post season. It's -- like they've all been on rockets they didn't take her wrist shots that infighting lanes and they've actually been trying to generate quality chances. If you have a guy like Chara out there who you can put in front of the net every now and then just try it. I just that and and I and I know that's that's a different conversation and it's -- everyone's -- vote forever but I mean. Partly -- going to be so hard to come by in this series who have the Bruins they have one power play goal the last two series in its fortunately for them there at the Blackhawks. It's gonna say it doesn't matter right -- getting wins the Stanley Cup championships gonna have an awful power play. -- be the third year in a row but the Stanley Cup champion has a horrendous power play Bruins two years ago. Kings last year had a terrible power play whichever of these two teams when the cup is gonna have bad power play as well yeah I could actually had an -- sting. Answer to where I forget who asked that somebody asked him. A vote just exactly that that they were terrible on the power play two years ago although. If they are called correctly they actually kind of. And woke up a bit against the conducts and started scoring some power play goals remember recchi had one and in and the kings Lester didn't -- -- power play in use use -- to vote. What does it -- of votes special teams or whatever that you can make it -- that you can win a Stanley Cup without power play. And basically what he said is if your team with the middle of the -- power play. Like the Bruins are the Blackhawks. As you go into the playoffs is you get further and further. There is. More tape review there's more adjustments that can be made in the deeper you get into a series against the team the better they know you would typically. As series go on you'll see less power play goals being scored because. Teams especially if -- Good defensively like put the Bruins are Blackhawks can adjust and that's more of an advantage for them than it is for for a power play so that's doing -- explanation for that whatever the explanation is. The the proof is in the putting you do not need a good power play to win the Stanley Cup. It is an exciting it isn't flashy sometimes it's boring it's maddening when you -- team goes. Two minutes without getting set up in the offensive zone. You think man thought five on five you would think that within a two minutes Ted. A team would be able to to get something going up in the offensive zone but we've seen from both of these teams they've had power plays a time where they -- nothing going on. We got a lot to talk about will do would you guys at 6177797937. The AT&T text line it's always available to me at 37937. I have a feeling Bruins fans are getting more and more excited the key statistic here is thirteen and three. Thirteen wins down three to go -- one win a Stanley Cup championship that. That trek to sixteen wins they'll want to remind you that this coming Saturday night we know now no matter what there will be a game five no matter what happens here in Boston in games three and four. This Saturday night the fight for the cup continues and you can watch game five in a way you've never experienced before. WEEI and our sister station WA AF percent -- attack of the killer bees. On a massive H -- will be screen it's Saturday night's super -- at the historic Wilbur theatre in Boston can be part of the big -- -- fanatical crowd. And party -- with personalities from ball WEEI and WA AF. A full bar and a mammoth screen that'll put every playwright upping your face it's free ticket and but to guarantee you're admission reserved seats now -- WEEI dot com slash party. Or WA AF dot com slash party. Game five Boston Chicago see it's Saturday night's super sized at the Wilbur theatre eighteen plus to get in doors open at seven. It more info and your free tickets now at WEEI RW AA app dot com. I think -- first period were onerous. We got to try to speed it and you don't recognize so -- always -- and we want some rubber pucks -- -- And then continued. Good physical. You don't -- about establishing. Our system plus two periods and into overtime. Two about. Daniel IA at the game winning goal scorer in sudden death overtime Bruins beat the Blackhawks total one last night. Even the best of seven series one win apiece here's the bottom line it is now my best three out of five and your Boston Bruins have home ice advantage they -- back here. Ought to play games three and four tomorrow and Wednesday. Part of this that I don't -- been played up there may be quite enough yet DJ. The Chicago Blackhawks have now played three games in the last week. All three of -- overtime they have played a total of 97. Minutes of all work time which means another game and a half. Out of just overtime like forget about the three games in regulation. They played another game and a half of overtime. If the Wear and tear is going to be tougher on the Blackhawks I especially with the short turn around for tomorrow night's. Which is funny to to think dale because -- when you look at these teams in use you try to figure which one's better suited to bounce back from. From a game like that he would be the Blackhawks as you noted they're generally a faster team but. This has been as he said three in a row now for further these guys in its. -- -- yes that Crawford played well and everything and but you you have guys like joint Cain whose legs don't think will ever be an issue for him Toews I don't think double. That double play them but I mean -- Let me just ask one quick question because I've probably don't know -- Saturday night TV listings as much as -- -- What is NBC have on. On Saturday night that they have to protect. Because the game last night was on NBC sports as everybody knows it was not on NBC. The local ratings are out. NBC sports in Boston did at 225. Which is unbelievable for NBC sports nowhere near what game one was which was on NBC. In Chicago the game get a 156. And what's really funny about all of that. Is that there were reports out of Chicago the for a long time last night Comcast beat the cable outlet. Was having issues -- BC sports -- couldn't get the HD signal. For a while they did have anything and they were on standard -- only so they have problems to begin with which probably hurt that Chicago number. The heck is NBC try to protect on a Saturday night which -- run -- -- so essential. That they not lose. Or was it just that they were afraid that overtime would cut into Saturday Night Live and that's why we had a bumper to NBC sports. -- that the Sarah -- season's over so every run -- right so so it if there even showing it that would that would be over. I think what paid more to show was one of those. Those infomercials for like a time life. -- album of flight to the greatest. -- power ballads of the of the eighties or whatever because that's what's typically on that time. I'd just I I I don't understand much of what. The National Hockey League does from immediate perspective. The but I certainly. Don't understand why the game was not on NBC which would have been you know much more accessible through the entire country. Look at the numbers in game one the TV numbers I'm talking about when the game was on NBC now and my understanding is tomorrow -- on NBC sports as well. It's not until Wednesday's game that it's back on NBC. I guess they have to protect the voice tomorrow. But I I I couldn't figure out what they were trying to protect with last night's schedule I didn't get a little social they're banking on people being bigger fans of team Adam then neither of these two teams. We've set all and now now a couple of techsters have brought up a an interest in what I hadn't thought about this as you know we're watching hockey. The US open was still on past 8 o'clock on NBC. So that's what their concern was evidently. Overlap from the US open and as I said what they're concerned about tomorrow night is the voice it's a two night season finale for the voice of their protecting that. So I guess we have our answer why it was on NBC sports. But what they did was cost themselves -- hold onto viewers I think. And I know that did the years sing off -- like I was I've never seen the voice -- you might act -- a big Blake Shelton that. OK yeah he's very good I cyclic -- so I saw him him years ago when he was -- excellent. -- I'm I'm a big fan and haven't seen him yet but which like let's get to the -- that you guys 6177797937. As the telephone number. -- AT&T -- I thank you guys for giving us an answer that makes sense to me. Is always available let -- available 337937. I'll get right to see which guys wanna talk about somehow I think hockey might come up DJ being from WEEI dot com is still in Chicago in fact when I didn't let him come home. He's gonna stay there until next Saturday for game five that would just safe travel expenses that way I've talked to rob about it it's it's a little concerned about the -- there how many buses as it. Does it take how many times -- to change buses on your way back. From Chicago. Zero -- The only although. I am going note of of of midway so I've I've got a -- the a forty minute two hour commute to the airport somehow after this so without federally fund to figure out -- Let's get to it marks on the cell Europe first on sports Sunday. Good morning mark. So you know I'll put it into going there and the game and a ticket to watch it and that the only thing that. I'm so confused about is. The target. The big guy. So looking to show any creativity. ITT's. There are a lot around and write a little better -- into the game one. But the other Bruins got very little depth in center but is there anyone else beside him. Well it's great question and and it'll be an interesting decision for -- for tomorrow night you not to take jump or not the line at Nordegren wants to. You're not gonna take Chris Beverly out of the lineup because of his penalty killing. And face off abilities. I I I have a real question about whether Casper is documents makes the cut for tomorrow night now your only -- -- -- three options. You have Jordan -- you have one auction over -- I don't know who sat her dog and the dog wins left going. Oh yeah but -- -- to getting back to -- was saying. I think you of one option at the deaths occur on here's the thing though. This Bruins team like it or not is a three line team. And this is this is a club that his her as a -- -- four lines Julian is. Been criticized for whatever reason for for doing so even though he's had the best fourth line -- for really the last three years. This team right now without Gregory Campbell. And with the ineffectiveness of rich -- as you said dale outside of the fact that he wins faceoff -- -- told he's very well. That's someone in the media who who chose not to to -- it's all just say that someone said last night and I was dying laughing. That if they could find a way for rich have really to just take a faceoff and then airlift him off the -- stack -- all right guys and then the Bruins would be a business but. I mean. As I said before this team right now has three lines and got two Chileans -- a play you saw how little Shawn Thornton played. In that game last night I don't know how many shifts yet in the third period -- three in the first three in the second you someplace very little in overtime in game one. Without Gregory Campbell they don't have them rely and they don't have that depth they had before in big Alex Shawn Thornton missed is boat didn't Casper is dog and two. I mean that third line that original third line which which was brutal was on the ice for that. For that sharp goal -- dog -- actually made a save I think. On that does scramble in front before they scored but it looked like a fire -- -- right exactly exactly keep people all over the place so. I mean I I would be surprised -- documents comes out look I wanna put drawn in their before Doug wins anyway but I mean I I clearly think. More of Jordan around the the Bruins do. We should also point out that this in no way indicates and they're they're two guys who kind of epitomize this for me. I'm Doug Hamilton. And Carl Soderbergh in this is in no way an indication of the fact that the Bruins have soured on both of these guys. They think Doug Hamilton is going to be a very very good -- NHL defenseman for a long time to come. And they have a lot of faith that Karl Soderbergh is going to be a very good NHL player for a long time to come. They just think the Stanley Cup finals is a tough position to football those guys in and I know they've done it with Torre proved. Who's older and little more experience than Hamilton by the way but even he. Finds his minutes limited so much but but those two guys it's a tough situation to drop them into. Right exactly you you'd you can learn on the fly you. And other times you know like not not when the Stanley Cup is online and that's why I was really institute CEO Julian would go about addressing recruit situation. After. He has a bad turn over which really. Wasn't that bad when you consider how was horrible we know no -- -- it was horrible we had we had the too many men conversation last week. Nice talking a marsh and after. Around one of the off days. And he could just about that that turn over because. That's why he doesn't go up the boards because younger is getting off the -- in the midst of kind of a bad line change. In this kid a rookie then you've got to eat it you can't write a cross ice pass from your defensive man. Right there he'd look look the -- the result was terrible and within days to -- said. It was a terrible turn over. But it's not like he was just doing it because he thought -- I think I think this is the best play to make. He of a rookie is actually thinking a boat the possibility of too many -- -- too many men on the ice penalty. As he's out there as lawyer Marcia about it he said the other guys that they can devoted to which just happens so often and they don't know how to put their finger on it. There was twelve seconds in the second overtime. To that -- -- in game one where the Blackhawks had six guys in the -- didn't get called. And it's -- -- I don't see why because they were afraid that -- called twice that you write or call the third time brightly in that in that same conversation. With Marcia and I brought it up to my said. Is the kind of funny that. You're getting all these two the both teams are getting all these too many men on the ice penalties with puck sitting skates and just kind of close calls from the rest. And that happens and that doesn't get called and he said that there was a stretch for about twelve seconds in the Bruins and we're -- -- -- it was out there is the sixth guy. They didn't realize that he wasn't supposed to be out there are so that was getting called this too many men on the if this thing is actually an issue and getting back to -- world for. That's -- forces tore recruit to rate debt terrible play and when he makes it I'm wondering with how -- Julian is with what his reputation is with younger players. A not trusting them. Of not wanting them to be the reason things go home the things don't go on the post season. I wondered if they would take -- -- lineup and put a safer guy like Matt -- in their I think he was wise to leave crew -- Because you're talking with power play and yet find that neither teams -- neither team will score. They'll both of these teams have been one goal games have been subtle and overtime so any eagle can be the difference. If the Bruins scored two goals. On the power play this this series they've already scored one that Patrice Bergeron goal if they scored -- to say the Blackhawks none. That could be the difference between winning the Stanley Cup in losing it but it -- Also safe to say that that Claude Julian reputation putting a Mike quotation fingers here. We put the -- to that some time ago a -- group says that when he arrives from Providence close calls them into the office in the first words he says are. Don't be afraid to make a mistake play your game play the way you play. And then he kept rolling him out there and beat he has that awful turn over in game one. He didn't cost -- the game but he had an awful turn over didn't play had a couple of other turnovers as well. -- went right back to them not only did he go back to home last night he would back Tillman. Game one right it was a it was and even early on dale knew we could tell in game one that it was kind of adventure time with -- crew can ends. You know just dismissing passes that turned the puck over. An easy plays that he normally makes he wasn't making and it was the first time we've really seen him look rattled. As you said. Julian benches in the rest of the way in the third period after that turn over which is what. Something like twelve minutes and then it came back -- and then halfway through the first -- overtime period you're thinking. Our club that you'd you'd need to its overtime guys are getting tired need to put some you needed to use this -- sometime. And you went back to him. And really crew was actually good in overtime -- -- -- bodied into the game in the second overtime where he came in the other dot let that big slap it out I'll. -- -- -- It's it's funny it's seem to got better as the overtimes went on to the point where in the third overtime you're thinking. All right it took awhile but he's kind of -- his bearings in that game. And then he's left in no man's land to defend two guys -- need the score the big game winner on the play that obviously isn't his fault. But yet he comes back to them in game two and it's. Look crew -- -- -- score four goals in the five game span again maybe next year may -- ever who knows but. He's an important part of trying to get something out of that power play in yet you can get away with assuming. Don't play maybe one regulation game this this series and we have no proof of that. If you get away with playing in sixteen minutes -- and really just kind of having -- their -- is offensive creativity. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line. 37937. DJ being from WEEI dot com is still in Chicago we might let him come home later on today am rupture of that. -- -- with rob I'm here at our studios in Brighton we'll get right back to the call to review in just a couple of minutes Sports Radio W media. Just because she's not doesn't she herself as a goal scorer doesn't mean he has a continue to have a -- change. He and his son his stats and there's no doubt that bothers him -- tend not to -- or is always gonna stop him from coming and every game and giving an effort sometimes -- -- whether you like it or not will weigh on you and when you get and I'd like that is certainly. It takes a lot of weight off you're off your shoulders and then hopefully creates amass some positive thinking and some other event energy moving forward and an idea and that line -- stay -- by that are easy. Were really good press felt comfortable enough cinema against us. Second line when back when I had no choice and didn't mind having to -- brutally mugged there. What Julian dropped a post game pie IC. I love that Bruins beat the Chicago Blackhawks -- one just one overtime last night. The first two games of the Stanley Cup finals have been overtime thrillers. And now they're back to Boston for games three and four Wednesday and Thursday. I don't know all the details I can tell you that that big parking lot what is normally the players' parking lot the front of the building. They have a big and best thing going on there as part of the whole festivities I assume they did something similar to that Chicago is well BJ. I actually don't know because I've through your -- is -- working no like right now I will as you rescind that I was like. Boy I hope he does and asked me if the Blackhawks have been doing that that an outsider -- the path because I've been inside so Robb's not listening into the -- and have to keep doing that I think the and I think the fans at the garden just never left from their send off than they've just been standing there waiting from the comeback. Back to the calls go at 6177797937. Knicks up in Maine hey nick I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everyone loves to dirty goal board that's all you get it to dangerous proposition after a lot of our. We don't have a sniper it's supposed to be they -- but it's not I can't believe I'm gonna say that but I think I mean it's Michael Ryder. -- -- Now a -- that that's fair enough I thought I thought. I was afraid of where you're going with that I thought you're gonna say that. You need to stand -- you need whomever because as we're taught him a power plays before in -- you don't need power play to win the Stanley Cup. You do not need. IE. Quote on quote soft thirty to forty goal scorer on your top six in order to win a Stanley Cup. Be -- to keep in mind here nick is that the Bruins I think they're the second highest scoring team in the playoffs. This year I think the only team that has scored more per game as Pittsburgh and their done. The Bruins are actually a pretty good scoring team in the playoffs this year this time a year especially when you get to the finals -- come at a premium and you know games are going to be tight. Did when you talk about missing a guy like Michael Ryder and this is more fair to your point. Michael Ryder was on the third line so while you had David -- -- Nathan Horton dominating two years ago. And right now so you have again you have -- -- Horton having enormous. Post seasons. I've -- the stats site of the -- is still leading the pack I think cordon still second to. In in points. But when you have that in the -- of the -- online going. In addition to that you have a productive third line which they had in Kelly cover lead into in a Ryder. Then you can take note of the depth in the scoring ability that this had team has from top to bottom -- seven at a third line though the whole way so. Until last night right until last night so you keep your -- fingers crossed on that that was the most encouraging gay in the parlance of god noted the third line this season. Since the first game that -- run played. With Beverly and Kelly which was the game before. Kelly broke his leg against Ottawa so hopefully there isn't -- some sort of similar. History repeating itself with any injuries or anything but yeah I think when you miss. When you -- missing Michael Ryder you miss having a guy like that in your bottom sixth if Michael Ryder were skating on the bruins' top line two years ago. Media would have been a different story. And they wouldn't of gotten as far as they go up but they had a very talented guy on their third line that was able to come through as often as he did. As say as the techsters says so on the AT&T -- -- the second goal was a dirty -- second goal was flat out skill. I was a great -- -- -- equate to keep it and -- it was a perfect pass from Tyler Sagan to Daniel Piet and it was a straight outs tonight. Yeah I'm trying to think of who. Of who very -- Lee was was trying to get the puck out on not on Chicago's end because that's gonna be Tate's they're gonna watch over and over and over again. Not to not to take anything away from -- he was Smart and stepped up and then pinched where he should've been -- that the puck to say get. But that was a play look who we talked about teams blowing leads -- certainly talk about Toronto in game seven and everything. When you can get the puck go to the zone with these you have to do it and just look what happens when you don't. Both golds came as a direct result of defensemen pinching on the first goal was Aaron Barrett just. -- pinched kept the play alive and and did you seek Kelly so intelligently. Circled back billing for parents of the point and then as parents came back to his normal position it was Kelly who busted in and got the rebound and scored. And then the the second goal the game winning goal. Yet the great pension by McQuay keeps it in first Sagan and bomb bomb but in both cases you had. Bruins defenseman pinch keep the play alive and directly lead to goals. Right and also I mean one guy we're really not kidding giving enough credit and all this is is Daniel piety who. Right exact and -- took his time with a two it's all he didn't take forever but he picked his spot. Tends to mean he just as he said he. And it's. Did the played that he made following the am always Bolick who couldn't get it out by the way though his bowl accelerate Seabrook gave -- the ball like he couldn't get it out of the zone and right so so again when we talk about bottom six matchups. And who knows if if Quenneville does something to to get somebody else. In into that that mix going forward as he tries to know counter. The Bruins newfound. Success. On their bottom six I know that you probably will citizen you say. Looked they had one good game and it wasn't even at a team the they didn't start playing together until half over halfway through the and the the second period last night. But look with how bad the brewers have been as far as their third line goes and how effective they've been going all the way back to the Chris sport days. The brutal take this you know this this is the most encouraging sign we've seen like I said even more so -- that first game when Koran was on there and they scored. By the way if looks could kill with Joel -- after the game we'd all be dead now. This has always east the human up -- up in New Hampshire paper and I you don't. Dale I'm gaining great. They have enough depth that you can have a third line has 21 round is on a business not bad at all. They weren't playing in the 71 Bruins last night but I remind me. Ken Dryden. Play upshot of this shot just frustrate the Blackhawks and the great thing. You know and and and how long of I've been saying Fred. That that we thought we saw goaltending performance for the ages two years ago that led the Bruins to a Stanley Cup when we thought you'd never see it again. You're seeing it again. Not sure that's sure to pick up until the I think some kind of pink cat Communists from Montreal what are you thinking game and complete medical report what's ailing -- -- -- -- what's ailing and it -- and so I don't get that they still act Eddie I would think you'd be more selective we have show. Well creator and like you -- what -- super mean guy I mean you're gonna you're gonna sit here and take shots -- -- rental rate -- mean. My outlook lie and -- to be my co host and you're gonna sit here and call name's -- dale. -- -- Put that put an -- that bullseye in the. Let's go to sleep I don't think cats is he is he a reporter. Or is -- -- a pom pom waving fan of the hockey team -- Thank you bleed black and all weren't aware of the. Not on -- that's not a job Brad that's your job. I get you know and I get that under on Twitter and -- I'm sure all the writers get it on Twitter a lot of times people respond to stuff and -- say. Aren't -- would argue even though you you aren't even a Bruins fan are you. No scripts it's my job to cover the Bruins -- like that his people that they're very nice people and I write about them for a living. I'm not rooting for the mounted to do well I selfishly I am so I can covered Stanley Cup finals twice in three years which I've lucked into doing but. My job isn't it took to pray for the Bruins to to do well and look. That that story was gonna get out there and it's. We were able to have a first so we had it -- mean. It was gonna get out there minutes after maybe even at the same time Steve Steve Conroy had a very similar report. Looked at that was that was gonna get out there are funds. They also can we cut the that's word with the with that the pink -- stuff. That that's the most played out thing in the world like what let's relax people who buy pink hats are still supporting the team that no human beings like them do they now references the good side -- thing if gas. I guess back. But thank you for that compliment on in innately wasn't just me who is it was -- petroleum who. Who had the scoop in week we can fill in the blanks together. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T tax line available to -- at 37937. DJ our bonds -- is in Chicago where he's co hosting this program when he's not breaking Scopes that killed the Bruins on WEEI dot com. I'm sitting here at our studios in Brighton taking shots at Fred and start bonds OBI spectacles of the economy next Sports Radio W week.

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