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John Farrell postgame press conference

Jun 15, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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For -- first four articles. -- didn't you know again we're signal to run and first and second nobody -- and it did just an outstanding job of shut off to brings. And then once again -- -- fourth or fifth inning or they're in first and third situation globally are assaulting with two tremendous throws cut down would be base stealers. And we made good plays in key situations including the last one to finish it off. It's just -- and they're hard fought at the tragedy indeed to. To put together very American and an accident. That Iran. -- it wasn't anything mechanically. In an accountant. Tennis and smacked them right out of Washington. To his credit and salty -- witness fastball count moderately swings. With the Dallas breaking balls and you know -- seem like he was sharp implement this it certainly worked -- later he got the more efficient innings became -- it was needed because. We see that's a quick strike offense and a good and we felt that. It's. He felt immediately called that are -- -- did not and then what that you -- and the result for -- a tremendous presence of mind. And what the call back -- way we get the base hit and things happen after. The -- Much like in Tampa where for. Maybe adjustments over the brokerages that -- Portland development and what when he when he comes to the plate too quick takes away from that second in his fastball which he's been known for and that that that. I think the same situation today. -- -- It. He's gonna see who's left in his name comes up frequently and once again today he does such a good job with -- from the -- on the it was a case again today he's had some decent -- and -- -- Garcia. So it's a guy -- from there with. But there is pulling its most. -- Wanted to get some energy and you know I'm not so much you that the -- again it was sort of person you know that the numbers -- against one another or are limited but. You -- it's a complete and only about a soul or just felt like his energy was developing an afternoon again stressed that. -- It's you know it's. Arnold could we give Jonny Gomes enough credit for the baseball players and intelligence that test and gives his animal rights and get terrible and makes a good read -- forced -- to strike at the plate. And as you look back it's it's a key. Base running move in the game and it took tack on runs. Yeah it was it was a big part of that today. -- -- I don't know what they're thinking yeah act and they've been they've on -- all right -- we're we're not to try to. -- understand -- -- across a field that. You know when you were in a situation where it's early in the game first and third were looking take out there and particularly in the ballpark work. And numbers you put up relatively quickly take outs and we can and consulting has such clinics and -- -- today and just a very solid and conflict. -- General on this side. Skirts and preliminary tests have been completely result of those and it those are private and so. And hopefully continue to -- it's because -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It the chicken we checked and every half inning you know. Cause some blowing and some bleeding from the nose in and obviously that first came down -- content across a bridge -- the nose or so. -- Can -- they -- told me that. That. Certain Norton again and possible. And England -- -- this is a very good team against say they play right to the end I think they've. Somewhat carved out -- characteristic of last year plus two years of of late inning comebacks. And we expect that again tomorrow. And and I think we've we've seen Jeremy. You know in the middle later innings where they -- their -- -- -- little bit but today it was it completely different story at. He didn't let -- and speed up. Even despite the first for instance. I continue to make one pitch at a target. Again I think that was the -- of the game but first.

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