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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

Jun 15, 2013|

Joe talked to John Farrell before the third game of the Baltimore series. John said that Daniel Nava has worked hard and improved his game.

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When Jack and they said we had some outstanding pitching on this trip but the bats a little bit tired from all along games. I could be Joseph we know what we have played a number of extra inning games a doubleheader before we left on the road trip but who. You know last night you look at what Ryan Dempster was able to do force and only keep us in the game through the eighth inning. I give us a chance to stay away from guys in the bullpen that need some rest and we had a couple of opportunities throughout so Tillman did a good job of keeping us off balance and in what Tommy Hunter and you know. Johnson doesn't do that Jim Johnson does for them you close out games. It was a tough call -- they pitched well against us but when you look back to what we're doing on our pitching side of things there's been some consistency there and even starts we're guys haven't worked deep such as young and they would do brought. -- -- his -- and they've they've answered the challenge and stepped up and got a very good job force you arrested two starters last night that two more today. Yeah I think given what we talked about you know that just the look last night we looked a little lethargic and just trying to get some fresh legs and rotate guys through with dome -- in left field today obviously Iglesias back at third. And Stephen Drew bracket at shortstop. Novel will be back in there tomorrow as well also doesn't like you said and a not so much left right match ups just trying to get the best effort and most fresh legs on the field. We talked about about his improvement and certainly. The plays he made on defense have been outstanding in last night this sliding catch by the wall. Yeah he's a very good job in you know much like we talked about the improvement that -- date back to last year and all the work the extra work that he put into it to put himself in position to do this defensively and he's he's expanded the versatility we have -- first base for part of that came -- two nights ago. And all the way around his his entire game has been elevated by the work that he's put in. At today you have -- Freddy Garcia going against John Lackey. Garcia is a guy who's trying to make the transformation. Like frank and -- did the generation ago has he succeeded. Well I think if you look at the performance over last three or four years whether it was coming back with Chicago the White Sox a couple of years he spent New York you know this is a guy that was very much a power pitcher when he first came up with Seattle the shoulder injury. I kept him out of the game for about a year and a half so. Clearly he is gone from that power type guy that's relied on I'm a very good fastball and a put away breaking ball to one that you know he'll mix and match so rarely throw back to back fastballs to throw a curve ball split those -- So a little bit of a slider in the -- so. You know he has done a very good job of reinventing himself. And still be a productive pitcher on the mound and John Lackey goes this is that Eckstein he's very very well against in the past. Well he has seen and I think a lot of reasons Forte you know he's had good location with a fastball and this team can be a very aggressive fastball team. But at the same time I think this version of the Orioles the one thing that they've done so well as those breaking balls that stay in the middle of the plate those -- the pitchers that. You know they've done a lot of damage with with -- extra base power doubles home runs this ballpark obviously played small that when it when he does get warm here. So John's ability to locate Salem -- it was fastballs really where things start with him have you made any decisions yet on Tuesday. I know we haven't yet we're we're getting closer that is we get through this weekend obviously with ruby here. And one thing to -- careful -- groovy situation is a while he's serving. 888. Current need force in the bullpen and we still see him as a starter he was making very good progress so what we don't wanna do is get too far removed. From his last start in triple -- so. You know we've got Clay Buchholz a situation that we're still working through so. There's a couple of moving parts right now and and I think once we get through today and certainly tomorrow we'll have a clear cut picture of what -- is gonna force. Our Mercedes-Benz manages question Jack for years that these franchises known as the Red Sox you're leading the league in steals and did just as impressive about. 54 steals only twelve caught stealing. Well the one that's that just shows the type of players we have obviously Jacoby got thirty of those silly you you know you look at the 54 was a total. Accumulated into Kobe with more more than half. But Pedroia was -- is a very Smart base runner he's gonna pick his spots and he's got eight or nine which is probably a line with what is normal. You know as normal total is but we're gonna pick opportunities when we feel like we've got to match up and hard minutes were always looking to be opportunistic. Go the other night in the America think of David Ortiz or Mike Napoli is based it was put. You know Farnsworth the other night he hits Napoli and I think a little bit of again it is a way to get back Adam you know he saw an opportunity to take a -- But again were always up. You know looking for a pitcher that's going to be a little bit -- was -- times and if we can advance ninety feet. And be Smart about it will look to take that advantage has that feeling today you know he's still he's still got some dizziness you. You know I think at some point we've got to get our work up just to get to the bottom of what he's. What he's dealing with but there's also virus has passed into the clubhouse or get -- a couple of guys that -- Actually vomiting before the game yesterday and still play the game last night so. You know much like every year you've got a lot of travel guys get run down there and you're dealing with some of the other things that that come with that that like today good health. Thanks Joseph appreciate it. Our question with a manager was brought to you by Mercedes bands at Mercedes-Benz summer event is back visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealers for a limited time lease and financing offers on select Mercedes-Benz models. On the web that it be USA that job but very. Just like summer these offers won't last lets go back to Jack.

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