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Jonny Gomes postgame with Joe & Dave after the third game in Baltimore

Jun 15, 2013|

Jonny Gomes talked to Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien after the third game of the Baltimore series. The Sox slugger hit a homer and scored two runs in the win.

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Well Jonny Gomes is Willis. One of our stars of the game today Johnny and an outstanding day with the bat going two for for a single and homer but. Johnny would get to that in a moment have you ever seen a game end quite like that. No not exactly you know -- tell you -- you know when you come into the game and throwing you know you got to know the situation. And for -- there's two out. Turns out there was only one. And it turns that Johnny this your home run was the difference in the game man who won the that they stopped Garcia that was the winning run. Yeah I mean it to you would you know these these 40. For a five games that we play so tough to see in the middle and attempt to see it late so all runs matter. I was gonna ask you about that Johnny because those as the day progresses it is really tough spot there in the outfield. In and you're saying it's equally tough if not more so for the better. Thought -- more tougher than that are absolutely. You know get that lefty all the credit in the world you know things -- for them but you know very difficult to pitch. And you know lost these really tough to pick you know with the shadows. So and then again you sub Bailey you know I mean he had swinging swinging the stuff for his off speed. So you know good went. And Johnny yet you started today and also had that. They get that quickly Red Sox ahead what you scored the -- -- put the may have to stay actually the fourth inning when that single left right after Ramon Broadway jumped on the first pitch. We JD was -- a great aggression there. Yeah. I mean I think it's been a -- is -- as a righty -- -- it kind of started general. You know first at bat you know as. You know you don't wanna call it a warmup you know these kind of got to get your timing down. It's always icing on the -- it here first at bat you know which had been lenient -- for awhile but -- you know get my timing down. Carpet homered houses can jump on them for a strike right after that. -- years is a very tough gig you probably the toughest gig on on this club because your playing time sometimes is not consistent. Most of times I consist -- but. I need to do and how do you get timing continue do batting cages can you do that at times other than -- games. What they were either one thing you can't -- -- game situation I mean you can take a thousand acts but you know even batting practice and the guys not on the mound. You know you don't get that angle coming from a pitcher. The name of the game you know pitching I mean repeating your delivery you know I mean it just on the timing. Hitting you know it is sucking your foot down getting on time. You know stuff it really is I I don't recommend it to anyone stretchers were the lefties are right now in this game with some of the big lefties you know especially -- Easton and in numerically. But I just got -- you my name's called that Johnny how about that John Lackey at two runs four hits before he gets it out of them on alcohol. Yeah I mean you know that rice has a lot you know about a veteran and inaudible Bulldog mentality. I don't think anyone's gonna you know lay down after a start like that. And you know community he's such a pro and spotted in two runs you know we had is back on the lead at any -- is we're gonna shut down mode. He's been pitching dostum lately insisted that he's healthy and I mean you so he can do today Johnny thanks very much weld done and we'll see you tomorrow our guys think.

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